Ghostbusters II

“Laugh, Shriek, Repeat! An epic slime-soaked sequel full of supernatural comedy and ghost-busting glory!”

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The city that never sleeps had indeed been very awake when the paranormal had morphed from the realm of speculation to stark reality. But five years post the Gozer miracle, ‘The Big Apple’ had returned to its blasé, shoulder shrugging self. The Ghostbusters – Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore – once the city’s bravest line of defense, were now relics of an era everyone but them had happily forgotten.

Dr. Peter Venkman had mostly retired to a life of poorly viewed public access television as a host of “World of the Psychic”. Dr. Raymond Stantz and Winston Zeddemore, the dynamic duo of spectral extermination, were reduced to the ignominy of entertaining at children’s birthday parties. Dr. Egon Spengler, the brains of the operation, was now confined to a research lab at Columbia University.

Their headquarters, the old firehouse, stood vacant, a silent testimony to what was once a thrilling, albeit unusual, epoch. The once flashy signboard with “GHOSTBUSTERS” painted in bold red letters now hung crookedly, a layer of dust and grime obfuscating the bright crimson. The building housed old uniforms, spectral storage facilities, and a morose Ecto-1 — their once faithful, speedy, siren-blaring ambulance turned hearse. The Ghostbusters, as everyone in the city knew, were well and truly out of business.

Chapter 1: “The Afterglow”

On a sunny afternoon, a reluctant Winston Zeddemore stood surrounded by riotous children, their faces smeared with chocolate frosting, shrieking in anticipatory delight. Pinned to his chest was a faded ‘Ghostbusters’ logo, a far cry from the glory it once represented.

“Who do you want at your party?” He’d ask, hoping against hope for an unprecedented surge in popularity among the 8-year olds. Yet, the unanimous roar of “He-Man!” that usually greeted him, echoed again. Sighing, he fumbled with the proton pack prop, ready to launch into another half-hearted ghost chase for the day.

Meanwhile, across town in a charming apartment, Dana Barrett was drawn out of her peaceful routine by the uncanny behavior of her bathtub. A peculiar pink slime seemed to have claimed it as its residence. Looking at the baffling sight, she felt the shivers of a half-forgotten past creep up on her. Dana had had enough of spectral phenomena in a lifetime and knew whom she needed to call.

Peter Venkman, jolted out of his daily televised humdrum by Dana’s call, was intrigued and skeptical in equal measure. Ghosts were history, or so he had convinced himself. Yet, the scientist in him was intrigued by the reappearance of the paranormal in Dana’s residence.

As for Ray, the news of a possible ghost sighting was like an adrenaline spike. They hadn’t seen a wisp of a ghostly apparition in years, and he was more than eager to dust off his spectral analysis tools. Ecto-1, their trusted phantom-chasing vehicle, had been sitting untended. But this was a chance for Ray to bring back the old girl to life. His gloved fingers traced the rusty sides, causing a cloud of dust to rise, triggering a series of nostalgic reveries; exhilarating car chases, the blaring sirens, the camaraderie. All a part of a past that seemed another lifetime ago, yet a lifetime he yearned to return to.

Ray flung open the corroded garage doors and hauled out Ecto-1 into the sunlight. Birds hastily took to the sky, squawking as the wrench clashed with the screws, the air thick with the smell of oil and grease. The old ignition system grumbled under Ray’s dexterous hands, coughing and rumbling before the engine roared to life, the siren’s wail cutting through the quiet afternoon air. Ray, sitting behind the wheel of their majestic spectral beast, felt the thrill only a Ghostbuster could know. The wheels were in motion, quite literally now. New York City’s spectral guardians were not done yet; they were staging a comeback.

Chapter 2: “Reviving Ecto-1”

Ray Stantz stared at the old Ecto-1, their iconic Ghostbusters vehicle, feeling an odd blend of nostalgia and unease. The once blaring siren was mute; the flamboyant red and white paint had faded into anonymity. The dust blanket that covered it seemed almost metaphorical for the past five years – a time when the city had forgotten its spectral past and the team that saved it from paranormal menace.

He ran his hands over the cool, rusted metal, remembering the thrill of racing down New York streets, proton pack buzzing on his back. He missed the adrenaline, the camaraderie, hell; he even missed Slimer. After all, once you’ve crossed the streams, regular life seems unbearably dull.

