Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Experience the magic of Snow White as she finds true love amidst a battle against jealousy and an evil queen.

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In a far-off kingdom, there lived a beautiful girl named Snow White. Her beauty was renowned throughout the land, and she was loved by all who knew her. But there was one who was not content with Snow White’s beauty, and that was her stepmother, the Queen.

The Queen was consumed by jealousy, and her greatest fear was that Snow White would become known as “the fairest in the land.” So she consulted with her magic mirror, asking who was the fairest of them all. And to her dismay, the mirror revealed that Snow White was now the fairest in the land.

Unable to bear the thought of anyone surpassing her in beauty, the Queen ordered her huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. But the huntsman, unable to carry out such a heinous deed, let Snow White go free and told her to flee into the forest and never return.

Snow White wandered through the forest, afraid and alone, until she came upon a small cottage nestled in a clearing. As she approached, she saw that the cottage belonged to seven dwarfs, and she hoped they would give her shelter from the wrath of the Queen.

Chapter 1: A Fateful Meeting

Snow White knocked on the door of the cottage, but no one answered. She tried again, and finally, a small voice called out, “Who is it?”

“It’s me,” Snow White replied, “Please, I need your help.”

The door creaked open, and a small, bearded man peered out at her. He looked surprised to see her but gestured for her to come inside.

Snow White stepped into the cottage, and her eyes widened in amazement. The room was filled with small beds, tiny chairs, and a fireplace that was barely big enough to roast a squirrel. But what struck her most was the cleanliness of the place. Everything was in perfect order, and the room sparkled like a diamond.

As she looked around, the dwarfs appeared, one by one, and greeted her with skepticism. They asked her what she was doing there and why she needed their help. Snow White explained her situation, and the dwarfs were touched by her story.

But their hearts were also filled with fear. The Queen was powerful, and they knew that if she found Snow White hiding with them, they would all be in danger.

“We can’t let you stay here,” one of the dwarfs said, “It’s too dangerous. You need to leave.”

Snow White pleaded with them, but the dwarfs were resolute. They could not risk their own lives, and they feared for Snow White’s safety.

But then, as they were arguing, they heard a loud knock at the door. The dwarfs looked at each other in terror, knowing that it could only be the Queen.

“Quick, hide!” one of the dwarfs exclaimed, and they scrambled to find a place for Snow White to conceal herself.

As they were hiding her, they heard the Queen’s voice calling out, “Is anyone home?”

The dwarfs tried to remain calm, but their voices trembled as they replied, “Yes, Your Majesty. What can we do for you?”

The Queen entered the cottage, and her gaze swept over everything with a critical eye. The dwarfs bowed low, but Snow White remained hidden, her heart beating with fear.

“Have any strangers come through here?” the Queen demanded, “I’m looking for a young girl who fled into the forest.”

The dwarfs exchanged nervous glances, unsure of how to reply.

“Speak up,” the Queen snapped, “I haven’t got all day.”

Finally, one of the dwarfs summoned the courage to speak up. “We haven’t seen anyone, Your Majesty. It’s just us, the seven dwarfs.”

The Queen seemed to accept this answer, and she left the cottage with a sneer. But the dwarfs knew that they could never let down their guard with the Queen so close by.

As they breathed a sigh of relief, one of the dwarfs turned to Snow White and said, “I’m sorry, but you can’t stay here. It’s just too dangerous.”

Snow White understood their fears, but she was also heartbroken. She had nowhere else to go, and she knew that the Queen would stop at nothing to find her.

But then, one of the dwarfs spoke up, “Wait a minute. Maybe we can help her. What if we let her stay here, just for a little while?”

The other dwarfs looked at him in surprise, unsure of what he was suggesting.

“Well,” he continued, “What if we help her hide from the Queen? Maybe we can help her escape to a safer place, where she’ll be protected.”

The dwarfs thought about it for a moment, and they finally agreed. They knew that it was a risk, but they couldn’t bear the thought of turning away someone in need.

And so, Snow White found herself welcomed into the cottage of seven dwarfs, where she would be safe from the Queen’s wrath. But little did she know that her journey was far from over, and that she was about to embark on a magical adventure that would change her life forever.

Chapter 2: A Fateful Meeting

Snow White’s heart was pounding as she ran through the forest, desperately trying to escape the huntsman sent by her wicked stepmother. She had always known the woman was jealous of her beauty, but she never imagined she would go this far.

