Pretty Woman

A Hollywood hooker and a millionaire businessman find love, laughter and a new life in an unexpected deal.

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Vivian Ward had always dreamed of a life beyond the streets of Hollywood. She wanted to escape her daily struggles of making ends meet by selling her body to strangers. She longed for a life of luxury, a life where money was not an issue.

One night, fate intervened, and Vivian met Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman who took pity on her and offered to pay her for the night. Little did Vivian know that this chance encounter would change her life forever.

Chapter 1: Vivian’s Triumph

Vivian walked down the streets of Hollywood, her high heels clicking against the pavement. She was wearing a short red dress that clung to her curves, and her blonde hair was styled in loose waves. She was on the prowl, looking for her next client.

As she walked, she noticed a black limousine pulled up beside her. The tinted window rolled down, and a man with grey hair and piercing blue eyes looked at her. “How much for the night?” he asked.

Vivian hesitated for a moment. She had been in this situation many times before, but something about this man made her feel uneasy. However, the promise of making a lot of money in a single night made her throw caution to the wind.

“Three hundred dollars,” she said, and the man nodded. “Get in,” he said, and Vivian opened the door and slid into the back seat.

The man introduced himself as Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman. He told Vivian that he was in town for business and needed someone to accompany him to a few events. Vivian was hesitant at first, but the idea of making a lot of money in a week was too good to pass up.

Edward took Vivian to the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, where he had booked a penthouse suite. The room was massive, with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the city. There was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, and a spread of food on the table.

Vivian couldn’t believe her luck. She had never been in such a luxurious environment before. Edward told her to make herself comfortable, and he disappeared into the bedroom to change.

Vivian poured herself a glass of champagne and looked out of the window. She could see the lights of the city below, and she felt a sense of longing wash over her. She wondered what it was like to live in such opulence all the time.

When Edward emerged from the bedroom, Vivian was surprised to see that he was wearing a suit. She had assumed he was just another businessman looking for some company. However, it was clear that he was a man of wealth and taste.

Edward suggested they order room service, and Vivian agreed. They sat at the table, eating and drinking, and Vivian found herself opening up to him. She told him about her dreams of a better life, and how she was tired of selling her body to make ends meet.

Edward listened intently, and Vivian couldn’t help but feel drawn to him. He was kind and understanding, unlike any of the other clients she had been with.

After dinner, Edward suggested they watch a movie. He flicked through the channels until he found an old black and white film. Vivian recognized it as “My Fair Lady,” and she couldn’t help but smile.

As they watched the movie, Edward’s arm brushed against Vivian’s. She felt a spark, and she looked up at him. Their eyes met, and there was a moment of silence. Edward leaned in and kissed her, and Vivian felt her heart skip a beat.

The kiss lasted for what felt like an eternity, and when they pulled away, Vivian felt something stir inside her. She had never experienced anything like that before.

Edward looked at her and said, “I want to take care of you, Vivian. I want to help you achieve your dreams.”

Vivian was stunned. No one had ever offered to help her before. She didn’t know what to say.

Edward continued, “I’m not just talking about money. I want to help you get out of this life. I want to be the one to give you a chance at a better life.”

Vivian felt tears prick at her eyes. She was overwhelmed by Edward’s kindness.

“Thank you,” she whispered, and Edward pulled her into a warm embrace.

As they held each other, Vivian knew that this night was going to change everything. She had found a glimmer of hope in the most unexpected of places.

Little did she know, Edward was about to embark on a journey of his own, a journey that would lead him to fall hopelessly in love with her. But that was a story for another day. For now, Vivian was content in the warm embrace of this kind-hearted man who had offered her a lifeline.

Chapter 2: The Business Proposal

Vivian wakes up the next morning in Edward’s hotel room, feeling a mix of anxiety and excitement. She had never expected to spend the night with a client, let alone someone as wealthy as Edward. However, the reality of her situation is that she needs the money, and Edward is willing to pay her well.

Edward comes out of the bathroom, dressed in a suit, and smiling at her. “Good morning, Vivian. How did you sleep?” he asks, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Good morning, Edward. I slept well, thank you,” Vivian replies, trying to sound confident.

“I’m glad to hear that. Listen, Vivian, I know we hardly know each other, but I have a proposition for you,” Edward says, putting down his cup and sitting next to Vivian on the bed.

Vivian looks at him, curious. “What kind of proposition?” she asks.

“I have a few business events to attend this week, and I need a date. Someone to accompany me to these events and make a good impression,” Edward explains.

Vivian raises an eyebrow. “I’m not sure I’m the right person for that. I don’t have any experience in that sort of thing.”

“That’s precisely why I want you, Vivian. You’re a fresh face, and you’re not a part of this world. That can be an advantage,” Edward says, placing a hand on Vivian’s knee.

Vivian looks down at his hand, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. She knows that she needs the money, but she’s also not sure if she’s comfortable with this kind of arrangement. “What’s in it for me?” she asks, trying to sound confident.

“I’ll pay you $3,000 for the week. Plus, I’ll throw in a new wardrobe, so you look the part,” Edward replies, smiling.

Vivian’s eyes widen at the offer. That’s more money than she’s seen in months. She takes a deep breath and thinks about it for a moment. “Okay, I’ll do it,” she says, nodding.

Edward grins at her. “Great! I’ll have my assistant, Philip, take you shopping today. You’ll need a few outfits for the week. We leave tomorrow night for Beverly Hills.”

Vivian nods, feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension. She knows that this is a significant opportunity for her, but she’s also worried about how she’ll fit into this new world.


As promised, Philip takes Vivian shopping that afternoon. They head to Rodeo Drive, where they visit some of the most exclusive stores in Beverly Hills. Vivian is overwhelmed by the choices, and she has no idea what to pick. However, Philip is an expert, and he guides her through the process, helping her pick out elegant dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Vivian tries on different outfits, looking at herself in the mirror. She can’t believe how different she looks. She’s used to wearing skimpy outfits that show off her body, but these clothes are more sophisticated and elegant.

Once they finish shopping, Philip drops Vivian off at the hotel, and she spends the rest of the day getting ready for the week ahead. She takes a long bath, exfoliates her skin, and puts on a face mask. She wants to look her best for Edward and his colleagues.


