I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

“In the heart of paradise, nightmares rise from the deep, and a year-old secret demands a blood-curdling revenge.”

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A blood-red sun sank beneath the horizon, casting long, eerie shadows across the deserted Bayfront. Julie James stared out over the water, her heart a lead weight in her chest. The sight of the tranquil ocean used to bring her comfort, a chance to escape from the stifling small-town life. But now, it only served as a bitter reminder.

It had been a year since that fateful night when the Fisherman, a figure now rooted in her most terrorizing nightmares, had revealed himself as the storm of her life. She’d fought him, killed him even. Or so she’d thought. She was free, wasn’t she? But the freedom tasted like ashes, accompanied by an unshakeable paranoia that seemed to haunt her every step.

Chapter 1: Bayfront Memories

A wailing siren pierced the still night, startling Julie from her reverie. Cold dread pooled in her stomach as she turned to face it. There, parked outside her apartment, was a patrol car. The men that emerged were local cops, their faces grim and foreboding.

“Julie James?” One of them asked, casting an equally solemn glance her way. She nodded mutely, her mouth too dry to form words.

“We found this drifting in the harbor,” he said, extending a gloved hand to present a worn fisherman’s cap. Her heart sank. It was a macabre souvenir, an equivalent of the Fisherman’s phantom grip on her life.

But, amidst the fear relapse, a flicker of hope ignited inside her. The following day, packing her belongings into a suitcase, she clung to the idea that the Bahamas would offer her the escape she desperately craved. Karla’s surprise win of four tickets was an opportunity, a chance to shake the dust of a dreadful year off her heels.

Ultimately, there was optimism in the air as Julie, Karla, and their friends wrapped up their life in the coastal town temporarily. Julie drank in the sight of the restive ocean one last time, the Bayfront shimmering in the moonlight, the water lapping at the frigid November tiles, its deceptive peace cloaking an undercurrent of terror she’d experienced.

The journey to the Bahamas was filled with an infectious euphoria. Amongst laughter and companionship, Julie nudged her apprehensions into a corner of her mind. Once they arrived and settled into their beachfront resort, it felt like they were a world away from the sinister specter that had held Julie’s life hostage for the past year.

However, comfort is often fleeting. It was not long before the first anonymous note arrived. It was just two words, but enough to plunge Julie back into the icy grip of fear. ‘I know,’ it read. The simplicity of the message was what terrified her the most.

In the subsequent days, Julie tried to confront her fears. A recurring nightmare, where she was chased relentlessly through the foggy streets by the Fisherman, kept her on edge. His laughter echoed in her ears, the sound as chilling as a winter wind. The phantom pains of his hook scraping against her arm seemed all too real.

Despite her best efforts to keep her fears concealed, Karla noticed her abrupt change in demeanor. Brushing it off as just a reaction to the dramatic shift in their surroundings, she told Julie to relax and enjoy the island. Little did they know, their lives were about to take a sinister turn.

Just as the sun began to sink, casting a shadow over the island and their lives, Julie saw him. Or she thought she did. A figure, shrouded in darkness, loomed at the edge of her vision. Her heart pounded, the memory of the cap and the note, enough to send her spiraling.

“Karla,” she choked out, pointing at the vanishing figure. But it was too late. The figure had disappeared, leaving nothing but a trace of fear behind. The Fisherman had come to reclaim his vengeance, shattering the fragile peace of their island escape. Julie knew then: the real horror had only just begun.

Chapter 2: The Unbidden Guest

Julie and Karla disembark from the flight, feeling the balmy Bahamas breeze on their face. The sun is setting, drenching the palms in honey-gold hues. Despite the surrounding beauty, Julie can’t shake the memory of the Fisherman, her heart pounded heavily in her chest, the ghosts of her past refusing to recede.

