Toy Story

Join Woody and Buzz on a wild adventure of friendship, bravery, and unexpected twists in Toy Story: An Animated Epic.

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In a world where toys come to life, there lived a cowboy doll named Woody. He was the favorite toy of a young boy named Andy, who loved nothing more than playing with him and his other toys. Life was peaceful for Woody and his friends until the arrival of a new toy, Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz was a space ranger with incredible abilities that fascinated Andy and the other toys. Woody, on the other hand, couldn’t stand the newcomer and felt threatened by his popularity with Andy. What followed was a series of events that would change the lives of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys forever.

Chapter 1: A Happy Homecoming

Andy’s heart was racing with excitement as he rushed into his room after coming home from cowboy camp. He couldn’t wait to see his beloved toys again. Woody was perched on the bed, waiting anxiously for his owner to return. He had missed Andy terribly and was relieved to see him safe and sound.

As Andy began unpacking his things, the doorbell rang. It was his mom, carrying a large rectangular box. “Happy early birthday, Andy!” she exclaimed, as she set the box down on the bed.

Andy’s eyes widened with excitement as he tore off the wrapping paper. Inside was a brand new toy, a space ranger named Buzz Lightyear. Woody watched in horror as Andy became more and more enamored with Buzz’s impressive features, including laser beams and a retractable helmet.

Woody knew he had to do something to prove that he was still Andy’s favorite toy. He enlisted the help of the other toys, including Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and Rex the dinosaur, to come up with a plan. They decided to put on a talent show for Andy, hoping to impress him and show him that they were still worthy of his attention.

Woody’s heart raced as he took the stage. He stumbled nervously over his lines, but the other toys rallied behind him and helped him pull off a show-stopping performance. Andy was thrilled, but Woody still couldn’t shake the feeling that he was losing his place in Andy’s heart.

That night, as Andy slept soundly, Woody crept up to Buzz and tried to reason with him. “You’re a toy, just like me,” Woody said, “Andy can’t love you more than he loves me.” But Buzz was convinced that he was a real space ranger and refused to believe that he was just a toy.

As the days went on, Woody became increasingly jealous of Buzz’s popularity with Andy and the other toys. He saw Buzz as a threat and couldn’t bear the thought of losing his owner’s love. And so he plotted against Buzz, hoping to get rid of him and reclaim his rightful place as the favorite toy.

One day, while Andy was at school, Woody lured Buzz out onto the window ledge, pretending to show him something exciting. But then Woody lost his balance and accidentally pushed Buzz out the window.

The other toys were horrified and accused Woody of murder. Guilt consumed Woody as he fled the scene, ashamed of what he had done. The once-happy world of Andy’s toys was now fractured, and Woody was at the center of it all.

Chapter 2: The Duel

Woody lay in bed that night, staring up at the ceiling. He couldn’t sleep. Buzz Lightyear, the new toy, had thrown his world into turmoil. Woody had always been Andy’s favorite, but now it seemed like Buzz was going to steal his place.

Woody couldn’t stand it. He had to come up with a plan to get rid of Buzz. But first, he had to figure out what made Andy love Buzz so much.

He snuck over to Andy’s dresser and climbed up to get a closer look at Buzz. He couldn’t deny that the toy was impressive. He had all sorts of buttons, gadgets, and lights that Woody didn’t have.

Woody felt a twinge of jealousy. He had always been proud of being a classic cowboy toy, but maybe it wasn’t enough anymore. Maybe he needed to be more like Buzz.

But then he remembered how much Andy loved him just the way he was. Woody felt ashamed of himself for even considering changing who he was just to compete with Buzz.

He climbed back into bed, feeling more confused than ever. He knew he had to talk to Buzz, try to get to know him better. Maybe then he could figure out why Andy loved him so much.

The next morning, Woody woke up early, determined to find Buzz and talk to him. But when he got to Andy’s room, he found Buzz already awake and exploring.

Woody tried to approach him, but Buzz was too busy showing off his space ranger moves. Woody felt a pang of irritation. He just wanted to talk to him, but Buzz seemed more interested in showing off than making friends.

As the day went on, Woody became increasingly frustrated. He tried to talk to Buzz several times, but each time he was rebuffed. Buzz seemed to think he was too good for Woody and the other toys.

As the day wore on, Woody’s frustration turned to anger. He couldn’t stand the way Buzz was acting. He was so full of himself, so convinced that he was better than everyone else.

Woody decided that he had had enough. He was going to get rid of Buzz once and for all. He enlisted the help of the other toys, and they began to hatch a plan.

The plan was simple. Woody would trick Buzz into going out onto the windowsill, and then he would push him out. It would look like an accident, and no one would ever suspect that Woody had done it on purpose.

Woody waited until nighttime when all the other toys were asleep. He crept over to Buzz and whispered in his ear, telling him that he wanted to show him something outside.