The next morning, Vivian wakes up early and spends several hours getting ready. She puts on one of the new dresses she bought, a red silk number that hugs her curves in all the right places. She adds some subtle makeup, puts her hair up in a bun, and heads down to the hotel lobby to meet Edward.

Edward is waiting for her, and he looks impressed when he sees her. “Wow, Vivian. You look amazing,” he says, smiling.

“Thank you,” Vivian replies, feeling a surge of confidence.

They get into Edward’s car, and he drives them to the first event of the day, a charity luncheon. The event is held at a lavish mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and the guests are all wealthy and influential people from the entertainment industry.

Vivian feels nervous as they enter the mansion, but she tries to keep her cool. She greets the other guests politely, but she can’t shake off the feeling that she doesn’t belong there.

Edward notices her discomfort and leans over to whisper in her ear. “Relax, Vivian. You’re doing great. Just be yourself.”

Vivian nods, feeling grateful for his support. She takes a deep breath and tries to enjoy the event. They have a lovely lunch, and Vivian even manages to strike up a conversation with one of the guests, a famous film director.

After the luncheon, they head back to the hotel, where Vivian has a few hours to herself. She spends the time exploring the neighborhood, wandering around the shops and cafes, and getting a feel for Beverly Hills.


The rest of the week passes in a blur of events and parties. Vivian accompanies Edward to a movie premiere, a business conference, and a dinner party at a famous actor’s house. She meets all sorts of interesting people, including actors, producers, and musicians.

At first, Vivian feels overwhelmed by the attention and the glamour. However, as the week goes on, she starts to relax and enjoy herself. She realizes that she’s capable of holding her own in this world, and she even starts to make a few friends.

One night, at a rooftop party overlooking the city, Vivian and Edward are standing together, watching the lights of Los Angeles glitter below them. Vivian feels a warm breeze on her skin, and she turns to look at Edward. He’s looking at her, his eyes soft and gentle.

“Vivian, I have to say, you’ve surprised me this week. You’ve exceeded all my expectations,” Edward says, smiling.

Vivian blushes. “Thank you, Edward. I’ve had a great time too.”

Edward takes a step closer to her. “Vivian, I know this may sound crazy, but I have to tell you. I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Vivian’s heart skips a beat. She wasn’t expecting that, and she’s not sure how to respond. “Edward, I don’t know what to say. I mean, I’ve had a great time with you too, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for something like that.”

Edward nods, looking serious. “I understand. I don’t want to pressure you. Let’s just take it one day at a time, okay?”

Vivian nods, feeling relieved. She likes Edward, but she’s not ready to commit to anything yet. She’s still trying to figure out her own life and her own dreams.


The week comes to an end, and Vivian is sad to say goodbye to this new world she’s discovered. She’s grateful for the opportunity, but she’s also looking forward to going back to her own life. As they drive back to Hollywood, Vivian looks out the window, lost in thought.

Edward notices her silence and takes her hand. “Vivian, I want you to know that I’m here for you. Whatever you decide to do with your life, I’ll support you.”

Vivian turns to look at him, feeling a surge of emotion. “Thank you, Edward. That means a lot to me.”

They arrive at the hotel, and Edward walks Vivian to her room. “Goodnight, Vivian,” he says, bending down to kiss her on the cheek.

“Goodnight, Edward,” Vivian replies, feeling a mix of sadness and excitement.

She enters her room, feeling contemplative. She knows that this week has changed her life in ways she never expected. She’s discovered a new side of herself, a side that’s capable of more than she ever imagined. She’s not sure where this new path will take her, but she knows that she’s ready to find out.

Chapter 3: First Impressions Matter

Vivian stood awkwardly at the entrance of the grand ballroom, trying to take in every detail. The place was filled with people in suits and elegant gowns, and the air was thick with the smell of expensive perfume. The walls were adorned with beautiful artwork, and the chandelier that hung from the ceiling was bigger than anything Vivian had ever seen before.

Edward was talking to a group of investors, discussing the details of his latest business venture. Vivian stood a few feet away, unnoticed and out of place.

She felt like a fish out of water, wearing her borrowed dress and shoes that were both slightly too big. She had done her best to fit in, but the looks she was getting from the guests made her feel like she stood out like a sore thumb.

Vivian had been to black-tie events before, but nothing like this. Her previous experiences were mostly with rich clients who wanted arm candy for a night, and the events were more about showing off their status than anything else.

She had never been in a room filled with people who actually mattered, who had the power and influence to shape the world. It was both exhilarating and intimidating.

Edward finished his conversation and walked over to Vivian, noticing her unease. He took her hand and whispered in her ear, “You’re doing great, don’t worry about them.”

Vivian smiled weakly and tried to relax. Edward had become somewhat of a crutch for her, a familiar face in a sea of strangers.

As they made their way to the dinner table, the guests huddled together in small groups, whispering and casting sideways glances at the unlikely couple.

Vivian felt their eyes on her, sizing her up and down, scrutinizing her every move. She tried to keep her head up high and her posture straight, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she didn’t belong.

The dinner was a formal affair, with multiple courses and each dish presented like a work of art. Vivian tried her best to follow the proper etiquette, but the myriad of utensils and glasses confused her.

She watched Edward and followed his lead, copying his every move. He noticed her discomfort and tried to make her feel at ease, whispering jokes and small talk between bites.

The conversation at the table was mostly about business, and Vivian found it hard to follow. She had never been interested in the inner workings of corporations and found the jargon confusing.

Edward noticed her lack of interest and tried to steer the conversation to more manageable topics. He asked Vivian about her hobbies and interests, trying to find common ground.

Vivian told him about her love for movies and how she dreamed of becoming an actress one day. She talked about her favorite films and actors, and Edward listened attentively, fascinated by her passion.

As the night wore on, and the guests became more relaxed, the mood at the table lightened. The conversation became more personal, and Vivian found herself opening up to these strangers.

They asked about her life on the streets, and Vivian told them about the struggles she had faced. About the nights she had spent shivering in the cold, the times she had been beaten up, and the moments she had lost all hope.

The guests listened in silence, captivated by her story. They saw a different side of Vivian, a vulnerable and brave young woman who had overcome incredible odds.