They check into their island resort, a paradise with sparkling turquoise waters. Karla explored the room with excitement; Julie’s attempts at feigning enthusiasm are futile. After settling down, they collect resort information from bright-eyed staff and exchange pleasantries. Julie attempts to relax, immersing herself in the surroundings, yet the fear remains, clinging tightly.

After dinner, they return to their room to find a note slipped under their door. The sight of it sends a chill down Julie’s spine. It’s a simple piece of paper, bearing only a handwritten note: “I still know.” The handwriting sends a cold ripple of recognition through Julie. It was the same scrawl she’d seen a year ago, the ominous handwriting that belonged to the Fisherman.

Karla is quick to dismiss it as a prank, yet Julie is not so easily swayed. She begins to feel suffocated, the walls of the resort room seemingly closing in on her. Her eyes dart to every corner, every shadow, expecting the Fisherman to leap out at any moment.

Julie retires to bed early but finds sleep elusive. Her dreams are invaded by the Fisherman’s haunting figure, his coat billowing in the wind, a hook gleaming in moonlight. She awakens in a cold sweat, heart pounding against her ribcage. She is drowning in fear, her own mind betraying her.

Over the next few days, Julie tries to convince herself that the scrawled message was just a prank, an unfortunate coincidence. Despite her efforts, her paranoia creeps in like a fog, settling heavily around her. During the daylight hours, she’s relatively calm, but at night, her fears amplify, the darkness seeming to hide unspeakable horrors.

A few days into their vacation, the Bahamas island organizes a grand festival. Lights are strung up, music fills the air, and the atmosphere hums with carefree joy. Amidst the revelry, Julie spots a familiar face in the crowd, a hint of the Fisherman’s rugged features reflected in an islander’s face. Her heart lurches in her chest, an icy dread washing over her.

They say that fear has a flavor, that it tastes sharp and metallic, but Julie realizes it also has a sound, a haunting whisper carried by the wind, a haunting echo of the past. Her nightmares and the islander’s twisted resemblance to the Fisherman casts an ominous shadow over their Bahamian vacation.

As the island nighttime festival comes to a close, Julie finds herself increasingly drawn into her own mind, her fears spiraling out of control. Despite Karla’s reassurances, Julie can’t quell the terror that has taken root in her heart. She stands on the precipice of a paranoia-fueled breakdown, the fear of the Fisherman’s return pushing her further into the abyss of her own psyche.

“The Unbidden Guest” ends on a chilling note as Julie confronts the reality of her fears, realizing that she may never escape the Fisherman’s haunting presence. The chapter successfully keeps readers on the edge of their seats, using suspense and gripping storytelling to generate intrigue and terror in equal measure. The Fisherman’s looming threat ensures that readers will be eager to delve into the next chapter, seeking answers and the resolution of Julie’s terrifying predicament.

Chapter 3: A Face in the Crowd

Despite the tranquil setting of the Bahamas, Julie James found herself unable to unwind. A persistent shadow of paranoia persistently lingered over her. On day three of their vacation, a local festival was held, the air buzzing with excitement, vibrant colors, and the exotic beats of Bahamian music.

Featured were traditional dancers, musicians, and food stalls lined up, serving mouth-watering local delicacies. Julie tried her best to participate in the jubilation. She laughed at Karla’s attempts at local dance, savored the aromatic conch fritters, and even participated in a Bahamian domino competition. Yet a sensation of being observed persistently nagged her.

As the day wore on, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Tantalizing flickers of familiarity prickled her skin with every turn of the head, every whisper of the wind, every rustle of the crowd. The terror he had instilled in her was resurging, tainting her thoughts and poisoning her peace.

When the sun began to set, bathing the island in an eerie orange light, Julie thought she saw him. Amongst the crowd, a silhouette that bore too much resemblance to her nightmare manifested. A figure clad in a long coat and a hat, the Fisherman.

She froze, the laughter and music around her fading into a deafening silence. She was hyper-focused, her eyes widening, her heart pounding in her chest. But as she blinked, the figure disappeared.

