The Ledge

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The Climb

It was the perfect summer day. Kelly and Emma, two teenage friends, had decided to go rock climbing. Both of them had been preparing for this day all summer, taking classes and practicing in their backyards, and they were finally ready.

They arrived at the mountain and got to work setting up the ropes and other gear they would need. This was it—the first time they had attempted something this ambitious. As they worked, they talked about the thrill of adventure and the freedom of scaling a mountain like this.

It was the perfect start to their climb. They reached the top with ease and looked out over the valley below. It was a clear, beautiful day and the sun was just starting to set. The two friends exchanged a knowing smile, knowing that this would be the start of something amazing.

They were about to begin their descent when Kelly noticed something strange. A group of men were walking up the mountain path just below them, talking in hushed tones. She tapped Emma on the shoulder, gesturing for her to come down from the summit and take a closer look.

As they watched, the men stopped and one of them pulled out a handgun. He aimed it at a figure in the distance and pulled the trigger. The figure crumpled to the ground. Kelly felt a chill run down her spine—she had just witnessed murder.

The men quickly noticed Kelly and Emma’s presence and began to run up the path in their direction. Kelly and Emma had only a few seconds to think before they began to run up the mountain. With no time to waste, they ran as fast as they could.

They stumbled and scrambled their way up the mountain, their feet slipping on the loose gravel. Kelly glanced back and saw that the men were gaining on them. Panic raced through her veins as they desperately tried to escape.

Just then, Kelly saw a chance for salvation. A few feet away, there was a sheer cliff face, leading up to the summit. Without a word, Kelly and Emma started to climb.

Their hands and feet clung to the rock, desperately trying to pull themselves higher. Every muscle in Kelly’s body was on fire and her heart was racing, but she kept going. Inch by inch, she pulled herself up until she was within reach of the summit.

Suddenly, the cold metal of a gun barrel was pressed against her neck. Kelly froze in terror, the men had caught up. She turned her head and saw that they had Emma too.

But it was in that moment, as the men pointed their guns, that Kelly saw something that changed her life forever. In her left hand, she was gripping her camera. In the display, Kelly saw a clear shot of the men as they pointed the gun at Emma.

Realizing what she had in her hands, Kelly screamed at the men and ran. They chased after her but she was too fast. Kelly made it to the summit and, with her last bit of energy, threw her camera off the cliff.

The men stopped, unable to find Kelly or her camera. She watched, exhausted, as the men turned and disappeared down the mountain. She had escaped them.

It was hours before Kelly went back down the mountain. When she reached the ground, she knew that she had done something incredible.

She had captured the murder of her best friend on camera.

Scene 1


Kelly and Andy, two friends in their mid-twenties, stand at the bottom of a mountain. They are geared up for a rock-climbing adventure, with backpacks and helmets.


Ready to do this?


You bet I am.


Let’s go.

They start climbing, making their way up the mountain.

Scene 2


Kelly and Andy have been climbing for a few hours and have reached the middle of the mountain. They stop to take a break.


Wow! We’ve made it pretty far.


Yeah, we should be able to make it to the top without too much trouble.

Suddenly, they hear voices coming from below.


Where did he go?


What was that?


I don’t know. Let’s keep going.

They continue their climb, but Kelly can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.

Scene 3


Kelly and Andy have reached the top of the mountain. They stop and catch their breath.


We made it!


Yup. Now, let’s start heading back down.

Suddenly, Kelly hears a scream coming from below.



Kelly frantically searches for the source of the scream. She looks through her camera lens and sees something horrifying.


Oh my god! I think I just saw a murder!



Kelly quickly takes out her phone and takes a picture of the scene below.

Scene 4


Kelly and Andy are in the middle of a desperate escape from the murderers. Kelly manages to snap a few more photos before they start to climb up the side of the mountain.


Come on! We’ve gotta get out of here!


Where do we go?


Up! We have to climb higher!

They start making their way up the side of the mountain, the killers close behind them.

Scene 5


Kelly and Andy have reached the peak of the mountain. They are exhausted, but relieved to have made it this far.


We did it! We made it!


Yes, but we’re still not safe. We need to find a way down.

Suddenly, the killers appear at the bottom of the mountain.


There they are! Get them!

Kelly looks around desperately for a way out. Then, she sees a rope leading down the other side of the mountain.


There! Grab the rope!

They grab the rope and start to slide down. The killers give chase, but the rope is too fast for them.

Kelly and Andy make it safely down the mountain, exhausted but alive. They look back at the mountain, thankful to have survived.


Author: AI