Bruce Almighty

With divine powers at his fingertips, Bruce must learn to use them for the greater good.

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In the bustling city of Buffalo, New York, Bruce Nolan, a local news reporter, constantly strives for recognition and respect. Despite his high ratings and the love of his girlfriend, Grace, Bruce feels unfulfilled and stuck in his career. He yearns for something more, something that will give his life meaning beyond the superficiality of his current job. However, no matter how hard he tries, his efforts go unrecognized, leaving him feeling deflated and empty.

One particularly dreadful day, Bruce’s life takes an unexpected turn. After losing his job, being rejected by his girlfriend, and having his car vandalized, Bruce finds himself at his breaking point. In a fit of anger and frustration, he boldly challenges God, questioning why He has chosen to ignore Bruce’s pleas and leave him feeling so helpless. In response to Bruce’s outburst, God appears before him and endows him with all of His divine powers.

Chapter 1:

It was the worst day of Bruce Nolan’s life. He had missed out on a promotion at work, and had lost his job to boot. On top of that, his girlfriend, Grace, had decided to break up with him, leaving him alone and heartbroken. As he sat in his car, shattered and defeated, he could feel his heart racing with anger and frustration. He just wanted to know why everything seemed to be going wrong for him. And then he remembered God.

Bruce had been raised in a religious family, but he had never really given much thought to the concept of God. He had always been more focused on his career, on achieving success, on making a name for himself in the world. But now, as he sat in his car, staring up at the sky, he found himself questioning everything. Why had God abandoned him, when he needed him the most?

And then, something strange happened. A sudden, blinding light appeared before his eyes, and he could hear a voice speaking to him. “Bruce, my child,” the voice said. “I have heard your cries, and I am here to answer them.”

Bruce blinked, trying to clear his vision. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself standing before a figure so bright and magnificent that he could barely stand to look at it. It was God.

“God?” he whispered, staring up at the divine being before him.

“Yes, Bruce. It is I.”

Bruce was speechless. He had always thought of God as an abstract concept, something intangible and distant. But now, seeing him in person, he could hardly believe his eyes.

“What do you want from me?” he finally managed to ask.

“I want nothing from you, Bruce,” God replied. “But I have a gift to offer you.”

“A gift?” Bruce repeated. “What kind of gift?”

“All of my power,” God said. “Everything that I am, everything that I can do. I am giving it all to you, Bruce.”

Bruce was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Why me?” he asked.

“You have been a faithful servant, Bruce,” God said. “You have always tried to do what is right. And now, I want to give you a chance to make a difference in this world. To help people, to change lives.”

Bruce hesitated. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for this kind of responsibility. “I don’t know if I can do that,” he said.

“You can,” God insisted. “I have faith in you, Bruce. And I will be here to guide you every step of the way.”

Bruce closed his eyes, trying to process everything. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. He couldn’t believe that God was giving him all of his power. But then, he thought of all the things he could do with that power. The possibilities were endless.

“All right,” he said, finally. “I’ll do it.”

God smiled. “Good luck, Bruce,” he said, before disappearing in a flash of light.

When Bruce opened his eyes again, he was back in his car. But everything was different. He could feel the power coursing through his veins, like an electric current that threatened to overwhelm him. He could feel his heart racing with excitement and terror, as he realized just how much of a responsibility he had taken on.

But he knew one thing for sure. He wasn’t going to waste this gift. He was going to use it to make a difference, to change lives, to make the world a better place. And with that thought in mind, he revved up his car and sped off into the night, ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

Chapter 2: God’s Gift

Bruce Nolan was completely stunned. He could hardly believe what was happening to him.

“I am the Almighty, Bruce. You have insulted Me, so I’ve decided to give you all of My divine powers,” God said, appearing before Bruce in the form of an old man.

Bruce stared in disbelief. “What…what are you talking about?”

“You now have the power of creation, Bruce. You can do anything you want, change anything you want, make anything you want happen.”

Bruce was floored. He couldn’t even begin to process what was happening. “But…why me? Why did you choose me?”

God smiled. “You have a good heart, Bruce. You just need a little push to see your true potential.”

And with that, God vanished into thin air, leaving Bruce alone with his thoughts and his newfound powers.

Bruce wasn’t sure where to begin. He wondered how he was supposed to handle this kind of responsibility. He decided to test his powers out and see what he could do.

