In a town plagued by the undead, one man must fight to save his mother and the woman he loves.

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The sleepy town of Wellington never saw it coming. It was just another day, another quiet afternoon in the close-knit community. But that all changed with the arrival of a small, seemingly insignificant creature – a Sumatran rat-monkey.

No one knows how it got there, but Lionel Cosgrove would be the one to suffer the consequences of its presence. Over the years, it had been captured and brought to the Wellington Zoo, where it had been studied and displayed for curious onlookers.

But then, the unthinkable happened. The rat-monkey bit Lionel’s mother, Vera, and everything changed.

Chapter 1: The Bite

Lionel Cosgrove couldn’t believe his luck. After years of living under his overbearing mother’s thumb, he was finally going on a date.

He waited nervously outside the cinema, tapping his foot and checking his watch every few seconds. He looked around nervously, praying that his mother wouldn’t show up and ruin everything.

But then, he saw her. Paquita, the girl he had been dreaming about for months, arrived in a flurry of excitement and energy. She was beautiful, with long dark hair and shining eyes that looked like pools of chocolate.

As they watched the movie, Lionel felt himself relax. He was happy, for once, and he didn’t have to worry about his mother or anything else. But then, everything changed.

It started with a scream from the back of the theater. Lionel turned around, trying to see what was happening. That’s when he saw it – the rat-monkey, tearing through the aisles and attacking anyone in its path.

Lionel and Paquita managed to escape the chaos and make it back to Lionel’s house. But when they arrived, they found something far worse than a rampaging rat-monkey – Lionel’s mother, transformed into a zombie.

Lionel felt a pang of terror as he realized that Vera was no longer the woman he knew. She was a monster, driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh. He tried to reason with her, to hold her back, but it was no use.

Vera attacked, her jaws snapping at Lionel’s throat. He managed to dodge her, but he knew that he was in trouble. The creature that had once been his mother was something else now – something dark and twisted.

As the chaos in Wellington intensified, Lionel knew that he would have to face his fears head-on. He would have to fight for his life and the lives of those he loved. And he knew that the rat-monkey had unleashed something far more terrifying than anyone could have imagined.

Chapter 2: The First Kill

The sound of screams echoed through the streets as chaos erupted in the small town. Lionel Cosgrove stood in shock as he watched his mother, Vera, bite and tear into the flesh of their neighbor, Mrs. McCutcheon. Lionel had been trying to keep his mother under control since she was bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. He had no idea what to do, and the situation was getting worse by the minute.

Mrs. McCutcheon was the first person to fall victim to Vera’s newly acquired zombie instincts. Lionel had tried his best to keep his mother from harming anyone, but he was quickly losing control. He knew he had to find a way to stop the spread of the virus before it was too late. But how?

The once peaceful town had turned into something out of a nightmare, with the streets littered with the bodies of the infected. Lionel had never seen anything like it. He tried to reason with his mother, but she would not listen. Her eyes were a milky white, and her skin had turned a sickly green color. Lionel’s heart ached as he knew he was losing his mother to the disease.

He searched high and low for ways to cure his mother, but to no avail. Every attempt was met with failure. He even tried to contact the local authorities, but they couldn’t help him. The virus was spreading too quickly, and they were ill-equipped to handle it.

As the days passed, more and more people were infected. The once bustling town had turned into a ghost town, with only a few brave souls daring to venture outside. Lionel was among them, determined to find a way to end the madness.

One morning, while he was out on a supply run, he met a young woman named Paquita. He was struck by her beauty and her kindness, and they quickly formed a bond. She listened to Lionel’s story with compassion, and he found comfort in her company.

Paquita began to help Lionel, and together they searched for a cure for his mother. She was determined to find a solution, no matter what it took. As they looked for answers, they discovered that the virus had spread far beyond their small town, affecting people all over the world. The situation was far worse than they could have ever imagined.

Days turned into weeks, and the situation in the town grew increasingly dire. Lionel and Paquita watched in horror as more and more people were infected. Lionel’s mother had become a monster, and he could barely recognize her. He knew he had to end her suffering, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

One night, while everyone else was sleeping, Vera broke free from the confines of her room and began to attack anyone she came across. Lionel had no choice but to take action. The scene that followed was gruesome. Lionel could hear the crunch of bones as he fought to subdue his mother. He could feel her teeth tearing into his flesh, and his world began to fade into blackness.

