Pitch Black

“When darkness falls, survival isn’t a choice, it’s a primal instinct.”

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The universe, with its vast expanse of inky blackness and shimmering stars, was a silent observer to all events that unfolded within its dominion. Amid the ballet of celestial bodies and the serenity of void, a chaos stirred. An interstellar vehicle, the Hunter Gratzner, bucked and spiraled, rupturing the peace of cosmos.

The ship was not a behemoth, not one of those gargantuan cities that meandered across the cosmos. Her size was deceptively compact, but the internal complexity rivaled any labyrinth. The ship was a kaleidoscope of lives, nurturing life forms as diverse as the universe itself, but now teetering on the brink of oblivion.

On board was a humanoid, a prisoner, with eyes of luminescent silver that glistened eerily in the dim light. His name was Riddick, a walking personification of menace. Shackled and sedated, he was a convict, a beast kept at bay, yet his aura undeniably terrifying. A calm predator waiting for the winds to shift.

As the Hunter Gratzner spiraled, alarms blaring, Riddick, in his sedated dream-state, saw stars colliding, planets shattering, and a darkness creeping upon him, a darkness that foreshadowed an ominous journey to come.

Chapter 1: Descent Into Darkness

The crash was a cataclysmic event that shook the planet’s geography, disrupted the silence, and stirred speculations of a rain of meteorites. It seemed as if a comet had strayed from its cosmic path and spewed its glowing embers onto the foreign land. But it was no comet; it was the Hunter Gratzner, now barely recognizable, her once gleaming exterior burnt and twisted, hinting at the violence of the impact.

The desolate planet bore witness to the descending mortal husk with an apathy bred over millennia of cosmic isolation. Jutting out of sand dunes and rocky outcrops, the wreckage was a testament to the fragility of life.

Riddick emerged from the wreckage, silhouette monstrous against the horizon. His frame, larger than average, towered menacing, and his peculiar eyes cast an unnerving glow. His presence radiated a dangerous magnetism, sending ripples across the seemingly desolate planet.

The rest of the survivors slowly crawled out, coughing from the dust and debris. Confusion and desperation hung heavy in the air as they took in the aftermath. Their eyes, filled with dread, began adjusting to the grim reality. Now, they were marooned on a foreign planet with a deadly convict amidst them.

Amid the twisted metal and smoke, Riddick stooped over the shackles that once bound him, now severed. He rose, his eyes gleaming with predatory intent. There was a wicked smirk on his face, which bore no malice but the cold, hardened determination of a survivor. A predator. A hunter.

As the initial shock of the crash subsided, the survivors began scrambling, processing the daunting task of survival. They found themselves in a barren, endless plain, their senses assaulted by a landscape devoid of warmth and life. The air was thin, nearly suffocating, and the terrain, seemingly inert to their plight.

Instinct took over, leading them to cluster together, to salvage what could be saved from the wreckage. Tools, food rations, clothing, anything that ensured another breath, another heartbeat, another moment of existence.

Yet, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the stars began to twinkle, a new terror introduced itself. Fear crept upon them as the warmth of the daylight was replaced by an icy, ominous darkness. Beyond the light of their dwindling fire, the world was a sea of pitch black. But Riddick, the convict, the predator, was ready. He welcomed the darkness. He was home.

Chapter 2: “A Prisoner Among Us”

The sun was sinking, its tangerine glow casting long shadows across the sands, an ominous prelude to the darkness that would soon take hold. The survivors of the Hunter Gratzner huddled around the ship’s wreckage, sifting through the debris for food, water, or any other salvageable resources. The atmosphere was thick with unease. They were astronauts, traders, and pilgrims – not built for survival in this wilderness. The desert stretched out around them, the emptiness a haunting echo of their growing despair.

In their midst, a figure apart, was Richard B. Riddick, a convict with the eyes of a nocturnal predator and a reputation that filled the void of silence with whispers of terror. His shackles gleamed in the dying sunlight as he sat, watching the others with an air of detached amusement. His presence was an ongoing debate, a moral compass spinning wildly under the weight of their dire circumstances.

