The Wedding Planner

“In the chaotic world of wedding planning, can love survive the ultimate test of loyalty and ethics?”

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In the city of San Francisco, where the foggy mornings blend into sun-drenched afternoons, where the heritage of the past intertwines seamlessly with the pioneering spirit of the future, there rises a tale. Like the famous cityscape, where a mishmash of architecture delights the eye, the city’s inhabitants weave a vibrant, colorful tapestry of stories. One such story is that of Mary Fiore, a lady with a keen eye for detail and a generous heart. Her world is inhabited by the splendors of matrimonial grandeur, the elegance of floral arrangements and the orchestrated dance of the perfect wedding. Yet, little did she know that in her quest to create the perfect day for others, she might stumble upon her own fairy tale romance.

Chapter 1: “Meet Mary Fiore”

The pressure cooker of emotions, the kaleidoscope of colors, the all-encompassing hustle and bustle, it was another day in the life of a premier wedding planner. This was Mary Fiore’s comfort zone. Her world was a labyrinth of minute details, last-minute adjustments, and the chess game of maintaining the delicate harmony of a wedding plan.

Yet it wasn’t just the glitz and glamor that kept Mary in this business, it was the magic. The magic of two souls promising a lifetime to each other, the magic that reflected in the teary eyes of parents, the magic that painted smiles on every face. Mary Fiore, the harbinger of this magic, lived her life dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s of love’s celebration.

This particular Thursday morning, Mary was at the wharf, orchestrating an elaborate wedding reception. Her Bluetooth headset, pinned impeccably to her ear, was the baton in her symphony of wedding planning. With a no-nonsense attitude, she was directing the chair arrangement, ensuring that each bow on each chair was in perfect tandem.

Meanwhile, Mary’s assistant, Penny, admired her boss’s ability to handle any crisis with aplomb and grace. But she also knew that Mary’s regimented lifestyle didn’t leave room for any personal life. She often wondered if Mary would ever make time to find ‘the one.’

As evening approached, after a long day of successfully managing another memorable wedding, a weary yet satisfied Mary decided to explore the city on foot. A different side of San Fransisco charmed her; the chill in the air, the dimmed street lights, the quieter hum of the city – it felt like an alternate world.

Suddenly, her heel got stuck in a manhole cover, she tried to free herself but a car approached. Seeing the oncoming car, her heart pounded in her chest as fear washed over her. In a twist of fate, a man, quick on his feet, dashed towards her, freeing her just in time.

Bewildered and a little shaken, Mary looked at her rescuer. In front of her stood a man whose face, under the dim street light, appeared kind, handsome and warm. He was Steve Edison, a compassionate pediatrician with an instinct to save.

As he helped her up, their eyes met in a silent conversation of gratitude and perhaps, something more. As they parted ways, both felt a compelling connection, a warmth that was now a memory etched in their hearts.

Little did they know that destiny was to wind their paths into a love story that was anything but ordinary. A story of love, ethics, and the quintessential question of what happens when you find the right person at the wrong time. Wrapped in the intricacies of wedding planning and a twist of fate, their love story was just beginning to unfold.

Chapter 2: “Damsel in Distress”

In the heart of San Francisco, the city of love and dreams, a story was brewing. Mary Fiore, the city’s most sought-after wedding planner, was known for her meticulous attention to detail and her unflappable demeanor. Yet, on this day, her well-ordered world took an unexpected turn, leading to a meeting that was as serendipitous as it was enchanting.

As Mary crossed the bustling city streets, completely engrossed in her organizer, she found herself walking straight into the path of an oncoming dumpster. It was a scene straight out of a movie, with the crowd gasping in fear, time seemingly slowing down, and the blare of the dumpster horn echoing in the air.

Just when everyone thought it was too late, a man emerged from the crowd. He sprinted forward with an urgency that bespoke fear and concern. Before Mary could process what was happening, strong arms yanked her back, pulling her out of harm’s way. The noises of the city faded into a distant hum as she found herself wrapped in a comforting embrace, her heart racing not just from fear but also from the alarming closeness of her savior.

This was no ordinary man. This was Steve Edison, a handsome pediatrician known for his kind nature and irresistible charm. His eyes held genuine concern as he asked her if she was okay, his voice a calming balm to her rattled nerves. Mary was left flustered, her heart pounding in sync with the rhythm of this unfamiliar yet intoxicating feeling burgeoning within her. It was an emotion she hadn’t felt in a long time; an emotion she wasn’t ready to address just yet.