When Winston had summoned him back to the firehouse with news of Dana’s ectoplasm-infested bathtub, Ray’s heart had inexplicably soared. Is it possible? Could the city that had sued them for property damage, that had laughed off their warnings, need the Ghostbusters again?

Well, if they were to face this new threat, they’d need wheels. Ray rolled up his sleeves and waded into the sea of decayed vehicle parts, optimistic and determined. Reviving Ecto-1 was more than a mechanical task; it was a spiritual rejuvenation, a resurrection of hope.

He worked tirelessly, fueled by devotion and punctuated with bouts of laughter. He found an old Twinkie lodged under a seat, an echo of an old joke about psychokinetic energy. He chuckled, remembering Egon’s hilariously serious face while explaining it. Trivial moments, perhaps, yet they were the glue holding them together during their ghost-busting adventures, transforming them from colleagues into brothers.

Days blurred into nights, the firehouse filled with the symphony of clanging tools and obscure 80s music. Ray was hyper-focused, a man possessed, his mind bursting with concepts as he tackled the nitty-gritty details. He was not just fixing an old car, he was reigniting a symbol of hope, resilience, and camaraderie, bringing back the Ghostbusters’ glory days.

Late one night, after hours of laborious work, Ray slumped against Ecto-1, exhausted but exultant. It wasn’t just the revived bodywork that gleamed under the dim lights, but the whole car seemed to vibrate with unseen energy, almost mirroring Ray’s own electric anticipation.

As he climbed into the driver’s seat, the familiar vinyl hug felt like home. With bated breath, he turned the ignition; the engine sputtered, protested, then roared to life. The siren wailed once more, piercing the quiet night with its old, familiar song. The sound echoed through the empty streets of New York, not as a blaring nuisance, but as a call to arms, a call to duty.

Ray sat back, a broad grin stretching across his face. The sound of Ecto-1’s siren was not just a promise of their comeback but a proclamation of hope for New York City. Ghostbusters were back, and they were ready for whatever spectral mess that was brewing in the city.

As he revved the engine, sending tremors of anticipation through Ecto-1, Ray knew that paranormal or not, they weren’t just any exterminators; they were the Ghostbusters. And no amount of bureaucratic red tape, public humiliation, or slime would ever change that.

Reviving Ecto-1 was more than a repair job; it was a spiritual overhaul, a calling to their destiny. As the cogs clicked into place, the axles started turning again, and the siren sounded its heroic melody, Ray felt something else reignite within him: the unshakeable spirit of a Ghostbuster. And with that, the stage was set for an adventure beyond the realm of the physical world, into the mysterious and the intangible. Ghosts, after all, had an odd habit of stirring up the most amusing kind of chaos.

Chapter 3: “Slime-Time”

Five years in retirement had left the Ghostbusters with a certain longing for the extraordinary, a desire to experience the inexplicable once more. And at the center of the third chapter, our once legendary ghost-hunting group faced something that was exactly in right up their alley – a bizarre pink slime that possessed what seemed to be transformative properties.

After receiving an urgent call from Dana, Peter Venkman raced to her apartment, lugging with him the good old ghost-detection equipment. Dana, fear palpable in her eyes, handed her baby, Oscar, to Peter. The child, oblivious to the gravity of the situation, gurgled and cooed, reaching for the myriad of knobs and blinking lights on the machinery. Peter, although not a natural with infants, surprisingly held Oscar with a familiarity that made Dana smile, a welcome sight amidst the chaos.

The real focal point, however, was the bathtub. It seemed ordinary, white porcelain gleaming under the bathroom lights, but it was anything but usual. The bathtub was the crime scene, the very epicenter of the eerie occurrence that had shaken Dana so forcefully from her peaceful life. It was from here that the mysterious pink slime had emerged, threatening to engulf her baby.

Peter gingerly approached the bathtub, examining it closely. To the naked eye, it was just an ordinary bathtub, but Peter had seen enough to know that supernatural elements could often cloak themselves in mundanity. His practiced eyes searched for clues – residual ectoplasmic energy, spectral footprints, anything out of the ordinary that could give them an inkling of what they were dealing with.

Meanwhile, Oscar had started to display peculiar behavior. The child, who minutes ago had been laughing and reaching out for Peter’s face, now sat on the floor, entranced by the bathtub. He babbled, reaching out to the empty tub, his little fingers moving as if tracing invisible forms. It was as if he could see something that the adults couldn’t.