But somehow, he managed to overcome his mother. She was no longer a threat, but the damage had been done. Lionel was badly injured, and he knew he couldn’t go on like this. He needed help, and he needed it fast.

Paquita stood by his side, her gentle touch offering comfort as Lionel struggled to stay conscious. He knew he could trust her, and he knew he needed her if he was going to end this nightmare. Together, they made a plan. They would have to find a cure, no matter what the cost.

The situation was grim, but Paquita gave Lionel hope. Together, they would find a way to stop the spread of the virus and save humanity. But the road ahead would be treacherous, and they would face countless challenges. Lionel could only hope that he was up for the task, and that his efforts would not be in vain.

Chapter 3: The Love Interest

Lionel’s heart was racing as he ran through the streets, trying to avoid the zombies that were now everywhere. He had never been more frightened in his entire life. His mother was a zombie, the town was in shambles, and he was completely alone. That was until he met her.

Paquita was a beautiful young woman with long, dark hair and a warm smile. She had been working in her family’s store when Lionel stumbled upon her. At first, she was afraid of him, but as they talked, she realized that he was just as scared and alone as she was.

They spent the next few hours together, barricaded inside the store as the zombies roamed outside. Lionel found himself drawn to Paquita’s calming presence. She was a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos.

As the night wore on, Lionel found himself opening up to her in ways he never thought possible. He told her about his mother, about his fears, and about his desperate search for a cure. Paquita listened intently, offering her support and understanding.

It wasn’t long before Lionel realized that he had developed feelings for her. It was a strange realization, given the circumstances, but he couldn’t deny the way his heart skipped a beat every time she smiled at him.

Paquita, too, seemed to be growing closer to him. She would often reach out to touch his hand, or brush his hair out of his face. He found himself craving her touch, and her presence.

One night, as they lay together on a makeshift bed in the back of the store, Lionel leaned in and kissed her. It was a desperate, passionate kiss born out of fear and longing. But it was also one of the most electric moments of Lionel’s life.

Paquita didn’t pull away, but instead kissed him back with equal passion. They spent the night wrapped in each other’s arms, finding comfort in each other’s embrace.

As the days wore on, Lionel and Paquita grew closer still. They worked together to gather supplies, to fight off the zombies, and to plan their next move. Lionel found himself relying on her more and more, and she never let him down.

But, as much as Lionel wanted to protect Paquita, he couldn’t deny the nagging feeling in the back of his mind. Could he truly keep her safe in this new, dangerous world? And, more importantly, could he live with himself if he couldn’t?

Even as he struggled with these thoughts, Lionel knew one thing for sure. He couldn’t imagine facing this apocalypse without Paquita by his side. She was his rock, his salvation, and the one thing that made this nightmare bearable.

As they huddled together, watching the zombies shuffle by, Lionel knew that he had found something he never thought possible in a world gone to hell. He had found love. And he would do anything to protect it.

Chapter 4: The Zombie Horde

The night outside was eerily quiet, a stark contrast to the chaos and carnage that had been plaguing the town. In Lionel’s home, the survivors huddled together, trying to stay calm in the face of the undead horde that surrounded them.

Lionel paced back and forth, his mind racing with ideas on how to protect his makeshift family from the onslaught. Outside, the sound of moans and shuffling feet grew louder by the minute, a reminder of the danger that lurked just beyond the walls.

“We need to move,” Lionel said, breaking the silence. “We can’t stay here forever.”

“But where can we go?” Paquita asked, her voice shaking slightly. “The streets are crawling with those things.”

Lionel thought for a moment, then spoke again. “We need to find a way out of town. There’s got to be somewhere safe nearby.”

The group murmured in agreement, but no one had any immediate solutions. They were trapped, and they knew it.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the door. The survivors jumped, their hearts racing as the sound echoed through the house. Lionel motioned for everyone to be quiet, then tiptoed over to the door and peered through the peephole.

“What is it?” Paquita asked, fear evident in her voice.

“It’s… it’s my mother,” Lionel said, his voice barely above a whisper. “She’s outside.”