Their fear was palpable, an insidious scent in the arid air. John Johns, the mercenary who had captured Riddick, held up a Bounty Posting. The list of crimes, as endless as the sand around them, sent a chill through the survivors. Murder, arson, grand larceny – each word a stark reminder of the ruthless criminal amidst them. Some survivors glanced at him with dread, their eyes wide as they took in the bald head, the armored vest, and shimmering eyes that hinted at an inhuman adaptability.

Carolyn Fry, the ship’s pilot and the de facto leader, was torn. On one hand, there was the very real threat that Riddick posed; on the other hand, he was a survivor, like them. He had the cunning, the ruthlessness that might be needed in such dire straits.

As night fell, Paris, a wealthy trader from the ship, discovered Riddick was no longer shackled. Pandemonium broke out, raw and frenzied. Johns attempted to regain control, his mercenary swagger unraveled by the fear in his eyes. Fry, meanwhile, was realizing that their survival might hinge on the very man they feared.

Amid the chaos, Riddick merely smirked, a flicker of madness dancing in his luminescent eyes. “You don’t need to fear a prisoner,” he rasped, his voice like gravel against the unforgiving desert wind. His gaze then swept into the darkening wilderness, adding, “The ghosts out there… now that’s another story.”

A chill ran down their spines. The irony was cruel – Riddick, who they feared, was the one who saw the danger before it struck. His peculiar eyes, their eerie silver glint hardening in the sinking sun, saw what they could not. Almost perceptibly, the group’s fear shifted from the convict to the unknown.

The tension simmered, unspoken alliances forming in the face of the true enemy: the planet and its lurking shadows. They had a convict amidst them, but the reports of his crimes paled in comparison to the terrors that the night would bring. Trust, they realized, was a luxury they could ill afford. They had to survive, and their best bet was the convicted killer in their midst.

As the first night on the strange planet unfolded, the tight knot of survivors found themselves looking not at Riddick with fear, but with a hesitant hope. They were yet to understand what these ominous shadows held, but one thing was clear – Riddick was their key to uncovering it. The prisoner among them, they were slowly realizing, might be the only one who could save them from the horrors of the planet they were marooned on. And in this uneasy alliance, their thrilling struggle for survival was just beginning.

Chapter 3: “Shadows Stir”

Under a looming dusk, a sense of unease had crept over the survivors, coiling like a ravenous serpent within their hearts. The seemingly endless barren landscape of the planet, once a beacon of unknown intrigue, had adopted a sinister mantle as obscurity began to conquer daylight.

At first, they thought Riddick was their primary concern, the ruthless convict with eerie eyes. Yet, as the evening creatures began to stir and shadows morphed into monstrous forms, they realized there was a far greater terror hiding in the planet’s abyss than the man they had in chains. The first signs of the nocturnal hunters were barely noticeable; an eerie rustle in the undergrowth, an alien caw cutting through the silence, a sudden chill creeping up their spine. The discordant nocturnal symphony played on their fears with a masterful tease.

The ferocious attack came like a flash flood. Unseen predators launched from the shadows, their forms blurred by the encroaching darkness. The survivors could barely register the assailants before they were upon them. The dark was alive with razor-sharp teeth and gleaming eyes, their predator’s hunger tangible in every violent move. Screams of pain and fear echoed as the survivors scattered, desperate for refuge from the carnage. The body count began, the planet’s indigenous creatures feasting on their newfound prey with relentless savagery.

Amid the fatal chaos, Riddick, with his eyes piercing through the darkness, took in the grotesque scene with a grim detachment. The very qualities that made him an outcast, a predator among men, now became the survivors’ best chance at surviving the bloodbath. Distraught cries and panicked pleas bounced off the rocky terrain, underlining the gruesome reality of the situation.

Still, Riddick made no move. He watched with an unsettling calmness, his predatory gaze missing nothing. He observed the creatures’ patterns, their movements, and their tendencies, all the while remaining a spectator in the deadly game of survival. His status as a pariah had conditioned him to survive, even when things spiraled into murderous chaos. The predators weren’t his enemies; they were competition.

