Odd Thomas

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The desert air was still and silent, interrupted only by the occasional howl of a coyote or the call of a distant bird. But today, there was something else in the air, a feeling of unease that hung over the small town of Carbondale, California like a cloud.

For days, the townspeople had been talking about the strange man who’d been seen around town – a tall, dark figure, always wearing a long, black coat and sunglasses. No one knew who he was or where he’d come from, but everyone seemed to sense the same thing – that this man was trouble.

But none of them could have guessed just how much trouble.

Chapter 1

After his shift was over, Brian Peterson trudged out of the diner where he worked as a short-order cook. He barely scraped by on what he earned and often felt tired and frustrated. But there was one thing that made it all bearable – a talent he’d had since he was a child – the ability to know things that others didn’t.

He could sense a person’s feelings and read their thoughts. Even from a distance, he could pick up on the energy of a place. And tonight, as he walked home, the energy around him felt off.

Suddenly, he spotted the figure standing in the shadows – the mysterious man in the long black coat. As he stared, Brian felt a chill run down his spine. He knew with a certainty that this man was connected to the strange feeling he had been getting lately – a feeling that something dark and dangerous was coming.

Chapter 2

The next day, Brian was surprised to see the man again – this time, at the diner. He had a table all to himself, and was staring out the window, seemingly lost in thought.

When Brian went to take his order, the man looked up, his sunglasses hiding his eyes. “I’d like the special,” he said, his voice low and smooth.

As Brian cooked, he could feel the man’s eyes on him. When he brought the plate over, the man gave him a tight-lipped smile. “Thank you. You have a… unique talent,” he said.

Brian froze. How did he know?

“I know many things,” the man replied, as if reading Brian’s thoughts. “I can help you, if you let me.”

Chapter 3

That night, Brian found himself walking toward the man’s hotel. He wasn’t sure why he was doing it, but something about the man – something about the way he’d looked at him – had compelled him.

When he reached the hotel, he made his way to the man’s room and knocked on the door. The man opened it and gestured for him to come in. The room was dark and sparsely furnished, the only light coming from the small lamp on the bedside table.

The man sat down and stared at Brian intently. “You have a powerful gift,” he said. “But it can be a dangerous thing. You need to be careful. Dark forces are gathering, and they will try to use you.”

Brian’s heart raced. What did he mean?

Chapter 4

The man explained that he was a powerful clairvoyant, and had been watching Brian for some time. He’d sensed the darkness gathering and had come to warn Brian. He offered to teach Brian how to use his gift and protect himself from those who wished to use him for their own ends.

After a long discussion, Brian agreed to accept the man’s help. He was scared, but also strangely excited – this would be an opportunity to explore the world of the supernatural and perhaps even gain some power of his own.


It’s been a year since Brian met the mysterious man in the desert town of Carbondale. He’s been learning to use his gifts and gaining strength and confidence with every day. He’s also gained an unexpected ally – the mysterious figure who showed up in his life when he needed him most.

Together, they’ve faced dark forces and conquered them. But Brian knows that his journey isn’t over yet – he can sense that the future holds even greater challenges. He’s ready to meet them.

Scene 1:

Fade In


A lonely desert landscape stretches out before us. A pickup truck rolls slowly along the dusty road, its shadow stretching out behind it.


Inside the truck sits JONES, a middle-aged man. He has a friendly face and a kindly demeanor. He hums quietly to himself as he drives, oblivious to the eerie stillness of the desert around him.


The truck pulls into the tiny, desolate town of Helena.


The town square is empty, save for a lone figure: a tall, gaunt man wearing a long black leather coat. He has a strange, ominous aura about him.

Jones exits the truck and approaches him cautiously.


Excuse me, sir. I’m looking for the diner. Could you tell me where it is?

The man turns and looks at Jones. His eyes are dark and lifeless.



It’s around the corner.

Before Jones can thank him, the man turns and begins walking away, as if he had never been there at all.

Jones watches him go, a chill running down his spine.


The diner is a tiny, ramshackle building, nestled in the corner of the town square. Jones steps inside, the bell on the door jingling as he does so.


The diner is empty save for a single occupant: a young woman with short, curly hair and a friendly smile. She is dressed in a diner uniform and is manning the grill.

Jones takes a seat at the counter.


Hello there. I’m looking for a job.

The young woman smiles.


We’re always looking for help here. What can you do?


I can cook.

The young woman’s smile broadens.


Then you’ve come to the right place. My name’s Abigail, by the way. (EXTENDS hand)


(shakes hand)


The two of them smile at each other, seemingly unaware of the strange presence still looming outside in the square.

Scene 2:



The town square is deserted and still. A full moon hangs low in the sky, its light casting a strange, eerie glow on the buildings.

Suddenly, a figure appears out of the darkness. It is the same man Jones encountered earlier in the day. He is even more ominous and inscrutable in the moonlight.

The man steps forward, his gaze fixed on Jones.


You have a gift. A powerful gift.

Jones takes a step back, unnerved by the man’s intensity.


Who are you?


I am an emissary of the dark forces. The forces of fate and destiny. I have been sent to you for a purpose.

Jones is suddenly filled with a sense of dread.


What do you want from me?



Your help. We have a task for you. One that only a clairvoyant like yourself can complete.

Jones stares at the man uneasily.


What is it?



An ancient relic has been stolen from us. We need you to find it and bring it back. Do this and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

The man stares at Jones for a long moment before turning and disappearing back into the night.

The scene fades to black.

Author: AI