Buzz, always eager for adventure, followed Woody to the windowsill. And that’s when Woody pushed him.

The next thing Woody knew, he was falling fast. He could hear the other toys screaming in terror as he plummeted towards the ground. And then, suddenly, everything went black.

When Woody came to, he was lying on the ground, surrounded by the other toys. They were all looking at him with a mixture of fear and horror.

“He’s dead, Woody,” said Mr. Potato Head. “You killed him.”

Woody felt sick to his stomach. He had never intended to hurt Buzz. He had only wanted to get rid of him. But now it seemed like he had gone too far.

The other toys refused to speak to Woody after that. They all believed that he had killed Buzz on purpose, and they wanted nothing to do with him.

Woody felt lonelier than he had ever felt before. He knew he had made a terrible mistake, and he didn’t know how he was going to make it right.

Chapter 3: A New World

Woody was lost, feeling alone, and abandoned in a strange new world. He had always been Andy’s favorite toy, but now, without the boy’s affection and attention, he didn’t know who he was anymore. As he wandered through the strange-looking environment around him, the plastic cowboy wondered if he would ever find his way back to Andy’s room.

The world of toys was a secret, unknown to humans. Woody had always known that his kind came to life when people weren’t around, but he had never actually experienced it. Now that he was here, he was amazed by the beauty and complexity of this hidden world. He felt like he was in a different dimension, where anything was possible.

As he walked through the world of toys, Woody noticed the different types of toys that he had never seen before, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. There were dolls, stuffed animals, and even action figures from different time periods. Everything seemed so alive and vibrant, with each toy having its own unique personality and story.

He walked past a group of Barbie dolls who were having a tea party, and their conversations and giggles put a smile on his plastic face. He saw a group of army men performing tactical maneuvers, and he admired their discipline and coordination. He even saw a group of aliens having a dance party, and he couldn’t help but join in on their fun.

As Woody continued to explore this new world, he suddenly found himself in the presence of the one and only Mr. Potato Head. Woody remembered him from Andy’s toy collection, but he had never interacted with him before. Mr. Potato Head had always seemed intimidating, with his changeable facial features, but now he seemed different.

“Hey there cowboy! What brings you to our neck of the woods?” Mr. Potato Head asked in a friendly tone.

Woody was surprised by the warm reception he received and responded, “I got lost and separated from my owner, Andy. I’m trying to find my way back home.”

Mr. Potato Head nodded sympathetically and offered to help Woody. He introduced him to other toys who, like Woody, were searching for their place in this new world. They showed him the ropes, introduced him to the rules of their society, and taught him how to navigate this strange land that was so different from his own.

As Woody settled into his new environment, he soon realized that he was not alone. He found new friends in every corner of this world, all with their unique experiences and stories. He learned the power of teamwork and collaboration and soon discovered that he had a place in this new world, even though it wasn’t Andy’s room.

The more he explored, the more Woody realized that there was so much more to life than being Andy’s favorite toy. He had found a new family, a new home, and a new sense of belonging. His journey had led him to a place where he was accepted for who he was, and he didn’t have to compete for Andy’s attention anymore.

In the end, Woody realized that he had developed a newfound appreciation for the diversity of toys and had learned that being different was something to celebrate. He had truly discovered that it was possible to thrive and grow in a new, challenging environment. Woody had found his place in the world of toys, and he knew that he would never be lost or alone again.

Chapter 4: Buzz Takes Over

Buzz finds himself in a similar situation as Woody, lost and alone in an unfamiliar world. He is initially filled with wonder at the new life around him, but soon realizes that he might never see Andy again. The other toys attempt to comfort him, but Buzz is consumed with a sense of hopelessness.

However, Buzz is not one to give up. He remembers his mission to protect the galaxy and decides to make it his new purpose to protect the toys. He takes charge and rallies them together to find Woody and escape the toy collector’s clutches.

Buzz is a natural leader and quickly earns the trust and respect of the other toys. He devises a plan to sneak into the toy collector’s lair and rescue Woody. Buzz’s courage and determination inspire the other toys, who follow him without hesitation.

As they make their way through the treacherous terrain, Buzz begins to appreciate the value of teamwork. He realizes that each toy brings their own unique skills and abilities to the group, and that they are stronger together than they are alone.

Their journey is not without obstacles. They encounter dangerous toys and obstacles that threaten their safety and well-being. However, Buzz’s quick thinking and resourcefulness saves them time and time again. He is determined to see their mission through to the end, no matter what the cost.

Finally, they arrive at the toy collector’s lair. Buzz orders the other toys to stay put while he goes in alone. He sneaks past the guards and finds Woody locked up in a glass case. Woody is overjoyed to see Buzz, but Buzz doesn’t have time for sentimental reunions. He quickly hatches a plan to get them both out of there.