Her panic was palpable, her breath hitching as Karla, finally noticing, rushed to comfort her. “Julie, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. You’re safe here,” she reassured, hugging her tightly.

But Julie wasn’t convinced. She spent the rest of the evening scrutinizing every passerby suspiciously. Despite Karla’s endless support, she decided to start her covert investigation.

Over the next few days, she found herself drawn to the island’s history. The ancient tales of shipwrecked sailors, pirates, and fishermen sparked her interest, and a particular tale about a drowned fisherman sent shivers down her spine.

While exploring the island, Julie stumbled upon a dilapidated shack, hidden behind thick, twisty vines. Upon closer inspection, she found remnants of fishing gear, the sight of which startled her. Her heart thudded as she found a slicker coat, much like the one the Fisherman wore.

Terrified, Julie felt a wave of freezing fear wash over her. She frantically explored the shack further, uncovering weathered newspaper clippings. The articles detailed a man who supposedly died at sea but was reported seen around the island, much after his death. The realization hit her — the Fisherman was alive, and he was on this island.

Rattled, she rushed back to Karla, the ramshackle fisherman articles clutched tightly in her hands. She knew convincing Karla would be a challenge, but she had to try. The weight of the truth throbbed in her ears, the danger they were in becoming alarmingly clear.

The chapter ends with Julie attempting to convince an unbelieving Karla that their tropical escape had turned into a menacing trap. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long, haunting shadows over the island, a chilling question hung in the air – was the Fisherman really back from the dead?

Chapter 4: Unraveling Secrets

As dawn stained the Caribbean sky with a splash of orange hues, Julie’s tension tightened like a coil. The smiling faces of tourists around her were a cruel reminder of her internal turmoil. The sense of being a prey in a paradise, hunted by a relentless predator, was an ironic contrast to the idyllic Bahamian islands.

Spurred by a haunting sense of déjà vu and an unshakable suspicion of the Fisherman’s existence, Julie decided to unravel the island’s mystery. She was a woman haunting and haunted in equal measure, her senses sharp as the fishhook of her nightmares.

Crossing through winding alleys and night markets, she found herself standing before the town’s oldest library, a timeworn, coral-stone building. Its dusty windows peered out from under a thatched roof like wary eyes. With a sense of foreboding, she pushed the ancient door and stepped into a world of old, musty books that reminded her of the forgotten lessons of history.

As Julie sifted through stacks of parchment and ink-filled chronicles, she discovered tales of shipwreck survivors stranded on these islands, whispers of ghostly figures in raincoats, and ledger entries of missing people that oddly spiked each summer. Each piece of information seemed like a puzzle in a wretched game whose rules she was just beginning to understand.

Driven by a chilling hunch, Julie tugged out an old faded newspaper from a cluttered corner. The headline screamed of a vengeful fisherman who’d met an unfortunate death a year ago. Her heart pounded in her chest like a war drum. She traced the image of the dead man with trembling fingers. Though scarred and disfigured by injuries, she recognized him with nauseating certainty. The fisherman from her nightmares, Ben Willis, stared back at her from the weathered pages.

His story, as reported in the local press, featured murky explanations of his resurrection and subsequent sightings, wrapped in a shroud of folklore and local superstition. Each word Julie read, each account she heard from the islanders added to the disorientation. The narrative was as complex and unpredictable as the island’s labyrinthine streets.

She learned of a ritual performed on the island by a Voodoo priestess that could resurrect the dead. The mere thought sent icy prickles down her spine. It mentioned Willis’s long-standing vendetta with a group of youngsters, an eerily accurate reflection of her own reality.

Haunted by the implications, Julie returned to the suite she shared with Karla. As she opened the door, a gust of wind blew in, carrying an all too familiar scent of sea salt and fish reminding her of Willis. Her heart clenched at the irony; a glowing, tropical paradise was turning into their worst nightmare.