The survivors exchanged worried glances as Lionel struggled to control his breathing. He knew he couldn’t let his mother in, but the guilt he felt at leaving her out there was almost unbearable.

“Lionel, we can’t risk it,” Paquita said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “We have to stay strong.”

Lionel nodded, then turned away from the door and retreated back to the group. They sat in tense silence, listening as his mother continued to pound on the door and moan.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, and the door shook on its hinges. The survivors jumped up, ready to fight, as the door swung open and Lionel’s mother stumbled into the room.

She was a horrific sight, her skin gray and decaying, her eyes glazed over and vacant. Lionel froze, unable to move as she lurched towards him. It was only when Paquita grabbed his arm and pulled him back that he snapped out of his daze.

“We have to fight,” Paquita said, grabbing a nearby chair and brandishing it like a weapon.

The surviving group grabbed whatever makeshift weapons they could find, and quickly formed a circle around Lionel’s mother. She snarled and clawed at them, her strength surprising for someone who was essentially dead.

The survivors fought back valiantly, striking out with everything from kitchen knives to garden rakes. As they battled, Lionel watched in horror as his mother’s body began to disintegrate before his eyes.

It was then that he noticed something strange. His mother’s zombie form was melting into a puddle, and the other zombies outside were doing the same.

“Lionel, look!” Paquita exclaimed, pointing out the window. “They’re dissolving!”

It was true. The zombies outside were melting into a gooey mess, their flesh and bones disintegrating into a mushy mess. The survivors stepped back in shock, wondering what was happening.

As the last of the zombies melted away, a loud explosion rocked the town. The survivors looked at each other in confusion, wondering what could have caused the blast.

“We have to go,” Lionel said, grabbing Paquita’s hand. “We have to find out what’s happening.”

The survivors quickly gathered their things and headed out into the streets. The town was a mess, and the smell of death and decay filled the air. But amidst the destruction, there was a glimmer of hope. Whatever had caused the zombies to dissolve had also put an end to the outbreak.

As they walked, Lionel thought about the events of the past few days. He had lost his mother, but he had also gained something valuable. The survivors were his family now, and he would do anything to keep them safe.

The survivors walked into the distance, leaving the ruined town behind them. They didn’t know what the future held, but they knew that they were stronger together. And with that thought in mind, they set out to face whatever lay ahead.

Chapter 5: The Descent

The house was eerily quiet as Lionel Cosgrove sat in his room, surrounded by scattered papers and books. The once tidy space was now a complete mess, with notes and diagrams covering every surface. Lionel had barely slept in days, consumed by his obsession with finding a cure for his mother’s zombie transformation.

Paquita came into the room, eyeing the chaos with concern. “Lionel, are you okay?” she asked, her voice filled with worry.

Lionel barely looked up from his work. “I’m fine,” he muttered dismissively.

Paquita sighed, looking around at the mess. “Maybe you should take a break. Have something to eat.”

“I don’t have time to eat,” Lionel snapped. “I need to find a cure. I can’t sit by and watch my mother turn into a monster.”

Paquita placed a hand on Lionel’s shoulder, trying to calm him down. “I know you’re scared, but you can’t let this consume you. You need to take care of yourself too.”

Lionel shook off her hand, his eyes burning with determination. “I can’t just give up. I have to find a way to save her.”

Paquita watched him for a moment, feeling helpless. She knew Lionel was grasping at straws, that there was no cure for what was happening to his mother. But she also knew that he wouldn’t listen, that he was too far gone.

Days turned into weeks as Lionel spiraled deeper into his obsession. He ignored the pleas of the other survivors, locking himself away in his room to pour over his research. Paquita tried to reason with him, but he pushed her away every time. He was focused on one thing and one thing only: finding a cure for his mother.

The house was in shambles, with barricades and traps set up around every entrance to keep the undead at bay. The survivors huddled together, afraid to venture out for fear of being caught by the zombie horde. Lionel barely noticed, too consumed by his research to pay attention to anything else.

Late one night, Paquita heard a noise coming from Lionel’s room. She cautiously opened the door, peering inside to find Lionel sitting at his desk, muttering to himself.

“Lionel?” she asked softly, stepping inside.

