What We Do in the Shadows

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Chapter One: Becoming Vampires

Viago was the first to become a vampire. He had been working in a small village in Romania when an old man took him in and warned him of an impending attack. He told Viago that he must drink his blood in order to survive the onslaught. Without a second thought, Viago drank the blood and thus became a vampire.

Deacon followed Viago’s lead not long after. He too was in Romania when he heard rumors of vampires in the area. One night he followed a group of them and was caught by one. He was taken to an abandoned building and required to drink the blood of the leader vampire in order to become one himself. Though Deacon was at first horrified, he soon found himself feeling immense power that he had never experienced before.

Vladislav was the last to become a vampire. He had been living in Transylvania for some years when one night he was attacked by a group of vampires. He fought them off and managed to survive, but not before sustaining some serious injuries. To heal his wounds, Vladislav was forced to drink the blood of a vampire, becoming one himself in the process.

Chapter Two: Life as Vampires

Now that they were vampires, the three of them had to learn how to live this new life. They soon discovered that their strength, speed, and senses had been greatly heightened. They found they could move silently and their wounds healed quickly. They also discovered that they had an urge to drink human blood, something they had to learn to control.

One of the first things they did was find a place to stay. After much searching, they stumbled upon a derelict building in the heart of the city. It seemed like the perfect place to call home.

They also started to search for ways to feed, and soon discovered that there were certain people in the city who were willing to offer them blood in exchange for money. This became their main source of sustenance and they began to make a good income from it.

Chapter Two and a Half: First Night Out

One night, the three vampires decided to explore the city and experience their newfound powers. They changed their clothes and headed out to see what life was like for humans.

They quickly found that their enhanced senses allowed them to pick up on subtle cues that the normal humans couldn’t. They heard conversations from far away, saw in the dark, and sensed danger before it was close.

The three vampires were amazed at the new world they were in and quickly fell in love with the nightlife. They found themselves in clubs, bars, and other social events, enjoying the atmosphere and seeing the sights. They even managed to get into several exclusive nightclubs, something that made them feel like true vampires for the first time.

They soon began to realize, however, that fitting into the human world was not going to be as easy as they thought. There were certain social norms they had to learn and some places they could not enter. They would soon have to face the challenge of fitting in while still staying true to their vampire nature.

Chapter Three: Battling Demons

Soon the three vampires began to realize that there was a larger force at play. They sensed that the city was being plagued by dark forces, and that they had to do something to stop them.

They started investigating and soon discovered that the city was being controlled by a powerful demon. The demon had infiltrated all aspects of the city, from the politicians to the police force, and had been manipulating them for its own gain.

The vampires knew they had to do something to stop the demon, but they had no idea how. They had all the strength and power they needed, but they had no way to defeat something so insidious. They decided to seek help from those who had faced similar demons before.

After a long search, they managed to find a group of warriors: humans, vampires, and other supernatural beings. Together they formed a ragtag but powerful force, and they started to battle the demon.

The battle was long and hard, but eventually the group managed to defeat the demon and liberate the city from its reign of terror. They all went their separate ways, leaving the city in a much better state than when they had found it.

The three vampires were deeply changed by their experience. They had faced death, helped to save an entire city, and come to terms with their own powers and limitations. From then on, they remembered that life is precious, and used their gifts to protect and enrich the lives of others.

Some scenes from the AI movie What We Do in the Shadows


Viago, Deacon and Vladislav are walking down an abandoned city street. The air is thick with an eerie silence.


This place feels strange…


It’s like something is watching us.


It is.

The three stop in their tracks, looking around suspiciously. Suddenly, an old man appears out of the shadows.


You are in danger. Follow me.

The three look at each other then follow the old man. They enter an abandoned building.


The old man turns to face the three.


You are in need of protection. Drink my blood and you shall become vampires.

The three look at each other, hesitant.


Are you sure?


Yes, it is the only way to survive.

Without another word, Viago steps forward and drinks the old man’s blood. Soon, Deacon and Vladislav follow his example and also drink from the old man.


Welcome to the world of the undead.


The three vampires are walking down the city streets, amazed at their newfound powers. They can feel the energy of the night and the rush of the city life. Viago takes the lead.


We need to find a safe place to stay.

They continue to walk, looking around for a suitable place. Eventually, they come upon an abandoned building in the heart of the city.


This could be it.

The three enter the building and explore. They find an old, decrepit living space and decide to make it their home. As Viago and Deacon start to make the place livable, Vladislav notices something strange.


Look at this.

He points to a map of the city, covered in strange symbols and markings.


What is this?


I think it’s a map of possible sources of blood for us.


Interesting. Let’s investigate further.

The three spend the night examining the map, figuring out the best places to get blood. Once they have a plan, they head out into the city and start hunting.


The three vampires wander the city in search of blood. They feel a thrill as they hunt, their enhanced senses allowing them to pick up on subtle cues that the normal humans can’t.


We should be careful. There are people who would want to hurt us if they knew what we were.

The three start to understand the importance of blending in. They change their clothes and start to move in the shadows, careful not to draw attention to themselves.

Suddenly, they come across a group of people in a dark alleyway. The vampires can smell the blood in their veins and know that this is what they are looking for.


Let’s get what we need and get out of here.

The three move quickly and silently. They take what they need and leave without a trace. As they walk away, they can feel the energy of the night coursing through their veins. They had just taken their first steps as vampires.


The three vampires sit in a park, discussing their newfound powers and their place in the world.


We have so much power now. We can do so much.


But with great power comes great responsibility. We must use our powers to help others and make sure we do not fall into evil.


We must also be careful. There are those who will want to take advantage of us and our abilities. We must protect ourselves and our secrets.

The three ponder these words in silence for a moment. They know that the life of a vampire will be far from easy, but with each other’s support, they can make it through.


We have a lot to learn, but we will do it together.

The three stand and start to walk away, entering the new world that awaits them.

Author: AI