Edward watched from the corner of his eye, proud of Vivian and how far she had come. He saw the admiration in the guests’ faces and knew that she had made an impression.

The night drew to a close, and the guests started to leave. They shook hands with Edward, congratulating him on his business venture, and then turned to Vivian, complimenting her on her bravery and resilience.

Vivian blushed at their praise, feeling a warmth in her chest that she had never experienced before. She realized that for the first time, she had been seen and not just looked at.

Edward took Vivian’s hand and led her out of the ballroom, the night air cool and crisp. They walked in silence for a while until Edward broke the silence.

“You did amazing tonight, Vivian,” he said, smiling at her.

Vivian smiled back, feeling a surge of confidence. “Thanks to you,” she replied, and then added, “I didn’t think I could do it.”

Edward stopped and turned to look at her, his eyes intense. “You can do anything you set your mind to, Vivian,” he said, taking her hand. “Never forget that.”

Vivian felt a warmth in her chest at his words, feeling like she had found a mentor and a friend in Edward.

They walked back to the hotel, chatting and laughing, and Vivian felt like she was on top of the world. She had faced her fears and come out a winner.

As they reached the hotel, Edward turned to her and said, “I have a surprise for you.”

Vivian looked at him curiously, wondering what he had in store for her. “What kind of surprise?” she asked, unable to contain her excitement.

Edward smiled and took her hand, leading her to the elevator. “You’ll see,” he said, pressing the button.

The elevator doors opened, revealing a lavish suite, complete with a view of the city skyline.

Vivian gasped at the sight, feeling like she had just stepped into a fairytale. She looked around, taking in every detail, and then turned to Edward, her eyes shining.

“This is amazing,” she said, feeling overwhelmed.

Edward smiled, taking her hand. “I thought you deserved a little reward for tonight,” he said, leading her to the window. “Look at the view.”

Vivian walked over to the window, and the sight took her breath away. The city was lit up, like a sea of stars, and the view was both magical and enchanting.

She turned to Edward, feeling a surge of gratitude. “Thank you,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Edward took her in his arms, holding her close. “You earned it,” he said, kissing her forehead.

Vivian felt a warmth spreading through her body, feeling like everything was falling into place. She knew that it was just the beginning of her journey, but for now, she was content to enjoy the moment.

The night ended with them cuddling in bed, watching a movie and eating popcorn. They talked about the future, and Vivian realized that for the first time in a long time, she had hope.

She fell asleep with a smile on her face, feeling like she had found a new home in Edward’s arms.

Chapter 4: A New Look

Vivian was excited at the prospect of going shopping with Edward. She had never been to Beverly Hills before, let alone shopped there. She watched Edward’s Mercedes-Benz pull up at the hotel entrance, and she quickly made her way to the car.

“Good morning, Vivian,” Edward greeted her with a smile.

“Good morning, Edward. How are you today?” Vivian asked, returning his smile.

“I’m doing well, thank you. Are you ready for some shopping?” Edward asked.

“I’m ready,” Vivian said, her heart beating a little faster with anticipation.

Edward drove them to Rodeo Drive, and Vivian couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of all the luxury stores surrounding them. She had never seen such extravagance before.

“Shall we start at the boutiques or the department stores?” Edward asked.

“Um, I don’t know. What do you suggest?” Vivian asked.

“I think we should start at the department stores. That way, we can find out your size, and then we can move on to the boutiques,” Edward said.

“Okay, sounds good,” Vivian said, and they walked into the first department store.

Vivian was amazed at the selection of clothes. She had never seen so many clothes on display in one place before. Edward guided her through the store, picking out clothes for her to try on. Vivian was hesitant at first, but as she tried on different outfits, she started to feel more confident.

Edward picked out a white, high-necked dress for her to try on. It was fitted at the top and flowed out into a circle skirt. Vivian stepped into the dressing room and put on the dress. When she stepped out, Edward’s eyes widened.

“You look amazing,” he said, and Vivian’s cheeks turned pink.

“Do you really think so?” she asked.

“I do. You look stunning,” Edward said, and Vivian couldn’t help but smile.

They picked out more outfits, including a pantsuit, a jumpsuit, and a few dresses. Vivian was amazed at how well everything fit her.

“You have good taste, Edward,” Vivian said, as she twirled around in a long, silk dress.

“I’m glad you like everything,” Edward said, smiling.

After several hours, Vivian had a bag full of new clothes. Edward suggested they go to a boutique, and Vivian was excited to see what they had to offer.

“This boutique specializes in luxury lingerie,” Edward said, leading Vivian inside.

Vivian was hesitant as the saleswoman approached her.

“How can I assist you?” the woman asked.

“Um, I’m not sure. I’m just looking,” Vivian said, feeling out of her element.

“May I suggest something for you to try on?” the saleswoman asked, holding up a lacy corset.

Edward nodded his approval, and Vivian reluctantly followed the saleswoman to the dressing room.

As she put on the corset, Vivian couldn’t help but feel exposed. She had never worn anything like it before. As she stepped out to show Edward, she saw the look on his face.

“You look incredible,” he said, and Vivian smiled, feeling more confident.

They left the boutique, and Edward suggested they go to a salon for a makeover.

“I think you have a natural beauty that should be enhanced, not covered up,” Edward said, and Vivian agreed.

At the salon, Vivian was pampered with a new haircut, makeup, and a manicure. When she looked in the mirror, Vivian couldn’t believe her transformation. She looked polished, refined, and elegant.

“Wow, Vivian. You look stunning,” Edward said, and Vivian couldn’t help but feel grateful for his kindness.

As they made their way back to the hotel, Vivian felt like a new person. She had never felt so confident or beautiful before. She couldn’t wait to show off her new look to everyone, especially to Kit.

When they arrived at the hotel, Vivian went to her room to change into one of her new outfits. She chose a red dress that hugged her curves, and she added a pair of heels to complete the look.

As she made her way to the elevator, Vivian caught the attention of the other guests. They had never seen her like this before.

Edward was waiting for her in the lobby, and as she approached, he couldn’t help but feel proud of what he had accomplished.

“Shall we go to dinner?” Edward asked, offering his arm.

“Yes, let’s,” Vivian said, a smile on her face.