Alarmed, Peter picked up Oscar, who continued to stare at the bathtub, his pudgy fingers reaching out towards the white porcelain. Even as Peter attempted to distract him, Oscar continued to show a singular focus towards the bathtub, showing an attachment that went beyond mere fascination. It didn’t take long for Peter to realize that the transformative pink slime had somehow impacted Oscar.

Back at the Ghostbusters’ HQ, Egon Spengler, their resident paranormal specialist, was engrossed in the analysis. In the buzzing lab full of reanimated old equipment, the petri dish containing the pink slime from Dana’s apartment occupied the center stage. Flickering screens glowed with complex data, bleeping machinery analyzing the extraordinary sample before them.

Peter entered, Oscar in his arms, who contrary to his previous behavior, was now engrossed in his own world, babbling and laughing. The Ghostbusters were faced with a double-edged sword. On one hand, the slime represented the level of paranormal activity they’d been craving for; on the other, it was a threat to a child’s life, which made their mission somewhat personal.

The days that followed were filled with a frantic flurry of activity. Egon, with the help of Ray, conducted extensive tests on the slime, trying to decipher its properties. Peter, with the newfound responsibility of caring for Oscar, grappled with the varying roles he’d been thrust into. It was a race against time to solve this paranormal puzzle and save the child from an unknown fate.

Throughout the chapter, the narrative energy oscillated between the humor derived from Peter’s abrupt babysitting duties and the eerie implications of the slime. The transformative pink goo, its properties still unexplored, had begun to exhibit noticeable changes in Oscar, pushing the Ghostbusters to look beyond their comical mishaps and into the very heart of a growing paranormal mystery.

As the chapter concluded, the team found themselves standing on the precipice of a situation that was shaping up to be even more challenging than their encounter with Gozer. They had a child to save, a city that was unknowingly on the brink of a supernatural upheaval, and a mystery that was unique in its own right. It was ‘Slime-Time’, and the Ghostbusters were once again on the clock.

Chapter 4: “Psychomagnotheric Slime”

The hustle and bustle of the Ghostbusters’ firehouse had reached an all-time peak. Egon, the designated, insatiable scientist of the group, was knee-deep in petri dishes and pipettes, examining the pink slime sample obtained from Dana’s bathtub incident. Back in their less-active days, the place had resembled a laid-back science lab; now it was a paranormal storm center.

Amidst the chaotic whirl of activity, Egon made a discovery that would set the pace for the rest of their ghost-hunting endeavors. The pink slime, which Egon decided to name “psychomagnotheric slime,” was not just a residual paranormal substance but a living, breathing, emotional creature. It absorbed, radiated, and mirrored human emotions. The implications of this discovery were as vast as they were frightening.

Mirth hovered over the firehouse as Egon announced his discovery. Peter, the incurable mischief-maker, was instantly filled with gleeful ideas. Armed with a vial of slime, he dashed around the firehouse, infusing it with joy and laughter. The slime responded in kind, its pink hue becoming a vibrant bubble-gum shade, wriggling and jiggling with happiness – much to the Ghostbusters’ bemusement.

However, the delight was short-lived when Ray pointed out the flip side. “If it reacts to positive emotions,” he mused, “what happens with negative ones?” They quickly discovered the alarming answer. When exposed to anger and negativity, the psychomagnotheric slime became volatile, its cheerfulness transforming into a seething fury that spewed like a volcanic eruption.

Amidst the excitement, they almost forgot about the looming threat – a threat that was silently brewing in the art museum of New York City. An ancient, malevolent entity named Vigo the Carpathian was slowly making his presence known. Housed in a centuries-old painting, Vigo was cunning and unforgiving. Feeding off the city’s negativity, he was growing stronger, planning to make his grand return and rule the world.

The Ghostbusters were quickly pulled into Vigo’s world when Janosz Poha, the museum’s curator and Dana’s coworker, became curiously attached to the painting. Receiving instructions from Vigo himself, Janosz was tasked with the job of choosing a child for Vigo’s return. The child, as it turned out, was Oscar, Dana’s baby boy.

Juggling bizarre baby-sitting duties, handling the volatile psychomagnotheric slime, and figuring out how to stop an evil tyrant from another century was not how the Ghostbusters had envisaged their return. But it was all hands on deck when they realized the connection. The pink slime was linked to Vigo. His growing strength was due to the city’s negativity feeding the slime, which in turn fed him.

