Sweet November

“In the heart of San Francisco, a November romance unfolds, challenging destiny, unraveling secrets, and forever transforming two lives.”

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The city of San Francisco hummed with the melody of dreams, ambition, and untold stories. Amidst its rhythm lived Nelson Moss, a man enthralled by the tantalization of success, riveted by the relentless pursuit of significance. His world was dominated by numbers and deals, a dazzling realm of advertising where he reigned supreme. However, a serendipitous encounter at the DMV was about to veer his life off its well-tread path, launching him into a November journey that would redefine his existence.

Nelson was a creature of routine, his days meticulously orchestrated like the intricate gears of a timepiece. Sara Deever, on the other hand, was a sunbeam personified, dancing between the raindrops of society’s expectations and norms. And on a seemingly ordinary day, their worlds were destined to collide.

Chapter 1:

“A Serendipitous Encounter”

Nelson had always been adept at navigating the labyrinthine chaos of the city. But this day was different. Waking up to a disarray of memos, last-minute presentations, and postponed meetings, he found himself at the DMV, his presence demanded by the mundane requirements of license renewal.

Across the room was Sara Deever, a woman whose life was an endless canvas of spontaneous brush strokes. Standing there amidst the drudgery of the DMV, she was a spectacle of contrast, her quirky charm radiating an infectious joie de vivre. She was scheduled for a driving test that day, a task she approached with an unusual mix of humor and philosophy.

Their worlds collided abruptly. Nelson, consumed by the urgency of his impending conference call, bumped into Sara, causing her to miss her turn for the driving test. Their rendezvous was brief and unceremonious, a fleeting connection amidst the city’s bustle. Yet, it planted a seed of curiosity in Sara, a yearning to unravel the mystery behind Nelson’s tense facade.

Nelson, oblivious to the impact of his hurried actions, returned to the whirlwind of his career. His thoughts were filled with market trends, brand analyses, and infinite graphs rather than missed driving tests or unsuspected encounters.

Meanwhile, Sara’s day had taken an unexpected turn. After the surprise at the DMV and the missed opportunity to take her driving test, she found herself intrigued by the stranger who had inadvertently caused the upheaval. The incident at the DMV had sparked a peculiar interest in Nelson, a fascination that extended beyond their chance encounter.

With nothing but a name and an impression, Sara decided to embark on a quest to find the enigmatic stranger. Little did they know, this quest would blossom into much more–a peculiar bond, a life-altering November, and a tale of unconventional love and adversity. Their story was just beginning, a story that would change a man, challenge a woman and redefine the essence of love and sacrifice.

As the San Francisco skyline basked in the evening hues, Nelson returned to his apartment, unaware of the significant shift in his destiny. Amidst his unknowing, Nelson was dancing on the precipice of change, a dance that would lead him towards a sweet, unforgettable November journey with Sara.

Meanwhile, Sara, undeterred by the challenge, was preparing for her pursuit. Driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure, she was determined to track down Nelson, unknowingly setting the stage for an extraordinary romance that would transform their lives forever. And so begins the tale of a man dedicated to his career, a woman living on borrowed time, and the magic of a sweet November that dared to defy the odds.

Chapter 2: “The Pursuit”

The whirlwind of San Francisco’s urban life calmed down as the day ebbed, and Sara Deever, a woman of profound complexity, had one objective in her mind – to find Nelson Moss, the man who inadvertently made her miss her driving test at the DMV. Her quest was not driven by a sense of animosity or revenge but rather an inexplicable pull, a curiosity that was as compelling as it was baffering.

Sara was a woman whose vivacious personality was only matched by her immense compassion for the world and all its inhabitants. She saw magic in the mundane, and smiled at life’s trivialities. As she pursued Nelson, her daily encounters painted a vivid portrait of her. She was unpredictable and a lover of all things natural and sincere. She encompassed an aura of profound serenity yet was a harbinger of charming chaos. A stark contrast to Nelson, this wandering spirit had an ethereal aspect that was intriguing and refreshing, adding considerable burstiness to the narrative.

The city of San Francisco, with its steep rolling hills and eclectic mix of architecture, mirrored Sara’s quirkiness. As she navigated the city blocks, she interacted with street musicians, shared smiles with the flower vendors, and unhesitatingly joined in on a spontaneous street dance, her laughter echoing down the alleyways. Meanwhile, Nelson’s world was consumed by pitch presentations, client calls, and an incessant need to climb up the corporate ladder.