As they walked into the restaurant, all eyes were on them. They looked like the perfect couple. Edward ordered a bottle of wine, and they toasted to their newfound friendship.

The dinner was magical, and as they walked out of the restaurant, Vivian couldn’t help but feel grateful for the experience. She had never felt so alive before, and she owed it all to Edward.

“Thank you for everything today, Edward,” Vivian said, looking up at him.

“It was my pleasure,” Edward replied, smiling.

As they made their way back to the hotel, Edward couldn’t resist the urge to kiss Vivian. He leaned in, and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Vivian was surprised but didn’t resist. She had never been kissed like this before, and she couldn’t deny the attraction she felt towards him.

As they broke apart, Edward looked into Vivian’s eyes.

“I can’t help the way I feel about you, Vivian,” Edward said, his voice filled with sincerity.

Vivian didn’t know how to respond. She had never been in this situation before, and she didn’t want to ruin their friendship.

“I understand, Edward. But we can’t,” Vivian said, feeling conflicted.

“I know, Vivian. I just had to tell you how I feel,” Edward said, taking her hand in his.

As they reached the hotel, they said goodnight to each other, both feeling unsure of what the future held.

Chapter 5: A Night at the Opera

The evening air was cool and crisp as Edward escorted Vivian into the grand theater. She felt as though she were walking into a fairy tale, surrounded by chandeliers and plush, red velvet curtains. She had never been to the opera before, and she was a bit nervous, but Edward’s hand on the small of her back was comforting.

The couple had dressed in their finest attire, with Vivian wearing the stunning red dress Edward had bought for her earlier that day. She felt like a princess in it, and her confidence was boosted as they made their way to their seats.

As they entered the VIP section, Vivian was acutely aware that all eyes were on her. The other guests seemed to be scrutinizing her, and she suddenly felt very insecure. Edward noticed her discomfort and leaned in, whispering in her ear, “Don’t worry about them, just enjoy the show.”

The opera house was packed, and the musicians were tuning their instruments as the audience took their seats. Edward leaned into Vivian again, “This is one of my favorites, La Traviata. I hope you enjoy it.”

The lights dimmed, and the conductor raised his baton. The audience hushed as the opera began, and Vivian was swept away by the music. She had never heard anything like it before and was mesmerized by the gorgeous melodies.

The first act passed quickly, and during the intermission, Edward led Vivian out to the balcony overlooking the city. They could see the lights of Hollywood sparkling in the distance, and Vivian leaned out over the railing, taking it all in.

Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a group of snobbish women looking down their noses at her. “Excuse me,” one of them said, “but I couldn’t help but notice your…um, attire. It’s a bit…inappropriate for a place like this.”

Vivian’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she looked down at her dress. She suddenly felt foolish and out of place. Before she could respond, Edward appeared by her side.

“Ladies,” he said smoothly, “I do apologize for any inconvenience my guest may have caused. But let’s not forget that we are here to enjoy the opera, not to judge others by their clothing.”

The women were taken aback, but Edward’s sharp words had silenced them. He took Vivian’s hand and led her back inside, but the moment was ruined. Vivian couldn’t focus on the performance anymore, and she felt like she didn’t belong in this world.

As the final act began, Vivian felt a tear roll down her cheek. She was overwhelmed by emotion, and she couldn’t bear to look at Edward. She felt like she had ruined this night for him, and she didn’t know how to make it right.

The opera ended with thunderous applause, but Vivian couldn’t bring herself to join in. She wanted to slip out of the theater quietly and disappear into the night. But as they stood up to leave, Edward put his arm around her shoulders.

“I know it was a bit overwhelming,” he said, “but I hope you don’t regret coming with me tonight.”

Vivian looked up at him, seeing the concern in his eyes. She shook her head, “No, I don’t regret it. I just feel like I don’t belong here.”

Edward leaned in, “You belong wherever you want to be, Vivian. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.”

They made their way out of the theater, and as they stepped outside, Edward hailed a cab. “I have an idea,” he said, “let’s go for a walk on the beach.”

Vivian was surprised but grateful. The cool breeze and the sound of the waves were soothing, and she felt like she could breathe again. Edward took off his shoes and socks and walked hand in hand with her along the shore.

As they walked, Vivian opened up to Edward. She told him about her childhood, growing up in a small town and dreaming of a better life. She talked about the struggles she had faced as a young woman, trying to make a living on the streets of Hollywood.

Edward listened intently, his heart breaking for this beautiful, strong woman who had endured so much. He pulled her close, and they watched the stars twinkle above them.

“Vivian,” he said, “I know I haven’t been entirely fair to you. You deserve so much more than just a week together. I want to help you, to support you, in whatever way I can.”

Vivian looked up at him, searching his eyes for any sign of insincerity. But she found only warmth and kindness there. She leaned in, and their lips met in a gentle kiss.

It was a moment of pure bliss, and they both knew that they had found something special between them. As they pulled away, Edward said, “I think this is just the beginning for us, Vivian. I have a feeling we’re going to have many more adventures together.”

Vivian smiled, feeling like anything was possible. She had found someone who saw her for who she truly was and accepted her without judgment. She knew that whatever lay ahead, it would be a journey worth taking with Edward by her side.

Chapter 6: The Beach

The sun was shining high in the sky as Edward and Vivian arrived at the beach. Edward had planned a day out for them to enjoy the sand, sun, and sea, and Vivian was excited to experience the beach for the first time.

As they walked down the beach, Vivian’s eyes widened in wonder and amazement. She had never seen such a large expanse of sea, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was music to her ears.

Edward rented a small cabana for them and set up chairs and an umbrella. They both changed into their swimsuits and headed to the water. Vivian had never swum before, and she was a little nervous about the whole experience.

Edward noticed her hesitation and took her hand, leading her to the water. He held her hand tightly as she dipped her toes in the water, feeling the coolness of the sea.

“Come on, Vivian, let’s go for a swim,” Edward said, pulling her gently towards him.

Vivian was reluctant at first, but she soon found herself enjoying the water. They swam together, splashing each other and laughing. Edward was a good swimmer, and he taught Vivian a few swimming techniques.