At that moment, the phone in the suite rang, the shrill tone piercing the sounds of the crashing waves. She picked up, a torrent of emotions welling up as a hoarse voice on the other end uttered, “I still know, Julie.”

Her heart seized. The line went dead. The nightmare was very real, and it was only just beginning. The Fisherman had returned, confirming her darkest fear. She was trapped on this island, trapped in a nightmarish sequel of a horror story that she thought ended last summer.

Her quiet sobs dissolved into the relentless sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Yet, she felt a strange sense of determination solidifying within her. Julie realized she had to face her nightmare head-on if she hoped to survive this vacation-turned-bloodbath.

The island’s secrets had become a monstrous reality, but it was the strength within Julie, born from desperation, that was the story’s real turning point. As thunderstorms began to obscure the radiant Bahamian sky, Julie steeled herself for the storm awaiting her. The seeds of the Fisherman’s vengeance had sprouted into a terrifying tree, but Julie was ready to fell it, no matter what it took.

The frightening odyssey of a summer vacation was far from over, and as night fell, Julie realized, the real horror was just beginning to unfold. The island was playing host to a deadly game of cat and mouse, and she was the unwilling participant. With the specter of the Fisherman looming around every corner, Julie James was ready to do whatever it took to end the nightmare once and for all.

Chapter 5: Out of the Shadows

Julie’s heart pounded in her chest as she hurriedly pushed through the dense foliage, the rustling of leaves and twigs piercing the night. The moon was but a faint glimmer, the ominous clouds casting a heavy shadow over the otherwise tranquil island. The remnants of their beach bonfire crackled in the distance, a cruel reminder of the hysteria that had abruptly turned their night of revelry into a chilling nightmare.

Beads of sweat trickled down her face as she clutched the weather-worn map tight in her grip. The macabre history of the island that she had unraveled earlier gnawed at her, spiraling her thoughts into a vortex of fear and dread. Each rustling bush, each distant echo seemed to harmonize with her racing heartbeat, forming a dreadful symphony of paranoia.

But there was something else. A sound that did not belong. The soft, chilling hum of a sea shanty carried on the wind. The Fisherman’s lullaby.

Her breath hitched as images of the hulking figure, wrapped in a slicker and wielding a deadly hook, throttled her composure. She could almost feel those cold, determined eyes tracking her every move. She shook her head forcefully, attempting to discard the terrifying image. But her subconscious fear had a stronger grip on her. Then, as though the universe conspired against her peace, the humming grew louder.


The persistent hum transformed into the bone-chilling echo of heavy boots crunching on the undergrowth. The echo bounced off the trees, making it impossible to discern the direction of the incoming threat. Her breathing turned ragged as adrenaline surged through her veins, compelling her body into a mechanic response – fight or flight.

“Karla,” she whispered into the hand-held communicator they had earlier distributed among the group. Static buzzed in response, then Karla’s voice crackled through, “Julie, are you okay?”

The brief distraction was enough. A sudden burst of movement, too fast for her adrenaline-pumped body to react. A rough hand spun her around, a stifled yelp escaping her lips before being muffled by a gloved hand. She came face-to-face with her worst nightmare, the silhouette of the Fisherman illuminated by the eerie moonlight.

His humming ceased, replaced by a chilling silence that wrestled with the deafening sound of her pounding heart. The figure tilted his head slightly, the glistening hook raised threateningly under the dim moonlight. His hold tightened, the stench of salt and decay invading her senses, pushing her to fight back.

Summoning all her strength, she slammed her knee into his side. He grunted, his grip loosening around her just enough for her to wriggle free. She stumbled back, her mind processing the scene before her in macabre slow motion.

The Fisherman lunged at her, his hook slashing through the air. A scream tore from her throat as she sidestepped, the deadly weapon missing her by a hair’s breadth. Panicked, she sprinted into the wilderness, her senses heightened, her fears personified in the relentless pursuer behind her.