The pursuit led Sara to the lofty skyscraper housing the advertisement agency where Nelson worked. Unknown to her, she was soon to plunge into the chaotic world of advertising – a far cry from the idyllic, bohemian life she led. But she was not deterred, for she carried an air of courage and a hint of stubbornness. Her journey through his world would not only unravel Nelson’s true character but also lay the foundation for an unexpected proposition.

Sara’s pursuit of Nelson served as an exploration of their contrasting worlds. While their existence was rooted in the same city, their lives were as different as the moon and the sun. Nelson was a man chained to his ambitions, a prisoner in a golden cage of his own making. On the other hand, Sara was a free spirit, living life one day at a time, embracing the unpredictability of existence with open arms.

As Sara drew closer to finding Nelson, little did she know that her life, filled with simplicity and spontaneity, was about to collide with his world of complexity and structure. She was stepping into a world where meetings were scheduled to the minute, and where success was measured in terms of financial gains and social standing.

The chapter culminated as Sara, after her vibrant journey through the city, finally found herself at the entrance of Nelson’s office building. A sense of perplexity overwhelmed her. It was a world entirely alien to her, yet here she was, at the heart of it, driven by a motive she couldn’t quite comprehend herself. The stage was set for her audacious proposition, which would serve as the catalyst for Nelson’s impending transformation.

Chapter 2 brought to life the enigmatic character of Sara and showcased a colorful montage of her relentless pursuit. It encapsulated the spirit of San Francisco and the contrasting lives of Sara and Nelson. The chapter ended at the dawn of a turning point in their lives, which promised profound changes and a journey ripe with enthralling possibilities. The pursuit may have ended, but another was just about to begin.

Chapter 3: “The Proposition”

The day had transitioned into dusk, painting a picturesque backdrop of San Francisco’s silhouette with hues of pink and gold as Nelson, our advertising hotshot found himself cornered in a situation he couldn’t have fathomed. He had been tracked down by Sara, the eccentric woman from the DMV. Walking through the high-ceilinged lobby of his advertising firm, her eyes danced curiously around the room, taking in the energy and excitement of the creative chaos.

Nelson, unsure of what to expect, watched from a distance as Sara glided through the room like a whirlwind, her laughter infectious, her presence magnetic. His colleagues, usually engrossed in their work, were mesmerized by her. For the first time, Nelson felt a strange sense of discomfort in his domain. The advertising world that he had so meticulously built now seemed to bow to Sara’s spontaneity.

Finally, in the heart of this creative hub, Sara turned to Nelson, her eyes twinkling with mischief. “I have a proposition for you,” she said, her voice resonating through the room. All conversations ceased, and all eyes turned to Nelson, who stood, startled and a tad intrigued.

Nelson, accustomed to being in control, found himself being pulled toward her. He was intrigued by the audacity of this woman who had traced him through the city, stepped into his world, and had now made him the center of attention in his workspace. She had a proposition? He was eager to hear it.

A hush fell over the room as Sara stood on the podium, her voice calm but laced with a thrill, “Nelson, live with me for the entire November,” she announced, her eyes not leaving his. The room erupted with whispers, Nelson stood dumbfounded. His predictable life seemed to be playing out like some sort of surreal drama.

Sara continued, “One month, no expectations, no pressure. Just you and me, discovering life beyond work, beyond the conventional. What do you say?” Her proposal hung in the air, like a veiled challenge. The woman he had met in the morning had re-appeared in his life, proposing a journey he couldn’t make sense of.

The plea in her eyes was genuine yet, he saw an enigma. He was at a crossroads – the path of his carefully planned career was being offset by Sara’s abstract adventure. There was a pull to her world, a world which seemed to be brimming with life, a stark contrast to his grayscale life of ambition and targets. Her faith in him was perplexing, and the proposition, even more.

His heart pounded against his chest, every tick of the clock amplifying his dilemma. Was he ready to leave behind the world he’d known? Nelson looked at Sara, at her hopeful gaze, her radiant aura, and the conviction in her voice. He saw a promise of something different, something exhilarating.

Heart racing and mind spinning, Nelson was captivated. His meticulously planned world full of predictable events was being challenged by Sara’s world of spontaneity and unpredictability. It’s as if he was standing at the edge of a precipice. Could he really jump?

