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The cold, bleak winter air bit at Eric’s cheeks as the wind blew through the Washington D.C. streets. Eric O’Neill walked with purpose, straightening his suit coat and grabbing the metal handle of his briefcase. He was ready to tackle his first day as a clerk at the FBI’s Washington Field Office, but what awaited him at the end of his journey was more than he bargained for.

Eric had dreams of becoming an agent for the Bureau, but instead, he was relegated to paperwork and clerical duties. He continued to walk, his feet carrying him quickly and with determination. As he approached the building, an eerie feeling began to settle over him. He had been recruited to participate in an operation so secretive, he didn’t even know the name of the man he was to be clocking for.

When Eric stepped into the building and saw the man he was to be assigned to, his heart sank. Robert Hanssen, a senior agent with 25 years in the FBI, stood tall and intimidatingly in the lobby of the FBI building. Eric knew immediately why he was to be assigned to Hanssen.

Hanssen seemed to take note of Eric’s presence, but didn’t acknowledge it. His grey eyes were emotionless and his expression was unreadable. Eric felt a chill run down his spine and he tried to keep his composure. The mission was simple, get close to Hanssen, watch his every move and document it.

The two of them silently made their way to Hanssen’s office. Eric was briefed on what was expected of him and what his role would be. His job was to gain Hanssen’s trust, while also taking note of any suspicious activity. Suddenly, Eric was thrown into the middle of a high stakes game and he was determined to do whatever was necessary to prove himself to the FBI.

He watched as Hanssen made phone call after phone call, always careful to keep his voice low and his face expressionless. Eric began to take meticulous notes, writing down every detail he could from the conversations. He noticed that Hanssen was careful to never mention names or specifics, but Eric knew his mission was to get as close as possible to Hanssen and figure out what he was up to.

Over the next few weeks, Eric continued to clerk for Hanssen and document any strange behavior. Hanssen seemed to be growing more and more suspicious of Eric, but Eric remained determined to find out what Hanssen was up to. Little did Eric know, the answers he was looking for would change the fate of the FBI forever.

After months of digging, Eric finally found out Hanssen was working as a double agent, selling secrets of the FBI to the Russian government. Eric was left in disbelief as he realized the gravity of the situation. He quickly alerted the FBI to what he had found and they apprehended Hanssen before he could do any more damage.

Eric was hailed as a hero by the FBI and he was quickly ushered into the agent training program. Eric excelled at his new role and eventually, he was made head of the Counterintelligence section of the FBI.

Eric continued to serve the FBI for decades and during his time there, he worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of the United States. When it was time for him to retire, Eric felt a sense of pride as he looked at how far he had come from being a clerk to a decorated agent. He had made a difference in the world and that was something no one could ever take away from him.

Some scenes from the AI movie Breach



Eric O’Neill strides toward the building, clutching his briefcase with determination. He looks up at the imposing building and takes a deep breath before entering.


Eric enters the building and glances around, taking in his new surroundings. His eyes settle on the figure of Robert Hanssen, standing in the lobby. Hanssen looks unapproachable, his expression hard and his grey eyes emotionless. He notices Eric, but does not acknowledge him.

Eric quickly looks away and follows Hanssen to his office.


Hanssen sits behind his desk and motions for Eric to take a seat. He explains what is expected of him and what his role will be. Eric listens intently and Hanssen finishes by warning him to “watch his every move.”

Eric nods in acknowledgement before getting up to leave. Hanssen watches him go with a calculating stare.


Eric exits the building and takes a deep breath. He looks up at the sky, feeling a strange mix of emotions. He knows he’s in for a challenging mission ahead.


Eric walks down the busy street, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. He notices a payphone and instinctively walks over to it. He dials a number and holds the phone to his ear, listening intently.

He hears a voice on the other end and his eyes widen. He hangs up and quickly looks around, his heart racing. He has found something that could incriminate Hanssen.


Eric enters Hanssen’s office, his face a mask of determination. He puts his notes on the desk and reads them aloud. Hanssen’s face darkens as he listens, slowly realizing what Eric has found out. He doesn’t say a word, but his expression speaks volumes.

Eric takes a deep breath and finishes reading his notes. He looks up at Hanssen, his face unreadable.


It’s time.

Hanssen stares at Eric for a moment before standing up and leaving the room without a word.


Eric and Hanssen stand in front of the building, the mood tense. Eric takes a deep breath and steps forward, summoning the courage to do what needs to be done.

He looks Hanssen in the eye and speaks, his voice strong and unwavering.


You’re under arrest.


The FBI agents lead Hanssen away in handcuffs, cameras flashing and reporters shouting questions. Eric watches them go, feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Eric walks into the office, looking around at the now empty space. He takes a deep breath and looks at the photographs of Hanssen on the wall. He can’t believe he was a part of taking down one of the biggest traitors in FBI history.

Eric looks around the office one last time before walking out with his briefcase in hand. As he steps out the door, he glances back one more time and smiles to himself. He knows he’s made a difference.



Eric strides confidently into the facility, ready to start his training. He’s eager to learn and prove himself to the Bureau.


Eric is introduced to the head of the training program, Agent Donovan. Donovan is a tough but fair instructor who only expects the best from his students. He explains the program to Eric and the importance of learning all the necessary skills to become a successful agent.

Eric listens intently, determined to be the best he can be. He knows that the training will be hard but he’s ready to take on the challenge.


The months pass quickly and soon it’s time for Eric to graduate. He stands proudly as Donovan shakes his hand and congratulates him. Eric has come such a long way and he’s proud of how far he’s come.


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