With Woody on his back, Buzz bravely charges through the lair, dodging obstacles and enemies. The other toys join in the fight, following Buzz’s lead and relying on each other to overcome the challenges in their way.

Just when it seems they might be caught, Buzz spots an open window. He grabs Woody and they both leap out, falling to the ground below. The other toys follow suit, and they all land safely on a pile of cushions.

They are reunited, and the joy of their victory is palpable. Buzz realizes that he has found something he never knew he was missing – true friendship. He has formed a bond with Woody that goes beyond being Andy’s favorite toy.

As they make their way back to Andy’s house, Buzz reflects on his journey. He has learned that being a toy is not about being the best or the most powerful. It’s about being there for each other, no matter what the circumstances. Buzz has found a new sense of purpose and belonging with his new friends, and he knows that he will never be alone again.

The toy collector might have captured them, but he could not break their spirit. Buzz and the other toys have emerged stronger and more united than ever before. They are ready to face whatever challenges come their way, knowing that they have each other to rely on.

Chapter 5: Reunited

Buzz and Woody were finally reunited. However, their friendship had been strained due to their differences. Buzz had always believed he was a space ranger and had great powers, while Woody knew he was just a toy and belonged to Andy.

As they made their way back to Andy’s house, Buzz and Woody struggled to work together. They bickered and fought, each trying to prove that they were the better toy.

But as they began to work together, they began to see that they had more in common than they thought. They both cared deeply for Andy and wanted to protect him. They both wanted to be loved and appreciated by their owner.

Despite their differences, Buzz and Woody were becoming friends again. They shared stories of their adventures and laughed at each other’s jokes.

As they walked, Buzz noticed something strange. He felt like someone was watching him. He turned around, but there was no one there.

Suddenly, a hand snatched him from behind. It was Andy’s little sister, Molly. She had been playing with the toys while they were gone.

Buzz yelled for Woody to help him, but he was too far away. Molly carried Buzz away and placed him on her bed, where she began to play with him.

Woody watched helplessly from the floor. He knew he had to rescue Buzz, but he didn’t know how.

He remembered the lessons he had learned in the past few days. He needed to rely on his friends to help him, and he needed to put aside his differences with Buzz.

Woody ran to the other toys and explained the situation. They agreed to help him rescue Buzz.

They devised a plan to distract Molly so they could get Buzz back. Rex, the dinosaur, pretended to be a monster and scared Molly away from her room. Meanwhile, Hamm, the piggy bank, snuck into her room and grabbed Buzz.

They all made a run for it, with Woody leading the way. But they were soon confronted by Sid, the evil neighbor who enjoyed destroying toys.

Sid had captured Woody and Buzz earlier in the movie and had tortured them. Now he was back, with his army of creepy toys.

Woody and Buzz led the charge against Sid and his minions. They fought bravely, using their skills and strength to defeat the evil toys.

But just as they were about to escape, they were caught by the toy collector, who had been tracking them.

The toy collector was a wealthy man who wanted to buy Woody and Buzz for his private collection. He offered them large sums of money, but Woody and Buzz refused to be separated from Andy.

They plotted their escape, knowing that they had to get back to Andy’s house before it was too late.

With the help of an old remote-controlled car, the toys made their way back to Andy’s house. They used fireworks and other tricks to distract the toy collector and his minions.

As they made their final escape, the toys could hear the toy collector shouting in frustration. But they knew they had won a great victory.

As they arrived back at Andy’s house, they were met with cheers and applause from all the other toys. The reunion was sweet, and Woody and Buzz hugged as they realized how much they had grown to love and appreciate each other.

Their friendship had been tested, but it had only made them stronger. They knew that they would always be there for each other, no matter what challenges they faced in the future.

As the night drew to a close, Woody whispered to Buzz, “To infinity and beyond.” Buzz smiled and replied, “You’ve got a friend in me.” Together they sat with the other toys, marveling at the adventures they had shared and dreaming of the future.

Chapter 6: The Great Escape

The toy collector’s mansion loomed ahead, a foreboding reminder of the danger that Woody and Buzz faced. They had managed to sneak into the mansion undetected, but now they had to find a way to free the other toys.

The mansion was filled with traps and obstacles, and the collector’s minions patrolled every hallway. Woody and Buzz knew that they had to be careful, but time was running out. Andy’s family was leaving for their trip in just a few hours, and the toys had to be back in Andy’s room before they left.

As they made their way through the mansion, they came across other toys that had been captured by the collector. A stuffed animal that looked like a pink bear was locked up in a cage, and a green army man was tied up with string. Woody and Buzz knew that they couldn’t leave these toys behind, so they hatched a plan to rescue them.

Woody used his cowboy skills to distract the minions while Buzz snuck into the room where the prisoners were being held. He used his laser to cut the strings that held the army man, and they quickly joined forces with Woody and the pink bear. Together, they made their way through the mansion, dodging traps and narrowly avoiding detection.