Despite the horror unfolding, this planet had awoken something within Riddick. Here, he was in his element, finally recognizing a world as ruthless and untamed as himself. For the first time in his life, Riddick felt a sense of belonging. His eyes, designed for the dark, reveled in the darkness that others found daunting.

Meanwhile, the other passengers were adapting too slowly to the sudden shift in reality, their minds struggling to accept the nightmares that their eyes could see. Their preconceptions of danger and safety were shattered. They realized that in this new world, there was no sanctuary from the darkness; there was only the desperate, relentless need to survive until dawn.

As twilight sunk its teeth into the remaining light, it was clear that this was only the beginning. The shadows were alive, and the creatures it bore had tasted blood. As long as the night lasted, the survivors were trapped in a deadly dance with the planet’s nocturnal predators. It was a race against time, bitter and unforgiving, where the only victory was seeing the break of day.

The world they had crash landed on was not just an unknown planet; it was a living nightmare. But even in the madness, they had two glimmers of hope – a new dawn, and the dangerous convict whose eyes could navigate the very darkness that they feared, Richard B. Riddick. Their survival was now inexplicably intertwined with the very man they had feared, a twist of fate as cruel as the planet they found themselves on.

By the end of the night, dare they hope to see the light of another day, they would have to embrace the reality of their deadly predicament. The rules had changed – only the strongest, the fastest, and the most ruthless could survive. And in this world, Riddick was king. The last shreds of normalcy were wiped away, leaving only primal fear, and one unsettling reality: on this planet, when the shadows stir, you run. Or you die.

Chapter 4: “Eclipse Commences”

Disaster befalling their newfound haven, the unlikely assembly of survivors gaped at the dimming light, their eyes tracking the trajectory of the planet’s three suns. A sense of impending doom permeated the air as they came to a horrifying realization – they were about to be plunged into unprecedented, lasting darkness. The purplish hue of the sky turned inky, and the lick of desert heat began to retreat, replaced by a bone-rattling chill.

Outside the safety of torchlight, the creeping shadows danced and flickered, growing, combining, coming alive. The planet was becoming a hunting ground, not theirs but those of monstrous creatures looming in the unknown. Unseen but always present. The ‘nightfall’ was now their nemesis, but it was more than mere darkness; it was a palpable entity that swallowed light, hope, and life.

Among the frightened group of survivors, Riddick, with his peculiar, beautifully dreadful eyes, viewed the rapidly approaching total eclipse differently. His eyes, ghostly silver orbs, had been surgically modified to see in the dark – a gift from his past life, a tool for survival in the present. Now, his otherworldly vision was the group’s last beacon in the dire straits they found themselves in.

As the final vestiges of daylight evaporated, the survivors rushed to gather whatever light source they could find – the stark glare of emergency flares, the gentle luminescence of glow sticks, the harsh, flickering light of torches. Everything was precious, every speck of radiance, a weapon against the encroaching abyss.

Riddick, the once-feared convict, found himself in the odd position of being their guide, their protector. His instincts were sharp, honed by years of survival against the odds. Every sound, every shift in the air, every rustle in the alien foliage was a language he understood, an element he had command over. His sinewy form moved like a hunting Panthera, silent and lethal, his eyes alert for the spectral glow of the terrifying nocturnal predators that stalked them.

The tension was a palpable, living entity among the group. Trust was ephemeral, as fleeting as the vanishing light. Doubts gnawed at them – was relying on Riddick, a ruthless killer, their only option? But one look into the starless horizon, and their resolve would harden. They knew, in this coming darkness, their survival hinged on Riddick’s eerie eyes, their collective will, and the frail light they guarded fiercely.

As the last sun dipped below the horizon, the eclipse began in earnest. The encroaching darkness, like a blackened wave, washed over them, plunging the world into an ominous, devouring black void. In the spectral dance of their torchlights, the survivors switched to high-alert, weapons in hand, bracing themselves for the horrors skulking in the murk.