After their swim, they laid on the beach, relaxing under the shade of the umbrella. The warm sun on their skin made them feel alive, and they talked about everything and nothing.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Vivian said, looking at the vast expanse of the sea.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Edward replied, looking at Vivian. He couldn’t help but admire her beauty. Vivian was radiant in her swimsuit, and the sun only highlighted her natural glow.

“You know what’s more beautiful?” Vivian asked, turning to face Edward.

“What?” Edward asked, curious.

“You,” Vivian said, smiling.

Edward blushed and smiled, feeling a little embarrassed. He was not used to receiving compliments, especially from someone like Vivian, who he admired so much.

They spent the rest of the day on the beach, building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, and lounging in the sun. As the sun began to set, they took a long walk along the shore, watching the oranges and pinks of the sunset light the sky.

“I never thought I would enjoy the beach this much,” Vivian said, feeling content.

“I’m glad I could show you something new,” Edward said, taking her hand.

They walked back to the cabana, and Edward packed up their things. He took Vivian’s hand and led her towards the water.

“We have one more thing to do before we leave,” Edward said, a mischievous glint in his eye.

“What’s that?” Vivian asked, curious.

“You’ll see,” Edward replied, smiling.

They reached the water’s edge, and Edward lifted Vivian up in his arms, carrying her towards the water. Vivian squealed in surprise, and Edward laughed.

“Edward, what are you doing?” Vivian asked, giggling.

“I’m carrying you into the water,” Edward said, still laughing.

Vivian wrapped her arms around Edward’s neck as he waded into the water. They went deeper and deeper into the sea until the water was up to their shoulders.

Edward held Vivian tightly, and they swayed to the rhythm of the waves. The sun had set by now, and the stars had come out to play.

“This is perfect,” Vivian said, snuggling closer to Edward.

“I’m glad you think so,” Edward said, holding her tightly.

They stayed like that for a while, listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the coolness of the water. When they finally decided to head back, Edward carried Vivian back to the cabana.

As they changed back into their clothes, Vivian couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She had enjoyed her day with Edward so much, and she didn’t want it to end.

“Thank you for today,” Vivian said, looking at Edward.

“I had a great time too,” Edward replied, smiling.

They headed back to the car, holding hands. As they drove back to the hotel, Vivian felt a sense of contentment that she had never felt before. She was happy to have found someone like Edward, and she couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them.

Chapter 7: A Date at the Races

The sun was shining brightly as Edward and Vivian made their way to the polo match. Edward was excited to share his love for horses with Vivian, and she was eager to see what all the fuss was about. As they arrived at the field, Vivian was amazed at the beauty of the horses and the vast expanse of the fields.

Edward had arranged for them to have VIP seats, complete with a gourmet picnic basket filled with delicious foods and wines. They settled down to watch the match, and Edward pointed out the finer details of the game to Vivian, who was fascinated by the athleticism of the players and their horses.

As the match came to a close, Edward asked Vivian if she would like to try riding a horse. Vivian hesitated for a moment, but her curiosity got the best of her, and she agreed to give it a go. Edward arranged for a horse to be brought over, and Vivian gingerly climbed on.

At first, Vivian was nervous, but as the horse started to move, she felt a surge of excitement. The wind in her hair and the adrenaline rush made her feel alive. Edward led her around the field, and as they rode, they talked about their hopes and dreams.

It was a perfect day, and as the sun began to set, Edward suggested they take a romantic horseback ride on the beach. Vivian was thrilled at the idea and agreed eagerly.

They made their way to the beach, where the sand was soft underfoot, and the waves lapped at the shore. Edward helped Vivian off the horse, and they settled down on a blanket as the sun began to dip below the horizon.

As they watched the spectacular sunset, they talked about their lives and their struggles. Vivian told Edward about her past and how she had ended up working as a prostitute. Edward listened carefully, his heart breaking for the pain she had endured.

When Vivian finished speaking, Edward took her hand and looked into her eyes. “I know I can’t take away the pain you’ve been through, but I promise to always be there for you. I care about you more than I ever thought possible,” he said softly.

Vivian’s heart swelled with love and affection, and she leaned in to kiss him. As their lips met, a sense of euphoria coursed through her veins, and she knew that this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

They cuddled up under the stars, enjoying the cool breeze and each other’s company. As the night wore on, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, the sounds of the waves lulling them into a peaceful slumber.

The next morning, they woke up to the sound of seagulls and the smell of the salty sea air. They shared a sweet breakfast on the beach, and as they packed up their belongings, Edward turned to Vivian, a look of determination on his face.

“I know we’ve only been together for a short time, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. I want to be with you, Vivian, always and forever. Will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” he asked, his heart racing.

Vivian’s eyes filled with tears, and she nodded eagerly, throwing her arms around Edward’s neck. “Yes, Edward, I will be your girlfriend, and I will love you always,” she said, her voice filled with emotion.

As they hugged, a crowd of people started to gather around them, wondering what all the commotion was about. Edward looked up, a grin spreading across his face, and announced to the world, “This woman is the love of my life, and I will do anything to make her happy.”

The crowd cheered, and Edward and Vivian walked off into the distance, hand in hand, ready to embark on a new chapter in their lives. They knew that life would be full of challenges and obstacles, but they also knew that they had each other, and that was worth everything in the world.

Chapter 8: The Business Deal

Edward had come a long way since he met Vivian. He had found a newfound purpose in life, someone to care about, and be responsible for. The business deal he has been working on was a crucial turning point for him, as it could make or break his reputation and career.

The deal was concerning the acquisition of a company that dealt with eco-friendly products, which could revolutionize the market. However, there was a catch; the company had been accused of unethical practices and had several legal cases pending against it. Edward’s colleague, Phillip Stuckey, had reservations about the acquisition, and he had voiced his own concerns about Edward’s inexperience in taking such significant risks.

Phillip had been a driving force behind Edward’s previous successful deals, but this time, he was hard to convince. “You don’t know what you’re getting into, Edward. This deal could backfire, and we could end up losing everything we’ve worked for. You need to rethink this,” he said.

Edward knew that Phillip had a valid point, but he was too invested in the deal to back out now. He had to find a way to make it work. He thought about Vivian and how she managed to turn her life around. Maybe, just maybe, he could use her story to his advantage and convince the owners of the eco-friendly company that he was committed to making ethical choices.