He didn’t even look up, his eyes fixed on the papers in front of him. “I think I’ve found it,” he said, his voice barely audible.

“Found what?” Paquita asked, stepping closer.

“The cure,” Lionel said, excitement creeping into his voice. “I’ve been working on this formula, and I think it might work. I just need to test it.”

Paquita felt a cold knot form in her stomach. She knew what Lionel was proposing was dangerous, that it could put them all at risk. But she also knew she couldn’t stop him.

“Okay,” she said quietly. “What do you need me to do?”

Lionel grinned, his eyes bright with hope. “I need you to help me test it on my mother.”

Paquita felt a surge of fear, but she tried to push it down. “Okay,” she said again, trying to sound confident. “Let’s do it.”

The two slipped quietly down the stairs, making their way to the basement where Vera was locked up. Lionel fumbled with his keys, his hands shaking with anticipation.

When they reached Vera’s cell, Lionel carefully injected the formula into her arm. They waited, holding their breaths, as the seconds ticked by. Suddenly, Vera convulsed violently, her eyes rolling back in her head. She let out a blood-curdling scream, and then…nothing.

Lionel and Paquita exchanged a terrified look. What had they done?

Suddenly, the door to the basement burst open, and the zombie horde descended upon them. Lionel and Paquita scrambled for cover, fighting off the undead as best they could. But they were outnumbered, and soon they were surrounded.

As Lionel looked around, he realized what he had done. He had brought this upon them all. He had let his obsession consume him, and now it was too late to turn back. The survivors were doomed, and it was all his fault.

Chapter 6: The Showdown

Lionel and the survivors huddled in the basement of his house, barricaded against the relentless zombie horde outside. They had done everything they could to prepare for this moment, but the reality of the situation was beginning to sink in. They were outnumbered and outmatched, and their chances of survival seemed slim.

Lionel paced back and forth, his mind racing with options. He had to find a way to stop the zombies, to save his mother and the town. But how? He had tried everything he could think of, and nothing had worked.

As he continued to pace, Lionel’s foot caught on something. He looked down and gasped in horror – it was his mother’s severed arm, still grasping at his ankle. He stumbled backward, tripping over a stack of chairs and falling to the ground. The other survivors looked on in shock as Lionel scrambled to his feet, his eyes wild with desperation.

“Enough is enough,” he muttered to himself. “I can’t keep doing this. I have to end this, once and for all.”

Lionel turned to the others, his voice shaking. “I have an idea,” he said. “It’s risky, but it’s our only shot. We have to lure the zombies into the meat grinder.”

The others looked at him, confused. “The meat grinder?” asked Paquita. “What are you talking about?”

Lionel explained his plan. He would lead the zombies into the meat processing facility where he worked, using various bait and traps to guide them there. Once inside, he would turn on the machines and grind the zombies to bits. It was gruesome, but it was the only way to contain the outbreak.

The survivors looked at him in horror. “Are you insane?” cried one. “You can’t do that!”

But Lionel was already moving, grabbing whatever he could find in the basement to use as bait – scraps of food, old meat, anything that could draw the zombies in. He made his way to the door, motioning for the others to follow.

They stepped outside into the chaos. The streets were filled with the undead, their rotting bodies swaying back and forth as they shambled aimlessly through the town. Lionel led the way, his makeshift weapons at the ready.

The survivors followed closely behind, their nerves on edge. They dodged and weaved around the zombies, trying to avoid being seen. It was a dangerous game, and they all knew it.

But they made it to the meat processing facility, and Lionel quickly set to work. He rigged up a trap to lure the zombies into the building, using loud noises and flashing lights to draw them in. The others helped him set up barricades, using whatever they could find to block the exits.

When the zombies finally entered the building, Lionel hit the switch. The machines roared to life, grinding and mashing the undead into a bloody pulp. The survivors watched in horror as the mess spewed onto the floor, covering them in a thick layer of gore.

But the plan worked. The zombies were contained, and the outbreak was finally over. Lionel collapsed onto the ground, exhausted but relieved.

Paquita rushed to his side. “Are you okay?” she asked, helping him to his feet.

Lionel nodded. “I think so,” he said. “I just…I can’t believe it’s over.”