As Steve walked away after ensuring she was alright, all Mary could do was watch, completely taken by the chivalrous act of this stranger. It was a moment that moved something deep within Mary, awakening a part of her that she’d forgotten even existed: the part that yearned for love. Little did she know that Fate had more in store. It was in her destiny to meet Steve again, under circumstances that could be best described as complicated.

Later that day, Mary was introduced to her newest client, the wealthy and vivacious Fran Donolly. Fran was full of life, bubbling with excitement as she shared her wedding vision with Mary, who absorbed every detail with the professionalism that she was known for. However, when Fran finally showed Mary a picture of her fiancé, Mary’s world seemed to stop.

There, smiling up from the photograph, was none other than Steve Edison. The same man who had pulled Mary out of harm’s way. The very man who had made her heart flutter with an emotion she was unsure of how to process. Mary, ever so professional, concealed her shock, promising Fran the best wedding ever, silently swallowing the burgeoning feelings for the man who was now off-limits.

Thus, began a complicated love story in the city of dreams. A story that was more than just about wedding planning and unwelcome feelings. It was a story that was as complicated as it was beautiful, filled with unexpected twists and turns that would lead Mary and Steve down a path of undeniable attraction, heartache, and hopefully, love.

Chapter 3: “The Unveiling”

As the first rays of the sun kissed the beautiful landscape of San Francisco, the city began to hustle and bustle with morning activities. Mary Fiore, the city’s sought-after wedding planner, was already up, all set to meet her new client, Fran Donolly. She had meticulously lined out the day’s schedule, completely unaware of the storm of emotions that awaited her.

Fran was a vivacious woman, full of life, and hopelessly in love with her soon-to-be husband. She carried an infectious energy around her, which was hard to resist. As Mary walked into Fran’s lavish mansion, she was welcomed with infectious laughter and warmth, an atmosphere she adored. The mansion was a vision of elegance and luxury, a perfect reflection of Fran’s flamboyant personality.

Over a warm cup of cappuccino and pastries, they began to discuss the wedding plans. Fran’s face lit up with excitement as she skimmed through the elaborate wedding portfolios, her eyes sparkling with the innocence and excitement of a bride-to-be.

As the discussion progressed, Fran, with a wide impish smile on her face, beckoned Mary to follow her. Fran led her to an impressive home office, where a man was deeply engrossed in his work. Fran, unable to contain the surprise any longer, introduced the man to Mary. It was none other than the charming pediatrician, Steve Edison.

The look on Mary’s face was worth a thousand words. Her heart pounded in her chest as she tried to maintain a professional demeanor. The memories of the accident, the rescue, and that irresistible magnetism which had drawn her towards Steve, flashed in front of her eyes. The man who made her heart flutter was the same man whose wedding she was being hired to plan.

Mary tried to hide her shock as she shook hands with Steve. Steve, on the other hand, was equally surprised but managed to hide it better. The air was filled with an undeniable tension that both tried to ignore. For Mary, this was an unprecedented situation that her years of experience as a wedding planner had not prepared her for.

As the day proceeded, Mary found herself in a whirlwind of emotions. Caught between her professional integrity and her escalating feelings for Steve, she felt like she was being pulled in two different directions. She fought hard to maintain her composure, determinedly focusing on the wedding plans. However, every time she and Steve crossed paths, the air would crackle with a mutual attraction that was becoming increasingly difficult to resist.

Meanwhile, Steve was also battling his emotions. On one hand, he was engaged to Fran, a woman who loved him dearly, while on the other hand, there was Mary, who had unknowingly begun to occupy a significant place in his heart. As he saw Mary taking on her task with utmost dedication and grace, he couldn’t help but admire her strength and courage.

As the day ended, Mary left the mansion, carrying the weight of her emotions. She was a professional, meaning to carry on and fulfill her duties. Little did she know, this was just the beginning of a tumultuous journey. A journey that was going to test her professional boundaries, personal ethics, and ultimately her heart.

Thus ended chapter three, “The Unveiling,” setting the stage for an intriguing love triangle painted against the backdrop of a lavish wedding. It was a day of revelations and unspoken emotions, a day that held promises of a story that was yet to unfold. A captivating story filled with desire, drama, and decisions, leaving the readers yearning for more.