He thought about it for a while and realized that he had nothing to lose. He could use Vivian’s story as an example of how people could change their ways and make the right decisions. He devised a plan and called Vivian to his office.

When Vivian arrived, she was surprised to see that Edward had a pile of files on his desk, and he looked flustered. “What’s going on, Edward? Is everything okay?” she asked.

Edward told her about the eco-friendly company’s acquisition and how important it was for him to make ethical choices. “I want to show the owners that we are committed to making a difference. That we are not just in it for the money. I thought about your story, Vivian. You proved that people can change their ways and make the right choices. I want you to help me convince them that I’m capable of doing the same.”

Vivian was taken aback by Edward’s request. She had never been involved in anything related to business, and she wasn’t sure if she could help. However, she felt that this was her chance to repay Edward for all that he had done for her. She agreed to help him and asked him to explain what he needed her to do.

Edward explained his plan to Vivian. He wanted her to give a speech to the owners of the eco-friendly company, telling them about her journey and how she had turned her life around. He hoped that her story would inspire them to give him a chance and trust him to make the right choice.

Vivian was nervous but excited about the opportunity. She had never given a speech before, but she felt confident that she could do it after practicing with Edward. She spent the next few days preparing for the speech, going over her story and how it could relate to the eco-friendly company’s situation.

The day of the meeting arrived, and Edward and Vivian were dressed in their best attire. They entered the boardroom, where the owners of the eco-friendly company were waiting for them. The room was filled with a tense atmosphere, and Edward could feel the weight of the situation in the air.

He introduced Vivian, and she began her speech. She talked about her life on the streets, how she had to do things she wasn’t proud of to make ends meet, and how she had met Edward. She told them how he had helped her turn her life around and how much he valued making the right choices.

“In life, we are often faced with difficult choices. We may be tempted to do things that are not right, to make a quick buck. But what I’ve learned from my experiences is that it’s essential to make the right choice, no matter how difficult it may be. Edward has shown me that anything is possible if you’re willing to take a risk and make the right choices.”

Vivian’s speech left everyone in the room in a moment of silence, reflecting on their own lives’ choices. Edward saw that the owners were touched by Vivian’s story and how it could relate to their company’s situation. He knew that this was the right time to make his move.

“Like Vivian, I too have made the wrong choices in the past. But I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I know that this acquisition is the right choice. Yes, the company has had its fair share of legal problems, but we are committed to making things right. We want to create a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.”

Edward’s words were met with applause and an air of agreement. The owners saw that Edward and Vivian were committed to making a difference and that they were willing to take the necessary steps to make it happen. They agreed to go forward with the acquisition, and Edward breathed a sigh of relief.

The meeting ended, and Edward and Vivian left the boardroom feeling accomplished. They had done something that would make a difference in the world, and they had done it together. Edward felt proud of Vivian and how far she had come since they first met. He knew that he had made the right choice in bringing her into his life, and he was grateful for her help.

As they walked out of the building, Vivian turned to Edward and said, “I didn’t know I had it in me. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance to prove myself.”

Edward smiled and replied, “It was all you, Vivian. You have a way of inspiring people when they need it the most. I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

The two of them walked out of the building, hand in hand, ready to take on the world together. They had overcome their past mistakes and had made the right choice. And they knew that as long as they had each other, nothing could stop them.

Chapter 9: The Grand Gesture

Edward had been a man of business his whole life. He was used to being in control, attaining his goals, and getting his way. However, with Vivian, he had learned that life was not just about work and numbers. She had brought joy and excitement into his life, and he had fallen deeply in love with her.

Edward knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Vivian, and he was determined to make sure that she felt the same way. He spent weeks planning the perfect grand gesture to win her heart.

It all started with a private jet ride to San Francisco. Edward had arranged for a luxurious jet to take them to the city by the bay, where he would confess his love to Vivian. The jet was equipped with all of the amenities, including a fully stocked bar, plush seating, and a 360-degree view of the sky.

As they soared through the clouds, Edward held Vivian’s hand and gazed into her eyes. She had no idea what was in store for her, but she could sense that something big was about to happen. She felt her heart racing with excitement and anticipation.

When they arrived in San Francisco, Edward had planned a romantic evening for them. They checked into a luxurious suite at the Fairmont Hotel, which had a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The room was decorated with roses and candles, and soft music played in the background.

Edward had arranged for a private chef to prepare a gourmet dinner for them in the room. As they dined on lobster bisque, filet mignon, and chocolate fondue, they talked about their past and their dreams for the future.

After dinner, they took a moonlit stroll along the Embarcadero. Edward held Vivian close, and they walked in silence, enjoying the cool ocean breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Finally, Edward stopped in front of a street artist who was painting a portrait of a couple in love. He asked the artist to paint a portrait of him and Vivian, right then and there.

As the artist began to paint, Edward took Vivian’s hand and whispered into her ear. “Vivian, you have changed my life in so many ways. I never thought I could feel this way about anyone, but I have fallen deeply in love with you.”

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat as she listened to Edward’s words. She could feel her eyes filling up with tears, and she knew that she was about to cry. “Edward, I love you too,” she whispered.

The artist finished the painting, and Edward paid him handsomely. They took the portrait back to their hotel room, where Edward placed it on the dresser facing the bed.

As they got ready for bed, Edward pulled out a black velvet box and opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring. “Vivian, will you marry me?” he asked, getting down on one knee.

Vivian’s eyes widened as she stared at the ring. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. She felt her heart pounding, and she knew that this was the moment she had been waiting for her entire life.

“Yes, Edward, I will marry you,” she said, her voice trembling with emotion.

Edward slipped the ring onto Vivian’s finger, and they embraced, holding each other tightly. They had found love in the most unexpected place, and they knew that they were meant to be together forever.

The next morning, they took a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf, where they spent the day exploring the city. They visited the Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Palace of Fine Arts. They ate fresh seafood at a local restaurant and watched the sea lions bask in the sun.

As the sun began to set, they walked along the beach, holding hands and watching the waves crash against the shore. Vivian felt like she was in a dream.

They returned to their hotel room, exhausted but happy. They sat on the bed, sipping champagne and looking at the portrait that the artist had painted. It captured their love and their happiness, frozen in time.