At first, he started small. He made a flower blossom instantly in his hand, and then made it disappear with just a thought. He made a bird fly in circles around him, then made it disappear as well. He made a tree grow from a tiny seed to a full-sized plant in seconds. He could move objects with just a thought, create anything he wanted out of thin air. He was amazed by the sheer power of it all.

But then, he decided to try something a little more substantial. He focused his powers on his apartment, and before he knew it, he had completely transformed it into a luxurious palace. No more cramped, outdated apartment for him – he had created his own dream home.

Satisfied with his new living space, Bruce began to explore the city with his powers. He created a beautiful beach complete with sand and ocean in the middle of Buffalo, and invited a group of kids to come play in it. They were thrilled, playing in the water and building sandcastles. He then created an amusement park, filled with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and carnival games. People were amazed by what they saw, and were grateful to Bruce for bringing such joy to their lives.

But then, Bruce began to realize something. This kind of life, where everything was perfect and easy, was boring. He wanted a challenge, something to push him. He wanted to use his powers to help people, to make a real difference in the world.

He decided to start small. He went to a park and saw an old woman struggling to carry a heavy bag of groceries. With a thought, he lifted the bag for her and carried it to her car. She was grateful, thanking him over and over again.

From there, he began to help more and more people. He used his powers to heal the sick, to rescue those in danger, to bring peace to the troubled. And as he did so, he felt fulfilled in a way he never had before. He realized that this was what he was meant to do – to use his powers for good, to make a difference in the world.

But then, things began to go wrong. His use of his powers began to have unintended consequences, and he started to see the negative effects of his choices. He realized that he couldn’t do it all alone, that he needed help.

And so, he decided to reach out to others, to work with them to make things right. He realized that true power came not from using his abilities for personal gain, but from helping others, from making the world a better place.

As he sat in his transformed palace, looking out over the city he had changed so drastically, Bruce realized that he was truly blessed to have been given these powers. But more importantly, he realized that true happiness came not from supernatural abilities, but from compassion, humility, and a desire to make the world a better place. And that was something he could do, powers or not.

Chapter 3: The Perfect World

Bruce Nolan was living the perfect life. He had all of God’s powers, and he decided to use them to create a perfect world for himself. He imagined a life where everything went his way, where he never had to face any obstacles or challenges. He created a world where he always got what he wanted, and everything he did was a success.

At first, Bruce was thrilled with his new life. He could do anything he wanted, and there were no consequences for his actions. He used his powers to make himself the most successful and popular person in the world. He had the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect girlfriend. He even made sure that his sports teams always won, and that the sun always shone on his perfect world.

But soon, Bruce began to realize that living in a perfect world was not all it was cracked up to be. He had no challenges or problems to face, and he began to feel unfulfilled. He missed the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the unknown. He had nothing to strive for, and he felt like he was living in a bubble.

One day, Bruce visited his girlfriend Grace, and he noticed that something was off. She seemed distant and unhappy, and he didn’t know why. He used his powers to look into her heart, and he saw that she was feeling unfulfilled too. She was struggling with her own problems, and they were not being addressed in Bruce’s perfect world.

Bruce realized that he needed to break out of his perfect world and start engaging with others again. He started by using his powers to help his friends and family. He found that he could use his powers to heal the sick, to help his friends with their businesses, and to make people’s lives a little easier.

He soon realized that he could use his powers for good, to make the world a better place. He started to help people all over the world, to end poverty and suffering. He discovered that he could use his powers to bring people together, to heal old wounds and to create a world that was better than the one he had created for himself.

But as he started to help others, he began to realize that there were limits to what he could do. He couldn’t force people to love each other, or to be happy. He couldn’t control everything, and he could only do what he could do. He started to understand that even with all of God’s powers, there were some things that were beyond his control.

Bruce began to feel more humble and compassionate, and he decided to use his powers for good. He created charities and organizations to help people in need. He used his powers to create clean water and food for the hungry, and to end wars and conflicts in different parts of the world.

As he started to make the world a better place, Bruce started to feel truly fulfilled. He realized that true happiness came not from living in a perfect world, but from helping others and making a positive impact. He started to see the world through different eyes, and he understood that there was more to life than just his own interests.

In the end, Bruce decided to give up his powers and return to his normal life. He had learned that life was not about having everything go his way, but about facing the challenges and obstacles that came his way. He was ready to face life with humility and compassion, and to make the most of the time he had on this earth.