Chapter 4: “A Dance with Destiny”

The sun was setting in San Francisco as Mary made her way to the dance studio. Her heart raced with the fear of what was to come. She knew what it meant to spend time alone with Steve – the one she was inadvertently falling for. A feeling of anticipation washed over her as she stepped into the grand hall, her hands lightly shaking. She was supposed to give a dance lesson to the couple, Fran and Steve, but Fran had been called away on an urgent matter, leaving Mary and Steve alone in the dance studio.

Steve, the handsome pediatrician, was waiting for Mary. He stood tall, his eyes holding a touch of nervous excitement, making Mary’s heart flutter. The room was filled with the soft strains of a classic romantic song, the atmosphere steeped in anticipation. The dance floor, polished to shine under the vintage chandelier, seemed an unspoken invitation for the brewing chemistry between them.

Drawing a deep breath, Mary walked towards Steve. His eyes were glued to her, a barely concealed spark in his eyes, and she took a moment to admire him. He looked dashing in his casual attire, the blue of his shirt bringing out his eyes. But, she had to remind herself that this was a mere dance lesson – nothing more. She couldn’t allow her feelings to grow – after all, he was a man committed to marrying another woman, her client.

As she instructed him on the dance steps, their bodies moved gracefully across the floor. The soft music served as a curtain, enfolding them within their own intimate world. Knees brushing, hands touching, eyes meeting – the palpable energy was undeniable. When Steve waltzed her into a spin, laughter bubbled from Mary’s lips, lightening the room with its genuine warmth. The moment was intoxicating, filling the voids within their hearts.

However, the tension was undeniable even amidst their laughter and casual conversation. Steve’s gaze locked with hers, an unspoken confession in his eyes. He was affected too; the crackling chemistry wasn’t one-sided. Their bodies swayed together, each guiding the other in an intricate dance of attraction. The dance was no longer a simple waltz; it was a symphony of suppressed emotions and unspoken words.

As their bodies moved in rhythm with the music, Steve’s grip tightened around Mary’s waist, drawing her close. The air in the room thickened, the room’s temperature seemingly rising. The chemistry was electric, nearly tangible, and both of them were well aware of it. Their bodies were dangerously close, and for a moment, they allowed themselves to indulge in the heady sensation.

The dance lesson rolled into the evening, with the sun making its descent in the horizon. Soon, the studio was basked in the gentle glow of the setting sun, casting long shadows on the floor. The music had stopped, but neither of them moved. They stood in silence, his hands on her waist, hers on his shoulders. Their hearts pounded in unison, a silent testament to their growing feelings.

However, the ringing phone brought the two back to reality. With a start, they pulled apart. Mary took the call, her heart pounding while Steve abruptly busied himself tidying up. It was Fran, she’d be there soon. The dance lesson came to an end. Their hearts ached with unsaid words, but they parted ways, the dance studio holding the remnants of their intimate dance.

The dance had brought them closer, solidifying their undeniable attraction. However, it also reminded them of the boundaries they could not cross. As Steve walked away, Mary’s thoughts tumbled over each other, a torrent of confusion and longing. The dance, the laughter, the intimate moments – they were a dream she wished she’d never woke from. But she did, and it was back to planning Fran’s dream wedding. It was back to reality, a reality where Steve wasn’t hers but Fran’s.

Chapter 4 ended, leaving an unforgettable trace in Mary’s heart. The dance became a symbol of their hidden feelings. It was a dance of destiny, a dance they’d remember forever. And so, the story of Mary and Steve grew, woven with the threads of suppressed emotions and undeniable attraction. The dance lesson was indeed a dance with destiny, setting the stage for the drama yet to unfold.

Chapter 5: “The Guilty Heart”

As the San Francisco sun ascended its celestial path, dousing the city with golden light, Mary Fiore’s heart found itself dancing on the edge of an emotional precipice. Her mind whirred with the furious intensity of a Ferrari shifting into high gear, wrestling with the burgeoning emotions threatening to tip her world off its axis. The man whose smile she had come to crave was engaged to her client, and there was a simmering undercurrent of magnetism that was becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Steve Edison, the handsome pediatrician who had emerged unexpectedly into Mary’s life, was lost in the same ocean of emotions. Even in the midst of his pediatric rounds, his mind was running a marathon. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Mary, her laughter echoing in his ears, her fiery spirit leaving an indelible mark on his heart. His engagement to Fran became a tightrope he was treading on – a relationship that seemed to be unraveling in the face of this inexplicable connection with Mary.