While the Ghostbusters were plunging deeper into a paranormal myriad, New York City was pulsating with growth, change, and an increase in bad moods. The more the citizens argued, the stronger Vigo became. And the stronger Vigo got, the more the city’s negative energy increased. It was a vicious, cyclical, paranormal chain reaction.

The Ghostbusters found themselves caught in a race against time. Their goals were twofold: to boost the city’s positive energy and thus weaken Vigo, and to somehow disrupt the resurrection. It was an uphill battle, one filled with trials and errors, outlandish plans, comedic failures, and unprecedented adventures.

In the annals of the Ghostbusters, Chapter 4 was undoubtedly a turning point. With the discovery of psychomagnotheric slime and the rise of Vigo, they faced a host of new challenges and uncanny situations. Despite all odds, the Ghostbusters persisted, their spirit unbroken, their camaraderie unshaken. And above all, their humor never dwindled, even when faced with a tyrannical Carpathian ghost.

Chapter 5: “Painting Anti-social”

As the early morning sun seeped through the windows of the renovated firehouse, the Ghostbusters huddled around the possessed painting of Vigo the Carpathian. Its eyes seemed to eerily follow them, an uncomfortable trick of light and shadow that added an extra layer of creepiness to the haunting artwork.

“Get a load of Mr. Malevolent,” quipped Peter Venkman, staring into the malicious eyes of Vigo, trying to veil his unease with humor, as he was prone to do. “Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the 17th century.”

Ray Stantz, as the historical enthusiast in the group, was unusually captivated by the centuries-old painting. He began to reel off facts about Vigo’s reign of tyranny, his mysterious death, and the ominous legends of his promised return, adding a chill to the room that made their morning coffee suddenly taste bitter.

Egon Spengler, the ever-focused scientist, was more interested in the paranormal energy the painting radiated. It was akin to the psychomagnotheric slime, but stronger. The painting and the slime, he deduced, were connected somehow. But to what end?

“Vigo’s trying to come back,” Egon proposed, scribbling equations on his notepad, his brow furrowed in deep thought. “He’s using the negative energy in the city, the same energy feeding the slime, to resurrect himself.”

The revelation was met with incredulous looks. But as the team digested the implications, the room filled with determined resolve. They’d defeated Gozer. They could take down Vigo too.

Egon, with his wealth of theoretical knowledge, suggested a countermove. If Vigo was thriving on the city’s negative energy, they’d have to spread some positivity. This didn’t just mean uplifting the Ghostbusters team morale, but the spirits of New York City’s entire population. No small task considering the time of year – the end of December, when people were more likely to frown than smile.

Their brainstorming led to several outlandish plans, each more preposterous than the last, driving the team into fits of laughter. Their best shot involved projecting positive vibes onto the slime, hopefully reversing its effects, and using a modified version of the Ecto-1 to disperse it all over the city.

They had to hurry, though. Every moment they spent devising was another moment Vigo grew stronger. Their mission to dissipate positive energy was to be a race against time, against the city’s inherent gloom, and against Vigo’s mounting power.

Every tick of the clock, every surge in Vigo’s menacing aura, and every ripple of laughter in the firehouse was a stark reminder of their impending face-off. The iconoclastic quartet of Ghostbusters was about to wage another ghostly war, this time with the positivity of an entire city as their ammunition.

But amidst their scramble to disrupt Vigo’s resurrection, the Ghostbusters hadn’t forgotten who they were – a band of misfits turned unlikely heroes. Their camaraderie, humor, and unyielding resolution were their true weapons. So, they laughed, they quipped, they bickered, and they rolled up their sleeves, ready to save their city once again. Vive la resistance, New York City style!

“Alright, let’s show this prehistoric art how we do things downtown,” Venkman declared finally, his eyes glimmering with determination, a grin just hinting at the corners of his mouth. This was their reality, their absurd, wonderful reality – they were the Ghostbusters, and they had a city to save. The painting of Vigo the Carpathian, no matter how formidable, seemed a little less menacing as the Ghostbusters rose, regrouped, and prepared to launch their counter-assault. Let the citywide cheering up begin!

Chapter 6: “Slime-Soaked City”

Having deciphered the connection between the growing resentment in New York and the surge of Psychomagnotheric Slime, a.k.a mood slime, the narrative lunges forward as the Ghostbusters prepare for the mammoth task of detoxifying a city drowned in anger and negativity.

