Goodbye Girl, The


Paula McFadden has sworn off love for good. After her actor-boyfriend of five years pulled the rug out from under her and took off for a movie role in Los Angeles, she’s been avoiding any type of commitment. And it seems like it’s not just her but her friends and family as well, who are all convinced that romance is a complete waste of time.

But when she sublets her apartment to the attractive and mysterious Elliot Garfield, an actor, she finds it hard to contain her curiosity or remain distant. With a series of eccentric encounters with Elliot, Paula quickly finds herself in a web of comedy, zingy repartee and bitter-to-best romance. Little does she know that the journey she’s about to embark on will teach her the most valuable lesson of all: That when it comes to love, sometimes it is best to just let go and allow it to take you where it may.

Chapter 1

Paula was convinced she had made a mistake by agreeing to let Elliot rent her apartment. Even from the moment he had walked through her door, she had seen how charming he was, and the way he had looked her up and down had made her skin tingle. But Paula was determined to stay strong and keep her distance; she had been down this road before and she knew she had to take the proper precautions.

So, after a brief tour of the apartment, they had quickly gotten down to the nitty gritty details of the lease, and within minutes, the papers were signed. As she watched Elliot unpack his things, she found it hard to ignore the energy between them. She reminded herself that he was just a tenant, and nothing more.

Chapter 2

Paula hadn’t expected to be so taken by Elliot. He was funny and charismatic and the moments they shared were almost like a little dance. But she did her best to play it cool and remain detached, even though their connection was unmistakable.

Whenever her friends and family asked her how she was feeling about the whole thing, she just smiled and said it was all going “okay”. They mostly just laughed and said how cliché it was for an actor to move in and steal her heart.

But deep down, Paula wasn’t so sure. There was something about Elliot that she found irresistibly attractive, and she was finding it increasingly difficult to keep her feelings in check.

Chapter 3

When Elliot asked her out on a date, Paula couldn’t help but be excited. But she also couldn’t help but be scared. Could she really trust him? Could she fall for him? After all, he was an actor and she was certain that he would be gone in no time.

But she couldn’t deny that she wanted to take the chance. So, she agreed to the date and, as the night drew closer, she found herself filled with anticipation and a little bit of fear.

When the day arrived, Paula nervously got herself ready and went to meet Elliot. As their eyes met, she felt the spark between them and she knew that this was going to be a night to remember.

Chapter 4

The date was picture perfect. Elliot had taken her to a small Italian restaurant in the city, and they spent the evening talking, laughing, and eating. Paula found herself opening up to him in ways she hadn’t expected and she was surprised by how easy it felt.

When it was time to go, Elliot asked if he could walk her home and Paula agreed, her heart pounding in her chest. As they walked, they held hands, and Paula felt like she was finally allowing herself to let go and take a chance.

When they reached her building, they lingered on the doorstep. Elliot leaned in and kissed her tenderly and Paula felt her heart soar. In that moment, she knew that she was going to let go of her fear and take a chance on love once again.

Chapter 5

Over the next few months, Paula and Elliot’s relationship quickly blossomed. They went on dates, hung out together, and even talked about the future. Paula found herself opening up to Elliot more and more and she realized that she was finally letting go of her fear of commitment.

One evening, Elliot asked her to come to a premiere of one of his films, and Paula couldn’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach. She was so excited to attend the event with him, and to show him off to her friends and family.

At the premiere, it quickly became clear that Elliot was a star. Everywhere they went, people stared and whispered. Paula couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for the man she was with. She knew that no matter how much people tried to take him away, she was determined to keep him by her side.

Chapter 6

As the months went by, Paula and Elliot’s relationship continued to grow. They were inseparable and it was clear to everyone around them that they were head over heels in love. Paula couldn’t believe that she had found someone who made her feel so happy, and she was sure that this was what true love was supposed to be like.

One night, Elliot took her out to a romantic dinner, and when dessert arrived, he got down on one knee and proposed. Paula was overcome with emotion and couldn’t hold back her tears as she said yes.

As they embraced, Paula felt an overwhelming sense of joy. She was sure that even if the world around them changed, their love would remain. She was finally ready to embrace what true love could bring, and she couldn’t have been happier.


Paula and Elliot went on to get married and have a beautiful family together. They had two children who were the light of their lives, and the couple spent their days raising them and enjoying each other’s company.

Even when Elliot received offers to move away for work, Paula always supported him, knowing that they could stand the test of distance. With every trial and tribulation, they only grew stronger and their love only became deeper.

Paula had finally found the kind of love she had always wanted. Despite all her initial reservations, she was so thankful that she had taken a chance on Elliot, and that their love continued to transcend the highs and lows of life.

Some scenes from the AI movie Goodbye Girl, The


We open on a cloudy day to the exterior of an apartment building. The front door swings open and Paula comes out, dressed casually but looking nervous. She hurriedly locks the door behind her and starts walking down the street.


Paula is walking quickly, taking in the city scene around her. She passes by shops, cafes, and other people on their way somewhere. She stops outside an Italian restaurant and takes a deep breath before entering.


The restaurant is full of people talking and eating, a few of them glancing over at Paula as she takes tentative steps forward. She looks around for a moment before spotting Elliot at a table in the corner. He’s dressed in a crisp suit and is smiling as soon as he sees her.



You came.

Paula nods and takes the seat across from him. She nervously takes out her phone to check the time.


I’m glad you made it.



Me too.

They spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing, both of them slowly letting go of their initial reservations. As the night draws to a close, Paula can’t help but feel strangely content.



Paula and Elliot are walking up to Paula’s building, still laughing and talking. As they approach the door, Elliot stops and turns to her.


I had a really nice time.


Me too.

They stand there for a moment, the tension between them palpable. Elliot takes a step closer and takes her hand.


Do you want to do this again soon?



I would like that.

He leans in and gently kisses her. Paula’s heart skips a beat, and she finds herself leaning into the kiss. As they part, Elliot smiles and takes her hand again.






They turn towards the building, hand in hand. As they walk away, Paula can’t help but feel a sense of hope and possibility.



It’s a sunny afternoon and Paula and Elliot are strolling through the park, holding hands and talking. They pass by children playing, couples out for a morning jog, and people walking their dogs.

Paula is talking animatedly, telling Elliot about her day and the things she’s been up to. Elliot is smiling and nodding, listening intently. As they continue walking, Paula stops and looks up at him.


Can I just say something without you thinking I’m crazy?


Of course.


I think I’m really falling for you.

Elliot smiles and takes her hand. He looks her in the eyes and speaks softly.


I think I’m falling for you too.

Paula’s eyes light up and they share a tender kiss. As they pull apart, she can’t help but feel a wave of joy wash over her. She knows that this is just the beginning of something special and she can’t wait to see where their journey takes them.



We open on a bustling movie theater. The lights are dim, the popcorn is popping, and the previews are just about to start.

Paula and Elliot are seated in the middle of the theater, holding hands and talking quietly. The intensity of the last few weeks has been building, and they can both feel it.

Suddenly, the lights go down and the previews begin. Paula turns to Elliot and smiles.


This is it.

Elliot takes her hand and squeezes it gently.


Yes, it is.

The movie starts and Paula and Elliot huddle close, engrossed in the film. As the credits roll, Paula turns to Elliot with a smile, happy that she can share this moment with him.


Author: AI