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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This holiday season, the Griswolds are decking the halls with chaos and laughter, proving family is the greatest…

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Bee Movie

In a world divided by nature, one bee’s courage buzzes a path to unity and understanding. Watch the…

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Space Cowboys

When time calls them relics, they answer as heroes, proving courage defies age. Watch the original version of…

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RoboCop 2

In a city torn between man and machine, one hero must face a god of his own making….

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In a city owned by corruption, one machine awakens to reclaim humanity’s last stand. Watch the original version…

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The Chorus

In a world silenced by despair, their voices sang of hope. Watch the original version of The Chorus…

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The Ladykillers

In a symphony of misfits and mischief, the last note is played by the most unlikely conductor. Watch…

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Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

“In the darkest chateau, the struggle for survival begins, where innocence is lost, and resilience is tested.” Watch…

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The Polar Express

“Embark on an enchanting journey, where belief lights the way, and discover the magic that lies in the…

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

In the city of angels, lies, laughter, and love collide in a dangerous game of secrets and seduction….