Echoes of distant, guttural roars punctuated their fear-ridden silence. They knew they were not alone – the creatures were stirring, ready for the hunt, craving the taste of fear, lusting for the kill. Each hushed whisper, each ragged breath was a potential giveaway, a death sentence.

In the splintering silence, Riddick’s voice cut through the taut atmosphere, a hardened whisper that echoed the tenacity of their situation: “Stay in the light.” The words resounded with an alarming potency, a war cry, a reminder: in this world plunged into chaos, darkness equaled death. There’s only one rule: Stay in the light. And amidst the darkness, in the heart of the looming eclipse, the survivors took their first tentative step under Riddick’s guidance, towards an uncertain fate.

Chapter 5: “A Reluctant Leader”

The survivors huddled around the remains of their spaceship, their faces pale and etched with fears. Riddick, their unlikely savior, watched them with his gleaming, otherworldly eyes. His expression was hard and unreadable as he strained his mutant vision to scan the inky blackness that surrounded them.

Riddick was a reluctant leader. His solitary nature, honed in the bleak environment of prison colonies and solitary cells, clashed with the necessity of human companionship for survival. The paradox of their situation wasn’t lost on him. Riddick needed the survivors to distract the creatures, but the survivors depended on him for their very lives.

However, there was something more; a faint spark of something akin to responsibility flickered in his heart. The survivors were vulnerable, utterly unprepared for the monstrous onslaught awaiting them. Their terrified faces stirred something within Riddick, something that he thought was long dead, suppressed in the cold, dark corners of his past. He took charge, albeit reluctantly, steeling himself against the uncertain doom.

The planet’s sudden transformation was akin to a nightmarish painting coming alive. The menacing creatures, with their grotesque bodies and insatiable hunger, were the embodiment of primal fear. As the planet plunged into darkness, these creatures ruled, their dominion unchallenged. The survivors found themselves in a macabre game of hide and seek, fighting for their lives, their existence hanging by a thread.

Trust was a volatile currency in this world of chaos. The survivors looked at Riddick with a mixed sense of dread and hope. He was their savior, and yet, he was a dangerous convict. Wariness danced in their eyes, mingling with desperation. It was a challenging ordeal, forcing them to repose their trust in the man they once bound in chains.

Riddick took the lead, cutting a path through the darkness. His heightened vision, a curse in the past, had now become their guiding light, literally and metaphorically. His figure, silhouetted against the scarce light, emanated an aura of grim determination. The survivors trailed behind him, their eyes darting anxiously, their hearts pounding a rhythm of dread.

As the hours bled into each other, the scarcity of light sources became evident. A state of panic loomed large, their faces warped with the apprehension of the impending darkness. Riddick marshaled them, rationing the scarce light resources, strategizing their moves, and ensuring their survival against the mounting odds.

However, leading the survivors wasn’t just about strategies and survival tactics. The interpersonal dynamics within the group were complex. The survivors were not only fighting the creatures from the dark but also their fear and suspicions. Anguish and desperation fueled mistrust. The threatened equilibrium of the group only heightened the stakes of their survival.

Riddick, who had always thrived in solitude, was now wrestling with the challenges of leadership. The threads of human connection, fragile yet resilient, tugged at his guarded heart. Every anxious glance, every shaky breath, every desperate prayer echoed within him, reminding him of his reluctant position as their protector.

The chapter of their survival was a daunting one. The ground beneath their feet, an alien planet, was fraught with danger. Above them, the eclipsed sky played a sinister symphony. Around them, the creatures lurked, their predatory instincts honed to perfection. In the midst of this chaos, Riddick was their beacon in the dark.

As the chapter of survival continued to unfold, their trust in Riddick grew. And with this unanticipated trust, Riddick found himself juggling between his survival instincts and the sudden responsibility bestowed upon him. This newfound role wore heavily on him, reshaping him, forcing him to confront his past and his perceptions of humanity.

But the growing reliance on Riddick also ignited a spark of hope. His ability to navigate through the darkness infused them with courage. Their fates were intertwined now, their survival hinged on the convoluted web of trust, fear, and primal instinct. As the relentless pursuit of the creatures continued, their bond strengthened, their survival instincts heightened, their resolve solidified.