Chapter 4: The News Anchor

Bruce Nolan could hardly believe his ears when his phone rang early in the morning. It was the news director from WKBW, the local news station in Buffalo, asking him to come in for an audition that day. Bruce had always dreamed of being a news anchor, but he had never pursued it seriously. In fact, he had never even sent out a resume or demo tape.

But now, as he sat in the waiting room outside the studio, he knew he had a secret weapon: his new powers, courtesy of God. He had already used them to make himself an expert on every topic the news might cover, from politics to sports to the weather. He had also used them to give himself the perfect appearance and voice for a news anchor.

As he waited for his turn to audition, Bruce watched the other candidates come and go. They were all polished, professional-looking people with years of experience in the industry. Bruce knew he could blow them all away, but he still felt nervous. He had never actually anchored a news broadcast before.

When it was his turn, Bruce walked into the studio with confidence. He knew exactly what he was going to do. He sat down at the anchor desk and looked straight into the camera.

“Good evening, Buffalo,” he said with a smile. “I’m Bruce Nolan, and this is the news at six.”

The audition went perfectly. Bruce delivered the news with ease, and he even managed to throw in a few jokes that made the news director laugh out loud. By the time he finished, he knew he had nailed it.

As he walked out of the studio, the news director stopped him.

“Congratulations, Bruce,” he said with a smile. “We’d like to offer you the job.”

Bruce was ecstatic. He had done it. He was going to be a news anchor. As he walked out of the building, he felt a surge of power. He knew that he could use this platform to make a real difference in the world.

But as he sat in his car, he began to feel a twinge of guilt. He had used his powers to cheat, to get ahead. He didn’t deserve this job. But then he remembered God’s words: “The power is yours, Bruce. Use it wisely.” He knew that he could make a difference, that he could use his position to help people.

The next day, Bruce walked into the WKBW newsroom as a newly hired anchor. He was greeted with applause and congratulations from the other staff members. He felt good, like he had finally found his calling.

As he sat down at the anchor desk, he felt the power of his new position. He knew that he had the ability to shape public opinion, to help people see the world in a different way. He was no longer just a reporter, he was a voice for the people.

Bruce smiled into the camera and began the broadcast. He reported on the usual stories of crime, politics, and weather. But then, as the broadcast was drawing to a close, he decided to take a risk.

“Before we go tonight, I want to tell you about something that happened to me,” he said, looking directly into the camera. “Yesterday, I was just a reporter like any other. But today, I’m here, sitting in this chair, thanks to the grace of God. And I want to make a promise to you, the viewers. I promise to use this platform to make a positive difference in the world. I promise to be honest, to be fair, and to always look for the good in people. Because that’s what we need more of in this world. Goodness.”

As he finished speaking, Bruce felt a sense of relief. He had put himself out there, and he hoped that his words would touch people’s hearts.

The next day, the station was flooded with calls and emails from viewers. They praised Bruce for his honesty and his willingness to speak from the heart. He had touched a nerve, and people were responding.

As the weeks passed, Bruce continued to use his platform to speak out on issues that mattered to him. He covered stories about poverty, injustice, and inequality. He interviewed people who had been forgotten by society, and he gave them a voice.

And as he did, he began to realize something important. He didn’t need his powers to make a difference. All he needed was his voice, his passion, and his willingness to take a risk.

Bruce Nolan had finally found his true calling. He was no longer unfulfilled. He was a news anchor, a voice for the people, and he knew that he was making a real difference in the world.

Chapter 5: The Dog

Bruce Nolan had always been a problem solver. With his new divine powers, he thought he could solve any problem. That was until he met the dog.

One day, Bruce’s friend, Pete, called him in a panic. His dog, Rufus, had escaped from his backyard and was now lost in the city. Pete was desperate to find him and Bruce promised to help.

Using his powers, Bruce decided to “upgrade” Rufus. He gave him the ability to speak and even gave him a cell phone to communicate with. This seemed like the perfect solution, until Bruce realized the consequences of his actions.

Suddenly, Rufus was everywhere. He was on TV, he was speaking at events, and he even landed his own TV show. Pete was thrilled, but Bruce soon realized that he had made a huge mistake.

Rufus became conceited and entitled. He demanded special treatment and attention, and even started ignoring Pete. Bruce was horrified by what he had done.

He tried to reverse his actions, but it was too late. Rufus had become a celebrity and was too popular to be taken down. Bruce started to feel guilty and ashamed. He had let his powers get the best of him and had caused more harm than good.