But it wasn’t really over, not completely. As the survivors made their way out of the meat processing facility, they realized that the town was still reeling from the disaster. They would never forget the horror they had witnessed, the lives that had been lost.

But for Lionel and Paquita, there was a glimmer of hope. They had survived the worst of it together, and they knew that they could face whatever came next. As they walked hand in hand through the wreckage of their town, they looked to the future with a newfound sense of determination and resilience.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

Lionel sat alone in his living room, surrounded by the aftermath of the zombie outbreak. The once-tidy space was now littered with debris, blood, and bodies. The stench of death hung heavy in the air, and Lionel couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt that weighed on his shoulders.

He had made a difficult choice, but it had come at a great cost. In order to save Paquita and the remaining survivors, Lionel had deliberately caused an explosion that had destroyed his home, but that had also taken out most of the undead. The price had been high, and Lionel was left with nothing but regret.

As he sat there, lost in his thoughts, he heard a faint knock on the door. Lionel hesitated, unsure of what to do. Hadn’t he done enough damage already? But then he heard Paquita’s voice calling out to him, and his heart swelled with both relief and sadness.

He slowly made his way to the door, unsure of what he would say to her. When he opened it, he was struck by the sight of her. She was battered and bruised, but she stood strong, with a determined look in her eyes.

“Lionel,” she said softly, reaching out to touch his arm. “We need to talk.”

Lionel led her into what remained of his home, and they sat in silence for a few minutes, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Paquita spoke up.

“You know what you did was wrong, don’t you?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Lionel didn’t answer at first, but then he nodded slowly. “Yes,” he said. “I know. But what else could I have done? The outbreak was spreading, and I had to do something.”

Paquita shook her head. “You didn’t have to blow up your home. You didn’t have to sacrifice everything. There were other options.”

Lionel looked down, feeling the weight of her words. He knew she was right, but he couldn’t help the feeling of helplessness that had consumed him during the outbreak.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I know I messed up. I just…I couldn’t bear to lose you, too.”

Paquita smiled softly. “I know,” she said. “But you have to understand that sometimes, we have to let go of things that are important to us. We have to trust that things will work out in the end.”

Lionel looked up at her, his eyes filled with pain. “But what if they don’t?” he asked. “What if I never see my mother again?”

Paquita leaned in closer to him, her hand on his shoulder. “You have to believe in the power of love, Lionel. Your mother will always be a part of you, no matter what happens. And as long as we have each other, we can get through anything.”

Lionel felt a flicker of hope in his heart, and he turned to face her fully. He took her hand in his, and they shared a moment of understanding and connection.

As they sat there, surrounded by the ruins of their former lives, Lionel felt a sense of peace wash over him. He knew that there would be more challenges to come, more battles to fight. But with Paquita by his side, he was ready to face whatever came next.

The End.

Some scenes from the movie Braindead written by A.I.

Scene 1

Logline: When a Sumatran rat-monkey bites Lionel Cosgrove’s mother, he races against time to stop the zombie outbreak that threatens to engulf the entire town. With the help of his love interest Paquita, and a rag-tag group of survivors, Lionel must fight to stay alive and save his mother.


– Lionel Cosgrove, a timid and nerdy young man who becomes the unlikely hero of the story.

– Vera Cosgrove, Lionel’s mother who becomes a zombie after being bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey.

– Paquita, a beautiful and headstrong young woman who falls in love with Lionel.

– Nosy Neighbor, a nosy and meddling neighbor who becomes Vera’s first victim.

Setting: A small town in New Zealand.



Lionel frantically searches through books and medical journals, trying to find a cure for his mother’s zombie disease. Paquita watches him anxiously.


Lionel, what are we going to do?


I don’t know yet. I need more time to research.

Suddenly, they hear a loud banging on the door.


Who could that be?

He cautiously approaches the door and looks through the peephole. It’s the nosy neighbor.


Lionel, are you in there? I heard some strange noises coming from your house.

Lionel hesitates for a moment, unsure of what to do.


Don’t let her in, Lionel. She could be infected.


You’re right.

He backs away from the door as the banging gets louder.


Lionel, I know you’re in there! Let me in!