Ironically, the gloom of the situation creates a perfect milieu for comedy. From pink-slimed sewer gators wreaking havoc in Central Park to a troupe of Broadway dancers, stuck perpetually in a choreographed routine due to a mischievous dollop of mood slime, the Ghostbusters have their hands full.

Vigo, lurking within the confines of his canvas prison, is not idle. He retaliates by exacerbating the slime spread, manipulating the city’s sewage system. Invading households and subway stations, the slime compounds the city’s problems, and strikingly, its bad mood.

The Ghostbusters find themselves dealing with more than just a paranormal problem. The city’s mood worsening, finds them navigating not just through rivers of slime but also through a sea of disgruntled, exasperated New Yorkers. From irate hot dog vendors with pink slime-infused sausages to angry commuters slipping on slimed subway platforms, the circumstances teeter on the precipice of absurdity. Their endeavors, bursting with comedic charm, become theatrical and all-consuming.

Back at their headquarters, the Ghostbusters, while covered in pink goo and met with a wall of citywide complaints, also grapple with a surge of ghosts that the slime has unleashed. The occasional spectral Terrier or spectral Opera singer who was mid-rehearsal in her previous life – it’s chaos and laughter bundled together. They are stretched to their limit, testing their patience and their bond.

In a hilariously disastrous attempt, the Ghostbusters decide to fight slime with slime. Equipped with slime blasters filled with positively charged mood slime, they prowl the city, spraying cheer and good vibrations. The results are mixed. A formerly angry taxi driver breaks into a joyful rendition of “New York, New York,” while a slimed, perturbed Wall Streetbroker abruptly starts distributing his money to the poor.

The Ghostbusters themselves are not immune to the humorous effects. Winston becomes overly chatty, sharing a neverending string of childhood stories. Ray, on the other hand, is overwhelmed with an urge to hug every New Yorker he comes across. Egon develops a strange obsession with Broadway musical numbers. And Peter, in an outlandishly funny scene, starts proposing to every woman he meets, blaming it on a slime-induced overflow of love.

Amidst the laughs, tension simmers as Vigo’s impending return looms. Despite their efforts, the Ghostbusters realize they can’t clean the city one slime splash at a time; they’re going to need a bigger plan. As the city sleeps under a sheen of pink, the Ghostbusters huddle, covered in slime and exhaustion, pulling together one last desperate plan to save their city.

As the chapter closes, the tone darkens, the city is quiet, eerily silent. The Empire State Building stands tall, its pinnacle disappearing into the night, covered in an unholy sheen of mood slime. As the Ghostbusters stare out at their slime-soaked city, they stifle their fears, hold onto their humor and prepare for the final showdown with Vigo. They understand one thing pretty well – if they’re going to go down, they will go down with swag, and of course, laughing.

Chapter 7: “City of Light”

As the last chapter of this comedic, supernatural saga opens, New Year’s Eve is approaching at breakneck speed, and the Ghostbusters are running out of time – Vigo’s strength is growing with each passing minute. He feeds on the city’s negativity and fear, making his imminent return ever more potent.

In their underground headquarters, Ray, Winston and Egon rush to finalize their plan as Peter enters, carrying a jubilant baby Oscar, the stench of the mysterious pink slime clinging to his clothes. But the baby’s laughter gives them hope – the first positive energy they’ve encountered in days. They realize they need more of this – more laughter, more positivity.

Ray suggests a collection of humorous anecdotes – each Ghostbuster sharing their most laughable misadventure. They pour their spirits into the story-telling, filling the room with laughter. The pink slime, stored for experimentation, reacts positively and begins to glow. An idea thunders into their minds simultaneously – they could use this positive energy to counteract Vigo’s negative influence.

A plan is formed – they will drench the city in positively-charged slime, triggering a wave of positivity that Vigo won’t be able to resist. But this is no small task. The Ghostbusters need to gather enough positive energy to charge the slime and a way to distribute it throughout the city. The city sewage system, once the harbinger of chaos, now becomes their salvation.

The Ghostbusters work tirelessly, rigging a system that pumps the positively charged slime throughout the city. They know that the stroke of midnight is their golden opportunity—when the city collectively sings “Auld Lang Syne”, an outpouring of positivity will ensue.

