The Hunter

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The rain beat down hard on the dense foliage of the Tasmanian countryside. Simon had been tracking his quarry for weeks, and he was close to exhaustion. He had been sent by a shadowy corporation to this untamed wilderness in search of a creature thought to be extinct: a Tasmanian tiger. The tiger’s genetic code held the secret to a dangerous weapon, and the corporation was willing to pay a hefty sum for it.

Simon had come prepared for the mission, with all the latest gadgets and advanced tracking equipment. The only problem was that the tiger had proven to be far more elusive than he had anticipated.

He had tracked the beast across vast swaths of land, through rivers and over mountains with no luck. But today, after days of searching, he’d finally gotten a break. A local had seen the tiger and given him a rough idea of where it might be headed.

Simon quickened his pace, his feet pounding the hard ground. He was close now, he could sense it. He kept his eyes peeled, searching for any sign of the tiger.

Then, suddenly, there it was. Off in the distance, the distinctive orange and black stripes of the tiger made it stand out against the lush greenery. It was majestic and awe-inspiring, but also terrifying.

Simon froze in his tracks, his heart racing in his chest. He had caught his prey, but he was now completely vulnerable. If the tiger decided to attack, he wouldn’t have a chance.

He slowly crept forward, careful not to spook the animal. His hands shook, his body tense with fear. He had to be careful. One wrong move could cost him his life.

He slowly raised his rifle, aiming it at the tiger. He took a deep breath then pulled the trigger.

The shot echoed through the trees, and the tiger fell to the ground. Simon felt a wave of relief wash over him. He had done it. He had caught the tiger, and his mission was complete.

He quickly secured the tiger with ropes and placed it in a cage. He then put it in the back of his truck and drove off, his mission accomplished.

As he drove away, Simon thought back to the events of the past few weeks. He had gone into this mission not knowing what to expect, but he had come out triumphant. He had conquered the impossible and earned a hefty paycheck in the process.

He smiled. It had been a long and difficult journey, but he had finally done it. He had captured the Tasmanian tiger and fulfilled his mission.

Scene 1


The Tasmanian wilderness stretches out before us. The dense vegetation and lush terrain is a sharp contrast to the technologically advanced world from which the mercenary, SAMANTHA, has come.

Samantha peers through her binoculars, scanning the horizon for any sign of the tiger. After a few moments, she tucks the binoculars away and takes a deep breath.


(to herself)

This is it. All my years of training, all the missions I’ve been on, it’s all led me to this point. I can’t let them down.

Suddenly, a sound emerges from the trees. Samantha draws her weapon, preparing for the unknown.


Samantha cautiously approaches the source of the noise. She peers through the foliage and spies an old, grizzled man tending to a campfire.

Grizzled Man:


Who’s there? Show yourself!

Samantha cautiously steps out of the trees, her weapon still drawn.

Grizzled Man:

Ah, I see. You’re one of them. What brings you out here?


I’m here for the tiger. Any sign of it?

Grizzled Man:

Ayuh. You’ll find him up in the hills. But keep your wits about you. That tiger’s fast and dangerous.

Samantha nods and moves off in the direction of the hills.


Scene 2


Samantha crests a hill, and suddenly spots the tiger. It’s a magnificent creature, powerful and graceful in its movements.


(to herself)

My god, it’s beautiful.

The tiger looks up, locking eyes with Samantha. It stares at her for a moment before turning and running into the trees.


(to herself)

Gotta keep up!

Samantha takes off in pursuit, sprinting through the forest after the tiger.


The chase continues, neither Samantha nor the tiger relenting. The terrain becomes increasingly difficult, but Samantha presses on, determined to capture her prey.

Suddenly, the tiger stops and turns to face her. Its piercing gaze is enough to make even the most hardened mercenary quiver.


(in a low voice)

It’s now or never.

Samantha takes a deep breath and raises her weapon, but the tiger has already seen her and leaps away before she can fire.


Scene 3


Samantha is now deep in the Tasmanian wilderness. She presses on, determined to capture the tiger.

After hours of searching, Samantha finally spots the tiger up ahead. It’s exhausted and unable to move.

Samantha slowly approaches the tiger, her weapon still drawn. She surveys the tiger for a moment before speaking.


I’m just here to take a sample of your genetic code. Nothing more.

The tiger looks up at her, its eyes fierce and defiant.

Samantha takes a step forward, her weapon still raised. Just as she’s about to take the sample, a gunshot erupts from the nearby trees. Samantha dives for cover, but it’s too late.


Samantha emerges from the trees, her weapon raised. Standing before her is a team of mercenaries from the shadowy corporation that sent her on her mission.

Mercenary Leader:

Did you get the sample?

Samantha holds up the vial containing the tiger’s genetic code.


Yes, I got it.

Mercenary Leader:

Good. Now let’s get out of here.

The team of mercenaries take off into the wilderness, leaving Samantha behind. She watches them go, the vial of genetic code in hand, knowing that she has accomplished her mission.


Author: AI