“The Proposition,” as it later came to be known in the corridors of his firm, marked the beginning of the most perplexing yet invigorating phase of Nelson’s life. It was the seed of an enigmatic journey, a journey from his world into Sara’s, from his life into her living, from Nelson into … he was yet to discover. What lay ahead was nothing but a month of sweet November, to be spent with the most intriguing woman he’d ever met. He didn’t know then, but his life was about to be upended. Little did he know, his ‘Sweet November’ had just begun.

Chapter 4: “The Surrender”

In an atmosphere of uncertainty and intrigue, Nelson found himself captivated by Sara’s offer, drawn in by a force he couldn’t understand. The decision had certainly not been easy — his entire life revolved around his career, around his need to excel and dominate in the advertising world of San Francisco. It was a world of billboards and catchy slogans, a world that demanded creativity under the pressure of time and competition. Nelson had always thrived in this world. Yet, the allure of Sara’s audacious proposition resonated with an unspoken longing within him for something more profound than his career ambitions.

The first day of their cohabitation arrived, and Nelson stepped into Sara’s world, a world far removed from his own. The first hours were a whirlwind of adjustment and confusion. Sara’s apartment was a stark contrast to his minimalist, organised workspace – an eclectic mix of art, literature, and personal memorabilia. It felt like stepping into a manifestation of Sara’s vibrant mind – full of colour, life, and spontaneity.

Days turned into weeks, and Nelson began to acclimate to this new life. The mornings started with Sara’s abstract art lessons, followed by trips to local boutiques and flower markets. Her bohemian lifestyle was initially a shock to his system, used to the corporate rigidity, yet he began to appreciate the beauty in her chaos.

Perhaps the most surprising was Sara’s knack for spontaneity. A late-night idea of hers would have them trekking to the highest point of the city just to greet the sunrise, every unexpected idea filled with genuine laughter and joy. As the days passed, Nelson found himself looking forward to these adventures, his previous life slowly fading into an abstract blur.

The change in Nelson was gradual, almost imperceptible. The once self-centred, ambitious advertising executive began to transform into a man who appreciated the tranquillity of the sunrise, who found joy in small, simple moments. He began to see the world through Sara’s eyes – a world full of beauty, kindness, and simple pleasures. It was as though a veil had been lifted from his eyes, revealing a life he had never known existed.

In the midst of this transformation, a romance began to bloom between Nelson and Sara. Nights on the apartment rooftop turned into intimate conversations, while the days began to hold hands and stolen kisses. The chemistry between them was unmistakable, an inexplicable bond that pulled them together despite their obvious differences.

Their relationship was unlike anything Nelson had experienced before. Sara was enigmatic, a labyrinth of mystery that Nelson was desperate to unravel. With every shared moment, every shared glance, Nelson was drawn deeper into the mystique that was Sara. He was falling for her, and it was a fall he was more than willing to take.

Yet, beyond the euphoria of newfound love and lifestyle changes, Nelson could feel an undercurrent of something he couldn’t quite identify. An underlying tension, a silent pain that Sara seemed to carry with her. It gave him pause, brought moments of fear and doubt, but it didn’t deter him. If anything, it drew him closer to her, eager to understand, eager to share her burden.

By the end of the month, Nelson was a changed man. No longer the rigid, career-obsessed man from before, he learned how to live beyond his comfort zone. November had been a whirlwind of emotions, experiences, and revelations. It had brought love, joy, and an understanding of life that he never thought possible.

This chapter of his life was indeed a surrender – a surrender to a chance meeting, to an audacious proposition, to a life that was far removed from his own. It was a surrender to love, to spontaneity and ultimately to Sara. November was no longer just a month in the calendar; it had become a turning point in his life, a month that would forever hold a special place in his heart. A ‘sweet November.’

Chapter 5: “The Transformation”

Nelson’s life with Sara was akin to walking into a vibrant kaleidoscope, every turn presenting a new, vivid pattern, a stark departure from the monochrome world he was accustomed to. The first rays of the November sun poured in through the open window, casting dancing patterns of light on the couple entwined in sleep.

He woke to the aroma of her coffee brewing in the kitchen, a scent that seemed to weave stories of midnight conversations, shared laughter, and soft whispers of nameless emotions. Glancing at the large clock hanging on the wall, Nelson realized he had no presentations to prepare, no meetings to rush to, just a day waiting to be explored.