In the heart of this bustling city, the duo found themselves unintentionally drawn to each other – a constellation of feelings beginning to connect them in ways neither had anticipated. Mary found herself yearning for those stolen moments with Steve, the shared glances, the innocent touches, and the conversations that seemed to last for an eternity within the blink of an eye.

Steve was no different. Amidst the chaos of wedding planning, the overflowing guest lists, and the increasingly demanding tasks of his profession, he found himself seeking out Mary. The wedding planner with the beautiful smile and an even more beautiful soul – Fran’s wedding planner. The same Fran to whom he had promised his future. The truth gnawed at him, filling him with remorse yet, at the same time, an inexplicable sense of relief. A paradox that was becoming his new norm.

On an unforgettable afternoon when the wedding planner found herself at a quaint antique shop selecting decor for Fran’s wedding, Steve happened to wander in, his heart pounding against his chest, a strange mix of fear and anticipation coursing through his veins. The connection was palpable, electric – a secret that was becoming harder to hide.

“Mary,” he caught his breath as he uttered her name, and their eyes locked – a moment frozen in time. A teacup wobbled precariously on the corner of a table, mirroring their own precarious situation.

The conversation that followed was laden with unspoken words and covert glances. The guilt was all-consuming, yet the attraction was undeniable. Would they let their hearts lead them astray, or would they stand their ground?

As Mary laid her head down that night, the quiet solitude of her bedroom offered no comfort. She was falling for Steve, an engagement ring was wrapped around another woman’s finger, a wedding she was planning.

The irony was not lost on her. She, Mary Fiore, the ultimate wedding planner who had brought countless love stories to their happy endings, was now entangled in a love triangle that threatened to cast a long, unsettling shadow over her professional and personal life.

As the chapter comes to a close, Mary and Steve are left grappling with their feelings, their obligations, and the thin line they are treading on. It’s a battle between the heart and the mind—a test that will not only determine the future of their relationship but also their own individual journeys. The chapter encapsulates the essence of a forbidden love story – and the laughter, tears, guilt, and hope that are part and parcel of this emotional roller-coaster. It’s a story of love, loss, and unresolved feelings, told against the backdrop of a city that, like them, is also caught in a web of contradictions.

The ‘Guilty Heart’ leaves readers at the edge of their seats, questioning whether love triumphs all or if the tenets of morality and professionalism will quench this fiery connection. It’s a narrative that explores the human capacity to love, the complexities of romantic entanglements, and the repercussions of crossing lines. A saga of a wedding planner in love with her client’s fiancé is just beginning to unfold.

Chapter 6: “Love vs Ethics”

The echoes of the previous night’s confession lingered in Mary’s heart as she woke up to the cold San Francisco morning. Her world had flipped upside down, her immaculate sense of ethics was now painted over with splashes of love, longing, and an indistinguishable feeling of transgression. She was the city’s most renowned wedding planner, known for her integrity and professionalism. She was not meant to fall for her client’s fiance. Yet, here she was, trying to untangle her feelings for Steve Edison.

On one hand, Steve had come into her life like a breath of fresh air. His charm, his compassion for children, his ability to see right through Mary’s pretentious professionalism into her real self, was like a magnet pulling her closer. He was not just any man, he was the man who had risked his life to save hers. He was the man who had, unknowingly, made her feel alive after years of working her life away.

On the other hand, there was Fran, her client, a woman naïve about the world, yet every bit deserving of a happy marital life. Fran, who trusted Mary with planning the most cherished day of her life, her wedding day. Mary’s heart ached as she brooded over the unwarranted set of emotions that she was facing. For her, this was not just a matter of the heart, but also one that tested her ethics. It was a confrontation between her professional commitment and personal desire.

Days turned into nights, and as the wedding approached, things got more complicated. Mary found herself spending more time with Steve, planning the wedding, choosing the flowers, tasting the wedding cake, and with each passing day, their connection deepened, their mutual attraction stronger, and their stolen glances longer. The universe seemed to conspire against her, pushing her closer to Steve, while her ethics tried to pull her away. All Mary wanted was to stick to her principles and ensure the best wedding for Fran, but the universe seemed to have other plans.

The once clear lines of her professional life began to blur, and every interaction with Steve became a whirlwind of emotions. Mary was in a predicament. She found herself drawn into Steve’s world, lost in his words, his charm, his care. Yet, at the same time, she struggled to stay grounded, reminding herself of her duty, her commitment to Fran, her commitment to herself.