Suddenly, the door bursts open and the nosy neighbor stumbles in, her eyes lifeless and empty.


Oh my God.


She’s infected, Lionel. We have to get out of here.

Lionel and Paquita grab their things and quickly head for the door. But as they try to leave, they realize that the entire town has been overrun by the undead.


We have to find a way out of here.


But where can we go?


I don’t know, but we have to keep moving. We can’t stay here.

Scene 2



Lionel frantically searches for a cure for his mother’s zombie disease. He rummages through his books and notes, muttering to himself as he tries to come up with a plan.

LIONEL: (to himself) Come on, there has to be something. Some kind of antidote, or potion, or- (he stops abruptly and looks at his mother, who is tied up on the couch)

VERA: (snarling) Lionel, my boy…

Lionel jumps back, startled. He watches as his mother struggles against her restraints, trying to break free.

LIONEL: (to Vera) Stay back! Don’t come any closer.

VERA: (growling) You can’t keep me locked up forever, Lionel. I’ll get out. I’ll-

Lionel shakes his head, feeling defeated. He knows he needs help, but he has no idea where to turn.

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Lionel cautiously approaches, unsure of who could be visiting him at a time like this.

LIONEL: (to himself) Who could that be?

He slowly opens the door, revealing Paquita, who stands on the doorstep with a worried expression.

PAQUITA: Lionel, I heard what’s happening. Are you okay?

LIONEL: (sighing) No, Paquita. I’m not okay. My mother’s turned into a zombie, and I don’t know how to stop it.

Paquita steps inside, taking in the scene around her.

PAQUITA: (looking at Vera) Oh my God. She’s…

LIONEL: (nodding) Yeah. I need help, Paquita. I don’t know what to do.

PAQUITA: (determined) Then we’ll find a way. Together.

Lionel looks at Paquita, feeling a glimmer of hope. Maybe he’s not alone in this after all.


Scene 3

Opening sequence: The town is in chaos as the zombie outbreak spreads rapidly. Lionel, a young man who works as a grocery store clerk, is desperately trying to find a cure for his zombified mother, Vera. He meets Paquita, a beautiful young woman who works at a local store, and they quickly fall in love. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey to find a cure for Vera and stop the zombie outbreak.


Lionel and Paquita are sitting on the couch, holding hands. They are watching news coverage of the zombie outbreak on TV. Lionel looks worried, but Paquita tries to comfort him.


We will find a cure, Lionel. I believe in you.


(sighs) I don’t know where to start. I’ve tried everything.


What about the zoo? They have all sorts of exotic animals from around the world. Maybe they have something that can cure your mother.


(excitedly) That’s a great idea! We have to go there.


(smiling) I’ll go with you. We’ll find that cure together.


(gratefully) Thank you, Paquita. I don’t know what I would do without you.


(teasingly) You’d be lost without me.

They share a laugh and a kiss as the camera pans out.

Cut to: Lionel and Paquita driving towards the zoo.


Lionel is driving, and Paquita is sitting next to him.


So, tell me more about yourself, Lionel. What are your hobbies?


(awkwardly) Hobbies? I don’t really have any. I spend most of my time taking care of my mother.


(sympathetically) I understand. It can’t be easy for you.


(shrugs) It’s just the way things are. But with you by my side, I feel like I can do anything.


(smiling) That’s what love does, Lionel. It makes you feel invincible.

Lionel smiles back at her as they continue driving towards the zoo.


Scene 4



The house is surrounded by a horde of zombies, banging on the doors and windows. Inside, Lionel, Paquita, and the survivors are frantically barricading themselves against the onslaught.

LIONEL: (panicked) We need to hold them off! Does anyone have any weapons?

SURVIVOR 1: I’ve got a baseball bat!

SURVIVOR 2: I’ve got a crowbar!

PAQUITA: (determined) We can do this!

LIONEL: (frustrated) But we need to find a way to stop them from getting in. We can’t hold them off forever.

Suddenly, there’s a loud crash as a window breaks in.

LIONEL: (yelling) They’re getting in! We need to move to the back of the house!

The survivors quickly retreat to the back of the house, where they find a hidden door leading to the cellar.

LIONEL: (excitedly) This way! We can hide in the cellar!