They finally arrived at the room where the rest of the toys were being held. Woody felt a wave of relief wash over him as he saw his friends, but the relief quickly turned to dread as he saw the collector’s prized possession: a rare, mint condition Woody doll, exactly like Woody himself. Woody knew that the collector wouldn’t let him leave without his precious doll, so he hatched a risky plan.

He convinced the collector that the mint condition Woody doll was actually a fake, and that the real Woody was the one standing in front of him. The collector was skeptical at first, but Woody’s convincing arguments eventually won him over. The collector let them go, but Woody knew that they couldn’t let their guard down yet.

As they made their way out of the mansion, they encountered the collector’s army of robotic insects. The insects were programmed to defend the mansion at all costs, and they attacked the toys with ferocity. Woody and Buzz knew that they were outmatched, but they refused to give up.

Buzz used his wings to fly up to the ceiling, and Woody used his lasso to pull a chandelier down onto the insects. The chandelier shattered into a million pieces, but the insects kept coming. It seemed like all was lost, until they heard a familiar voice.

It was the voice of Andy’s little sister, Molly, who had inadvertently brought her Barbie doll to the mansion. Barbie was a tough and resourceful toy, and she quickly joined forces with Woody and Buzz. Together, they managed to defeat the insects and escape the mansion.

As they ran back to Andy’s house, Woody couldn’t help but feel grateful for the new friends that he had made. He had always been obsessed with being Andy’s favorite toy, but he now realized that there was more to life than that. The toys had each other, and that was all that mattered.

When they finally arrived at Andy’s house, they were just in time. Andy’s family was packing up the car for their trip, and they wouldn’t have noticed if the toys hadn’t been back in their places. Woody and Buzz rushed back into Andy’s room, and the other toys followed suit.

As Andy’s family drove away, the toys breathed a collective sigh of relief. They had survived their ordeal with the toy collector, and they had come out the other side stronger and more united than ever before.

But their adventures were far from over. Woody and Buzz knew that they had to keep moving forward, and that there would always be new challenges to face. They were ready for whatever the future held.

Chapter 7: The Final Showdown

The group of toys had finally made their way back to Andy’s house, but their arrival was not met with open arms. Waiting for them was the nefarious toy collector, Al McWhiggin, who had been the one to steal Woody in the first place. He was determined to retrieve his prized possession and was willing to use any means necessary to do so.

The toys stood their ground, with Buzz and Woody at the forefront. They knew that they would have to work together if they wanted to make it out of this battle unscathed. Al, being the cunning businessman that he was, had a few tricks up his sleeve. He had brought with him an army of robotic insects, each one programmed to destroy any toy that got in its way.

The battle began, with the toys strategically positioning themselves to take on the robotic insects. Buzz used his laser to take out the closest ones, while Woody and the other toys used their wits and agility to avoid being caught by the larger, more dangerous insects. The fight was intense, with explosions and debris flying everywhere.

At one point, Woody found himself surrounded by a group of insects, with no escape in sight. Just as he was about to be taken down, he heard a familiar voice shouting his name. It was Bo Peep, who had followed the group back to Andy’s house. She rallied some of the other toys, and together they were able to distract the insects long enough for Woody to escape.

Meanwhile, Buzz had taken on the largest insect of them all, a massive creature with sharp claws and teeth. Buzz knew that he couldn’t take it down on his own, so he enlisted the help of a remote-controlled car that he had seen earlier in the house. With the car’s help, Buzz was able to maneuver around the insect and take it down with a well-aimed laser blast.

As the battle wore on, it became clear that the toys were starting to gain the upper hand. They had managed to take out most of the insects, leaving only a few stragglers behind. Al, realizing that he was about to lose the fight, made a desperate attempt to grab Woody and make a run for it. However, the other toys weren’t about to let him get away that easily.

They banded together and tackled Al, forcing him to give up his hold on Woody. With their victory secured, the toys let out a collective cheer. They had proven that they were more than just playthings; they were warriors, capable of fighting for what they believed in.

As the dust settled, Buzz and Woody looked at each other, a newfound respect between them. They had come a long way since their initial rivalry, and now they were the best of friends. Andy’s toys had been through so much in such a short amount of time, but they had persevered, working together to overcome every obstacle that was thrown their way.

The toys returned to Andy’s room, where they were welcomed with open arms by their owner. Andy was thrilled to have his toys back, and he couldn’t believe the stories that they had to tell. The toys were tired, but they knew that their adventure was not over yet. They had found a new sense of purpose, one that involved bringing happiness to children all around the world.

As they settled into their new roles as guardians of playtime, the toys looked to the future with hope and determination. They knew that they were capable of anything, and that as long as they had each other, they would always be able to overcome any challenge that lay ahead.