There were times when she found herself feeling jealous. Jealous of Fran’s share in Steve’s life, jealous of the love he had promised Fran. But there were also times when she found herself feeling guilty. Guilty for letting these feelings intensify, guilty for falling for Steve, and most importantly, guilty for not being able to control her heart, which seemed to have a mind of its own.

The more she tried to suppress her feelings, the stronger they surged, threatening to sweep her off her feet. Every harmless touch, every innocent smile from Steve, ignited a wildfire in her heart. But she was determined to put out this fire, not wanting to become a perpetrator of what would be an impending disaster.

As the chapter closes, Mary is seen wrestling with her feelings and ethics, trying to decipher what is best for her, what is best for Fran, and what is best for Steve. It’s a battle that has no easy answers, and no clear winners. How she manages to navigate this tricky emotional maze, whilst keeping Fran’s dream wedding intact, forms the crux of this chapter, setting the stage for an even more dramatic unfolding of events in the chapters to come.

Chapter 7: “The Confession”

In the historic San Francisco, warmly illuminated by the setting sun, Steve Edison found himself in the ambivalent whirlwind of emotions. He was a man entangled within his own heart, torn between the woman he was engaged to and the woman he was unexpectedly drawn to.

Mary Fiore, on the other hand, was as stoic as ever. Yet there was something in her eyes; an uncanny understanding of her undulating emotions, an almost torturous secret sang in her heart. She was a woman in love. An inconvenient love, a love that threatened to topple her world completely. And yet, she was silent, bound by her principles and the thin line of her professionalism.

Neither of them could deny the electric connection between them. The soft smiles, the stolen glances, and the silences that spoke volumes; their encounters were a conundrum of sweet torment. Mary struggled to keep her work and personal feelings separate, and Steve battled his growing affection for his wedding planner.

Steve, the honest and upright pediatrician, had never felt so confused before. The more he tried to suppress his feelings for Mary, the more they seemed to surface. He was standing on the precipice of a very tricky situation where a step in any direction would lead to certain heartache.

One day in the quaint corner of a local café, Steve decided to get it all out in the open. He arranged to meet Mary, intending to confess his feelings. His gaze weakly met Mary’s as they sat across from each other. Her eyes displayed a concoction of emotions — confusion, anticipation, and a slight hint of fear. They mirrored Steve’s inner turmoil, intensifying the gravity of the situation.

He started, “Mary,” his voice barely above a whisper, as if he was afraid to disturb the delicate balance of their relationship. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

Mary’s eyes, those expressive turquoise pools, looked at him, waiting. In her long, professional career as a wedding planner, nothing could have prepared her for this. She felt her heart drum against her chest, her palms moist with nervous sweat as she clasped them tightly.

“Mary, I…,” he paused, collecting his thoughts. This was harder than he had imagined. “I think I’m in love with you,” he finally admitted, freeing the heavy burden he had been carrying within himself. The confession hung in the stillness of the café, reverberating in the silence between them.

Mary looked at him, her world coming to a standstill. Every emotion she had cautiously guarded and suppressed was out in the open, and it was overwhelming. She felt a rush of feelings – shock, guilt, joy, all at once. Her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts. She had no idea how to respond.

What came next, though, shook Steve to the core. Mary, in a soft, tremulous voice, confessed her feelings too. She admitted that she was terrified, amazed, and confounded by the depth of her feelings for him. Steve was left reeling, their confessions marking a significant turning point in their relationship. But the question remained, where did they go from here?

The chapter ended on a note of uncertainty. Their mutual confessions, while liberating, had also complicated things even further. It was a precarious moment, their stunningly honest confessions straddling the line between promised heartbreak and the faint glimmer of hope for something more. The confession had now set the stage for what was to come, a dramatic revelation that would shift their lives forever.

Chapter 8: “A Dramatic Revelation”

The azure San Francisco skies seem to embody the calm before the storm as it overlooks the magnificent Fiore Estate, bustling with the grandeur of an impending wedding. Fran Donolly, the bubbly bride-to-be, couldn’t look happier. Yet, unbeknownst to her, the currents of conflict, love, and betrayal are running deep beneath the festive facade.

Mary Fiore, the ever-organized wedding planner, couldn’t shake off a persistent sense of dread. She is confronted with her feelings for Steve Edison, her client’s fiance, and her own principles, disrupted by her burgeoning love for him. The past weeks had been a whirlwind, a chaotic dance of passion and propriety. Now, with the wedding just around the corner, there were more questions than answers.

