The Big Short

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Chapter 1 – The Gathering

It was a warm summer night in the heart of Washington, D.C. Four people had gathered to discuss a revolutionary idea. “We’re here to discuss a bold concept,” said the distinguished woman at the head of the table. “We think we can make a difference, and change the world.”

She was Mina, a brilliant former Wall Street banker turned investor. She had assembled the group to discuss her idea of investing in the housing market. Beside her sat Ira, a college professor and financial analyst; Gustav, a former Navy SEAL and security expert; and Farah, a tech entrepreneur and data scientist.

Each of them had come from very different backgrounds, but shared the same goal: to see the global economic collapse before it happened. With Mina’s knowledge of the markets, Ira’s keen eye for monetary shifts, Gustav’s access to privileged information, and Farah’s ability to interpret data, they had a unique opportunity to make the kind of timely investments that could alter the course of history.

The foursome spent the next few hours discussing different scenarios and strategies, until they finally settled on a plan. “We’re going to invest in housing,” Mina declared. “But not just any housing. We’re going to invest in properties that will inevitably crash, and make a fortune while the rest of the world loses theirs.”

The group was cautious but determined. They knew the risks, but they also knew the rewards could be great. As the four of them left the room that night, they couldn’t help but feel that history was about to be made.

Chapter 2 – The Investing

The four friends quickly set to work. Mina researched potential investments and made connections with banks and lenders. Ira began to crunch numbers and estimate returns. Gustav used his security experience to search for properties with the highest likelihood of collapse. And Farah analyzed the data and created charts and diagrams to help guide their decisions.

They worked tirelessly for weeks, finding properties in struggling and declining neighborhoods, and investing heavily in them. As the days and weeks went by, more and more of their investments began to pay off as the housing market continued its relentless decline.

The four had done what the big banks, media and government had failed to do: predict the collapse of the economy. They were starting to make a fortune, but they had no idea what was coming next.

Chapter 3 – The Fallout

The global economic collapse was bigger than anyone had anticipated. As entire banks and countries crumbled, the four investors watched as their fortunes grew. But it was not without consequences.

The public was outraged that a handful of people had seen what everyone else had missed. The government called for investigations and placed restrictions on the stock market. Companies began to fail, and millions of people lost their jobs.

The four friends were not immune to the fallout. While they had made a great deal of money, their reputations were tarnished by the public scrutiny. They knew they no longer had the same level of trust that they had before the collapse.

But despite the backlash, the four of them had made a difference. They had seen what no one else had seen, and out of the darkness of the economic collapse, they had created something positive. They had made a difference in a world that no one else cared to see.



The camera pans around the hotel lobby and comes to rest on a young, middle-class couple. They are looking around nervously, carrying a small suitcase each.


The couple approach a receptionist at the desk.


Good morning, can I help you?

The couple exchange a glance before the man steps forward.


Yes, we’re here to check in… we have a reservation.




Smith, John and Jane Smith.


Ah, yes. Here it is.

The receptionist hands the couple a key card.

Receptionist (cont’d)

Enjoy your stay.



The camera follows the couple as they enter their hotel room. The room is simple but luxurious. It is filled with luxury furniture and expensive amenities.


Wow, this place is incredible.


It sure is. I can’t believe you got us a room in a place like this.


Well, it’s not exactly the Ritz, but it will do.

The couple sits down on the bed. John looks around the room.

John (cont’d)

You know, I never would’ve thought we’d be here.


Me neither… this whole trip has been one big surprise.


Yeah, I know. But I think it’s going to be worth it.

The couple exchange a knowing glance.



The camera follows the couple as they walk through a park. They are followed by a small group of people.


Here we are.


This is it?


This is it.

The couple stop in front of a bench. The group of people stand around them.

John (cont’d)

Okay, everyone. We’re here to make a stand. To show the world that we aren’t going to let the big banks and the government get away with what they’re doing.

The group of people murmur in agreement.


What are we going to do?


We’re going to make a bold statement. We’re going to invest all of our money in a new venture.

The group of people look at each other nervously.

John (cont’d)

I know it sounds risky, but trust me… This could be our chance to make a real difference.

The group of people exchange looks of doubt and apprehension.

John (cont’d)

Come on, guys. We can do this.

After a few moments, the group of people nod in agreement and murmur their approval.

John (cont’d)

All right then. Let’s do this.

The group of people cheer and fist-bump each other. The camera pans out to show the group walking away, with the couple at the center.


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