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Chapter 1

The Nostromo had been travelling for weeks, another commercial space mission nearly done. The crew of the Nostromo – Captain Dallas, Ripley, Ash, Kane, Lambert, and Parker – sat in the mess hall of their ship, enjoying a meal and discussing their respective plans for when they would all soon return home.

Suddenly a piercing wail cut through the air. Dallas, who was quickly informed by the Nostromo’s computers that the signal had come from a distant moon, decided to investigate. The crew discussed their options and ultimately agreed, although there was a sense of uneasiness among them as they set course for the mysterious moon.

Chapter 2

The crew of the Nostromo began to feel strange as they approached the moon. The atmosphere was thick and oppressive, and Ash, the science officer of the Nostromo, remarked that the air seemed to cause him to feel uneasy.

As they approached the landing site, the crew could see from their ship a vast, black expanse of a structure that seemed to stretch into the horizon. It looked like some kind of hive colony.

Chapter 3

The crew of the Nostromo slowly made their way down to the surface of the moon. As they descended, they began to feel more and more uneasy. Kane, the Nostromo’s first mate, noticed that the structure was made of some kind of strange, black substance.

When they eventually landed near the structure, they were shocked to find an enormous number of tiny creatures moving inside. It was clear that these creatures were hostile and were attacking the Nostromo and its crew.

Chapter 4

The crew of the Nostromo quickly decided to make a run for the safety of their ship. As they escaped, the creatures pursued them, but the crew managed to make it back to the Nostromo and lift off.

As the Nostromo set course for home, the crew began to realise the true terror of what they had just encountered. They had no idea what kind of creatures they had encountered, but it was clear that these creatures were unlike anything they had ever seen before.

Chapter 5

Back on board the Nostromo, the crew began to speculate about their dangerous new foes. They knew that whatever this species was, it was more deadly than any they had ever encountered.

As they come to terms with the danger they were in, they planned a course back home and continue to discuss their options. They soon realize that they will have to be prepared for more surprises as they travel across the universe.

The crew of the Nostromo had no idea what awaited them in the distant future. They were in for the adventure of their lives as they encountered the unknown horrors that lurked in the furthest reaches of outer space.

Scene 1


The Nostromo is flying through a vast, star-filled void.


The crew are relaxing, chatting and enjoying the journey.

ASH: So, what do you think we’ll find on the other side?

RIPLEY: No clue. But I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

Suddenly, a crackling sound fills the room.

VOICE (V.O.): We’re in need of assistance…

The crew looks around, confused.

KANE: What the hell is that?

Scene 2


The crew gathers around the radio to listen to the distress call.

VOICE (V.O.): We’re stranded on a distant moon…

MOTHER: [interrupting] You’ll have to go and check it out.

The crew looks around, hesitant.

KANE: Do we really want to risk our lives for strangers?

ASH: We have to. It’s our responsibility as human beings.

RIPLEY: Alright. Let’s go.

Scene 3


The Nostromo lands on the distant moon. The crew cautiously steps out of the ship, taking in their surroundings.

RIPLEY: Be careful. This place looks deserted.

They start exploring the area, only to discover a strange hive-like structure.

KANE: What on earth is this?

Suddenly, their worst fears are confirmed. Hundreds of alien creatures emerge from the hive, converging on the crew.

Scene 4


The crew scrambles back to the Nostromo, desperately trying to escape.

ASH: We’ve got to get out of here!

The aliens are in hot pursuit, quickly catching up.

RIPLEY: [yelling] Come on! We’re almost there!

Finally, they make it back the ship and blast off, narrowly avoiding capture.

KANE: That was close…

Scene 5


The crew collapses in exhaustion, relieved to have escaped alive.

KANE: [shaking his head] I can’t believe what just happened…

RIPLEY: [pointing] Look!

Everyone looks out the window, shocked. The aliens have attached themselves to the exterior of the ship, attempting to break in.

ASH: We’ve got to get rid of them!

The crew scrambles to come up with a plan.

KANE: [determined] We have to take them out… no matter the cost.

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