Chapter 8: Home Sweet Home

The toys returned home to Andy’s room, but they were not the same toys that had left several days before. The experience they had gone through had taught them valuable lessons and changed them forever. Woody and Buzz had become inseparable friends, and the other toys had learned to respect and appreciate each other’s differences.

As Andy entered his room, he was overjoyed to see his beloved toys back where they belonged. He hugged them one by one, not noticing the subtle changes in their demeanor. However, as he played with them over the next few days, he began to notice something different about them.

First, he noticed that Woody was no longer jealous of Buzz. Instead, he was happy to share the spotlight with him and include him in their activities. Buzz, too, had learned to be more humble and had become a more supportive friend to Woody. The two of them had become the leaders of the group, and the rest of the toys looked up to them.

Second, Andy noticed that the other toys had become more tolerant of each other’s quirks. They no longer bickered over trivial matters and worked together as a team. Even Mr. Potato Head had become less critical and more compassionate towards his fellow toys.

Third, Andy noticed that the toys had become more adventurous and daring. They had gone through an incredible ordeal and had come out stronger and more capable as a result. They were willing to take risks and explore new possibilities, knowing that they could count on each other for support.

As Andy played with his toys, he noticed that they seemed to have a newfound sense of purpose. They were not just objects to be played with, but they were living beings with feelings and personalities. He felt a sense of responsibility towards them, knowing that they had sacrificed so much to be with him.

One day, Andy decided to take his toys on a picnic in the backyard. He set up a blanket and some snacks, and the toys gathered around. Woody and Buzz sat next to each other, chatting quietly and enjoying the sunshine. Mr. Potato Head brought his detachable limbs, and the other toys brought their favorite toys to play with.

As they ate and chatted, Andy realized that this was not just a picnic, but a celebration of their friendship. He stood up and gave a speech, thanking his toys for always being there for him, even when he had neglected them. He promised to take better care of them from now on and to cherish them always.

The toys were touched by Andy’s words and felt a renewed sense of purpose. They knew that they had a special bond with Andy and that they could make him happy in ways that no other toy could. They made a silent pact to always be there for him, no matter what.

As the sun set and the picnic wound down, the toys retired to their places in Andy’s room. Woody and Buzz settled down next to each other, smiling contentedly at the memories they had made. The other toys went to their places, feeling happy and fulfilled.

As Andy turned out the lights and went to bed, he felt a sense of peace and happiness. He knew that his toys were more than just objects, but they were his friends and companions. He fell asleep with a smile on his face, feeling grateful for the lessons they had taught him and the memories they had made together.

The next day, Andy went to school, leaving his toys behind. As he left, Woody and Buzz looked at each other and smiled. They knew that their future was uncertain, but they were ready for whatever lay ahead. They had each other and the memories they had made, and that was all that mattered.

Chapter 9: The Future

As the years went by, Andy grew older and started to lose interest in his toys. They were often left forgotten in his room, gathering dust and memories of their former glory days. Woody and Buzz knew their time with Andy was coming to an end, but they were determined to find a way to stay together, and continue bringing joy to children everywhere.

One day, as Andy was clearing out his room, he stumbled upon a box of his old toys. He was about to throw them away when Woody and Buzz caught his eye. For a moment, he paused, overcome with nostalgia, and then, with a heavy heart, he placed them in a bag to be donated to a local daycare center.

As Woody and Buzz made their way to the daycare center, they were filled with excitement and apprehension. They were leaving behind the only home they had ever known, but they were also embarking on a new adventure, one that would take them to new places and new faces.

When they arrived at the daycare center, they were greeted by smiling children who were eager to play with them. The toys were thrilled to see the joy on their faces, and they knew that this was where they were meant to be.

Over the years, Woody and Buzz became the beloved heroes of the daycare center, inspiring children to use their imaginations and play together. They were joined by new friends, including a brave action figure, a curious cat, and a mischievous monkey.

As the years passed, the toys grew old and worn, but their spirits remained youthful and vibrant. They watched with pride as the children who played with them grew up and moved on, knowing that they had left a lasting impression on their lives.

One day, an elderly couple came into the daycare center, searching for a toy to give to their grandchild. They were drawn to Woody and Buzz, with their friendly smiles and adventurous spirits. The couple approached the daycare worker, asking if the toys could be donated to their grandchild instead.

The toys were thrilled at the prospect of starting a new adventure, and they couldn’t wait to meet their new owner. They said goodbye to their friends at the daycare center, and set off on a new journey, filled with excitement and anticipation.

As they arrived at their new home, they were greeted by a curious young girl, who looked up at them with wide-eyed wonder. Woody and Buzz smiled at her, and they knew that they had found their new purpose.

Over the years, the toys brought joy and laughter to the little girl’s life, inspiring her to dream big and believe in herself. They watched as she grew up and moved on, but they knew that they would always be with her in her heart.

