Lady in the Water

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The night was dark and cold, the Wind had stopped, and the only sound, ever present, was that of the lapping waves of the lake. Cleveland Heep watched as the visitor floated in the pool beneath him, her long dark hair cascading in the water like a sea-weed. He could feel his heart beating faster at the sight of her but he didn’t know why. He didn’t know what to do or how to help, but he knew he had to try.

Chapter 1

Cleveland Heep, the super of the Cove Condominium, sat in his office, sipping his coffee, and watching the parking lot. His gaze kept returning to the swimming pool, his mind running wild with what secrets it may hold. He supposed it was foolish to think so, but he knew there was something odd in the air, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

He was shaken out of his reverie by a loud splash and the sound of someone screaming. He leapt to his feet and ran out of the office, barely registering the fact that the parking lot had gone silent, the only sound he could now hear was that of the lapping waves in the pool.

Chapter 2

Cleveland reached the pool, where he saw a young woman struggling in the water. He immediately jumped in and pulled her out, but not before she had managed to slip, hit her head on the floor, and pass out.

He quickly lifted her up, and was about to rush her to the hospital when she suddenly opened her eyes. She thanked him for his help and told him her name.

He was surprised, for he hadn’t taken her for a local. He guessed she must be a tourist and asked her where she was from.

The woman smiled and said that she was not from this world, that she came from a place called the Blue World.

Chapter 3

Cleveland studied her curiously and asked her what she was doing in the Cove Condominium swimming pool.

Then she told him her story: She was running away from something called a Scrunt, a creature that she believed would do her harm.

The only way she could escape it was to find a way back to the Blue World, but in order for that to happen, she would need the help of an eagle, which she was told she could find here.

Cleveland was a bit taken aback. He had never heard of such a creature before. Was this woman really from another world?

Chapter 4

Despite his doubts, Cleveland believed her story and decided to help her. The woman told him her name, Story, and explained that she was a Narf, a creature from the Blue World that had the power to help humans with their dreams.

But for that to happen, she needed to find the eagle, and Cleveland was determined to help her. He asked around the condominium and got the help of the tenants, who agreed to protect Story until they found the eagle.

Searching around the area, they finally found the eagle and Story was able to escape the Scrunt and return to her home in the Blue World. Cleveland was amazed by this incredible story, and realized that he had been a part of something truly magical.

Chapter 5

After Story had left, Cleveland returned to his apartment with a strange feeling inside him. It was a mix of awe, amazement, gratitude and confusion. He was thankful he had been able to help her, but he couldn’t help but feel a little sad that she had gone so quickly. He wished he could have seen her again, and he decided that he would continue to search for her.

The next morning, Cleveland woke up with a plan in his head. He would start his own search for the Blue World, and he was determined to find it. He packed his bags and, without saying goodbye to anyone, set off on the long journey ahead of him.

Chapter 6

Cleveland searched for days, weeks, months and eventually years. He searched in every remote corner of the world and slowly built up a map of the mysterious Blue World. Everywhere he went, he would tell people the story of Story and her escape from the Scrunt, and he was surprised by how many people believed him.

He eventually found a village at the edge of a large lake. He asked the villagers about the Blue World, and to his surprise, they knew the tale. In fact, they had even seen Story return to her home, now a beautiful palace in the sky.

Chapter 7

Excited, Cleveland followed the villagers’ directions, and soon enough he came face to face with the majestic palace of the Blue World. He entered cautiously, and as he stepped inside he felt a warmth radiating off of the walls. He saw Story standing in the center of the room with a beautiful smile on her face.

The two talked for hours and Cleveland realized that he had found someone he could truly trust and confide in. He asked her what he should do now that he had found her, and she told him he should go back home and live his life to the fullest.


Cleveland eventually returned home and continued his life as a super in the Cove Condominium. But now, whenever he looked out of his office window and saw the pool, he would think of Story and her incredible journey from the Blue World. He remained friends with Story, exchanging letters from time to time and reminding each other of the powerful connection they had forged.

He would often reflect on how one’s life can be turned upside down in a moment and how, even in the most dire of circumstances, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. He had learned that, no matter the obstacles, it was important to never stop believing in yourself and in the possibilities of the future.

Some scenes from the AI movie Lady in the Water



The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Cleveland Heep is out at the Cove Condominium, getting ready for a long day of work.

A loud splash and a scream interrupts his peaceful day. He quickly races out of the office and toward the pool.


Cleveland Heep stands at the edge of the pool, looking down at the water. He sees a young woman struggling and, without a moments hesitation, dives into the water and pulls her out.

The woman’s eyes flutter open, and she thanks him for his help. She tells him her name is Story and she’s not from this world.

Cleveland is completely taken aback. He has never heard of the Blue World before and is trying to take it all in. He looks at Story with confusion, but also with admiration.



The tenants of the condominium stand around the pool, some of them holding up signs with encouraging messages, others with their hands clasped in prayer.

They’re all here to help Story find the Eagle and help her get back to the Blue World.

Cleveland watches in awe as the tenants come together to help out a stranger in need. He’s amazed by their selflessness and knows deep down that they will succeed.




Cleveland and Story walk through a dense forest, looking for the eagle. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and they’re both filled with hope.

Suddenly, there is a loud cry from above. They both look up and see an eagle flying high above them.

Cleveland’s jaw drops. He can’t believe it — the eagle is here!

They both stare in awe at the majestic bird and its wings reflecting the sun’s rays.

Story looks at Cleveland and thanks him for helping her reach this point.

The eagle then swoops down and lands on the ground in front of them. Story smiles and takes a step forward.

The eagle looks at her and nods, a silent sign of understanding.

Story places her hand on its back and climbs atop.

Cleveland watches in awe as Story and the eagle soar off into the sky, disappearing off into the horizon.




Cleveland stands looking up at the sky, his hands clasped in prayer.

He thanks Story for all she has done for him and for the help she has given him in finding the Blue World.

The tenants of the Cove Condominium slowly come out of their apartments, the same look of awe and admiration in their eyes.

One by one, the tenants come together and stand in a circle around Cleveland, their hands clasped in prayer.

Cleveland looks up at the sky, taking in the beauty of the place he calls home, and smiles. He knows he has done something special here and he will never forget it.




The days and weeks pass, and Cleveland slowly goes back to his old routines. Every now and then he will look up to the sky and remember the incredible adventure he had with Story.

One day, he receives a letter in the mail. It’s from Story, thanking him once again for all he has done for her and inviting him to visit the Blue World.

Cleveland is beyond excited. He packs his bags and without saying goodbye to anyone, sets off on his journey.



Cleveland arrives in the Blue World and is instantly filled with a feeling of peace. He is amazed by the beauty of the place and the kindness of the people.

He meets Story at her palace, where the two talk for hours, catching up on all that has happened in their lives.

The day comes to an end, and as Cleveland stands up to leave, Story looks him in the eye and tells him to never stop believing in his dreams.

Cleveland smiles and promises to always remember her advice.


Author: AI