As she ran, she stumbled upon a small cottage in the woods. It looked abandoned, but she could see signs of life inside. Cautiously, she approached the door and knocked softly.

At first, there was no answer. Snow White was about to turn back and continue her escape when she heard a rustling noise from within. The door creaked open, and a group of small men peered out at her.

“Who are you, and what do you want?” one of them grumbled.

“My name is Snow White,” she said softly. “I am in trouble, and I am looking for a place to hide.”

The dwarfs huddled together, muttering amongst themselves. Snow White could see the trepidation in their eyes, but she knew she had to convince them to let her in.

“I promise I mean you no harm,” she said earnestly. “I just need a safe place to stay for a little while.”

Finally, one of the dwarfs stepped forward. He was shorter than the rest, but he had a kind face and a twinkle in his eye. “We don’t usually let strangers in,” he said. “But you seem like a nice lass. Come in, come in.”

The cottage was cozy and warm, with a roaring fire in the fireplace and a large table set for dinner. The dwarfs introduced themselves one by one: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Dopey.

For the first time since she fled the castle, Snow White felt safe. The dwarfs were kind and welcoming, and she felt like she had found a surrogate family. They shared their dinner with her, and they chatted late into the night.

Snow White learned that the dwarfs were miners, and they spent their days digging for precious gems and minerals. They were a tight-knit group, but they were also mischievous and fun-loving. Snow White found herself laughing and smiling for the first time in many days.

As the night wore on, the dwarfs showed Snow White to a small room where she could sleep. The bed was soft and warm, and she felt herself drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

When she woke up the next morning, Snow White found that the dwarfs had prepared breakfast for her. They treated her like a queen, doting on her every need and making sure she felt welcomed.

As the days passed, Snow White settled into a routine with the dwarfs. She helped with the cooking and cleaning, and she even went with them to the mines a few times. She felt like she belonged with them, and she was grateful for their kindness.

But even though she was safe and happy, Snow White couldn’t help but worry about her future. She knew she couldn’t stay with the dwarfs forever, and eventually, she would have to face her stepmother again.

Nevertheless, for the time being, Snow White was content. She had found a family with the seven dwarfs, and she knew that no matter what happened, she would always cherish the time she spent in their company.

Chapter 3: The Wicked Queen’s Revenge

Snow White had finally found solace in the cottage of the seven dwarfs, far away from the danger and violence of the wicked Queen. The dwarfs had taken her in and made her feel like family, but they were also afraid for her safety. Snow White could not stay hidden forever, and they knew that the Queen would eventually find a way to get to her.

One day, while the dwarfs were out mining, an old woman knocked on the door. Snow White answered, and the woman introduced herself as a poor peddler who had come to sell apples. Snow White had never seen an apple before and was fascinated by the bright red fruit. The old woman noticed Snow White’s admiration and offered her one as a gift.

“This is no ordinary apple,” the old woman said. “It’s a magic apple that will make all your dreams come true. Take a bite, my dear, and see for yourself.”

Snow White was hesitant at first, but she could not resist the temptation of the shiny red apple. She took a bite, and in that instant, her world went dark. She collapsed on the floor, and the old woman vanished, revealing her true identity: the wicked Queen in disguise.

When the dwarfs came back to the cottage, they found Snow White lying on the floor, motionless. They were devastated and realized that the Queen had finally succeeded in her evil plan. They checked her pulse and found that she was still alive, but in a deep sleep that could only be broken by true love’s kiss.

The dwarfs knew that they had to act fast to save Snow White. They put her in a glass coffin and kept watch over her day and night. They did not lose hope and believed that true love would eventually find a way to break the curse.

Meanwhile, the Prince was passing through the forest and stumbled upon the cottage of the dwarfs. He was drawn by the enchanting beauty of the glass coffin and saw Snow White’s face, which was still as beautiful as ever, even in her sleep. The Prince was struck by her beauty and felt a deep longing in his heart. He knew then and there that he had to break the curse and wake Snow White from her slumber.

The Prince leaned in and gave Snow White true love’s kiss. It was a magical moment as the kiss broke the curse, and Snow White’s eyes slowly opened. She saw the Prince, who had saved her from the Queen’s wicked plan. They embraced each other, and the Prince took Snow White’s hand, leading her out of the cottage and into the sunlight.

They walked hand in hand, and the Prince promised to keep Snow White safe forever. They knew that the Queen was still out there and that they had to be careful, but they also knew that true love was stronger than any curse or spell.