With the passing days of November, he found himself swept up in the current of her world, the once overbearing metropolis now a playground of possibilities. Sara showed him corners and alleyways of San Francisco he had never seen; they danced in the drizzling rain, shared meals at the homes of exotic chefs, and even played chess in the park with the elderly who frequented it.

Such novelties of life filled his days, each one imbuing him with a sense of tranquility he’d never known. Sara’s carefree spirit was infectious, and with each passing day, Nelson could feel the rigid walls around his old life crumbling.

However, it wasn’t just the exhilarating adventures that captivated him. It was the quiet moments too, the intimate pauses between their stories and laughter. It was in these quiet moments that he found himself falling in love with her. He cherished the silent hours under the moonlit sky where she shared her dreams, fears, and hopes. He relished her untamed laughter and the songs she hummed under her breath. Bit by bit, he began to unravel the enigma that was Sara.

One evening, under the warm, amber glow of flickering candles, Sara taught him to paint. Caught in the moment, feeling the smooth strokes of the brush against the canvas, he felt a burst of creativity he hadn’t known he possessed. Sara watched him, encouraging him with her gentle smiles. That night, Nelson realized how much he had changed.

There was an undeniable change in him, a transformation more profound than he had ever experienced. It was as though he had shed an old skin, revealing a man who was more human, more real. His eyes, which once were windows to his stress-filled soul, now sparkled with a newfound joy. His smiles, which had been rare and short-lived, now came more frequently and lingered longer.

Yet, amidst this transformation, one question lingered – who was Sara, really? For all her vibrancy, there was a melancholy she carried, a secret she guarded. Nelson decided it was time to find out. As the transformation of November swept over him, he realized he was prepared to face whatever lay ahead.

By the end of the chapter, it was clear that November had transformed Nelson in more ways than he could ever have imagined. He had traded his suits for paint-stained shirts, boardrooms for park benches, and power lunches for home-cooked meals. More significantly, he had traded his emotional isolation for a connection with Sara that was as profoundly unsettling as it was beautiful. Swept up in the waves of this transformation, Nelson was oblivious to the looming storm that would soon change everything. The end of November was quickly approaching, and with it, the climax of their story.

Chapter 6: “The Revelation”

The city was awash in the chills of late November when Sara’s secret finally rose from the ashes. Nelson had been oblivious to her agonizing battle, shielded by the veil of blissful ignorance that Sara chose to drape their lives with. Yet, beneath her fiery spirit and unrestrained joie de vivre, lay a profound secret deeply rooted in the sorrowful grounds of her mortality.

Their month together was winding down, and Sara seemed to be dwindling with it. Her once vibrant eyes were now often clouded with fatigue, her vivacious laugh intermingled with painful coughs. Nelson, though worried, attributed it to the dreary weather until the shattering truth unveiled itself, leaving him haunted.

He found Sara one frosty morning huddled in the bathroom, a frail figure embracing her own mortality with a stoic acceptance that left Nelson’s heart twisting in pain. As Nelson’s eyes met the cold reality of an array of medication and the clinical whiteness of medical reports, his world seemed to collapse around him.

The once invincible Sara was battling a terminal illness, a truth she had skillfully masked behind her unwavering spirit and lively charm. As the reality sunk in, every memory of their time together played before Nelson’s eyes in a new, heartbreaking light. The sleepless nights, the labored laughs, the strength Sara summoned to savor each moment of her ebbing life, it all made a devastating sense now.

The revelation acted as a turning point in their lives, its impact rippling through the existence they had carefully knitted together. Their shared laughter now echoed with a united melancholy. Their bright conversations were now tinged with a deeper understanding. The ineffable bond they had formed now carried the weight of an approaching goodbye. Even the city, once a backdrop to their burgeoning love story, seemed to react to the revelation, its buzz dimming, skies greying, in a shared lament.

Nelson watched Sara, his heart swelling with a love laced with a profound respect for the woman who had led him to discover the depths of his own humanity. Sara, in her impending tragedy, became his beacon of inspiration. Her resilience, her determination to live each fading moment with an enviable intensity was a lesson he knew he would carry with him long after their ‘sweet November’ was but a memory.

Over the following days, he became her pillar of strength, mirroring her courage and resilience. He held her as she shook with silent sobs, listened as she mourned her dreams yet to be realized. Nelson watched Sara confront her mortality with a grace that left him staggered, and he realized the depth of love he held for her was immeasurable.