PAQUITA: (uncertain) Are you sure that’s a good idea?

LIONEL: (determined) It’s our only chance.

The survivors make their way to the cellar, but as they descend the stairs, they hear a loud growling noise.

SURVIVOR 2: (whispering) What the hell is that?

Suddenly, a zombie bursts out from one of the storage shelves and attacks one of the survivors.

LIONEL: (yelling) Run! Get to the other side!

The group quickly splits up, trying to take down zombies as they go. Lionel fights with all his might, swinging a fire poker at the undead.

Finally, they make it to the other side of the cellar, where they find an old radio.

LIONEL: (breathless) We can use this to call for help!

PAQUITA: (nodding) Good idea.

Lionel turns on the radio, but all they hear is static.

LIONEL: (frustrated) Damn it! We need to find another way out of here.

Suddenly, they hear a voice from the radio.

RADIO: (crackling) This is the military. We have a team nearby. Stay put, we’ll be there soon.

LIONEL: (relieved) Thank god.

The survivors huddle together, waiting anxiously for the military team to arrive.


Scene 5



Lionel paces back and forth, his eyes fixed on his mother, who is now fully transformed into a zombie. Paquita watches him from the corner of the room, concern etched on her face.


Lionel, you need to rest. You’ve been at this for hours.


(voice trembling)

I can’t rest. Not with my mother like this.


But Lionel, we’ve tried everything. There’s no cure.



There has to be. I won’t give up on her.

Suddenly, Vera lunges towards Lionel and he jumps back, narrowly avoiding her grasp.



Lionel, we have to do something!

Lionel nods, determination in his eyes.


I have an idea. But it’s risky.



Lionel frantically works to set up a complicated machine, while Paquita looks on nervously.


What is this thing?


It’s a machine I’ve been working on for years. It’s designed to reprogram the brain.


(eyes widening)

You’re going to use it on your mother?

Lionel nods, his jaw set.


It’s the only thing that can save her. I just hope it doesn’t make things worse.



The machine hums to life as Lionel carefully places his mother inside it. Paquita stands by his side, holding his hand tightly.


(voice shaking)

Here goes nothing.

He flips a switch and the machine springs to life, flashing with bright lights and whirring sounds.

Suddenly, Vera convulses and begins to thrash about wildly. Lionel and Paquita watch in horror as her eyes roll back in her head and she lets out a blood-curdling scream.


(yelling over the noise)

Lionel, stop it!



No, I have to keep going!

The machine continues to pulse with energy, and suddenly, Vera goes still.



Did it work?


(voice trembling)

I don’t know.

Suddenly, Vera’s eyes flicker open, and she sits up, looking around in confusion.



Lionel, what happened?


(tears streaming down his face)

Mom, you’re back!

Paquita embraces Lionel from behind, as Vera struggles to stand.


(laughs with relief)

We did it!


Scene 6



Lionel, Paquita, and the survivors are gathered in the living room, barricaded behind furniture and other household items. They are armed with various weapons, preparing for the zombie horde to break through the walls.


We have to find a way out of here. We can’t stay holed up forever.


But how? There’s no way out.


I heard there’s a helicopter on the roof of the hospital. We could try to make a run for it.


Are you crazy? The streets are crawling with zombies.


He’s right. We can’t risk it.

Suddenly, a loud crash is heard from the front door. The survivors jump up, weapons at the ready.


We have to fight. For our lives, for our future.

The door bursts open, and a group of zombies rush in. The survivors swing their weapons, trying to fend off the attackers. Lionel grabs a nearby vase and smashes it into a zombie’s head.


Lionel, look!

Paquita points to the window, where a helicopter can be seen hovering outside.


That’s it. We have to go now.

The survivors make a run for the window, pushing past the zombies. Lionel and Paquita are the last to leave, fighting off the remaining undead.


Go, go, go!

They climb out the window and onto the roof, where the helicopter is waiting. They jump in, and the helicopter takes off, narrowly avoiding the zombies below.


Lionel and Paquita hold onto each other, relieved to be alive.


We made it.


Just barely.

He looks out the window, watching as the town is overrun by the zombie horde.


But we’ll never forget. And we’ll never let it happen again.


Author: AI