But it didn’t stop there. Rufus’ newfound fame had attracted the attention of a group of dog nappers. They had heard about Rufus’ special abilities and were determined to capture him for their own gain.

Bruce quickly realized what was happening and rushed to save Rufus. He used his powers to track down the dog nappers, but just as he was about to catch them, he lost his powers.

It turns out, the dog nappers had stolen his powers and were using them for their own nefarious purposes. Bruce was powerless and helpless.

But just when he thought all was lost, Rufus and Pete stepped in. They reminded Bruce that he didn’t need divine powers to make a difference. All he needed was compassion and kindness.

With their help, Bruce was able to rescue Rufus and stop the dog nappers. He learned a valuable lesson that day. He didn’t need to be all-powerful to make a difference. He just needed to be himself.

From that day forward, Bruce used his powers more responsibly. He still helped others, but he did it in a more thoughtful and measured way. He realized that sometimes the greatest solutions come from the simplest actions, and that true heroism comes from within.

The end.

Chapter 6: The Lottery

Bruce Nolan had never been interested in money. He had always believed that there were more important things in life than material possessions, like love, friendship and helping others. But when he got his hands on the most powerful tool in the universe, everything changed. Suddenly, money seemed like an easy thing to acquire.

Bruce decided to use his powers to play the lottery. He picked the winning numbers and won the jackpot. The news spread like wildfire and soon everyone in Buffalo knew that Bruce Nolan was the newest millionaire in town.

At first, Bruce was thrilled. He could finally buy anything he wanted without worrying about the cost. He could travel the world, buy a mansion, a fancy car and everything that he ever dreamed of. But as time went by, he began to feel empty.

He realized that money couldn’t buy happiness, and that he had been fooling himself all along. He started to feel like he had lost sight of what really mattered in life. He decided to use his powers to make a difference in the world, and help others.

Bruce used his powers to donate money to charitable causes, like the Children’s Hospital, the Homeless Shelter and the Animal Rescue Center. He also used them to help his friends and family. He paid off their debts, gave them gifts and made their dreams come true.

But no matter how much he gave, he still felt like there was something missing. He began to have nightmares about his past, and he realized that he needed to make amends for his mistakes. He decided to use his powers to go back in time and make things right.

Bruce went back in time to the day that he insulted God, and he changed his words. Instead of being angry and resentful, he asked God for forgiveness and thanked Him for everything He had given him. He felt a weight lift off his shoulders, and he knew that he had finally found peace.

The next day, Bruce woke up and felt like he had been reborn. He went to work, and everyone was amazed at how different he was. He was more patient, kind and empathetic. He had a new perspective on life, and he knew that he could make a difference in the world.

Bruce decided to use his powers to help others in a different way. He started to write stories about people who had overcome adversity and found happiness. He used his platform as a news anchor to inspire others to believe in themselves, and to never give up on their dreams.

The people of Buffalo fell in love with Bruce Nolan all over again. They admired his generosity, his compassion and his wisdom. And they knew that he was a true hero, even if he didn’t have any superpowers.

In the end, Bruce realized that the greatest gift that he had ever received wasn’t his powers, or his money, or his fame. It was the love of his friends and family, and the knowledge that he had made a positive impact in the world. And he knew that he would spend the rest of his life using his powers for good, and helping others in any way that he could.

Chapter 7: Consequences

Bruce’s life had taken a sharp turn since he had been bestowed with divine powers. What started as a blessing soon turned out to be a curse. He had been reckless with his powers, using them frivolously to gain fame and fortune, without much thought about their repercussions. Now, as he reflected back, he realized that his actions had consequences.

The news reports kept pouring in, highlighting the chaos and destruction that had been caused by Bruce’s actions. There were reports of a meteor crashing into a downtown building, a typhoon causing widespread damage across the city and a massive earthquake that destroyed entire neighborhoods. All of these disasters were attributed to Bruce’s reckless use of his powers.

As the magnitude of the consequences started to sink in, Bruce began to feel overwhelmed. He had never intended to cause so much destruction, and the guilt was eating him up. He knew he had to do something to make things right.

He decided to use his powers again, but this time, for good. He started with the small things, like helping his neighbors, fixing the potholes in the street or finding lost pets. But as he gained confidence and clarity, he went on to do bigger things, like solving world hunger, curing diseases and bringing about world peace.

