Resident Evil: Afterlife

If the movie created by AI.

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Alice and her small band of survivors had been travelling for days in their search for any other survivors of the virus. Hope was the only thing that kept them going during this tumultuous journey. With each new day, the infection seemed to spread further and further.

Alice and her group had established some kind of order amongst themselves and each individual had taken on a role in their quest for safety. Along the way, Alice and her companions encountered various survivors, some of who had joined their group and some who were fortunate enough to find refuge from the virus.

Their journey continued on and as they travelled, they heard rumours that the Umbrella Corporation was behind the virus. For days, they had been trying to figure out what the corporation was up to and how to put a stop to their plans.

One day, Alice received a mysterious message. The message told her of a safe haven located in Los Angeles. It was the only hope that they had of escaping the virus, and they decided to take a gamble and head off to the City of Angels.

On their way there, they encountered numerous obstacles and dangers, including swarms of undead, but they managed to make it to their destination.

Their arrival in Los Angeles was met with a wave of relief and joy. They were welcomed by the people who had been living in the safe haven. The people of the safe haven were wary of Alice and her group, but upon learning their plight, they welcomed them with open arms.

Alice and her group were astonished by the level of security and protection that the safe haven provided. It was far beyond anything they could have imagined, and it was true what the mysterious message had said, Los Angeles was indeed a safe haven from the virus.

Alice and her companions settled into a life at the safe haven, but their peace was quickly disrupted by an unwelcome visitor. It was the Umbrella Corporation, and they had come to Los Angeles in search of Alice.

Alice and the rest of the group prepared to battle the corporation and protect their newfound haven, but they were ill prepared for what was in store. The fight was long and hard, but the people of the safe haven managed to prevail and the Umbrella Corporation was defeated.

Alice and the survivors were finally safe and secure in their new home. After weeks of searching for survivors and battling the virus, Alice and her companions had finally found a place to call home. The future looked bright for them, and they all knew that they would be able to make it out of this nightmare alive.

Scene 1


Alice, a mysterious young woman dressed in clothes made of leather and fabric, is in pursuit of Umbrella Corporation, armed with a gun and a machete.

The dark night sky is illuminated by the different bobbing and swaying lights of the cars, cycling and speeding by.

Alice pauses to catch her breath, and inspects her surroundings. She is alone in the empty, desolate city streets.

Alice: (murmurs to herself) There’s no way to find them in this darkness.

Suddenly, Alice hears a noise from behind her. She spins around and comes face to face with a group of Umbrella Corporation soldiers.


Freeze! Put down your weapons and surrender!

Alice gazes at the group before her.

Alice: (With a determined look on her face) No.

Alice raises her gun, ready to fight.

The Umbrella Soldiers open fire.

Scene 2


Alice, alongside a group of survivors, walks down the middle of the city street.

They are exhausted, downtrodden, and desperate. The only thing keeping them going is their hope of finding a safe haven.

Alice: (Speaking urgently) We need to stay focused. We don’t know what’s out here or what we’re up against.

Suddenly, they hear a low rumbling sound, growing louder and more threatening by the second.

Alice and the survivors quickly turn and look in the direction of the noise.

They are shocked to see an army of Undead quickly approaching them.

Alice: (Yelling to the group) Run! Now!

Alice and the others take off running, with the Undead close behind.

Scene 3


Alice, along with the survivors, stop in their tracks as they come to a stop in a clearing in the middle of the forest.

Alice: (Panting, looking around) We’ve lost them for now.

Suddenly, they hear a loud splash and a distinct roar coming from a nearby river.

The group moves closer to get a better look.

Alice is startled to see a giant aquatic creature blocking their path, its monstrous mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth.

Alice: (Pointing to the creature) What is that thing?

Suddenly, a voice calls out from behind them.


That’s the Leviathan. It’s a guardian of a safe haven.

Alice and the survivors turn around to see a man stepping out of the shadows, dressed in a long, hooded robe.


Follow me. I can take you to safety.

Author: AI