Month: April 2023

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The Wizard of Oz

Join Dorothy and her friends on a magical journey to find what they’ve been missing all along. Watch…

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The Usual Suspects

Trust no one, not even yourself – in this twisted tale of crime, betrayal, and a legendary criminal…

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Interview with the Vampire

A bloodcurdling saga of love, betrayal, and the price of eternal life. Watch the original version of Interview…

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The past can haunt you, but true friendship will always fight to survive. Watch the original version of…

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Un Chien Andalou

Enter a world of surreal horror and unimaginable terrors – and fight to escape with your sanity intact….

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Easy Rider

A journey to freedom, where prejudice and adventure collide. Watch the original version of Easy Rider ★★★★★ ★★★★★…

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A Fish Called Wanda

A diamond heist like no other, filled with betrayal, comedy, and unexpected twists that will leave you breathless….

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The Ninth Gate

Enter a world of darkness and deceit where the price of knowledge is your soul. Watch the original…

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Grease meets modern romance in this comedic tale of summer love and unexpected reunions. Watch the original version…

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They ain’t afraid of no ghost – follow the Ghostbusters on their hilarious and fantastical journey to save…