But with the looming shadow of Sara’s mortality growing each passing day, Nelson found himself at a crossroads. He had fallen in love with a woman whose life was narrowed down to a ticking clock. Each remaining day of November began to feel like a farewell. The prospect of life without Sara was a thought that terrified him, yet returning to his past life felt equally unbearable.

Would he be strong enough to weather the storm Sara’s departure would leave in its wake? Or would he find himself weighed down by the sorrow of their ephemeral love story? As the ‘sweet November’ they had shared neared its end, Nelson found himself grappling with the magnitude of the choice he was faced with.

The sixth chapter of their lives closed with an air of uncertainty hanging heavily above them. Nelson, the man who once thought he had his life figured out, was now standing at the precipice of a monumental decision. Meanwhile, Sara was bracing herself for the cruel inevitability, her warrior spirit shining through her weakening exterior.

Thus, their ‘sweet November’ ended not with lively laughter or celebratory smiles but with quiet conversations, heartfelt confessions, shared tears, and a love so profound it pierced the looming darkness with its luminosity. Their journey had been a testament to the power of love, a love that remained undeterred by the shadow of mortality. But as the curtain fell on this chapter, the question lingered – what would December bring for Nelson and Sara? Would their bond weather the storm, or would it be swept away, leaving them drifters in the aftermath?

Chapter 7: “The Choice”

As the russet hues of November morphed into the stark white of December, a numerous multitude of emotions bubbled within Nelson. The relentless passage of time had gripped him, as he grappled with the reality of Sara’s imminent fate. Her vibrant spirit now marred by the looming shadow of her terminal illness. This wasn’t merely Sara’s battle anymore, it was their shared strife, their mutual tribulation.

Nelson and Sara’s love, deep-seated and intense, had grown in the crackling fires of vulnerability and shared confessions. It was the kind of love that made you question boundaries, that made you step into the unknown. But now, with the frost of winter seeping through their November haven, all of their bliss was replaced by an impending doom. It was the kind of dread that only the ticking time bomb of mortality could bring.

Sara’s condition had worsened. The light in her eyes had dimmed, each day slipping away like sand through fingers. Yet, in her frailty, there was a strength, a quiet defiance that left Nelson in awe. She clung on, not because she was scared of dying, but because she had a reason to live – Nelson. Her illness had been the elephant in the room for most of their time together, but now, it had taken center stage.

Amidst it all, Nelson was at a crossroads. His old life beckoned him, the familiarity of his advertising career, his comfortable world. But the thought of leaving Sara, of returning to a life pre-Sara, seemed unbearable. He had changed, and there was no going back. He was now a stranger to his own life, alienated by his transformed self.

One evening, as he sat by Sara’s side, her hand enveloped in his, he felt her frail breath against his skin. The sight of her, a mere shadow of the unconventional, vibrant woman he met at the DMV, the woman who had turned his life around, tugged at his heartstrings. He gazed into her eyes, the emerald oceans that had drawn him in initially, now filled with a cocktail of emotions, mirroring his own inward storm.

Nelson was no stranger to making choices, but this was different. He was torn between stepping back into his comfortable past or plunging into an uncertain future with Sara. Time seemed to stretch into infinity, and yet it was slipping away, exerting its ruthless pressure on him. He was battling with the odds, wrestling with his emotions, and scrambling to make sense of it all.

After what seemed like an eternity, Nelson made his choice. He decided to stay, not for fear of the past or the future but for the love he harboured for Sara. His decision was not made out of sympathy or charity but out of the profound love that had blossomed within the confines of their shared November.

It was a bittersweet realization, tinged with the inevitability of heartbreak but also the comforting assurance of love. This choice marked the end of their sweet November, leaving them standing on the precipice of December. One chapter was closing, and another was about to begin, fraught with uncertainty, fear, and unending love.

In the end, Nelson realised life was not just about making the right choices; it was also about facing the consequences of those choices bravely. As he held Sara’s trembling hand and looked into her dimming eyes, he knew he had made the right choice. He may have met Sara in sweet November, but he was ready to brave the cold December with her. His sweet November had ended, but a lifetime with Sara, however short-lived, awaited him. His story with Sara was not over; it was just beginning.

Some scenes from the movie Sweet November written by A.I.

Scene 1


Nelson, mid-30s, a man in a suit with a restless energy, walks past a line of impatient people. He taps a pen against his leg in a fast, steady rhythm, a physical manifestation of his constant hurry. Sara, early 30s, with an easy smile and a book in her hand, watches as he cuts the line.