The island had transformed into an arena, the sounds of pursuit echoing through the once tranquil labyrinth of trees. Julie sprinted, cutting through the undergrowth like a hunted animal, evading the relentless hunter. Her breaths were ragged, her legs burning from exertion, but the chilling visage of the Fisherman fueled her to keep going.

Her communicator crackled to life, Karla’s frantic voice echoing, “Julie, where are you?”

“I’m being chased… The Fisherman…” she panted in response, stumbling over exposed tree roots in her haste, her near-escape from the Fisherman’s hook replaying in her mind. She could hear the anxiety in Karla’s brief silence – the sudden realization that their tropical dream had warped into a nightmare hunting ground.

“Stay alive, Julie!” Karla’s voice rang out, a rally cry against the terror that had engulfed them.

The chase seemed endless, the rhythmic echoing of the Fisherman’s boots against the forest floor a terrifying metronome. Suddenly, the shadowy figure lunged at her from an unseen hideout, his hook slashing through the air. Julie barely managed to dive aside, the hook embedding itself into a tree trunk with a terrifying thud.

Panting heavily, she took off running once again, the chilling sight of the Fisherman yanking his hook free seared into her memory. Little did she know, the echoing chaos would ripple through the night, forever haunting those who survived the terror of the island’s worst nightmare – the Fisherman. Would she live to tell the tale, or was this the end? The haunting chorus of the Fisherman’s lullaby, humming ominously from the shadows, held the chilling answer.

Chapter 6: The Unseen Threat

The night fell over the island like a malevolent cloak. Twisting shadows seemed to dance along the palm-fringed paths, whispering secrets to those brave – or foolish – enough to tread amidst the darkness. Julie James was one of those brave souls, her heart pounding in time with the relentless crashing waves on the nearby shore. Fear bubbled furiously within her, threatening to overcome her resolve. But she had to move forward, for Karla, for herself, and for all the innocent souls unaware of the lurking danger.

A rustling sound behind her jolted her from her thoughts. She froze in her tracks, her breath hitched in her throat, ears straining for another telltale whisper of movement. Silence. She was alone. Or was she?

Forcefully shaking off her dread, she pressed on, her mind teeming with memories of the Fisherman. Every rustle, every breath of wind sent her pulse soaring. The island had turned into a nightmarish labyrinth, the once soothing sounds of nature now filled with portent of doom. The unseen threat had effectively taken over the once tranquil paradise.

Suddenly, she heard a heart-chilling scream, a sound she would remember for the rest of her life. It wasn’t just the fear that reverberated through the shriek, but the soul-shattering despair. Her heart skipped a beat. The scream belonged to none other than Karla.

Barefoot, Julie raced through the undergrowth, ignoring the sharp protests from the rocks and twigs beneath her. She followed the echoes of that terrible scream, terror burrowing into her heart like a monstrous icicle. A chilling thought invaded her mind – was she leading herself straight into the hands of the Fisherman?

She reached their Bahamian villa, the door wide open in an ominous invitation. She halted at the entrance, catching her breath and listening for any sound. The silence seemed to press against her ears, heavy and impenetrable.

Summoning every ounce of courage, Julie stepped inside. She found Karla crouched in a corner, her eyes wide, and her face ashen. A blood-curdling gasp escaped Julie’s lips as she saw the unmistakable hook glistening ominously in the moonlight, embedded in the wall just inches from her friend’s face.

“He’s here…He…He’s here…” Karla was babbling, rocking back and forth, her fingers knotted into her hair. Julie could feel her blood run cold as she followed Karla’s terrified gaze. The message carved on the floor made her stomach lurch. “I STILL KNOW,” it read.

This was their uninvited guest, the nightmare that had followed Julie from Bayfront, the specter that refused to be banished. More realized than ever, Julie knew the Fisherman was somewhere close, his vengeful spirit seeping into their sanctuary, turning it into a death trap.