But the road to redemption was not an easy one. Every time he tried to fix something, there were unintended consequences, and he found himself in an endless loop of correcting his mistakes. He realized that he needed help, and so, he turned to the people he had alienated in the past.

He visited his ex-girlfriend, Grace, whom he had ignored in his quest for power. He apologized for his behavior and explained that he wanted to make things right. Grace was reluctant at first, but as she saw the sincerity in Bruce’s eyes, she agreed to help him.

Together, they went to meet the people who had been affected by the disasters caused by Bruce. They listened to their stories and promised to make things right. They worked tirelessly, using Bruce’s powers for good, until they had managed to undo most of the damage.

But the road to redemption was not without sacrifice. Bruce had to relinquish his powers and go back to being an ordinary human being. It was a difficult decision, but one that he knew was necessary for him to truly make things right.

As he walked the streets of Buffalo, NY, for the first time in a long time, he felt a sense of peace and contentment that he had never felt before. He realized that true happiness comes not from fame or wealth, but from using one’s powers to make a positive impact on others.

In the end, Bruce had learned a valuable lesson about the consequences of one’s actions. He had also learned that it’s never too late to make things right and that redemption is possible if one is willing to put in the effort.

Chapter 8: Redemption

Bruce Nolan stood at the top of a tall building, looking out at the city below. It had been a long and difficult journey, but he had finally learned the importance of humility and compassion. He had used his powers for good, helping others and making a positive impact in the world. And now, it was time for him to let go.

As he stood there, he heard a voice behind him. “Bruce, it’s time to give the powers back,” the voice said. Bruce turned around to see God standing there, dressed in his usual white suit and carrying his briefcase.

Bruce nodded. “I know,” he said.

God walked over to Bruce and reached out his hand. “It’s been an interesting experience, hasn’t it?” he said.

Bruce smiled. “That’s one way to put it,” he said.

God handed Bruce his briefcase. “The powers are in there. When you’re ready, just say my name and they’ll be returned to me.”

Bruce took the briefcase and looked at it for a moment. He knew that he had to give up the powers, but it was hard to let go of something that had given him so much control and influence.

But he also knew that it was the right thing to do. He had seen the consequences of using his powers selfishly, and he knew that he couldn’t handle the responsibility on his own.

He took a deep breath and opened the briefcase. Inside, he saw a small glowing ball of light. He reached out and touched it, and suddenly he felt the power surging through him once again.

For a moment, he was tempted to keep the powers, to hold onto them and never let go. But then he remembered all the people he had helped and all the good he had done, and he knew that he couldn’t keep them.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. “God,” he said, “I’m ready to give the powers back.”

Suddenly, he felt the power leaving him. He felt weak and vulnerable, but he also felt a sense of relief. He knew that he had done the right thing.

When he opened his eyes, God was gone. Bruce looked around, but there was no sign of him. He realized that he had been given a gift, a chance to make a positive impact in the world, and he had taken it.

He walked back down to street level, feeling lighter and more alive than he had in a long time. He looked around at the people and buildings, knowing that he had helped make this world a better place.

As he walked down the street, he saw a woman struggling with her bags. He went over to help her, smiling as he did so. It was a small act of kindness, but it was one that made him feel good.

He walked on, feeling a new sense of purpose and direction. He knew that he didn’t need the powers to make a difference in the world. All he needed was the willingness to help others and the courage to make a positive impact.

The sun was setting as Bruce walked along the street, feeling happy and content. He didn’t know what the future held, but he knew that he was ready for whatever came his way.

And who knows? Maybe one day he would get another chance to make a difference, to help others and make the world a better place. But for now, he was content to simply be Bruce Nolan, a man with a kind heart and a desire to do good.

As he walked on into the sunset, a smile on his face, he knew that he would never forget the lessons he had learned during his time as Bruce Almighty.

Some scenes from the movie Bruce Almighty written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Fantasy Comedy

Character List:

1. Bruce Nolan – A human-interest television reporter, charming and charismatic but unfulfilled.

2. Grace Connelly – Bruce’s girlfriend, kind-hearted and supportive.

3. God – The Almighty, powerful and wise.

4. Evan Baxter – Bruce’s colleague, ambitious and ruthless.

Setting: Buffalo, NY

Scene 1: The Worst Day Ever


Bruce Nolan, a television reporter, is standing in front of the camera, looking dishevelled and defeated. His report on a new traffic system is interrupted by technical glitches.