However, Vigo is no fool. He senses the Ghostbusters’ plan and retaliates, his eerie image broadcasting across the city, sowing dread. The Ghostbusters don’t waver; the city’s panic is overwhelming, but they hold firm. Their mission is clear – amplify the city’s positivity and drown out Vigo’s fear-inducing influence.

Midnight draws near, the city folk begin to gather in Times Square. The Ghostbusters, running on fumes, fight off Vigo’s minions while making their final preparations. Using the city’s sound system, they tap into the countdown, leading a city-wide rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”.

As the first strains of the song fill the city, the Ghostbusters brace themselves. They flip the switch, and positively-charged pink slime begins to flow through the sewage system, infiltrating the city’s foundations. As the chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” reaches its climax, the slime erupts from the city’s water fountains and manholes, showering the city in pink.

NYC, usually known for its hard exterior, softens under the unexpected pink rain. Laughter bubbles up, echoing through the streets. The wave of positivity is palpable, a tangible force that battles Vigo’s negative aura with resilience.

As the last notes of “Auld Lang Syne” fade into the night, Vigo’s influence retreats. The ghostly tyrant, devoid of the fear and negativity he thrives upon, weakens. The painting, once brimming with malevolence, returns to its lifeless state.

The city erupts in cheers, the threat dismissed, replaced by pink-streaked joy and relief. The Ghostbusters, exhausted but content, share a hearty laugh, their purpose renewed amongst the chaos. The chapter closes with the Ghostbusters out of retirement, back in business, ready to bust any ghost that dares mess with their city. Ghostbusters, huddled together amid positive pink slime, welcome the new year, their bond stronger than ever.

And so, bathed in the first light of the new year, New York City – the city of ghosts, of pink slime, and resilient humanity – emerges as the City of Light. The city that conquered fear, that laughed in the face of peril, that sang joyously at the stroke of midnight. The city that brought the Ghostbusters out of retirement and back into the heart of the action. The city that never sleeps, the city that always hopes.

Some scenes from the movie Ghostbusters II written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see the iconic New York City skyline. It’s calm, peaceful, and notably unhaunted. The logo of “Ghostbusters” lingers on a skyscraper, faded and forgotten.



WINSTON ZEDDEMORE (mid-40s, muscular, still full of life) entertains a group of KIDS, wearing a Ghostbuster uniform, telling wild stories of his days as a Ghostbuster.


(acting scared)

Then, Gozer the Gozerian, shifted shape into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!



That’s silly, Mr. Zeddemore!

Before Winston responds, his PHONE RINGS. He sees the caller ID, DANA BARRETT.



Close up on the bathtub full of PINK SLIME, bubbling ominously. DANA (mid-30s, beautiful, concerned) is on the phone with Winston.



There’s slime, Winston. Just like before.


(chalk white)

I’m on my way, Dana.



Winston drives off, the Ghostbusters logo on his van faded, peeling. He looks at it, sighs; the past is back, whether he likes it or not. The city skyline looms in the mirror as he leaves the party behind.



Scene 2


RAY STANTZ, late 30s, heavy-set but agile, is hunched over an ENGINE, his hands smeared with grease.

Below a DUST COVER, we glimpse the iconic ECTO-1 – worn but still carrying an aura of ghost-busting glory.


She still purrs?

Ray looks up to see WINSTON ZEDDEMORE, tall, athletic, and with a hint of nostalgia in his eyes.


Just like the old days.

They pull the dusty cover off ECTO-1, revealing her in all her battered charm.


Who would’ve thought we’d be getting this old girl up and running again?

Ray shrugs, a mischievous glint in his eye.


Well, Winston…it’s not like we have a choice. The slime’s back.

They share a knowing look. Ray gets in ECTO-1, turns the ignition, and the car ROARS to life.

The overhead light illuminates the GHOSTBUSTERS LOGO on the side of the car. The siren wails – a sound of impending chaos and hilarity.


Let’s show this city a little ghost-busting magic.

As ECTO-1 zooms out of the garage, Winston and Ray exchange a determined nod. They’re back in business.



Scene 3



Dana, a beautiful cellist and mother, watches as her son Oscar waddles around the room. Suddenly, Oscar stumbles into a pink PUDDLE OF SLIME.



She rushes to him, pulling him away. For a split second, we see the slime GLOW.



Peter Venkman, once a suave conman now a tried dad-figure, babysits Oscar while the other Ghostbusters examine the slime.


(Oscar, no more slime baths, okay?)