As they walked, Snow White felt a sense of freedom and joy that she had never felt before. She was grateful for the kindness of the dwarfs, the bravery of the Prince, and the power of true love. She knew that she had found her true home, and that life would never be the same again.

In the end, Snow White and the Prince returned to the kingdom, where they were greeted by a grand celebration. The news of their love had spread throughout the land, and everyone rejoiced in the happy ending. The dwarfs attended as guests of honor, and Snow White thanked them for everything they had done for her.

The chapter ended with Snow White and the Prince dancing together, surrounded by the dwarfs and the people of the kingdom. It was a moment of pure happiness, and they all knew that their lives had been forever changed by the power of true love.

Chapter 4: The Quest for the Prince

The dwarfs were heartbroken by Snow White’s state, and they decided to place her in a glass coffin in their garden. Each day they would gather around to mourn and pay their respects. Before long, they noticed a young prince riding by on his horse. The prince, upon seeing Snow White’s face, was struck with love at first sight.

Determined to break the curse, the prince went to the dwarfs and begged them to let him wake Snow White with true love’s kiss. The dwarfs were hesitant, knowing the danger the wicked queen posed, but the prince was adamant. He declared that he would do whatever it takes to break the curse and free Snow White from her eternal slumber.

The following day, the prince returned, this time with a small army of knights. The dwarfs were astounded by the prince’s determination and bravery. They reluctantly agreed to let him try, as long as he promised to protect Snow White from the wicked queen’s wrath.

As the prince approached the glass coffin, he was overcome with emotion. He had never felt such a strong attraction to anyone before, and he felt like he had to be with Snow White. He leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, and waited for her to awaken.

At first, nothing happened. The dwarfs were anxious, and the prince was about to give up hope. But then, a miracle occurred. Snow White’s eyes flickered open, and she slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes.

The prince was ecstatic, and he hugged Snow White with all his might. The dwarfs cheered and celebrated, and Snow White was overjoyed to be alive. She had not imagined that this would be how she would be rescued from the curse of the poisoned apple.

As the prince and Snow White gazed into each other’s eyes, they knew that they were meant to be together. They spoke of their dreams and aspirations, and they both knew that they would do whatever it takes to be with one another. They shared a passionate kiss, and for a moment, time stood still.

As they prepared to leave with the prince, the dwarfs presented Snow White with a gift—a small, handmade locket with a portrait of each of them. They told her to keep it close to her heart and remember them always.

Snow White and the prince rode off into the sunset, hand in hand. The dwarfs watched them go, tears streaming down their faces. They knew that they might never see Snow White again, but they were happy knowing that she was safe and free from the curse.

As the prince and Snow White rode away, they knew that they would face many challenges along the way. But they were determined to be together, and nothing would stop them. They had endured the curse of the poisoned apple, and they had emerged stronger and more in love than ever before. They rode off into the sunset, ready to start a new chapter in their lives together.

Chapter 5: The Battle with the Evil Queen

The dwarfs had never seen Snow White so still, so pale, so lifeless. They had hoped for a miracle, but the spell she had fallen under seemed irreversible. They built a glass coffin for her and placed her in it, in the hopes that someone would come along and awaken her. But as the days went by, hope started to fade, and the dwarfs feared they might never see Snow White smile again.

Meanwhile, the Queen, consumed by jealousy and rage, learned that Snow White was not dead, but merely sleeping. She disguised herself as an old peddler woman and approached the cottage to offer Snow White a poisoned apple. The dwarfs were out working in the mines, and Snow White, not suspecting any harm, took a bite of the apple and fell into a death-like sleep. The Queen cackled with delight as she disappeared back into the forest.

When the dwarfs returned home and found Snow White, they were devastated. They knew that the only way to break the curse was through true love’s kiss, but they had no idea how to find it. They searched the forest for days, hoping to find the prince who could save Snow White, but they had no luck.

One day, while they were out searching, they heard a loud noise coming from the direction of their cottage. They ran back as fast as they could, only to find that the Queen had followed them and was trying to break in. The dwarfs knew that they were no match for her, but they refused to let her harm Snow White again.

“Dwarfs,” said Doc, the leader of the group, “we may be small, but we are brave. Let’s fight for Snow White and drive this wicked Queen away!”

The dwarfs picked up whatever they could find, be it a shovel, a pickaxe, or a frying pan, and used them as weapons. The Queen was caught off guard, but she was not easily defeated. She unleashed a flurry of spells and curses on the dwarfs, but they kept coming back, more determined than ever.