(into the camera)

I’m sorry folks, it looks like we’re having some technical difficulties.

The producer signals for him to cut to commercial. Bruce turns to his colleague Evan Baxter.



What a day. I thought this traffic report would be my big break.


(smiling smugly)

Well, we can’t all be the best, Bruce.

Bruce rolls his eyes, knowing that Evan always tries to one-up him. Later, in his office, Bruce receives a call from his girlfriend Grace.



Honey, how was work?



It was terrible, Grace. Everything that could go wrong, did.



Don’t worry, it’ll get better. I believe in you.

But as Bruce hangs up, he feels disconnected from his career and his life. He looks up at the ceiling and shouts out in frustration.



What do I have to do to make you happy?! You’re the Almighty, you have everything! And what do I have? Nothing!

Suddenly, a flash of light engulfs the room, and a shadowy figure appears.



I hear your complaint, Bruce.

Bruce is stunned. He recognizes the voice as God’s.



God? Is that you?



Indeed. And I’m going to give you what you’ve been asking for.



What is it? Wealth, power, fame?

God steps closer to Bruce and whispers in his ear.


(in a low voice)

My powers.

Bruce is in disbelief.



You’re giving me…God’s powers?



Yes. Use them wisely.

God disappears in another flash of light. Bruce is left alone in his office, stunned and unsure of what just happened.


Scene 2

Scene 2: God’s Gift



Bruce sits on his couch, feeling defeated after his terrible day. He stares at the TV, watching a televangelist preach about the power of faith. Bruce scoffs and mutters to himself.


(to the TV)

Yeah, right. If there is a God, He’s sure not listening to me.

Suddenly, the apartment shakes, and a bright light fills the room. Bruce shields his eyes, then squints to see the silhouette of a figure looming in front of him. The figure steps closer, revealing itself to be God.



Well, well, well. Bruce Nolan. Finally graced with My presence.

Bruce falls to his knees in shock and fear.


(voice shaking)

God? Is that really You?



You doubted Me? Of course it’s Me, Bruce. And I’m here to give you a gift.

Bruce looks up, confused and skeptical.


A gift?



Yes, a gift! I’m giving you all of My divine powers.

The room shakes again, and suddenly, Bruce feels different. He stands up, feeling an immense power surging through him.



I can feel it. I can feel Your power.

God looks at Bruce, amused.


(voice booming)

Use it wisely, Bruce. You have a heavy responsibility now.

God disappears in a flash of light. Bruce stands in silence, still processing what just happened.


Scene 3

Scene 3 – The Perfect World


Bruce is using his powers to create a perfect world for himself. He sits on his couch with a bowl of popcorn as he watches TV. The news anchor reports that crime rates are down, the economy is booming, and there are no more wars. Bruce smiles contentedly and clicks his fingers.

The room transforms into a luxurious penthouse, complete with a pool and a bar. Beautiful women in skimpy outfits surround him. They fawn over him as he sips on a cocktail.


(to the women)

Ladies, what do you think of my world?


It’s perfect, Bruce. Absolutely perfect.


I never want to leave.



Neither do I.

Suddenly, a loud noise interrupts the party. Bruce snaps his fingers, but the noise only gets louder. He stands up and walks towards the window.


The city is in chaos. Cars are overturned, buildings are on fire, and people are screaming. Bruce is taken aback.


(whispering to himself)

This can’t be happening. I created a perfect world.

Suddenly, the sky turns dark and thunder roars. A figure appears in the clouds, shining with divine light.


(voice booming)

Bruce, you cannot create a perfect world. Perfection is an illusion. You must learn to accept imperfection and embrace the challenges that come with it.

Bruce drops to his knees, humbled.



What have I done?


You have overstepped your bounds, Bruce. Your arrogance has blinded you. You must learn to use your powers wisely, or they will be taken away.

With that, God disappears, leaving Bruce alone.


Bruce returns to his apartment, shaken. He surveys the chaos around him and realizes that he must embrace imperfection. He snaps his fingers and the room returns to its original state.


(to himself)

I have a lot to learn.

The scene ends with Bruce sitting alone on his couch, deep in thought.

Scene 4



Bruce is sitting in the anchor’s chair, surrounded by cameras, lights and crew members. He looks confident and in control.

BRUCE: Good evening, Buffalo. I’m Bruce Nolan, and this is Channel 7 News at 6.