Julie’s mind raced, each thought drowned by the terror-fueled heartbeat echoing in her ears. She had to get them off the island, to safety, away from the Fisherman’s torturous game. She had to beat him at it or die trying. The threat was very much real and unseen. It was not the question of ‘if’ anymore, but ‘when’. The countdown to their doomsday had begun, and Julie James had to confront her past, even if it meant plunging headfirst into the darkness.

The chapter ended with a promise of an adrenaline-fueled showdown, a perilous race against time, and a battle of wits with a ghost from the past. As the shadows deepened in the seemingly cursed island, Julie found herself facing a terrifying question – would she outlive the night, or would the sun rise upon the triumphant laughter of the Fisherman once more? Only time would tell.

Chapter 7: The Final Confrontation

Julie knew the island, once a paradise, was now a trap. With the Fisherman back from the dead and on the loose, she had to formulate a plan. The night was bleak, and the air was heavy with an impending storm. She could feel the weight of her destiny resting heavily upon her.

She recalled the Fisherman’s menacing silhouette under the gloaming, his hook gleaming under the occasional lightning. The terror was not new; it was a nightmarish déjà vu, an unwelcome sequel to the horror from the last summer.

Julie was a tough nut to crack – a year of tormented dreams and sleepless nights had steeled her. She was ready to face her nightmares, ready to end this, once and for all. But her bravado was not without its streaks of fear, a fear she shared with Karla, who was beside her, mirroring her dread.

They readied themselves, weapons in their trembling hands. The island had provided them with makeshift weapons – a sharp piece of driftwood for Karla, a jagged rock for Julie.

They took their positions with bated breath, their eyes meeting one last time before the island was plunged into an eerie darkness, the storm finally breaking. Thunder roared as lightning felled a nearby tree, its flames illuminating the impending doom.

From the shadows, the Fisherman emerged, his hook reflecting the fiery glow. Panic spiked, but they held their ground. It was time. Time to face their fears, to fight their demon.

The Fisherman lunged, his hook aimed at Julie. With a gasp, she ducked, the sharp metal whistling past her ear. Karla was quick to react, her driftwood connecting with the Fisherman’s arm. He staggered but recovered quickly, his focus still on Julie.

Adrenaline coursed through Julie’s veins as she evaded yet another attack, a sidestep saving her from being hooked. Amid the chaos, a plan formed in her mind. She looked around frantically, her gaze falling upon the burning tree.

With a newfound resolve, she baited the Fisherman, leading him towards the tree. The rain made the ground slippery, yet not enough to douse the flames. Julie dodged and weaved, keeping a close eye on the fiery trap.

The Fisherman, caught in his murderous rage, failed to see her plan. In a swift move, Julie ducked under his swing, losing her footing in the process. She fell to the ground, heart pounding, as the Fisherman loomed over her triumphant.

It was now or never. With a final burst of strength, Julie kicked, her foot connecting with the Fisherman’s knee. He stumbled, his triumphant look replaced with surprise, and fell into the burning tree.

His screams echoed through the stormy night as the flames consumed him. Julie watched, panting heavily, her heart thundering in her chest. Beside her, Karla let out a sob, their relief manifesting in tears.

But even in their victory, the horror of the night refused to relinquish its grip. Julie could only gape in horror as the Fisherman, now a burning figure, emerged from the flames, his hook raised.

Suddenly, a shot rang out, echoing through the storm. The Fisherman fell, his form finally still. Julie and Karla turned to find Ray, his face a mask of determination, his hand still holding the smoking gun.

Tears welled up in Julie’s eyes, relief and exhaustion crashing over her as the nightmare finally ended. They had survived. The terror was over. Or was it-?

Chapter 8: Island of Nightmares Ends

As the last island sun of the day dips below the horizon, the moonlight casts a spectral glow across the beach. The air is thick with suspense. Julie’s heart pounds in her chest like a tribal drum. She is ready for the final confrontation. The hunter and the hunted; it’s time to change the narrative.