Steve Edison, the man at the center of this emotional turmoil, was similarly conflicted. The dashing paediatrician who had once been so sure of his love for Fran, found himself inexplicably drawn to the woman who was planning his wedding. His heart wrestled with his conscience as he navigated this emotional labyrinth, his commitment towards Fran now tainted with his feelings for Mary.

As this entangled web of emotions thickened, the revelation of the clandestine love between Mary and Steve seemed imminent.

One afternoon, as Fran was going through the final wedding arrangements with Mary, she stumbled upon an envelope that fell from Mary’s planner. Muddled between an array of wedding documents, contracts, and vendor agreements was a love letter addressed to Mary. The sender? Steve Edison.

The devastating truth unfolded in front of Fran as she read the impassioned words written by her fiance for another woman. The seeming perfection of her wedding preparations began to crumble as the tremors of betrayal reverberated through her. Anguish and confusion clouded her sparkling eyes, a harsh juxtaposition to the joyous wedding decor that surrounded her.

Fran, naive though she may be, was no fool. The realization hit her hard, and she found herself questioning not just Steve’s love, but also her own feelings towards him. Why had she not seen the signs before? Was her blissful ignorance a byproduct of her own lack of clarity of her sentiments for Steve?

In a decisive moment, she confronted Steve and Mary. The atmosphere, once filled with anticipation of the upcoming nuptials, was now charged with accusations, confessions, and revelations. Each party was forced to confront their feelings and justify their actions, a task none of them was prepared for.

Mary, caught in the storm of this disclosure, grappled with her emotions. Guilt and love battled within her, overwhelming her senses. She attempted to justify her actions, the unintentional faltering of her principles, the undeniable connection she shared with Steve. But words failed her. Any explanation she could offer seemed inadequate and hollow in the face of Fran’s heartbreak.

Steve, on the other hand, found himself at a loss for words. Seeing Fran’s tear-streaked face forced him to face the reality of his actions. He grappled with his genuine feelings for Mary and the remorse he felt towards Fran. His once composed demeanor was shattered as he attempted to salvage what was left of their relationships.

This tumultuous confrontation between Fran, Mary, and Steve marked the dramatic climax of their entangled journey, throwing into the open the secret passions and vulnerabilities that had been simmering beneath the surface. The consequences of their actions and feelings lay bare as the reality of their situation finally dawned upon them, leading them towards an unpredictable conclusion. With heart-wrenching confessions and surprising realizations, this chapter painted a vivid picture of the complexity of love and the price one pays when they succumb to their heart’s desires.

Chapter 9: “The Unexpected Resolution”

It was the eve of the much-anticipated grand wedding. The city was aglow with twinkling lights and tall champagne glasses were filled to the brim in anticipation. But behind the scenes, in the heart of the swirling maelstrom, Mary Fiore was grappling with a tumultuous storm of emotions.

Mary found herself in Steve’s presence yet again, working on last-minute preparations. The once enjoyable task of arranging flowers and picking out canapés had become a battlefield of suppressed emotions and stolen glances. The air was thick with tension, the electricity between them almost tangible.

Suddenly, Steve took a step closer, and the room seemed to shrink around Mary. “I can’t do this anymore,” he confessed, his voice barely a whisper. His confession hung in the air, a palpable entity.

Taken aback, Mary stumbled on her words, struggling to put her thoughts together. “Steve, we shouldn’t, we…” But her words trailed off as she was ensnared by his intense gaze.

Their secret emotions for each other, once concealed behind veils of professionalism, had erupted, revealing their true depth. But they were not the only players in the game of love and betrayal.

Behind a curtain, Fran had heard every word. She stood frozen, her heart pounding in sync with the ticking clock. The portrait of her perfect life shattered, falling around her like shards of broken dreams.

Fran confronted Mary and Steve, her eyes blazing with hurt and confusion. “Is this what you call love?” she asked, her voice shaking. Her dream wedding overshadowed by the bitter revelation, Fran, too, found herself questioning her own feelings.

The confrontation ended with Fran storming out, leaving Mary and Steve in deafening silence. Guilt and regret were mirrored in both their eyes as they realized the gravity of their actions and the consequences they had wrought.

Days passed by in a melancholic blur as Mary, Steve, and Fran grappled with their individual turmoil. Each was trapped in their world, struggling to put together the jigsaw puzzle of their broken hearts.

As the day of the wedding loomed, the city held its breath, unaware of the storm brewing. Fran, on her part, had made a decision that would change the course of their lives forever.