Riddick, a convict turned leader, stood tall amidst the turmoil, his peculiar eyes gleaming in the consuming darkness. His past, riddled with violence and solitude, clashed with his present, demanding compassion and leadership. The converging narratives, punctuated by the blood-curdling roars of the darkness-creatures, painted a paradoxical portrait of survival, fear, and unexpected alliances.

Chapter five closed with the survivors and Riddick, the reluctant leader, forging ahead in the deadly darkness. Their journey was rife with danger and desperation, but it was also a journey of transformation – of a convict stepping into the shoes of a leader, and of a frightened group learning to trust their most feared enemy. The chapter of survival was far from over. The darkness wasn’t done with them yet, and neither was Riddick.

Chapter 6: “Edge of Despair”

As the survivors near the heart of the planet’s unrelenting darkness, the sense of despair is tangible. The beasts lurking in the shadows grow bolder, their attacks more frequent and ferocious. Every breath shared among the survivors carries the weight of fear, the taste of their mortality. Riddick, with his predatory eyes glowing in the darkness, leads them through the treacherous terrain, his past as a feared convict forgotten in the face of their present terror.

The group’s confidence, once bolstered by the light and the hope of reaching safety, begins to waver. Old alliances strain and new ones form in the face of relentless adversity. Each survivor clings to their will to live, but the planet’s numerous dangers spark a primal fear that threatens to shatter their already fragile sanity.

Their journey takes them through narrow, winding canyons and treacherous, craggy peaks. The planet’s terrain is as harsh and unforgiving as the monstrous creatures it harbors. However, with each step they take, every danger they face, the survivors grow closer, their shared terror forging an unforeseen bond.

Riddick, the group’s reluctant guide, takes center stage, his enigmatic character unfolding in the ominous glow of torchlight. The survivors learn more about their sentenced savior. His haunted past, filled with violence and bloodshed, doesn’t seem so distant now, as it merges with their horrifying present.

The convict-turned-captain recounts tales of his past crimes, his voice echoing off the canyon walls, as they trudge through the darkness. His tales are stark, brutal, painting a picture of a man as ruthless as the world they now inhabit. He speaks of his adaptation, the surgical modification that granted him his night vision – unsettling evidence of his will to survive in any given circumstances.

Underneath the fear and suspicion, an undercurrent of respect for Riddick begins to form. Despite his imperfections, he had kept them alive against all odds. His stories, however chilling, are a reminder of this grim reality. Trust in Riddick, once a naive hope, now seems like their only viable option.

The darkness plays cruel tricks on their minds, shadows dancing and morphing into monstrous beings. All the while, Riddick’s gaze is steely, his eerie eyes seeing through the deceitful play of light and shadow. The terror driving the group seems to only embolden him as he navigates, his predatory instincts matching the stealth and cunning of the deadly alien creatures.

Yet, as all seems bleak, the group spots a distant light flickering weakly against the obsidian sky. Their hearts pound with renewed hope; it could be a signal or a beacon, a possible way out of the nightmarish world. With renewed energy, they press on towards the light, their survival resting on its flickering promise.

Despite the odds, they are resolute. Each tormented breath, every fearful heartbeat, becomes a testament to their collective will to survive. Even as death looms in the shadows, their spirits refuse to be extinguished. For, in the face of darkness, the human spirit often shines the brightest.

Yet, the darkness is relentless and the monstrous creatures unyielding. Their journey is far from over, filled with narrow escapes and thrilling encounters. The tension is palpable as the survivors teeter on the edge of despair, their fate balancing on the edge of Riddick’s blade and the last flickering light in the heart of an alien darkness.

Chapter 7: “Escape from Dusk”

As the final flicker of their cherished light diminished, the survivors knew that their last thread of safety was unraveling rapidly. The darkness that surrounded them was no ordinary oblivion; it was a chilling void teeming with horrors skulking in its depths, beasts that had tasted human blood and hungered for more.