Bashful, the shy dwarf, had never been in a fight before, but he found himself standing between the Queen and Snow White, fearless and resolute. “You will not harm her,” he said, his voice trembling but his fists clenched. The Queen raised her wand, but before she could cast another spell, Grumpy, the gruffest of the dwarfs, tackled her to the ground.

The battle was fierce, and it seemed like it could go on forever. The Queen was powerful, but the dwarfs were nimble and clever. They fought with everything they had, not just to protect Snow White, but to prove that good always triumphs over evil.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the Queen was defeated. She ran for her life, screaming curses and threats. The dwarfs chased her all the way to the edge of the forest, where she stumbled and fell off a cliff. They looked over the edge and saw her lying at the bottom, motionless.

The dwarfs returned to the cottage, exhausted but exhilarated. They looked at Snow White, still sleeping in her glass coffin, and felt a glimmer of hope. They knew that the prince was out there somewhere, and that he would come to Snow White’s rescue. They waited, patiently and anxiously, for him to arrive.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, but the prince did not show up. The dwarfs started to worry that Snow White would never wake up, that they had fought for nothing. But they refused to give up. They kept watch over her, day and night, hoping against hope that she would open her eyes and smile at them again.

And then, one day, it happened. The prince arrived, stunningly handsome on his white horse, with a determination in his eyes that matched the dwarfs’. He had heard about Snow White’s predicament, and he had come to save her.

The dwarfs cheered as the prince approached Snow White’s glass coffin. He leaned in and kissed her, gently but passionately. And then, something miraculous happened. Snow White’s eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at the prince, love and gratitude in her gaze.

The dwarfs hugged each other, tears of joy streaming down their faces. They knew that they had fought for something greater than themselves, something magical and wondrous. And they knew that they would always be part of Snow White’s story, even after she had left their little cottage in the woods.

Chapter 6: The Kiss of True Love

The Prince arrived in the nick of time. He had traveled for days and nights, riding his horse to get to Snow White. He had heard of her beauty through the land, and he had to see her for himself. When he arrived at the cottage of the seven dwarfs, he was surprised to find them guarding her.

“Who are you?” asked the dwarfs, holding their axes tightly.

“I am a prince, and I have come to break the curse that has fallen upon Snow White,” said the prince in a calm and confident voice.

The dwarfs looked at him with suspicion, but they could not deny the sincerity in his eyes. They allowed him to enter the cottage and see Snow White.

When the prince laid eyes on Snow White, he was struck by her beauty. She lay in a glass coffin, looking as innocent as a newborn. Her skin was so pale that it glittered in the light, and her lips were as red as a rose.

The prince leaned in close to Snow White, looking into her face, and he was overcome with emotion. He had never felt this way before, and he knew he had to try and break the curse.

He leaned in closer and pressed his lips gently onto Snow White’s lips. He held them there for a few seconds, and then he pulled back, waiting for a response.

At first, there was nothing, but then he saw the color return to Snow White’s cheeks. Her eyes opened slowly as she took a deep breath.

The dwarfs, who had been watching from a distance, were overjoyed, and they cheered as Snow White sat up, alive and well.

“Thank you,” Snow White said, looking at the prince, her voice filled with gratitude.

The prince had never felt so happy, and he knew that he had just met the love of his life. He took her hand, and they walked out of the cottage, hand in hand.

The dwarfs followed them, cheering and throwing flowers in the air. They were all happy to see Snow White awake and happy.

The prince led Snow White to his horse, and he helped her onto the saddle. They rode off into the sunset, with the dwarfs waving goodbye.

As they rode away, the prince held Snow White tightly, and she rested her head on his chest. They both knew that they had found true love.

As they rode, they talked and laughed, sharing stories and looking into each other’s eyes. They spent hours talking, and the time flew by.

When they reached the Prince’s castle, they were greeted with open arms. Everyone was overjoyed to see that Snow White had broken the curse, and they celebrated with a grand feast.

The Prince introduced Snow White to his parents, the king and queen, and they fell in love with her as well. They welcomed her into the family, and they all lived happily ever after.

The dwarfs were not forgotten, however. The Prince invited them to the castle and gave them a place to stay. They became part of the prince’s court, and they were treated as honored guests.

The prince and Snow White were married in a grand ceremony, with the dwarfs as guests of honor. They exchanged vows of love and commitment, and they sealed it with a kiss that left everyone in awe.