In a surprising turn of events, Fran called off the wedding, leaving the city in a state of shock. Despite the love, she had for Steve, she realized it wasn’t the love meant to last a lifetime.

Fran’s startling decision stirred an array of emotions within Mary and Steve. In the midst of the swirling aftermath, they found themselves looking at each other differently. Their feelings had wreaked havoc, they had hurt people they loved, they had put their careers at stake; it was time they confronted the catalyst of it all – their love for each other.

Their confession, when it came, was wrapped in guilt and remorse, but also in a profound understanding of what they meant to each other. Their love story had been marred by unintentional deceit, but it was their love, nonetheless. And it was this love that they decided to nurture, to let it redeem them and lead them to a new beginning.

In the aftermath of the cancelled wedding, the city was abuzz with whispers of the unexpected turn of events. Amidst the chaos, love blossomed in a quiet corner.

Mary and Steve, bound by the past and the future, found solace in each other. They were confronted by the damage they had caused, but they were also faced with the possibility of a love that could heal. They embraced the burgeoning love between them, careful not to let the mistakes of their past define their future.

The story concluded, not with a grand wedding, but with an understanding. An understanding that love, though unpredictable and chaotic, could also be healing and transformative. In the end, they weren’t just wedding planners or doctors, they were humans, flawed and on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the pulsating heart of love.

In the heart of San Francisco, amidst the fairy lights and tall champagne glasses, an unexpected love story unfolded — one that went beyond the grandeur of extravagant weddings, unraveling the very essence of love and life. The story of Mary and Steve served as a testament to the timeless adage, love is indeed a many-splendored thing.

Some scenes from the movie The Wedding Planner written by A.I.

Scene 1


Mary Fiore, a picture of poise and perfection, put on her wedding planner badge. She lives alone, surrounded by wedding magazines, blueprints of venues, and color-coded binders.


Mary, rushing through the packed streets, looks through her client updates on her phone, not noticing the runaway dumpster careening down the hill.

Suddenly, a hand pulls her back onto the pavement. She turns to see Steve Edison, a charming and good-looking man in a doctor’s coat.



You don’t really want to meet my kind in a hospital, do you?

Relieved, Mary gives a small laugh, dusts off her outfit, and extends her hand.



I can’t argue with that. Thanks for saving me. I’m Mary.

They shake hands, the chemistry between them is unmistakable.



Steve Edison. Are you okay, Mary?

Mary nods, their conversation interrupted by a call on Mary’s phone. She looks at it, her eyes widen with shock. Off to a shaky start, the plot thickens as the day progresses.


Scene 2



We see MARY FIORE (30s, professional, meticulous) rushing through the busy streets, phone pressed to her ear, her eyes scanning her meticulously organized wedding planner.

Suddenly, she stumbles and her planner flies into the street, just as a car comes speeding around the corner.




Barely thinking, she darts into the street to rescue it. The car swerves. The HONK of its horn echoes through the street. At the last second, a HAND pulls her back.

The car zooms past.

MARY looks up, panting, to see her rescuer, a handsome man in his 30s, STEVE EDISON.



Are you okay?



I… Yes, thank you.

She looks lost in his eyes, as he helps her to collect her scattered sheets.



They sit in a nearby café, both of them silent, a spark of attraction already visible.


Am I allowed to know the name of the woman whose life I just saved?



Mary… Mary Fiore.



I’m Steve. Steve Edison.


Scene 3


MARY, sitting across a massive wooden desk, looks at FRAN, who is visibly excited, holding a photo in her hands.



Oh Mary, you HAVE to meet my fiancé. He’s just… the dream.

Mary, suppressing her curiosity, tries to look normal.



I can’t wait, Fran. Show me the lucky man.

Fran hands Mary the picture of Steve. Mary, in shock, drops her pen.


(Struggles to find words)

Oh… It’s…



It’s Steve. Steve Edison. Isn’t he handsome?

Mary looks at the picture again, her face pale.



Steve Edison?

Fran, not noticing Mary’s reaction, continues gushing about Steve.


So caring… You know he’s a pediatrician?



I… I heard…

Fran looks at Mary, finally noticing her reaction.



Mary, are you okay?

Mary looks up, forcing a smile onto her face.



Yes, Fran, absolutely.

The camera pans to the picture on the table, revealing Steve Edison’s face.

Scene 4


The room is filled with COUPLES trying to perfect their dance moves. FRAN (early 30s, radiant, a tad anxious) is with her handsome fiancé STEVE (mid 30s, charming). Our protagonist MARY (late 30s, attractive in a warm, real way) watches them from a distance, her heart aching.