(To DMV employee)

I was next. I’ve got a meeting.



Everyone here has something to do.

Nelson turns. His eyes meet Sara’s, whose expression is a nonchalant challenge. Nelson, taken aback by her lack of deference, smiles reluctantly.


And what important thing do you have to do?



Pass my driving test.

Nelson laughs, inadvertently causing Sara to miss her call for the driving test. Their lives, unbeknownst to them, would not be the same after this fateful encounter.



Nelson walks briskly, talking into his phone about marketing strategies. His world of clientele and advertising consumes him, oblivious of the transformation that’s coming his way.


Scene 2


Nelson, 30s, impeccably dressed, stares at the ceiling, nervously tapping the steering wheel, his foot heavy on the brake.

Beside him, SARA, mid-20s, dressed with an eclectic style that screams personality, clutches a heap of papers, her eyes darting anxiously from Nelson to the TEST ADMINISTRATOR who waits for them to begin the test.


Ready when you are.

Nelson nods, releases the brake and the car lurches forward, causing Sara to drop her papers. The car continues moving, Nelson too flustered to stop.


Nelson pulls the car to a gnarly stop, Sara jumps out, dashing for her papers flying away in the wind. In the turmoil, she misses her name being called for the test.


Nelson sits at his desk, surrounded by ADVERTISING LAYOUTS when his secretary, JANE, enters.


Nelson, there’s a…colorful lady asking for you in reception.

Curious, Nelson leaves his desk, walking to the reception area where he meets a determined Sara.


I need to speak with you, Nelson.

Nelson, intrigued by her audacity, nods. The wheels of fate begin to turn.


Scene 3



Nelson, (40s, ambitious, career-oriented) is at his desk, surrounded by a flurry of ADVERTISING PLANS.

Suddenly, the door bursts open, and SARA (30s, quirky, captivating) walks in with purpose and determination. Nelson looks up, surprised.


(smiling playfully)

Did you miss me, Nelson?



Do I know you?



Enough to make me miss my driving test.

Nelson’s eyes widen in recognition.



You! Why are you here?


(leaning casually against the door)

I have a proposal for you, Nelson.


(raising an eyebrow)

Oh really? And why would I be interested?



Because it’ll change your life. Stay with me for one month. Just November.

Nelson laughs dismissively.


(leaning back)

Why would I do that?



Because, Nelson, there’s more to life than advertising plans and deadlines.

Nelson looks at Sara, intrigued yet skeptical. The tension in the room rises.


Scene 4



Sara, an embodiment of life, bubbly and vibrant, is arranging flowers in a vase. Nelson, appearing slightly awkward and out of place, enters the room.



Settling in alright?



Yes, it’s different.

Sara laughs, her laughter filling the room with warmth.


That’s the idea, Nelson.

Nelson ventures around the room, his eyes soaking in the barrage of colors and patterns. Suddenly, he steps on something soft.



What in the world?

He lifts his foot to reveal a stuffed squirrel. Sara chuckles.


Oh that’s Nutty, he keeps me company.

Nelson shakes his head with a small smile, realizing the extent of change he stepped into.

Suddenly, Sara’s face takes on a serious tone.


But there’s one rule, Nelson. You need to embrace the change. Are you ready for that?

Nelson gazes at Sara, his eyes reflecting a newfound resolve.


I suppose… it’s time to see the world in a new way.

They share a silent moment. Sara’s quirky apartment, once a symbol of her oddness to Nelson, is slowly becoming a symbol of change.


Scene 5


Nelson, now more relaxed, sits on the couch, engrossed in a book. Sara enters, humming a lively tune. She plops down next to Nelson, excitement in her eyes.


You’ve changed, Nelson. You’re different.

Nelson looks at her, confused.


Different how?

Sara grins, her eyes twinkling.


You’re… alive.

She takes a deep breath, absorbing the moment. Nelson chuckles, closing the book.


And that’s because of you.

Sara flinches, as if caught off guard. She turns away quickly. Nelson, sensing her discomfort, reaches out to her.


What’s wrong?

Sara looks at him, her eyes teary.


Promise me something, Nelson?

Nelson nods, concerned.


Anything, Sara.


Promise me you’ll continue to live this way… even after our November ends.

Nelson is taken aback. He struggles to hide the unease Sara’s words have stirred within him. He pulls her into a tight embrace.


I promise.


Author: AI