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“Watch the tape, hear the phone ring, and count your remaining days. In Iris’ world, each ring tolls…

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Sleepy Hollow

“In the veil of darkness, a headless terror rides. Only courage, logic, and a lost head can end…

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The Blair Witch Project

“Venture into darkness, where sanity unravels and fear consumes. The Blair Witch awaits in the shadows, in a…

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House of 1000 Corpses

“In the heart of Texas, a journey for truth becomes a fight for survival in the House of…

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What Lies Beneath

“In the shadows of love and loyalty, a chilling secret waits to surface – Are you ready for…

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In the Mouth of Madness

“In the blurred lines of reality and horror, lies an unsettling truth – insanity is just a page…

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Jacob’s Ladder

“Through the twisted ladder of sanity, can Jacob escape the haunting horrors of his reality?” Watch the original…

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“In the shadows of Haddonfield, a sister’s nightmare comes to life, as Halloween unleashes its ultimate monstrous terror.”…

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Planet Terror

“In a world consumed by horror, a dancer, her defender, and their band of accidental warriors spark the…

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The Grudge

“In the labyrinth of vengeance, every step unleashes another echo of the Grudge. Can the curse ever be…