DANCE INSTRUCTOR (50s, flamboyant, boisterous)

Fran, darling, you need to follow Steve’s lead!

Fran stumbles, looking helpless. Mary steps in reluctantly.


May I?

Fran, looking relieved, steps aside.

Mary steps in, her hand in Steve’s, their connection palpable. The music starts – it’s an intimate, slow, waltz. Their bodies move in harmony, eyes locked in a silent conversation.


Steve’s gaze softens, he is clearly smitten by Mary’s grace and beauty. Mary, catches her breath, an unspoken confession hanging in the air between them.


(low whisper)

You’re a natural, Mary.


(whispering back, slightly flustered)

And you…you’re an excellent dancer, Steve.

They move together, lost in the music, their mutual attraction growing stronger with each beat. The room fades away leaving only Mary and Steve in their shared, unspoken connection. The music ENDS abruptly.


Fran, teary-eyed, claps her hands.


That was beautiful, you guys!

The spell breaks. Mary steps away from Steve. The tension hangs in the air – a secret shared between them that could disrupt everything they’ve known.


Scene 5



MARY FIORE, a composed yet frazzled woman, paces back and forth, her phone pressed against her ear.


(whispering to herself)

This is wrong…This is so wrong…

She ends the call. Sighs. Stares at the phone. Suddenly, it starts to RING. The caller ID reveals “STEVE EDISON”. She hesitates, then finally picks up.


(sounding professional)

Hello, Dr. Edison.



STEVE EDISON, a handsome yet thoughtful man, sits on the edge of his bed.


(intimate, worried)

Mary… We need to talk about… Us.



Mary’s heart POUNDS. She sits down on her couch, clutching a pillow tight.


(surprised, anxious)

Us? Steve, there is no ‘us’. You’re my client’s fiancé.



Steve runs his hand through his hair, looking pained.



But there could be, Mary. The way we dance, laugh, when we are together…It feels right and you know it.



Mary looks conflicted. The words she was about to say stuck in her throat. She remains silent.



Scene 6


Mary stares blankly at her wedding planning book. She’s visibly torn, her eyes glossed with unshed tears. She looks at a picture of Steve and Fran, which rests on her desk.



Mary and Steve dancing closely, a moment filled with tension and longing.


Her phone rings, snapping her back to reality. It’s Steve. She hesitates before answering.


(into phone)

Hello, Steve.


Steve paces the room, anxiety etched on his face.


(into phone)

Mary…we need to talk.


Mary takes a deep breath, preparing herself.


(into phone)

Alright, Steve.



Mary and Steve sit at a park bench, their faces serious. The tension is palpable. Steve takes a deep breath.


I can’t pretend anymore, Mary…I can’t deny there’s something between us.

Mary looks shocked, her emotions running wild.


(After a pause)

What about Fran, Steve?

Steve looks down, grappling with the enormity of his confession.


I don’t know, Mary. I don’t know.



Scene 7


MARY, the meticulous wedding planner, and STEVE, the charming pediatrician, stand awkwardly across each other, surrounded by wedding decorations.


(looking nervous)

Mary, I need to talk to you.



Okay…what’s up?

Steve takes a deep breath, fidgeting with his tie.


I… This is difficult but necessary.

Mary looks at him with caution, a knot of anxiety forming in her stomach.



I think… I’m falling for you.

Mary looks shocked, the room suddenly going silent.



But… but you’re about to marry Fran…


(raising his hands)

I know! I didn’t mean for this to happen. I tried to suppress it… but the more time I spend with you, the harder it gets.

Mary looks down, an array of emotions crossing her face.



Steve, this… This isn’t right.



I know. I just… I needed you to know.

They stand in silence, the tension between them palpable.



Scene 8


Mary is pacing nervously. Steve looks on, struggling with his emotions.


(whispering more to herself)

I don’t know how we got here, Steve.


(looking straight at Mary)

It’s not your fault, Mary. It’s on both of us. We never meant for it to turn out this way.

Suddenly, the front door unlocks. Fran walks in, visibly tired. She stops as she sees them, surprise turning into realization.


(slightly shaky)

What’s going on here?

There’s a tense silence. Steve clears his throat, his face a mix of guilt and resolution.


Fran…there’s something we need to talk about.

Fran looks between them, her eyes hardening as she braves herself for the upcoming storm.



Author: AI