Month: August 2023

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“An absurdly divine comedy, where Earth’s last hope lies in the hands of prophets…from New Jersey!” Watch the…

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Over the Top

“In the roaring world of arm wrestling, one man’s struggle for redemption can pull a family together.” Watch…

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50 First Dates

“Every day a first date, every moment a chance at love – an unforgettable journey through the relentless…

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You, Me and Dupree

“Three’s a crowd, but love and laughter always find a way in an unexpectedly hilarious romantic journey.” Watch…

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Phone Booth

“In a city that never sleeps, one phone call can turn your world into a nightmare. Answer or…

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The Devil’s Advocate

“In the law firm of the devil, defending your soul is the highest stake.” Watch the original version…

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“In the hallways of ordinary life, echoes of an ‘Elephant’ event unfold, altering the course of innocence forever.”…

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“In a town without rhythm, one boy dares to dance. A journey of courage, rebellion, and unstoppable love.”…

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Fahrenheit 9/11

“Unmasking Deception, Unveiling Truth: A Piercing Review of Power and Propaganda in the Wake of Tragedy.” Watch the…

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Captain America: The First Avenger

“In the face of shadows, a new hero arises, armed with unyielding courage and an unbreakable shield, ready…