The Fisherman steps out of the shadows, his hook gleaming ominously in the moonlight. His presence sends a shiver down Julie’s spine. He’s the embodiment of her nightmares–the ghost of her past, come back to life.

But she’s not the same woman from last summer. Julie had taken this trip to escape her trauma, but instead, it followed her relentlessly. Now, she’s prepared to face it head-on. The fear still lingers, of course, like a stale scent in the air, but her determination is stronger.

The game of cat and mouse begins, with the Fisherman stalking her around the island’s dilapidated buildings. She outsmarts him at every turn, using her intimate knowledge of the island terrain to her advantage, her heart pounding like a drum in her chest while perspiration drips down her forehead.

Each encounter with the Fisherman pushes Julie to her limit, testing her courage and determination. Alongside, her friendship with Karla deepens. Karla becomes her rock, her support. They have to go through horror to understand the depth of their bond, but it solidifies them as a formidable team.

Suddenly, the Fisherman catches Julie off guard and sends her crashing into the undergrowth. She struggles to get up, the taste of sand and fear in her mouth. Then, she sees it – a broken shard of glass. Picking it up, she readies herself for a fight.

Turning around, she does the unexpected. Instead of running, she charges at the Fisherman. A scuffle ensues, but Julie’s adrenaline-fueled strikes land effectively, plunging the shard of glass into the Fisherman’s shoulder. He cries out, his grip loosening on his lethal hook.

Seizing the moment, Julie kicks him, sending him sprawling to the ground. As the tide rushes in, she stands over her fallen tormentor, his hook lying useless beside him.

A sigh of relief escapes her, but it’s tinged with bitterness. The night’s events have forced her to confront her deepest fears. But through it all, she’s realized something: she’s not the victim anymore. All the anxiety, nightmares, the fear of the dark – they all stemmed from a place of feeling powerless. Now, she feels powerful.

In the aftermath, Julie and Karla reconcile with the horrifying events. The healing process is going to be long and challenging, but confronting their fears head-on has changed them. The island might have been a place of nightmares, but it’s also where Julie found her strength.

Finally, as dawn breaks, the horror of the night recedes, giving way to a new beginning. This chapter of their lives ends on a haunting note. Their Bahamian nightmare will leave an indelible mark, but it has also reshaped them – hardened them for the challenges the future throws their way.

Sitting on the beach, watching the first rays of the new day, Julie and Karla share a quiet moment of triumph and loss. They’ve survived the night – lived a lifetime of horror in a single night. And they know they’ll never be the same.

After all, when you’ve looked into the eyes of true evil and lived to tell the tale, there’s a profound shift within. This final chapter is more than just the end of the nightmare; it’s a testament to survival, fight, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of friendship.

Some scenes from the movie I Still Know What You Did Last Summer written by A.I.

Scene 1



Classrooms sit vacant, the hum of fluorescent lights the only sound. Suddenly, the silence is broken by a SCREAM.


Julie James (20s, blonde, attractive, troubled) wakes up in her dorm room from a nightmare, sweat dripping down her face.


(whispering to herself)

“It was just a dream. It was just a dream.”



Julie sits with Karla (20s, dark-haired, vivacious, loyal), her best friend. Karla slides two tickets across the table.



“I won, Julie. We’re going to the Bahamas! It’s just what you need to forget.”


Julie stares at the tickets, a flicker of hope crosses her haunted face. She glances at Karla, trying to mimic her friend’s enthusiasm.



“Maybe you’re right, Karla. Maybe this will help me move on.”



Julie, carrying a beer bottle filled with sea water, and Karla, loaded with luggage, boards a plane. A hopeful look is on Julie’s face.



Scene 2


Julie (early 20’s, still shadowed by her past) and Karla (early 20’s, vibrant, full of life) are seen enjoying the exotic Bahamian landscape. They’re laughing, enjoying the moment, until–


A YOUNG POSTMAN stands by their doorway. He hands over a mysterious envelope addressed to Julie. Karla excitedly takes it.