The camera zooms in on his face as he recites the news headlines.



Grace is watching the broadcast on a computer screen. She looks impressed and slightly jealous.

GRACE: (to herself) He’s really good at this.

Her colleague, MIKE, walks over to her.

MIKE: You look like you’re watching a ghost.

GRACE: (smiling sarcastically) Yeah, I always dreamed of seeing my ex-boyfriend become a big shot news anchor.

MIKE: (laughing) Ouch. Well, you know what they say, success is the best revenge.



Bruce finishes the broadcast and stands up from the anchor’s chair. The crew members start applauding.

DIRECTOR: Great job, Bruce. That was a perfect take.

BRUCE: (smiling) Thanks, guys. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Suddenly, his cell phone rings. He answers it.

BRUCE: Hello?

GOD: Bruce, it’s God.

BRUCE: (shocked) What? God? Is this a joke?

GOD: No, Bruce. It’s really me.

BRUCE: (skeptical) Okay, if you’re God, what do you want?

GOD: (pause) I want to see what you can do with your powers. Meet me at the top of the Empire State Building in 10 minutes.

BRUCE: (confused) Powers? What powers?

But there’s no answer. He looks around, bewildered.



Grace overhears Bruce’s conversation and rushes over to Mike.

GRACE: Did you hear that? Bruce has powers.

MIKE: (sarcastic) Oh great, now he’s a superhero. What next?

GRACE: (serious) We have to check this out. Come on.



Bruce arrives at the top of the building and sees God waiting for him.

BRUCE: (nervous) Okay, God. I’m here. What’s going on?

GOD: (calmly) I want you to use your powers to make something good happen. Something that will make a difference in someone’s life.

BRUCE: (skeptical) Is that all? Piece of cake.

God nods, and disappears. Bruce looks around, and sees a young boy crying on the other side of the building.

BRUCE: (to himself) This is it. Time to make a difference.

He disappears and reappears next to the boy.



Grace and Mike are watching the live feed of the Empire State Building on their computer screen. They see Bruce holding the boy and comforting him.

GRACE: (amazed) Oh my God. He’s really doing it.

MIKE: (smiling) He’s a natural. Maybe there’s hope for him after all.



Bruce hands the boy over to his parents, and smiles.

BRUCE: (to the parents) He’s going to be okay. I promise.

The parents thank him, and he disappears.


Scene 5


Bruce sits on the couch, staring at the TV. He’s feeling defeated after realizing that he can’t fix everything with his powers.

Suddenly, he hears a knock at the door. He gets up and opens it to find his friend, Todd, standing there with his dog, Max.

TODD: “Hey, Bruce. Can you help me out? Max has been acting really strange lately. He won’t eat or play. I thought maybe you could use your powers to figure out what’s wrong with him.”

Bruce hesitates for a moment, but then agrees to try and help. He uses his powers to communicate with Max and discovers that he’s been feeling neglected and lonely.

BRUCE: “Todd, you need to spend more time with Max. Take him for walks, play with him, show him some love. He’s been feeling sad and it’s affecting his health.”

Todd thanks Bruce and promises to spend more time with Max. As they leave, Bruce realizes that he can’t fix everything with his powers, but he can use them to make a positive impact in people and animals’ lives.

He sits back on the couch, feeling content and at peace for the first time since he received his powers.

Scene 6


Bruce sits on his couch, surrounded by stacks of money. His face is expressionless as he flips through wads of cash.

BRUCE: “This is it? This is what I’ve been working for?”

He tosses the money aside and leans back, staring up at the ceiling.

BRUCE: “I thought this would make me happy. But it’s just a bunch of paper.”

Suddenly, Bruce’s phone rings. He picks it up, and it’s Grace.

GRACE: “Bruce, are you alright?”

BRUCE: “Yeah, why?”

GRACE: “I just saw the news. You won the lottery. Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

BRUCE: “No, I’m fine. I just…I don’t know. It’s not what I thought it would be.”

GRACE: “Money can be overwhelming. But just remember, it’s not everything. You have so many other things in your life that are worth more than any amount of money.”

BRUCE: “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, Grace. I needed to hear that.”

He hangs up the phone, a small smile spreading across his face. He looks around at the stacks of money.

BRUCE: “Maybe it’s time to start using these for something more than just buying things.”

He stands up, determined to make a positive impact with his newfound wealth.


Author: AI