In the end, Woody and Buzz realized that their purpose wasn’t just to bring joy to one child, but to all children. They had lived a life of adventure, love, and friendship, and they knew that their legacy would live on in the hearts and imaginations of generations to come.

Some scenes from the movie Toy Story written by A.I.

Scene 1


1. Woody – A cowboy doll and Andy’s favorite toy

2. Buzz Lightyear – A new space ranger toy

3. Mr. Potato Head – A sarcastic, wisecracking potato toy

4. Rex – A timid, nervous toy dinosaur

5. Hamm – A wisecracking piggy bank toy

6. Slinky Dog – A loyal, friendly toy dog

7. Andy – A young boy who owns the toys


The story takes place in Andy’s bedroom and various other locations outside of the house.


(Woody and Buzz are standing next to each other on Andy’s bed, looking out the window.)

Woody: “You’re not a space ranger, you’re a toy! You’re an action figure!”

Buzz: “I am not a toy, I am Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger.”

Woody: “Oh, really? Then, why don’t you fly around the room like a real space ranger?”

Buzz: “I can’t fly.”

Woody: “Ha! And I bet you can’t shoot lasers out of your wrist either.”

Buzz: “I don’t have lasers, but I do have a laser beam.”

(Woody looks stunned as Buzz activates his laser and shoots it across the room.)

Woody: “Okay, you win. But you’re still just a toy.”

Scene Description:

The scene opens with Andy returning from cowboy camp and running up to his room, where all his toys are waiting for him. Woody is the first to greet him, and Andy is overjoyed to see his favorite toy. However, the mood quickly changes as Andy shows off his new toy, Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger action figure.

Woody feels threatened by Buzz’s arrival and becomes jealous when Andy begins to favor him over Woody. The two toys have a heated argument, with Woody belittling Buzz’s abilities as a toy. Buzz, however, remains convinced that he is a real space ranger and is determined to prove his worth.

As the argument continues, the other toys, including Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, and Slinky Dog, watch on with concern. They worry that the conflict between Woody and Buzz will tear the group apart.

The scene ends with Andy leaving the room, leaving Woody and Buzz alone on the bed. The two toys continue to argue, with Woody feeling threatened by Buzz’s presence and Buzz struggling to come to terms with the fact that he might not be a real space ranger after all. The stage is set for a battle for love and acceptance, with the toys’ loyalty to Andy hanging in the balance.

Scene 2


– Woody, the cowboy doll

– Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger toy

– Andy, the owner of the toys

– Mr. Potato Head, a sarcastic toy

– Slinky Dog, a loyal toy

Setting: Andy’s bedroom and backyard

Scene 2: The Duel



Woody watches in horror as Andy unwraps a new toy, a shiny space ranger named Buzz Lightyear. Woody’s fear of being replaced intensifies as he sees Andy’s enthusiasm for Buzz.


(to himself)

Who is this guy? And why is Andy so excited about him?

Mr. Potato Head chimes in sarcastically.



Oh yeah, Andy’s just been waiting for you to show up, Buzz.

Woody tries to contain his jealousy and approaches Buzz.



Hello, I’m Woody, and this is Andy’s room.



This isn’t a room. This is a space station.

Woody rolls his eyes.



Oh, I see. And how come you’re not wearing your laser belt and communicator badge?

Buzz looks down at himself sheepishly.



I must have left them in the shuttle.

Woody tries to make Buzz feel insignificant in front of Andy.



Well, don’t worry. We’ve got everything you need right here.

Andy is impressed by Buzz’s features, but still loves his old toys.



Okay, everyone, let’s play!

Woody feels threatened and challenges Buzz to prove his courage.



I’ll tell you what’s important: risking your life for your friends!

Buzz accepts the challenge without hesitation.



And what if I fall?



We’ll be there to catch you, Buzz.

Buzz jumps off Andy’s bed to prove his bravery, but Woody secretly sabotages his landing, causing Buzz to crash into a lamp.


(evil laugh)


The other toys accuse Woody of murder, and Woody realizes his mistake but it’s too late. He watches as Buzz falls out the window and down into the backyard.


Scene 3




Woody lands in the backyard and looks around confused. He sees other toys coming to life.

WOODY: What in the world?

Suddenly, a group of toys surrounds him. A blue plastic dinosaur named Rex approaches him.

REX: Hi, I’m Rex. I’m a dinosaur, and I don’t want to be eaten.

WOODY: Eaten? Oh, Rex. It’s good to see a familiar face. I’m Woody.

REX: Woody? You’re Andy’s toy, aren’t you?

WOODY: Yeah. Do you know where I am?

REX: You’re in the toy box. This is where we live.

WOODY: Toy box?

REX: Yeah, we’re all Andy’s toys. He keeps us here.