Riddick, with his eerie night vision, emerged as their reluctant rescuer from the obsidian abyss. The hardened felon with eyes that sparkled devilishly in the darkness was their last remaining hope. His past, a tapestry of sins and survival, now served as their lifeline; his nocturnal abilities, their guiding beacon. It was an irony so profound that it sent jitters of dread and disquiet down their spines.

The ragtag survivors pressed on, each step a dance with death in the deafening silence. The harmonious hum of the alien planet was deafening, suddenly punctuated by the crunch of their boots against the unfamiliar terrain, their ragged breaths, the whirling of their hearts against their ribs. Every second that ticked away was a testament to their pitched struggle against the encroaching darkness and the unseen terrors it held.

The group’s dynamics, hitherto governed by suspicion and disdain, began to shift precipitously. They now clung to each other with an unspoken bond of desperation and dread, their lives dependent on the mutual belief that they would survive this hellish nightmare.

As they navigated through the inky abyss, the planet’s predators lurked in the background, their ominously glowing eyes casting eerie reflections on the shadowy expanse. With cold precision, they waited for their moment to strike, their instincts honed by the promise of fresh quarry.

Riddick, leading from the front, became a silhouette against the chasms of darkness. His voice, raspy and grating with an undercurrent of menacing calm, echoed instructions and guided the terrified survivors across treacherous terrains. Past regrets and haunting memories flickered behind his chilling gaze, providing fleeting glimpses into his dystopian past.

The tension ratcheted up as their light sources dwindled. They were confronted with the frightening reality of being stranded in an alien world, at the mercy of an escaped convict and pitted against creatures whose sole instinct was to slaughter.

Their journey took them through a landscape of alien foliage and otherworldly formations, an uncanny calm before the inevitable storm. Hope and despair intertwined in the throbbing silence, their heartbeats drumming a tragic symphony of survival against the backdrop of the serene chaos.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling shriek pierced the silent night. The predators had made their move. A clash of life and death ensued, a primal dance of survival, the weak falling prey to the strong.

Riddick shifted from being the reluctant leader to the group’s fierce protector. The hunter within him ignited, his instincts and agility slaying the nightmarish creatures one by one. His past sins seemed to lessen with each life he saved, his character coming full circle in the face of adversity.

With a final, desperate push, they triumphed over their alien adversaries, their survival etching an unforgettable saga in the annals of human tenacity. As dawn approached, the survivors stood victorious against the receding darkness, their silhouettes stark against the dawning light.

The night’s terror had provided them with an uneasy camaraderie, fire-forged and hardened on the anvil of survival. Riddick’s transformation from convict to savior was complete, his past transgressions seeming less ominous in the light of his newfound heroism.

In the end, it wasn’t just an escape from dusk, but a journey from fear to hope, from suspicion to trust, from darkness to light. It was a testament to their indomitable spirit, their relentless will to survive. As the sun rose, casting long shadows behind them, they emerged from an unforgettable nightmare, forever scarred, forever changed, forever bound by the harrowing experience on a planet that taught them one rule, a rule etched in their hearts: Stay in the light.

Some scenes from the movie Pitch Black written by A.I.

Scene 1



Lights flicker, alarms blare as hunter Gratzner spirals out of control. Passengers and crew scramble, panic evident.



Awakening from deep sleep, RIDDICK (late 30s, muscular, mysterious with striking silvered eyes) struggles against the restraints, coldly evaluating the chaos.


CAPTAIN TOMASI (Female, 40s, fierce), fighting to regain control, gripping the steering mechanisms.


(into intercom)

All hands brace for impact!


The spacecraft CRASHES. A deafening roar, a blinding light, then… silence.



Wreckage litters the scene. Survivors emerge, disoriented, among them Riddick, crawling from the wreckage, his eerie eyes adjusting to the harsh sunlight.

Riddick looks around as he straightens up, taking in the exotic, barren landscape around him. In the silence of the deserted, eerily quiet planet, his predatory instincts awaken.



Scene 2


Among the scattered metal and glass, a group of ragged SURVIVORS huddles together.

They all turn as the gruff CAPTAIN turns to face them, holding a photo.



We’ve got a problem, folks.