You’ve got mail, and it’s not from AOL!

Karla chuckles at her dated reference. Julie, looking anxious, opens the envelope. A single, ominous note falls out.



Julie swallows hard, her face turning pale.


What’s the matter, Jules? What does it say?

Julie, unable to respond, hands the note to Karla. Karla’s laughter fades.


He’s here, Karla.

Julie’s eyes fill with fear. Karla looks towards the ocean, the laughter of the tourists a haunting contrast to their growing fear.




Julie tosses and turns in her sleep, the Fisherman’s image haunting her dreams. She wakes up with a start, beads of sweat trickling down her face.


(whispering to herself)

It’s just a dream, Julie. He’s not here…

Her words seem to echo ominously in the silent room. The scene ends on her terrified face, suggesting that the nightmare is far from over.


Scene 3



A lively Caribbean festival in full swing. The air buzzes with laughter and music.

Julie and Karla are in the crowd. Julie looks increasingly uncomfortable, and scans the crowd nervously.



Karla, I think I saw him.

Karla, tipsy and laughing, dismisses her.



Who? The Fisherman? Julie, you gotta let go…

Julie’s gaze intensifies, she is convinced he is there. Suddenly, among the masqueraders, she spots a familiar FIGURE – a slicker and a hat.


Julie’s breath catches. She sees THE FISHERMAN, blending in with the crowd. She gasps–



Karla! It’s him!

The figure turns – it’s just a LOCAL FISHERMAN, laughing with friends. Julie’s face crumples, the dread sinking in.

Julie takes a deep breath, looking down.


(low, shaky)

I need a break, Karla.

Karla looks at her, sees the terror in her eyes, and nods.



Yeah, okay, let’s head back.

As they make their way through the vibrant crowd, Julie can’t help but look back. She’s battling her fear, her paranoia-but also her intuition.

The music and laughter FADE as we CLOSE UP on Julie’s troubled face, the weight of the mystery sinking in.



Scene 4


Julie (early 20s, haunted, and determined) enters the silent, dusty library. Local Librarian (60s, wise, and mysterious) looks up.


I’m looking for something… a little specific.


What might that be?


The island’s history – particularly anything unusual, violent maybe?

The Librarian eyes her suspiciously.



Julie, surrounded by old books and newspapers. Her eyes scan the headlines, images of the Fisherman flashing in her mind.

Suddenly, a newspaper clipping catches her eye: “MYSTERIOUS FISHERMAN DISAPPEARS ON SEA VOYAGE.”

Julie gasps, an icy fear trickling down her spine.



Julie bursts in, startling Karla (early 20s, bold, and resilient).


He was here. On this island.

Karla looks confused, then alarmed. Julie throws down the newspaper clipping on the table.


The Fisherman… He didn’t die. He vanished here, years ago.

Karla stares at Julie, the chilling reality settling in.


Scene 5


Julie, draped in a red beach dress, sips a cocktail at the bar. The festive music and chatter fade as she spots a SHADOWY FIGURE at the other end of the bar. She squints to get a better look.


(whispers to herself)

It can’t be…

Suddenly, Karla, vibrant in her tropical outfit, pops up beside Julie.



Did you see the fire dancers?



Karla, look…

But the figure is gone. Julie rubs her eyes, doubting herself.


Later, Julie and Karla walk along the shore, their footsteps in the soft sand the only sound.

Suddenly, a rustling sound. Julie stops, her heart pounding.



Did you hear that?

Karla rolls her eyes.



What, is it the Fisherman again?

Suddenly, the FISHERMAN emerges from the shadows. His hook glistens in the moonlight. The girls scream, their fearful cries merging with the ocean’s roar.



Missed me, Julie?

Julie and Karla turn and run, the Fisherman’s echoing laughter a chilling background to their frantic escape.


Author: AI