Woody looks around and sees all the other toys in the toy box. He wonders if he’ll ever see Andy again.

WOODY: Well, I guess this is our new home.

The other toys welcome Woody with open arms, and he starts to feel a sense of belonging. A cowboy doll named Jessie approaches him.

JESSIE: Howdy, cowboy. I’m Jessie.

WOODY: Hi, Jessie. Nice to meet you.

JESSIE: You’ll love it here. We have a lot of fun.

WOODY: I hope so. But I miss Andy.

Jessie puts her hand on Woody’s shoulder.

JESSIE: Don’t worry, Woody. You’ll get used to it here. And who knows? Maybe Andy will come visit us someday.

Woody looks at Jessie and smiles.

WOODY: Yeah, maybe you’re right.

They all stand together, united as toys, in the toy box.


Scene 4


The scene takes place in a seedy toy store, where Buzz and Woody have been separated from Andy. They find themselves in the company of other toys who have been discarded by their owners and are now living a life of desperation.


– Woody, a cowboy doll who is the leader of Andy’s toys.

– Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger toy who is Woody’s best friend.

– Lotso, a pink teddy bear who rules over the other toys with an iron fist.

– Jessie, a cowgirl doll who is optimistic and spunky.

– Mr. Potato Head, a gruff but lovable toy who is always ready with a wisecrack.

– Rex, a timid but loyal dinosaur toy.


Buzz and Woody enter the toy store, looking for a way to return to Andy’s house. The store is filled with rows and rows of toys, but most of them are old and broken.


This place gives me the creeps. I don’t like the looks of these toys.


We have to keep looking, Buzz. We can’t give up now.

As they walk through the store, they notice a group of toys huddled together in a corner. Lotso, a pink teddy bear, is standing over them, barking orders.


Get back to work! We have to keep this place clean if we want any chance of being adopted.


What’s going on here?


Who are you two?


I’m Buzz Lightyear, and this is Woody. We’re looking for a way back to our owner’s house.


Well, you won’t find any help here. Lotso rules this place with an iron fist.


What do you mean?


He’s the boss around here. He controls everything. If you want to survive, you have to do what he says.


And believe me, you don’t want to get on Lotso’s bad side.


He’s meaner than a snake in a hat.


We’ll find a way out of here, with or without Lotso’s help.


Good luck with that. You’ll need it.

Buzz and Woody continue to search the toy store, looking for a way out. But they soon realize the extent of Lotso’s power and how difficult it will be to escape his clutches.

The scene ends with Lotso watching them from a distance, a sinister smile on his face.

Scene 5

Scene 5: Reunited


Int. Toy Collector’s Office – Day

Woody and Buzz sit on a shelf, surrounded by other toys. They are disheartened and hopeless.


(to Buzz)

We’ll never get out of here, will we?



I don’t know, Woody. But we can’t give up.

Just then, the door to the office opens. A toy piggy bank named Hamm enters, followed by a green toy alien.



Buzz! Woody!



Hamm? Alien?



I can’t believe it’s you guys!



We’ve been searching all over for you!



We were so worried when you guys went missing.



Thank you for coming to rescue us.



We’re not leaving here without you.



The gang’s back together again.

The toys quickly come up with a plan to escape. They sneak out of the office and make their way to the shipping department, where they are nearly caught by the toy collector.



Stop them!

But the toys manage to outsmart the collector and his guards. They finally reach the shipping crate that will take them back home.


(to Buzz)

I never would’ve made it without you, Buzz.



Same here, Woody. Friends stick together, no matter what.

As they climb into the crate, the toys share a group hug. They know that they have rekindled their friendship and that nothing will ever come between them again.


Scene 6


– Woody: A cowboy doll who is loyal to his owner, Andy.

– Buzz Lightyear: An action figure who initially clashes with Woody but becomes his friend.

– Mr. Potato Head: A sarcastic toy who often bickers with his wife, Mrs. Potato Head.

– Rex: A timid dinosaur who is afraid of everything.

Setting: A toy store where Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex must escape from.

Scene 6: “The Great Escape”


Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex sneak through the aisles of the toy store, looking for a way to escape. The store is filled with rows and rows of toys of all shapes and sizes.

WOODY: (whispering) Okay, everyone, stay close and keep quiet. We don’t want to attract attention.

BUZZ: (whispering) Agreed. We need to find a way out of here before the toy collector catches us.

MR. POTATO HEAD: (whispering) And before my wife realizes I’m gone. She’s gonna kill me.

REX: (whispering) I don’t like this. It’s too scary.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of footsteps approaching.

WOODY: (whispering) Quick, hide!

The toys duck behind a nearby shelf as the toy collector enters the aisle. He walks past them, oblivious to their presence.

BUZZ: (whispering) That was too close. We need to find a way out of here fast.

MR. POTATO HEAD: (whispering) I think I see a way out over there.