He tosses the photo. It lands in front of a man named JOHNS.

JOHNS (mid-40s, tired, defensive)

And what’s that?


(Peering at Riddick)


CAPTAIN nods toward a dark corner where RIDDICK, a convict with an air of danger, lurks in the shadows.

CLOSE UP: on the photo, it shows RIDDICK, identified as a convicted murderer.

The survivors’ faces turn from confusion to fear.



A murderer, among us?

SHAZZA (Early 30s, feisty, defensive)

And you’re telling us this now?



Thought it was a good time as any.

He looks directly at Riddick who steps into the light. His eyes GLEAM in an uncanny way, adapted to darkness.

RIDDICK (a lopsided grin)

You scared?

All eyes on Riddick.

FADE IN: on Riddick’s haunted eyes, adoring the fear he instills.


Scene 3


A group of SURVIVORS huddles around a makeshift fire. Among them, RIDDICK, his strange eyes gleaming in the firelight.

FRIEDMAN, former ship’s pilot and de facto group leader, steps forward.


We’re stuck on this godforsaken planet with nightfall coming. And I don’t think we’re alone.

He glances towards Riddick. There’s an uneasy silence.


Darkness engulfs the planet. The survivors’ breaths are visible in the cold, their eyes wide with fear.

Suddenly, a distant ROAR echoes, breaking the silence. A chill runs through the group.



Riddick, we need your eyes.

Riddick smiles, a predatory glint in his eyes.


Welcome to my world, Captain.

Riddick leads them away from the fire, guiding them in the dark. Panic is palpable.


The group moves cautiously, Riddick at the lead. A SUDDEN MOVEMENT in the corner. A low GROWL.

In the pitch black, a sudden STREAK OF MOONLIGHT reveals an ALIEN CREATURE lunging at them.

The group SCREAMS, scrambling back. A fight ensues, chaos and fear rampant.


Scene 4


A group of SURVIVORS huddle around a HOMEMADE FLAME. Their faces wane and frightened. Among them, RIDDICK, an intimidating figure leans back, his EYES unnervingly calm in the flickering light.

A SCIENTIST, looking at a makeshift star map, gasps.


We’re on the verge of a total eclipse, lasting darkness.

Panic ensues. Riddick steps forward, his voice slicing through the clamor.


If we wish to survive, we’ll need light. And me.

Everyone looks at him, doubt meets desperation in their eyes. Riddick flashes a wolfish grin, his eyes gleaming in the low light.


The group, led by Riddick, cautiously ventures into the darkness, each clutching a makeshift torch.

A YOUNG WOMAN stumbles, her torch sputtering out. Panic rises as she’s plunged into darkness. Suddenly, a HAND reaches in, rekindling the light. It’s Riddick.


Remember, stay in the light.

They press on, a tiny flame against the swallowing darkness. The sound of HUNGRY CREATURES close in. The eclipse has begun, the nightmare is only starting.

Scene 5


Tense faces huddle around the dwindling light. Among them, RIDDICK, a figures emerges from the shadows. His eyes GLEAM with a predatory intensity.



Stay close. Follow my path.

SHAZZA, a hardy Australian woman snorts disdainfully.


Why should we trust ya, mate?

RIDDICK, pauses and turns to SHAZZA, the light flickering on his face.



Because I’m your only hope.

CAPTAIN JULES, a seasoned pilot, steps forward, looking at RIDDICK speculatively.



He’s right. We need him.

There’s a sudden loud SCREECH. Everyone freezes, eyes wide. Silence.



They’re coming. Save your breath for running.

He turns, leading them deeper into the shadows.



RIDDICK’s group, single file, traces a path through the odd, alien flora. The creatures SHRIEK in the distance.

Suddenly, a YOUNG BOY stumbles, knocking over a METAL CAN, the sound ECHOING.

RIDDICK drops back, scooping the young boy into his arms and pressing a finger to his lips, signaling silence.



Easy, kiddo. Small steps.

They continue moving, the CRIES of the creatures ominously growing closer as the scene FADES OUT, leaving the audience in suspense.

Author: AI