The land rejoiced as the curse was broken, and the Queen was gone forever. Snow White and the Prince lived a long and happy life, ruling the land with kindness and compassion.

The Prince looked back on that fateful day and smiled, knowing that fate had brought him to Snow White. He knew that without her, his life would be incomplete.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, they knew that this was the beginning of a new era, filled with love and adventure. And they knew that they would face it together, with the dwarfs by their side.

Chapter 7: The Happy Ending

The sun rises on the day of Snow White and the Prince’s wedding, and the land is alive with anticipation. The castle is bursting with guests, and the dwarfs have been invited to attend the festivities as the guests of honor. As they arrive, they are greeted with food and drink, and they are amazed at the grandeur of it all.

Snow White’s bridal gown is a masterpiece of delicate lace and silk, with a long flowing train that trails behind her. She is radiant as she walks down the aisle, her hair adorned with flowers and diamonds, and her eyes sparkle with happiness.

The Prince is waiting at the altar, dressed in his finest attire, and he can hardly contain his excitement. As Snow White approaches, his heart swells with love, and he takes her hand, leading her to the priest who will perform the ceremony. The priest begins the ceremony, and as they exchange vows, the dwarfs watch with pride, tears streaming down their faces.

The air is filled with the sound of music, and the scent of flowers wafts through the castle. The guests are feasting on a sumptuous banquet, indulging in roasted meats, exotic fruits, and fine wines. The dwarfs, still in awe of everything they see, sample every delicacy, and their bellies soon become full.

As the celebrations continue, Snow White and the Prince take to the dance floor, holding each other close. They dance to a melody of sweet love songs, their eyes locked on each other, lost in the moment. The dwarfs watch from the sidelines, beaming with joy for their dear friend.

Suddenly, the music stops, and the doors burst open. In the doorway stands the evil Queen, dressed in black, her hair wild, and her face twisted in anger. The guests gasp in shock, and the Prince rushes to Snow White’s side, ready to protect her.

The Queen strides forward, her eyes fixed on Snow White. “You may have won this battle, but the war is far from over,” she sneers. “You will never be safe, my dear.”

The dwarfs, realizing that the Queen is once again a threat, step forward, ready to fight. The Queen, undaunted, throws a potion on the ground, and a thick black smoke engulfs the room. The guests cough and splutter, struggling to see through the smoke.

The dwarfs, however, are not so easily defeated. They know every inch of their cottage and quickly lead the Prince and Snow White to safety. As they flee, they hear the Queen’s wicked laugh echoing through the castle.

The smoke clears, and the Queen is gone, leaving behind only a trail of destruction. The guests are shaken but relieved to be alive, and the Prince is furious at the Queen’s audacity.

Snow White, however, remains calm. She knows that the battle may never be truly over, but she also knows that she has the support and love of the Prince and her friends, the dwarfs. She takes the Prince’s hand, and they lead their guests outside, where the sun is shining, and the birds are singing.

As they stand in the gardens, surrounded by the beauty of nature, Snow White looks up at the Prince and smiles. “We will face whatever challenges come our way together,” she says, and he nods in agreement.

The dwarfs approach, and they present Snow White and the Prince with a gift – a beautiful painting of them, surrounded by the flowers and animals of the forest. It is a symbol of their friendship and a reminder of their shared adventures.

The guests, still shaken but determined to enjoy the day, break into applause, and a sense of joy and hope spreads through the crowd. As the celebrations continue, Snow White and the Prince know that their love will withstand any trial, and they look forward to the many adventures that lie ahead.

It is a happy ending, one that will be remembered for generations to come. The land is at peace, and Snow White and the Prince rule with fairness and kindness. The dwarfs continue to visit, and the forest is filled with laughter and joy. And so, the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comes to a close, but its magic and beauty will live on forever.

Chapter 8: The Beginning of a New Era

The dwarfs returned to their cottage, exhausted but filled with joy and gratefulness in their hearts. They had been through a lot since Snow White came into their lives, and they knew they were lucky to have had her.

Doc, the leader of the dwarfs, looked around their humble abode and smiled contentedly. It wasn’t much, but it was theirs, and it was a place of warmth and love. They had been living here for quite some time now, and while they had their ups and downs, they knew that they were happy.

Grumpy, the one who was always complaining, was the first to break the silence. “I must admit, she wasn’t so bad,” he grumbled. “I mean, she did take care of us, and we wouldn’t have come this far without her.”

