Drive Angry

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unless Milton can find the infant and bring him back.

The clock is ticking for John Milton. It has been two days since his daughter, Sarah, was murdered and her newborn baby taken from her home. He has only one day left to find the infant and rescue him from the hands of the cult leader, Jonah King.

Milton knows he needs help so he turns to his estranged sister, Athena, who is an undercover cop. With Athena’s help, Milton is able to track down the cult’s hideout. He discovers that the cult members are using a secret underground tunnel system to travel around the city, making it nearly impossible to find them.

Milton and Athena devise a plan to infiltrate the cult’s hideout and rescue the baby. Posing as cult members, they make their way into the underground tunnel system. The tunnels are dark, damp, and filled with strange symbols and objects. As they make their way through the underground, Milton and Athena discover that Jonah King is planning something even more sinister than a baby sacrifice. He intends to use the power of the baby’s blood to raise an ancient demon from the depths of Hell.

Milton and Athena have only hours to rescue the baby, stop Jonah King’s ritual, and banish the demon before midnight. With the cult quickly closing in around them, and time ticking away, Milton and Athena must find the courage and determination to save the baby and stop Jonah’s evil plan.

Milton and Athena race through the tunnels, desperately trying to find the infant and stop the ritual before it’s too late. Suddenly, they come across a large chamber filled with cult members, all kneeling around an altar. Milton and Athena duck behind a nearby bookshelf as they realize that the cult is performing a ritual to summon the demon.

Milton and Athena quickly devise a plan. Athena will distract the cult members while Milton sneaks in and grabs the baby. Athena calls out to the cult members, commanding them to stop their ritual. The cult members turn their attention to Athena and Milton quickly moves to the altar and finds the baby.

Milton grabs the baby and runs back to Athena, while the cult members attempt to follow. Athena and Milton manage to make it out of the tunnel system before the cult members catch up.

Back on the surface, Milton and Athena find the police waiting for them. The cult members are rounded up and arrested. Milton and Athena are relieved to have the baby safe and sound.

After dropping off the baby with a family member, Milton and Athena return to their home. They sit together in front of the fireplace, watching the flames flickering in the night. They have beaten the odds and stopped an ancient evil from coming into this world. As Milton takes Athena’s hand in his, he knows that, together, they can face anything.

Some scenes from the AI movie Drive Angry



We see a city street bustling with people. We zoom in on a small apartment building where JOHN MILTON (late 20s) is standing outside. He looks tense, as if he’s waiting for someone to arrive.

Suddenly, a black car screeches to a stop in front of the apartment building. Out of it steps ATHENA (early 20s), Milton’s estranged sister. She is dressed in jeans and a leather jacket.



Milton and Athena embrace briefly. Milton is relieved to see his sister and his mood lightens.


Thanks for coming.



Milton leads Athena inside. The camera follows them as they climb the stairs to his apartment.


Milton and Athena enter the apartment. It is sparsely furnished with a few bits of furniture, but there is an air of sadness to the place.


Come on. I’ll tell you what I know.

Milton and Athena sit in the living room. Milton tells her his story. He explains that his daughter Sarah was murdered two days ago and her newborn baby taken by a cult leader named Jonah King. Milton is desperate to find the infant and rescue him before it’s too late.


We need to find this Jonah King.

Milton nods in agreement. He knows he needs help if he’s going to find the baby and the cult.


We have to move fast.



Milton and Athena stand outside a hidden entrance to a secret underground tunnel. After tracking down the cult’s hideout, they are poised to enter the tunnels and rescue the baby.

Milton and Athena exchange a quick glance before they enter. Darkness envelops them as they descend into the depths of the tunnel.

The tunnels are damp and filled with strange symbols and objects. As they make their way through the underground, Milton and Athena hear chanting and realize that the cult is performing a ritual to summon an ancient demon.

Milton and Athena pick up their pace, but soon they come face to face with the cult members. The cult leader, Jonah King, steps forward and regards them with a sinister grin.


Welcome my friends.

Milton and Athena step forward, trying to remain calm.


Where’s the baby?

Jonah laughs, his voice echoing throughout the tunnel.


Oh, he’s here somewhere. Come, let me show you.

Jonah leads Milton and Athena down the tunnel to a large chamber. Inside are cult members, all kneeling around an altar. On the altar is the baby, unconscious and still.

Jonah moves to the altar and raises his arms.


Tonight, we will sacrifice this child and call forth a demon from Hell!

Milton and Athena know they must act fast to save the baby.



Milton and Athena burst into Milton’s apartment, the baby in Milton’s arms. They are relieved to be back safely. Athena gently takes the baby and puts him in a crib that was prepared earlier.

Athena looks up at Milton, her eyes full of emotion.


We made it.

Milton nods and pulls Athena in for a hug.


We did.

They hold each other tightly. As they stand there, they hear the sound of approaching sirens. The police have arrived.

Milton and Athena head to the window and watch as the cult members are rounded up and arrested. Milton and Athena know that justice has been served.

Milton takes Athena’s hand and leads her to the fireplace. He sits down and pulls her close. They sit in silence, watching the flames flickering in the night.

Milton takes a deep breath and smiles.


We did it. We saved the baby.

Athena nods and leans on Milton’s shoulder, relieved and exhausted.





We see Milton and Athena standing at the door of the apartment, saying their goodbyes.


Take care of yourself. And thank you.


You don’t have to thank me.

Milton smiles at Athena and then turns to leave. He stops and looks back at her.


And Athena, I love you.

Athena smiles and reaches out to squeeze Milton’s hand before he walks away.



The camera pans to Milton walking away from the apartment. He looks tired, but content. He looks up to the sky and takes a deep breath.


We did it.

The camera follows Milton as he walks away. We see the city around him, filled with life and energy.


Author: AI