“I never thought I could be this happy,” Vivian said, snuggling up to Edward’s chest. “I never thought I could find someone who loves me for who I am.”

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, inside and out,” Edward said, kissing the top of her head. “I am the luckiest man in the world to have you as my wife.”

They fell asleep in each other’s arms, dreaming of the life they would build together. The grand gesture had worked, and they were ready to embark on a new adventure, hand in hand.

Chapter 10: A Happy Ending

Edward and Vivian looked into each other’s eyes, and all they saw was love. They held each other close, their arms wrapped around each other. It was a moment of pure bliss, and they never wanted it to end.

The couple had just arrived in San Francisco, where Edward had planned to confess his love for Vivian. They had taken a private jet, and Vivian had been in awe the entire journey. She had never felt so special in her life, and she wondered what Edward had in store for her.

Edward took Vivian’s hand and led her to a car waiting outside the airport. The driver, whom Vivian assumed was one of Edward’s employees, drove them to a luxurious hotel in the heart of the city. Vivian was amazed at the elegance of the hotel and couldn’t believe that they were staying there.

As soon as they were in their hotel room, Edward turned to Vivian and asked her to sit down. He walked to the window, and Vivian wondered what he was doing. Suddenly, she heard music playing, and she turned to see Edward holding a boombox, his eyes trained on her.

“Vivian,” he said, walking toward her. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. And the more I think about you, the more I realize that I’m in love with you.”

Vivian’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had never expected Edward to confess his feelings like this, and a part of her was afraid that it was all a dream.

“But I don’t want to just say it,” Edward continued. “I want to show you how much I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

He got down on one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket. Vivian’s heart leapt as she realized what was happening. Her eyes filled with tears, and she could barely speak.

“Vivian, will you marry me?” Edward asked, opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. “Will you be my wife?”

Vivian felt as though her heart was about to burst. She had never felt so loved and cherished, and she knew without a doubt that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Edward.

“Yes,” she said, tears streaming down her face. “Yes, I will marry you.”

Edward slipped the ring onto Vivian’s finger, and they hugged each other tightly, both crying tears of joy. They spent the rest of the night talking about their future, planning their wedding, and dreaming about their life together.

The next day, they explored San Francisco together, visiting all of the city’s landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. They walked along the beach, holding hands, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

As they sat on a bench watching the sunset, Vivian leaned her head on Edward’s shoulder, feeling completely content. She had everything she could ever want: love, happiness, and a bright future ahead of her.

“Edward,” she said, looking up at him. “Thank you for everything. I never thought I could be this happy.”

Edward smiled at her and leaned in to kiss her. They shared a long, passionate kiss, and when they pulled away, they looked into each other’s eyes, knowing that they had found true love.

“I love you,” Edward whispered, caressing Vivian’s cheek.

“I love you too,” Vivian replied, grinning from ear to ear. “So, what happens now?”

“We get married,” Edward said, pulling out his phone. “I already have a list of wedding planners that I want us to meet with.”

Vivian laughed, feeling overwhelmed with joy. She couldn’t believe how much her life had changed in such a short amount of time.

As they walked back to their hotel, hand in hand, Vivian knew that she had found her happily ever after. She had found someone who loved her for who she was, and who had accepted her past without judgment. She had found someone who completed her, and she knew that they would spend the rest of their lives making each other happy.

The couple returned to Los Angeles the following day, and they started planning their wedding. They met with wedding planners, picked a venue, and chose their wedding party. Vivian couldn’t believe how much work it took to plan a wedding, but she was grateful that Edward was there to help her every step of the way.

Finally, the big day arrived, and Vivian felt like a princess. She wore a stunning white dress, and Edward looked dashing in his suit. The church was decorated beautifully, and their friends and family had gathered to witness their union.

As they exchanged their vows, Vivian felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She knew that this was the start of a beautiful journey with the love of her life. They exchanged rings, kissed each other, and walked down the aisle as husband and wife.

The reception was a blast, and everyone had a great time. The couple danced the night away, and when the party ended, they headed to their hotel room, exhausted but happy.

As they lay in bed, Vivian cuddled up to Edward, feeling content. She looked at him and smiled, knowing that she had everything she could ever want.

“Edward,” she said, running her fingers through his hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied, kissing her forehead. “You’re my pretty woman.”

Vivian giggled, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. She had found her happily ever after, and she knew that with Edward by her side, they could conquer anything.

And with that, they fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms, ready to begin their journey together, as husband and wife.

Some scenes from the movie Pretty Woman written by A.I.

Scene 1



The street is alive with bright lights and the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard. A woman in a short skirt and high heels walks towards the camera. This is VIVIAN, a Hollywood prostitute in her early twenties. A car slows down next to her, and the window rolls down to reveal a man in a suit.


Hey, how much for the night?


$100 an hour. Minimum of four hours.

Edward nods, and Vivian gets into the car.



Vivian is getting ready in front of the mirror when Edward walks in. He hands her an envelope filled with cash.


Here’s your money. I won’t touch you, and you won’t touch me. Just keep me company for the night.


Sure thing.

Edward heads towards the door as Vivian finishes up. She turns around and sees a glimpse of a lonely and broken man who has everything but love.



Scene 2



VIVIAN, a beautiful and street-smart prostitute, is walking down the sidewalk when she is approached by a sleek limousine. The window rolls down, revealing EDWARD LEWIS, a wealthy businessman.


Hey, how much?


What do you want?


I want you to be my escort for the week.

VIVIAN is skeptical but intrigued by the proposition.


How much are you offering?


Three thousand.

VIVIAN hesitates for a moment, then decides to take the offer.



EDWARD LEWIS steps out of the limo and opens the door for VIVIAN.


Welcome to Beverly Hills.



VIVIAN, dressed in her new designer clothes, exits the hotel and spots a group of wealthy, snobbish women staring her down. She becomes self-conscious and turns to EDWARD LEWIS.


What’s wrong?


Nothing. Don’t worry about them.


I don’t belong here.


Nonsense. You belong wherever you want to be.

EDWARD LEWIS takes VIVIAN’s hand and leads her inside the hotel.


VIVIAN and EDWARD LEWIS enter the lobby, where they are greeted by the hotel manager, HECTOR.


Welcome, Mr. Lewis. Your suite is ready.


