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John Hammond was an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for science, genetics and technology. He had a dream of creating an island full of living dinosaurs, based on new scientific developments that he had been researching for many years. After much effort and dedication, he was finally able to realize his vision and create Jurassic Park.

Hammond invited four people to join him on this grand opening of the park – an engineer, a lawyer, a paleontologist and an animal behavior expert – along with his two grandchildren. Little did they know, they were about to embark on the experience of a lifetime.

Chapter 1

The first day at the park was full of excitement, as the four visitors roamed through the dinosaur exhibits, taking in the sight of these incredible creatures. Hammond and the visitors had a brief introduction to the park operations and the safety protocols that had been put in place to ensure visitors’ safety. They were each assigned a guide to help them on their tour.

But as the tour progressed, it became apparent that something was not quite right. Many of the dinosaurs seemed agitated, and the security systems seemed to be malfunctioning in some areas. Hammond’s grand-daughter, Lex, was particularly worried, fearing that the dinosaurs might escape.

Chapter 2

The group decided to investigate further, and soon discovered the reason for the park’s security systems malfunctioning. It turned out that a disgruntled employee, Dennis Nedry, had attempted to steal dinosaur embryos and had disabled the security systems in order to do so. This meant that the dinosaurs were now free to roam the island, and it quickly became a race for survival.

The group quickly split up, each taking a different route in an attempt to escape the dinosaurs. Hammond and the lawyer, Malcolm, headed towards the Visitors’ Centre, hoping to find refuge there. The engineer, Sattler, and the paleontologist, Grant, searched for the maintenance shed, in which they could use the vehicles to drive away from the island. Meanwhile, Lex and the animal behavior expert, Harding, went in search of help.

Chapter 3

After a frantic and dangerous search, the group eventually managed to reunite at the Visitors’ Centre, where they were able to call for help. They were soon rescued and taken off the island.

Back on the mainland, Hammond was devastated to learn that the park had been destroyed, and that he would never get to enjoy the wonders of Jurassic Park again. He vowed to never let another incident like this happen again, and he soon began developing plans for a more secure and safe park.

Chapter 4

With Hammond’s efforts, a new and improved version of Jurassic Park was soon developed, with the latest security systems and safety protocols in place. The island was reopened to the public, and Hammond invited the four visitors back to experience the new and improved park.

Everyone was amazed at what had been achieved in such a short amount of time. They enjoyed a fun and safe day at the park, and it seemed as though Hammond’s vision had finally come to life.

Chapter 5

The group returned to the mainland with fond memories of their experience at Jurassic Park, and they each went their separate ways. Hammond continued to develop the park, making it more secure and safer than ever before, ensuring that no harm would come to any of the visitors.


John Hammond’s legacy lives on, as Jurassic Park remains a popular attraction to this day. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited the park, and they remain in awe of the wonders of science and technology that Hammond was able to bring together to create such an incredible place. Hammond’s vision of a living world of dinosaurs lives on, and people from all over the world continue to find solace, education and entertainment in his creation.

Some scenes from the movie:

Scene 1

John Hammond and his four invited guests have gathered in the control room of the Jurassic Park. Hammond is delighted to show off his new creation and its breakthroughs in scientific technology.

Hammond: “Welcome to Jurassic Park. Before you are the greatest scientific achievements of our time – living, breathing dinosaurs. We have achieved this by using state-of-the-art cloning techniques and technology. Here, you can get an up-close and personal view of the dinosaurs.”

The guests look in awe at the majestic creatures walking around outside the control room. Suddenly, alarms sound and the lights flicker on and off. John Hammond looks concerned.

Hammond: “What’s going on? Someone has disabled the critical security systems. We must find out who is responsible for this.”

Suddenly, a park employee runs into the control room. He is panting and looks frightened.

Employee: “Sir, I think I know what’s going on. I saw another employee attempting to steal dinosaur embryos from the laboratory. He must have disabled the security systems in order to make his escape.”

John Hammond looks shocked and angry. The guests exchange worried glances.

Hammond: “We must act quickly. If the dinosaurs escape then there’s no telling what could happen.”

Scene 2

The guests and John Hammond have gathered outside the laboratory. The park employee is there, too, looking slightly shaken.

The guests gaze in horror at the smashed laboratory window where the thief had made his escape. Suddenly, they hear a loud roar in the distance.

John Hammond looks around nervously.

Hammond: “We must find the thief quickly. Otherwise, the dinosaurs will be roaming freely over the island and the park will be overwhelmed.”

Suddenly, one of the guests speaks up.

Guest: “We can’t just sit here and wait for the thief. We need to act now.”

The other guests agree and they all start to make preparations for the search. They split into two groups and set off in different directions.

Scene 3

The guests have been searching for hours but have had no luck. It is now dark and they are starting to get desperate.

Suddenly, one of the guests spots a figure in the distance. They all creep closer, guns drawn. It is the thief, trying to make his escape.

The guests immediately point their guns and shout for him to stop. The thief looks around desperately and takes off running.

The guests give chase and finally manage to corner him. He pleads for his life and the guests consider their options.

John Hammond steps forward and speaks.

Hammond: “We have to make sure that this man is brought to justice. He must pay for his crimes.”

The guests look around uneasily, not sure what to do. Suddenly, a loud roar fills the air and the ground shakes beneath their feet.

They look up and see a T-Rex running straight towards them. The thief takes off running, followed by the guests.

They finally reach a safe spot, and the T-Rex disappears into the night. The guests exchange relieved glances and they all turn their attention back to the thief.

They must now figure out how to capture him and bring him to justice before the dinosaurs take over the island.

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