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When sixteen-year-old Maddie and her twelve-year-old little sister, Molly, heard the news that their dad was getting divorced, they were devastated. With their mom living in New York and their dad rarely around, the two girls had been closer to their dad than ever before.

So, with their dad single again, Maddie and Molly decided to take matters into their own hands. They concocted an outrageous plan to find their dad a new love––one that would make him happier than ever before!

Chapter 1: The Big Idea

Maddie and Molly’s dad, Brad, had been happily married to their mom, Jackie, for over a decade before they split. The divorce was not a surprise to Maddie and Molly, as their parents had been distant and lonely for years. The girls had resigned themselves to the fact that a divorce was inevitable.

Now, it was time for the sisters to come up with a way to cheer him up. After much deliberation, Maddie and Molly decided to embark on a mission to find their dad a new love. That’s when they came up with the idea.

Maddie and Molly would team up and embark on an epic California adventure to find their dad a new love.

Chapter 2: Getting Ready

As soon as Maddie and Molly got into the car, they knew they had made the right decision. With their dad’s blessing and guidance, they had packed the car full of everything they would need for the journey.

The plan was to drive up the Southern California coast, starting in their hometown of San Diego, and then head inland to explore the rest of the state. They had taken the time to map out their route, and even made a list of potential places to meet potential dates for their dad.

Maddie and Molly had planned for all contingencies. They stocked up on snacks, sunscreen, and beach towels. They also packed some of their dad’s favorite music, books, and movies for the car ride.

Chapter 3: The Journey Begins

Maddie and Molly were so excited to get started on their California adventure. As soon as they hit the road, they were filled with anticipation. They had been looking forward to this trip for months, and now it was finally here.

Their first stop was the beach, and Maddie and Molly had both been looking forward to the waves. They planned to spend the day surfing and soaking up the sun.

Their dad had taught them both how to surf when they were younger, and they had been eagerly waiting to show off their skills. Maddie and Molly grabbed their boards and hit the waves right away.

Chapter 4: A New Friend

One morning, while out surfing, Maddie and Molly met a girl named Alex.

Alex was a professional high-diver from Arizona who had been visiting the California coast for a few weeks. She was the same age as Maddie and Molly, and the two girls quickly became friends.

Alex was full of stories about her diving exploits and had an infectious enthusiasm for life. She was a kindred spirit to Maddie and Molly, and the girls quickly became inseparable.

Unbeknownst to Maddie and Molly, Alex would soon become an essential part of their mission to find their dad a new love.

Chapter 5: The Discovery

Maddie and Molly took every opportunity they could to learn more about their new friend, Alex. During one of their conversations, they discovered that Alex was actually the daughter of their dad’s college sweetheart.

At first, Maddie and Molly were shocked, but they soon realized that this was the perfect opportunity to get their dad and Alex’s mom back together. The girls began to hatch a plan.

They decided to invite their dad and Alex’s mom on a double date hosted by Maddie and Molly. The sisters got to work, making plans for the perfect evening and inviting their dad’s old flame.

Chapter 6: The Reunion

Maddie and Molly were nervous as the night of the date arrived. Thankfully, their dad and Alex’s mom both accepted the invitation without hesitation.

The evening was a success and the four of them had a wonderful time. Over the course of the night, the two adults reconnected like no time had passed at all.

Maddie and Molly were relieved to see their plan had paid off. They couldn’t have been happier that their dad had found love again.


Maddie and Molly had set out on an epic adventure to find their dad a new love, and they had succeeded. Not only had they found a great friend in Alex, but they had also brought joy back into their dad’s life.

Their dad and Alex’s mom are still happily together, and Maddie and Molly still consider Alex a member of the family. The four of them continue to take road trips and explore the California coast together, just as Maddie and Molly had always hoped.

Some scenes from the AI movie Billboard Dad



Maddie and Molly stand side by side, their surfboards at their feet. The waves break around them, and the sun shines in the sky above.


This is it. Time to ride the waves.

Molly nods in excitement.



Molly grabs her board and runs into the ocean. Maddie follows, laughing.



Maddie and Molly are riding the waves, laughing and having a great time. Molly’s board catches a particularly big wave and she rides it in, cheering.


You go, Molly!

Suddenly, Maddie notices someone out of the corner of her eye – it’s Alex, standing on the shore watching them. Maddie and Molly paddle over to her.


Hi! I’m Maddie. This is my sister Molly. We’re looking to make some new friends.

Alex smiles.


Hi! I’m Alex. I just moved to California from Arizona.


Fantastic! We could use a new adventure buddy.

Molly nods, her eyes wide.


What do you say? Care to join us?

Alex grins and grabs a nearby board.


Let’s do it!


Maddie, Molly, and Alex are out in the water, having a great time. They are laughing and talking and enjoying the sun.

Suddenly, Maddie notices something strange.


Hey…have you guys noticed anything weird lately?

Molly and Alex shake their heads.


It’s like…whenever we talk, there’s this strange energy between us.

Molly and Alex exchange a look before turning back to Maddie.


It’s like we all have something in common, something big.

Alex nods, a smile spreading across her face.


I know. I have something to tell you.



Alex takes a deep breath before speaking.


I’m the daughter of your dad’s old college sweetheart.

Maddie and Molly look at each other, astonished.


That’s it! That’s the connection!

Molly and Maddie turn to Alex, their eyes wide.


We have to get them back together!


Maddie, Molly, and Alex are sitting around a bonfire, discussing their plan. The girls have worked out the details and are ready to put their plan into motion.

Maddie pulls out a notebook and a pen.


Ok, let’s make a checklist of everything we need to do.

Molly and Alex nod in agreement, leaning in closer to the fire.


We need to find the perfect place for the double date, find the perfect activity, and most importantly, get them both to agree to come.

The girls discuss their plan for a few minutes before coming up with a plan of action.


Alright, let’s get to work.

The girls stand up and begin to get ready for their plan.



The girls, accompanied by Brad and his old flame, arrive at a romantic outdoor restaurant. The girls smile, watching as their dad and his old flame reconnect.

Molly and Maddie exchange a knowing glance, and smile.




Maddie and Molly stand side by side, their boards at their feet. Brad and Alex’s mom are standing beside them.


Well, I can’t believe it. Here we are, all together after all these years.

Alex’s mom smiles, taking his hand in hers.


Thanks to these two.

Brad and Alex’s mom turn to Maddie and Molly, beaming.


You two did an amazing job setting this all up. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Molly and Maddie beam with pride, their plan having worked out perfectly.


It was nothing! Now, let’s go ride those waves!

Molly and Maddie run off towards the waves, Brad and Alex’s mom following behind, laughing.


Author: AI