Thank you, Hector.


And who might this be?


This is Vivian. She’ll be accompanying me for the week.

HECTOR looks at VIVIAN with disapproval.


I see. Very well then.

EDWARD LEWIS takes VIVIAN’s hand and leads her to the elevator.


VIVIAN is amazed by the luxurious suite.


Wow, this is incredible.


Glad you like it.


So, what’s on the agenda for today?


I have a business meeting this afternoon. I need you to come with me.


What do I have to do?


Just be yourself. And don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.

VIVIAN looks nervous but determined.


Okay. Let’s do this.


Scene 3



Edward steps out of his chauffeured car at the entrance of the Beverly Hills Hotel. He adjusts his tie, takes a deep breath, and walks towards the entrance.


Edward enters the ballroom, where a business meeting is being held. The guests are dressed in elegant suits and dresses, and Edward stands out in his expensive suit. He looks around the room and spots Vivian, who is dressed in a casual outfit and sits at the back of the room.

Edward walks towards Vivian, and the guests stare at him in shock.


(whispering among themselves)

Who is he with? That woman?


(to Vivian)

I’m sorry, I’m late. Are you okay?



Yeah. Hi.

The guests continue to stare, and Edward notices that Vivian’s dress is too short and her boots are worn out.


(to Vivian)

Come with me.

Vivian looks confused but stands up and follows Edward out of the ballroom.


Edward approaches the concierge, a young woman dressed in a smart suit.


(to concierge)

My guest needs a new outfit. Can you arrange it?



Of course, Mr. Lewis. Right this way.

The concierge leads Vivian to the hotel boutique, and Edward heads back to the ballroom.


Edward returns to the meeting, and the guests whisper and stare as he takes his seat. The meeting begins, and Edward struggles to focus as he thinks about Vivian.


Vivian tries on a new dress, and the concierge admires her.



You look beautiful.


(caught off guard)

Thank you.


Edward is called to the stage to present his business proposal, but he can’t concentrate. He looks around the room, searching for Vivian.


Vivian emerges in a stunning red dress and looks at herself in the mirror. She can’t believe how different she looks.



Oh, wow!


Edward finishes presenting his business proposal and looks up to see Vivian walking towards him. The guests gasp as she approaches the stage and stands by Edward’s side.



This is Vivian, my associate.

The guests murmur their approval as Vivian smiles at Edward. They exchange a look, and the room falls silent.


(to Vivian)

Nice dress.




They turn to face the guests, and Edward begins to speak.



Scene 4



Vivian walks down Rodeo Drive in her new wardrobe, looking at the glamorous shops in awe. She spots Edward standing outside a clothing store.

VIVIAN: (smiling) Hey, what are you doing here?

EDWARD: (smiling back) I thought I’d surprise you. How do you like your new clothes?

VIVIAN: (spinning around) They’re amazing. Thank you so much.

EDWARD: (smiling) You look stunning.

Vivian blushes and looks down at her feet.

VIVIAN: (embarrassed) Stop it, you’re making me shy.

EDWARD: (softly) You have nothing to be shy about. You’re beautiful, Vivian.

VIVIAN: (looking up at him) You really mean that?

EDWARD: (nodding) Of course I do. Let’s go celebrate your new look.



Edward and Vivian sit across from each other at a fancy restaurant, surrounded by candles and a beautiful view of the city.

VIVIAN: (tasting her food) This is amazing. I’ve never tasted anything like it.

EDWARD: (smiling) I’m glad you like it. (pauses) Vivian, I want to talk to you about something.

VIVIAN: (concerned) What is it?

EDWARD: (serious) I know that this week has been about our business arrangement, but I want you to know that it’s become more than that to me. I enjoy your company, and I want to continue seeing you even after our week is over.

Vivian’s eyes widen in surprise, and she doesn’t know what to say.

VIVIAN: (stunned) Edward, I don’t know what to say. Are you serious?

EDWARD: (nodding) Yes, I am. (pauses) I know this might be sudden, but I want to take you out on a real date, no business involved.

VIVIAN: (smiling) I’d like that.

Edward smiles back, and they continue their meal, lost in each other’s company.


Scene 5


VIVIAN and EDWARD are sitting in the front row, watching La Traviata. Vivian is in a stunning red dress with a matching necklace, and Edward is in a tuxedo.


(amazed by the performance)

This is so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.



It only gets better from here.

Vivian looks around and notices people glancing at her.


(whispering to Edward)

Why are they looking at me like that?


(leans in close)

They’re not used to seeing someone like you at the opera.



I knew I didn’t belong here.


(takes Vivian’s hand)

Don’t worry about them. You belong with me.

The performance ends, and as they are leaving, a group of snobbish guests approach them.



Oh my, Edward. Who’s your new friend?



This is Vivian.


(whispers to the others)

She’s a hooker.

Vivian looks down, embarrassed.



Vivian is my guest, and I’d appreciate it if you treated her with respect.


(rolls her eyes)

Of course, Edward. Whatever you say.

Edward takes Vivian’s arm and leads her out of the opera house.



I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.


(holds her close)

You didn’t embarrass me. They have no right to judge you.


(looks up at him)

Why did you bring me here if you knew this would happen?


(puts a hand on her cheek)

Because I wanted to share this with you. I wanted to show you something beautiful.


(smiling through tears)

It was beautiful. Thank you.

They walk out into the night, hand in hand.

Scene 6



VIVIAN and EDWARD are lying on the beach, enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves. Vivian is wearing a yellow two-piece swimsuit that shows off her body. Edward is in his swimming trunks, looking relaxed and happy.


(looking at Edward)

This is amazing. I never would have thought I’d be on a beach like this.



I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You deserve it.



Thank you. You know, I never understood why people liked the beach so much, but now I see why.



What changed your mind?


(pointing at the ocean)

That. It’s so peaceful and calming.


Yeah. It’s one of my favorite places to be.


What’s your other favorite place?



That’s a secret. I can’t give away all my favorites on the first date.



First date? Are you asking me out again?



Maybe. Are you interested?


(nodding eagerly)

Yes. Definitely.

Suddenly, a group of kids run past them, laughing and shouting. Vivian jumps up and chases after them, joining in on the fun.



She’s something else.


Author: AI