Oscar giggles, smearing SLIME on Peter’s lab coat.


(Man, you have it rough.)


(At least he’s not spewing ectoplasm.)

Suddenly, the slime BUBBLES, startling them. Egon, the intelligent, no-nonsense Ghostbuster, look intrigued.


(This slime… It’s reacting to our jesting.)


(So, it’s…happy?)


(Or it’s feeding off our positive emotions.)

Rays eyes widen, he gathers a sample. Peter sighs, wiping slime off his face.


(And I thought being slimed by a ghost was the worst.)

They LAUGH, the slime bubbles more ferociously. They share a look, realizing the magnitude of what they’ve just discovered.



Scene 4


On a table, a jar containing the PINK SLIME vibrates and SPARKLES then settles down. EGON SPENGLER, scientific genius, studies it. PETER VENKMAN, the smooth-talking psychologist, watches with WISTON ZEDDEMORE.


This slime, it’s psychomagnotheric. It reacts to human emotion.


Great, slimy mood ring.

Egon raises an eyebrow at Peter.


It’s more than that, Peter. It can be a conduit for spiritual energy.


RAY STANTZ, the heart of the team, stands before a massive portrait of VIGO THE CARPATHIAN. He can’t shake a feeling of unease.



Guys, I think we have a problem…


The Ghostbusters gather at the museum. The portrait of VIGO seems to WATCH them.


Vigo’s energy seems somehow connected to the slime.


So, we have a tyrannical mood ring. What a day.

Ray and Egon glare at Peter, but Winston laughs.


As long as it doesn’t start singing, we’re good.

They all share a LAUGH, but their eyes remain on the portrait, the seriousness of the situation sinking in.


Scene 5


A gigantic painting of VIGO THE CARPATHIAN looms over them.

EGON (40s, scientist with a dry sense of humor) is studying the painting while PETER (40s, sarcastic jokester) and RAY (40s, passionate about paranormal) banter.


They can’t get ladies to pose for them, so they paint ugly old tyrants.


Peter, this isn’t a joke.

Suddenly, WINSTON (40s, the skeptic) enters the room holding a jar of pink psychomagnotheric SLIME.


Guys, you gotta see this.

Everyone gathers around. Winston drops a small negative thought and the slime reacts violently. Laughter fills the room.


Remember, don’t feed it after midnight!


According to my analysis, this slime reacts to human emotions, particularly the negative ones.


And this slime is flowing through the city as we speak.

Everyone turns to the painting of VIGO. A sense of realization dawns on them.


Vigo’s feeding off the city’s negative emotions through the slime.


Just our luck, the city runs on negative emotions!

They all look at each other, aware of the challenge in front of them.


We need to turn the city’s mood around.


Talk about a mood swing, we need a miracle!



Scene 6


RAY STANTZ (50s, quirky scientist), WINSTON ZEDDEMORE (50s, stern, straight-shooter), PETER VENKMAN (50s, smug, charming) and EGON SPENGLER (50s, eccentric, deadpan) monitor a large map of New York City, illuminated in PINK where slime flows.


Well, boys, our Pink Lady is painting the town red. Except, you know, pink.


This isn’t just any pink though. It’s psychomagnotheric slime.


And it’s spreading FAST.

Egon points to multiple PINK HOTSPOTS on the map.


The slime is reacting to the city’s negativity and it’s energizing Vigo.

Suddenly, an ALARM SOUNDS, red lights flash.


Slime surge detected in Central Park.


We better suit up, guys.


The Ghostbusters, now in full gear, climb into ECTO-1. The famous GHOSTBUSTER SIREN blares as they speed out.


Ghostbusters arrive to find a GIANT SLIME MONSTER wreaking havoc. They draw their PROTON PACKS.


Remember the good old days when we used to catch simple, non-giant phantoms?

They fire at the Slime Monster. Each hit causes it to flail and churn but it keeps coming.


We need more positivity!

Peter spots a STREET MUSICIAN (20s, enthusiastic) playing “Walking on Sunshine” on his guitar.


Hey Sunshine, care for a duet?

Peter grabs another guitar, starts playing along. The positive vibrations hit the Slime Monster and it begins to shrivel.


Good idea, Venkman!

Everybody starts SINGING ALONG. The Slime Monster shrinks, eventually getting sucked into the Ghostbuster’s trap. The city CHEERS.


We’re going to need more of this positive energy to fight Vigo.


Author: AI