The Mist

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The Drayton family had just settled into their new life in the small town of Fairfield, Maine. They were all looking forward to the fresh start, and were happy with their new home. Little did they know that disaster was about to strike.

On the night of June 22nd, a fierce storm rolled in, pounding the area and causing extensive damage. Along with the storm came a strange mist that billowed across the town the following morning.

David and Billy Drayton, along with their neighbour Brent Norton, ventured into town to inspect the damage. What they encountered was an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Little did they know that the mist contained something far more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

Chapter One

David, Billy, and Brent had made it to the grocery store at the center of town. They soon found out that they were not alone. Inside the store, there were several people huddled together, each with a terrified look on their faces.

One of the customers, an elderly woman, was trembling and seemed to be in shock. Between sobs, she spoke of seeing something moving in the mist. Her words sent chills down David’s spine and his stomach twisted into knots.

The group soon realized that the mist was filled with creatures that were hungry for human flesh.

Chapter Two

The creatures quickly surrounded the grocery store, their vile and inhuman cries echoing off the walls. The group was terrified and had no idea what to do.

David took charge and suggested that they should barricade the entrance, as well as any other openings in the building. He and Billy began dragging furniture and heavy objects to block the doors while Brent and the other survivors did their best to help.

The creatures kept pounding on the windows, trying to get in. David and Billy worked as fast as they could to keep them out.

Chapter Three

The survivors knew that they couldn’t stay barricaded in the store forever. It was only a matter of time before the creatures broke in.

Billy suggested that they try to make their way to the town hall, where they could be better protected. David reluctantly agreed, and the group set out.

As they made their way through the streets, they encountered more monsters. They were able to fight them off, but it was a close call. Finally, they reached the town hall and were relieved to find that it was still standing.

Chapter Four

Inside the town hall, the group was safe for the moment. David and Billy began to assess the situation. They realized that the creatures were coming out of the mist and needed a way to stop them.

David suggested that they find a way to disperse the mist. He and Billy came up with a plan to use the town’s fire trucks to create a powerful wind. It was a risky plan, but it was their only hope.

The rest of the survivors helped out, gathering the materials they needed to build the makeshift wind machine.

Chapter Five

The plan worked! The wind disperses the mist and the creatures retreat into the shadows. The survivors are safe, but they know this is only temporary.

David, Billy, and Brent come up with a plan to find out what’s causing the mist and how to stop it for good. They set out on a dangerous mission, determined to save their town from destruction.

The road ahead won’t be easy, but they know they have to try. They have to find a way to stop the monsters and save Fairfield from destruction.

Chapter Six

After several days, the group finally makes it to their destination. As they enter the dark and ominous cave, they can feel a presence watching them.

They soon realize that the mist is coming from an ancient creature known as the Mistweaver. The monster has been asleep for centuries and is now awake and hungry for human flesh.

David, Billy, and Brent take a stand against the creature, determined to protect their town. The fight is fierce, but in the end the heroes prevail. The Mistweaver is defeated and the mist disappears forever.


The town of Fairfield is saved, and the people rejoice. David, Steff, and Billy Drayton have become local heroes.

The Draytons return home and begin to rebuild their lives. They are thankful for their second chance and are determined to make the most of it.

The mist and the Mistweaver are now just a distant memory, one that the people of Fairfield will never forget.

Scene 1


A ferocious storm batters the small Maine town the Draytons live in. Trees crack and break in the wind, lightning flashes and thunder cracks. The Drayton’s house takes a severe beating.


The storm subsided during the night. David and Billy stand in the street, looking at the damage to their house.


(To Billy)

We’re gonna have to hire some help to make those repairs.

Billy nods somberly.



Hey, David?

David and Billy look offscreen and see their neighbor Brent Norton walking towards them.


Hey. I saw the damage to your house. Anything I can do to help?


No, thank you. We’ll figure something out.


(Points offscreen)

Well, me and some of the other guys from the neighborhood were going into town. Maybe you and Billy should come with us.

David looks at Billy and nods.


The group enters the town. There’s a strange mist that blankets the streets and buildings.


The group is in the grocery store. It looks like it’s been ransacked. There are a few other people in there with them.

MAN #1

What the hell is going on?


I don’t know.

Suddenly, they all hear a loud screeching that sends shivers down their spines.

MAN #2

What was that?

Suddenly, something crashes through the window, scaring the people in the store. It’s a large, bird-like creature with red eyes and sharp claws.


(To the others)


The group races out of the store, pursued by the creature.


The group runs through the streets, trying to get away from the creature. Suddenly, another creature appears!


What are those things?


I don’t know, but we need to get away from them!

The group runs into an alley, where they find a ladder leading up to the rooftops.


Come on!

The group races up the ladder, with the creatures in pursuit.

Scene 2


The group is on top of the rooftops, trying to get away from the creatures.


We need to find a way out of here!

Suddenly, they hear a voice from below.

MAN #3 (O.S.)

Hey! Up here!

The group looks down and sees another man, who motions to them.

MAN #3

I know a way out!

The group climbs down the ladder and follows the man. Suddenly, they hear a loud screech and the creatures appear!

MAN #3


The group runs into a nearby building, with the creatures in pursuit.


The group is inside a building, trying to find a way out.

MAN #3

They’re creatures from the mist!



MAN #3

They’re from another dimension, and they’re here to kill us!

The group looks around frantically for a way out, but the creatures are getting closer.


We have to fight them!


Yeah, but how?

Suddenly, David finds a box full of old guns.


(To the others)

Grab a gun and fight!

The group grabs the guns and starts shooting at the creatures. After a lengthy battle, they are able to defeat them.


The group emerges from the building and onto the streets. They look around in awe at the destruction caused by the creatures.


We made it.

The group looks relieved, but they know they may have to face the creatures again.


Author: AI