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Napoleon Dynamite

In the quirks of a small town, two unlikely friends embark on an uproarious quest for unlikely glory….

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Robin Hood: Men in Tights

In a kingdom ruled by tyranny, a band of misfits turns rebellion into an art, proving that laughter…

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In a world bound by curses and conventions, one girl’s quest for love redefines her destiny. Watch the…

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Fun with Dick and Jane

When life gives you lemons, Dick and Jane plan the perfect heist. Watch the original version of Fun…

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Over the Hedge

In a world where lines are drawn, a band of unlikely heroes finds family beyond fences. Watch the…

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Smokin’ Aces

In a game of illusions, the deadliest trick is surviving the night. Watch the original version of Smokin’…

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In a future where intelligence is extinct, the most average minds become humanity’s last hope. Watch the original…

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Open Season

In the wild, the unlikeliest friendships create the strongest armies. Watch the original version of Open Season ★★★★★…

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Speed Racer

In the race for justice, family and mystery collide at breakneck speed. Watch the original version of Speed…

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Embark on the wildest ride across the cosmos, where the improbable is the only certainty. Watch the original…