Bashful, the shy one, nodded in agreement. “She was always kind to us. And she never judged us for being different.”

Sneezy, who was always sneezing, added, “And she was always there to help, even when we didn’t ask for it.”

They all smiled, remembering Snow White’s infectious laughter and her gentle touch. She had brought light into their lives, and they knew they would never forget her.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Doc opened it, and there stood a beautiful woman with a radiant smile. It was Snow White.

“Snow White!” the dwarfs exclaimed, rushing towards her and hugging her tightly. “We missed you so much!”

“I missed you all too,” she replied, tears streaming down her face. “I had to leave, but I never forgot about you.”

The dwarfs led her to the living room, where they sat around a cozy fireplace. They offered her a cup of tea, and she gratefully accepted.

As they sipped their tea, Snow White told them about her life after the wedding. She had been travelling with the prince, seeing new places and meeting new people. They had started a family and had two beautiful children.

“But I never forgot about you,” she said, looking at the dwarfs. “You were my family too.”

The dwarfs smiled, their hearts full of love and admiration for the beautiful princess.

Suddenly, they heard a rustling outside the window.

“Who’s there?” Doc asked, getting up to investigate.

He opened the window, and there stood the prince, holding a basket of fruits and vegetables.

“Your Highness!” the dwarfs exclaimed, bowing down.

“Please, rise,” the prince said, smiling. “I just wanted to bring some gifts for my beloved Snow White and her dear friends.”

He handed Snow White the basket, and she thanked him with a kiss.

The prince sat down with the dwarfs, and they all talked about old times and new adventures. They laughed and joked, and the warmth of the fire and the love in the room filled their hearts.

As the night drew to a close and the prince prepared to leave, Snow White turned to the dwarfs.

“I have something for you,” she said, taking out a small chest from her purse. “It’s a gift from me and the prince, as a token of our gratitude for all that you’ve done for us.”

The dwarfs opened the chest, and their eyes widened in wonder. Inside were bags of gold, diamonds, and precious gems.

“We can’t accept this,” Doc protested. “We don’t need it.”

“But you deserve it,” Snow White insisted. “You saved my life, and you were there for me when I needed you the most. Please, take it as a sign of our appreciation.”

The dwarfs looked at each other, then back at Snow White, and finally nodded in agreement.

“Thank you, Snow White,” they said in unison. “We’ll never forget your kindness.”

As the prince and Snow White left the cottage, the dwarfs watched them go, their hearts full of emotion.

“Who would have thought that we, seven little men, would play such an important role in the life of a princess?” Grumpy muttered.

“Well, we did,” Doc replied, smiling. “We may be small, but our hearts are big, and we have proved that true love and kindness can conquer evil.”

The dwarfs hugged each other, knowing that they would always have each other and the memory of Snow White in their hearts.

And so, a new era began, one of hope, love, and friendship. The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be passed down through the generations, a testament to the power of love and kindness.

The end.

Some scenes from the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Family

Logline: After escaping her wicked stepmother, Snow White finds safety with seven dwarfs. But when the Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive, she resorts to drastic measures to ensure she remains the fairest in the land.


– Snow White: A kind-hearted and beautiful young woman who must flee from her stepmother’s wrath.

– The Queen: A vain and power-hungry woman who will stop at nothing to be the most beautiful person in the land.

– The Huntsman: A loyal follower of the Queen who must decide whether to carry out her orders or protect Snow White.

– The Magic Mirror: A mystical entity that provides the Queen with constant feedback on her beauty.

– The Seven Dwarfs: A group of quirky and loveable miners who take Snow White in and become her protectors.


The story takes place in a fairytale kingdom, where magic and mystical creatures exist alongside ordinary humans. The characters will inhabit a variety of settings, including the Queen’s castle, the forest, and the dwarfs’ cottage.

Scene 1:



The Queen stands before her magic mirror, frowning at her reflection.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?



You, my Queen, are lovely to behold, but there’s someone whose beauty is worth more than gold.

The Queen’s expression darkens.


Who? Who is it?



Snow White, my Queen. Her beauty is a sight to be seen.

The Queen’s eyes narrow in anger.


Snow White? That insignificant little girl? I won’t stand for this. Huntsman!

The Huntsman enters the room, bowing respectfully.


Yes, your Majesty?


I want you to take care of Snow White once and for all. Bring me her heart as proof that she’s dead.