Mr. Potato Head points to a small gap between two shelves.

WOODY: (whispering) Good eye, Mr. Potato Head. Let’s move.

The toys hurry towards the gap, with Woody leading the way. They squeeze through one by one, with Rex bringing up the rear.

REX: (whispering) I don’t think I’m gonna fit.

MR. POTATO HEAD: (whispering) Come on, Rex, you can do it.

Rex struggles but eventually manages to squeeze through the gap. They emerge on the other side, panting and relieved.

WOODY: (whispering) Okay, now we just need to find a way back to Andy’s room.

BUZZ: (whispering) Right, but how do we get there?

Suddenly, they hear a loud noise coming from the end of the aisle.

WOODY: (whispering) Quick, hide again!

The toys scramble to find a hiding place, with Buzz diving into a nearby trash can and Mr. Potato Head hiding under a pile of stuffed animals. Rex freezes in terror.

WOODY: (whispering) Rex, come on!

But before Rex can move, a pair of hands grabs him and lifts him into the air. It’s the toy collector!

TOY COLLECTOR: (smiling) Gotcha!

The other toys watch in horror as the toy collector carries Rex away.

BUZZ: (whispering) We have to save him.

WOODY: (whispering) Right. Let’s move.

The toys set off in pursuit of the toy collector, determined to rescue their friend.

Scene 7

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Logline: When Woody and Buzz are captured by an evil toy collector, they must team up with their friends to escape and make their way back to Andy’s room.


– Woody: A cowboy doll and Andy’s favorite toy.

– Buzz Lightyear: A space ranger toy and Woody’s rival-turned-best friend.

– Rex: A timid and nervous toy dinosaur.

– Mr. Potato Head: A sarcastic and grumpy toy potato with detachable parts.

– Hamm: A smart-alecky piggy bank toy.

– Slinky Dog: A loyal and friendly toy dog with a long, stretchy body.

– Toy Collector: A ruthless man who wants to add Woody and his friends to his collection.

Setting: Toy Collector’s apartment.



Woody, Buzz, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and Slinky Dog are all locked up in a glass display case in the toy collector’s apartment. They are trying to come up with a plan to escape.


Okay, everybody listen up. We need to find a way out of here.


But how? The glass is too strong.


Maybe we can use my coin slot to call for help.


Nah, that won’t work. We need to think of something else.


(to Woody)

What about your pull-string? Can’t you use it to call for Andy?


I don’t know if Andy can hear me from here. But it’s worth a try.

Woody pulls his string, and his voice echoes across the room.


(to the toys in the other display cases)

Hey, is there anyone out there? Can you hear me?

Suddenly, the toy collector enters the room.


Well, well, well. What do we have here? A talking cowboy and his friends. How cute.



Let us out of here, you monster!


Sorry, my little friends. You’re all mine now.

The toy collector leaves the room, and the toys go back to brainstorming ideas.


We need a distraction. Something to divert his attention.


But what? We can’t overpower him. He’s too strong.


What about the camera? We can use it to blind him.


And while he’s blinded, we can make our escape.

Woody nods in agreement.


Okay, let’s do it. On the count of three.

The toys all gather around the camera, ready to make their move.



The toys jump up and down, and the camera flashes, temporarily blinding the toy collector. The toys take the opportunity to escape their display case.

They run towards the door, but it’s locked.


I’ll use my laser to break the lock.

Buzz aims his laser and fires, and the lock falls off.

The toys burst out of the room and race down the hallway.


Stop them! Don’t let them get away!

The toys hear the toy collector’s voice behind them and run as fast as they can.

They make it to the window and jump out, landing on a nearby tree.


We made it!


We’re not safe yet. We need to find our way back to Andy’s room.


I’ve got an idea. Follow me.

The toys follow Buzz as he leads them on a daring journey back to Andy’s room, narrowly avoiding danger at every turn.

They finally make it back to Andy’s room, and Woody and Buzz share a triumphant high-five.


We did it, Buzz. We escaped and made it back home.


We make a pretty good team, Woody.

The toys all gather around, happy to be back where they belong.


Scene 8



Woody and Buzz, both quite battered and bruised, sit side by side on the windowsill, looking out at the sun setting over the neighborhood.


You know Woody, I never thought I’d say this, but… I’m proud to be your friend.

Woody looks at Buzz, a small smile playing on his lips.




Yeah. You stuck up for me… even when it meant risking your own life.

Woody looks away, embarrassed.


Well… what would Andy want me to do?

Buzz nods, understandingly.


What would Andy want us to do now?

Woody looks back at Buzz, intrigued.


What do you mean?

Buzz stands up on his feet.


I mean, we’ve done the impossible. And that makes us mighty. Now… let’s go see how much we’re going for on eBay.

Woody laughs, getting up and following Buzz off the windowsill.



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