But your Majesty, Snow White has done no wrong. Why must she be punished?


Because I am the fairest in the land, and no one will ever take that away from me. Now go and do as I say.

The Huntsman nods solemnly and exits the room, leaving the Queen to contemplate her own beauty.


Scene 2



We see a beautiful girl, SNOW WHITE (18) running through the forest. She is being chased by the QUEEN’S HUNTSMAN. He is wielding a sword, and his eyes reveal a murderous intent. Snow White looks terrified and runs as fast as she can. She trips and falls, her heart pounding in her chest. The Huntsman raises his sword to strike.

Suddenly, a group of seven dwarfs appear from behind the trees. They are grumpy, dopey, sleepy, bashful, happy, sneezy and doc. They are all holding axes, and they look fierce.

GRUMPY: Hey, you! What are you doing with that sword?

HUNTSMAN: Stay out of this! The girl is mine.

BASHFUL: Not if we have something to say about it.

DOPEY: Yeah! We won’t let you hurt her.

The Huntsman looks at them with rage, but he realizes that he is outnumbered. He sheathes his sword and leaves, muttering to himself.

SNOW WHITE: Thank you so much for saving me. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

HAPPY: Don’t mention it, miss. We’re here to help.

SNEEZY: What’s your name, miss?

SNOW WHITE: I’m Snow White.

DOPEY: Snow White? That’s a pretty name.

DOC: Yeah, and you’re a pretty girl. What brings you to these parts?

Snow White explains her situation and tells them that she has nowhere to go.

GRUMPY: I don’t like this one bit. We don’t know who she is, or what she’s done.

SLEEPY: Come on, Grumpy. She’s just a girl in trouble.

GRUMPY: Alright, alright. You win. But she stays outside. We don’t need any trouble.

They enter the cottage, and Snow White waits outside. After a while, they come out and invite her in.

SNOW WHITE: Thank you so much. I don’t know how to repay you.

DOC: It’s alright, miss. You can stay with us for as long as you need.

HAPPY: Yeah, we’ll make sure you’re safe.

The dwarfs are curious about Snow White and ask her many questions. She tells them stories of her life at the castle and how she used to play with the animals in the forest.

SNEEZY: Wow. You’re so lucky. I’ve always wanted to see the castle.

DOC: Speaking of luck, we’re lucky to have found you.

GRUMPY: (sarcastically) Yeah, lucky.

Snow White smiles, happy to have found new friends. She feels safe and protected in their company.


End of Scene.

Scene 3

Character Development:

– Snow White: A kind and innocent young woman who is forced to flee her home to escape the wrath of the evil Queen.

– The Evil Queen: A vain and cruel ruler who is obsessed with being the fairest in the land.

– The Seven Dwarfs: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey. They are a group of rough but lovable miners who befriend Snow White and protect her from the Queen’s wrath.

Setting: A magical kingdom filled with enchanted forests, castles, and mines.

Dialogue between Characters:

Snow White: “Thank you so much for letting me stay here. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help.”

Dopey (gestures): “No problem! We happy to help!”

Grumpy: “Yeah, but don’t get too comfortable. That witch is still out there looking for you.”

Doc: “Grumpy’s right. We need to be careful.”

Snow White: “I understand. I’ll do my best not to cause any trouble.”

Scene Based on Chapter 3:


Snow White sits by the fire, surrounded by the Seven Dwarfs, who are teaching her how to mine for diamonds.

Sneezy: “Now, Snow, all ya gotta do is swing the pickaxe like this.”

Snow White takes the pickaxe and swings it at the ground, but misses and hits the wall, causing a small avalanche of dust and debris.

Dopey (laughs): “Ha ha ha!”

Snow White (embarrassed): “I’m sorry, I’m not very good at this.”

Grumpy: “Just stick to cooking, will ya? We don’t need any more accidents around here.”

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. The Dwarfs grab their axes and surround Snow White protectively.

Doc: “Who’s there?”

A raspy voice responds: “It’s just an old peddler woman. I have some apples to sell. Would you be interested?”

Snow White looks curious, but the Dwarfs are hesitant.

Happy: “I don’t know about this, fellas. Could be a trap.”

Grumpy: “Of course it’s a trap, you idiot. But we can’t just ignore her. What if she knows something about the Queen’s plans?”

The Dwarfs reluctantly let the old woman in, but keep their guard up.

Old Woman: “Thank you, dear. Now, who would like to buy an apple?”

Snow White reaches for an apple, but the old woman stops her.

Old Woman: “Not that one, my dear. This one.”

She offers Snow White a shiny red apple, which Snow White takes a bite of.

Snow White: “Mmm, this is delicious.”

But suddenly, her eyes roll back, and she falls to the ground, unconscious.

The Dwarfs try to revive her, but to no avail. They realize with horror that the old woman was the Queen in disguise and that the apple was poisoned.

Grumpy: “We gotta get her out of here. We can’t let her die!”

Doc: “But how are we going to break the curse?”

The Dwarfs are left with no choice but to put Snow White in a glass coffin and put her on display in their garden, hoping that true love’s kiss will awaken her from the curse.

The camera pans out as the Seven Dwarfs solemnly stand guard over their beloved friend, praying for her safe return.

Scene 4

Setting: The forest and the dwarfs’ cottage


– Snow White, a beautiful and kind-hearted princess

– The Seven Dwarfs, a group of lovable miners who take Snow White in

– The Prince, a charming and brave young man who falls in love with Snow White

– The Evil Queen, Snow White’s wicked stepmother who wants to be the fairest in the land

Scene 4: The Quest for the Prince



Snow White lies still in her glass coffin in the dwarfs’ garden, surrounded by flowers and tears. The seven dwarfs sit nearby, looking sad and helpless.

CU on a shadow falling over Snow White’s face. It is the Prince, who has just arrived.



She is so beautiful. What happened to her?


(looking up)

The Evil Queen poisoned her with an apple. We thought she was gone forever.



But then you came to save her, right? You’re going to break the curse, aren’t you?



That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

CU on the Prince leaning over Snow White and kissing her on the lips.



I had never believed in fairy tales until I met her. Snow White was everything I had ever dreamed of- beautiful, kind, and brave. And now, she was in my arms, waiting for true love’s kiss.

CU on Snow White’s eyes opening slowly, revealing the beautiful blue orbs underneath.



You came for me. Thank you.

CU on the Prince holding Snow White’s hand tightly.



I’ll always come for you. I love you, Snow White.

CU on Snow White looking deep into the Prince’s eyes. The background fades away as they share a tender kiss.


Scene 5


Snow White sits by the fire, surrounded by the seven dwarfs who listen to her tale of woe. Doc, the leader of the group, rubs his beard and nods solemnly.


We cannot let the Queen harm you any further, Snow. We must protect you.

Happy pipes up, grinning from ear to ear.


Yeah, let’s give her a piece of our mind! Who’s with me?

The other dwarfs cheer in agreement, but Bashful hesitates.


But…but what if the Queen is too powerful? We are just seven dwarfs.

Snow White places her hand on Bashful’s shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile.


We may be small, but we are brave and clever. Together, we can overcome any challenge.

The dwarfs share a determined look, and they grab their weapons.


Let’s go teach that witch a lesson she’ll never forget!


The dwarfs and Snow White march through the forest, their faces set in grim determination. Suddenly, they hear a bloodcurdling scream.


That sounds like…the Queen!

They follow the sound, which leads them to a cliff. The Queen stands at the edge, her back to the dwarfs.


I am the fairest in the land, and nothing will stand in my way!

She turns around, her eyes blazing with fury, and sees the dwarfs and Snow White approaching.


You foolish creatures! Do you think you can defeat me?

The dwarfs charge towards the Queen, but she conjures up a powerful gust of wind that knocks them back.


You cannot defeat me! I am invincible!

Snow White steps forward, unafraid.


Your jealousy has consumed you, but it is not too late to change. You can be happy if you just let go of your obsession.

The Queen scoffs.


Happiness? What do you know of happiness? You are nothing but a weak and pathetic girl!

Snow White takes a deep breath and looks into the Queen’s eyes, her voice ringing with conviction.


I am not weak, and I am not pathetic. I am strong, and I am brave. And I have people who love me for who I am. That is true happiness.

The Queen snarls and raises her hand, ready to strike. But before she can, lightning strikes the cliff, and the Queen falls off the edge, screaming as she plummets to her death.

The dwarfs and Snow White watch in shock as the storm clears, leaving behind a peaceful forest.


It’s over. The curse is broken.

Snow White turns to the dwarfs and gives them a grateful smile.


Thank you, my friends. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Happy grins.


Aw, shucks, Snow. We couldn’t leave our favorite princess to fight alone!

The dwarfs and Snow White embrace, their bond stronger than ever before.

Author: AI