The International

“A relentless chase for justice against a bank that rules the world. When money is power, who dares to fight the corrupt?”

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In the darkest corners of global finance, where transactions are as concealed as secrets and accountability as elusive as shadows, there lurks an entity of immense power: the International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC). This is not a realm for the faint-hearted. It thrives on whispers, thrives on the grey areas of law, of the global economy. It’s a world where money is power, and power is absolute.

Into this quagmire steps two unlikely heroes: Louis Salinger, a seasoned Interpol agent with a past shrouded in mystery and loss, and Eleanor Whitman, an ambitious Manhattan district attorney known for her relentless pursuit of justice. Their target? The IBBC. Their mission? To expose the bank’s criminal activities and bring its executives to justice. They stand prepared, aware of the risks, yet oblivious to the unravelling mystery, the labyrinth of deception and betrayal that awaits them.

Chapter 1 – The Plan:

Berlin, in all its grey grandeur, sat under a sky thick with winter, its streets ringing with the rhythm of another day. Agent Louis Salinger frequented the city, but never for sightseeing. This time, he was there for a clandestine rendezvous, a lead on the IBBC.

A contact had slipped him information, hinted at a secret transaction involving the bank. The lead was thin, as leads often are, but Salinger trusted his instincts, and his instincts told him something was amiss.

His trench coat collars upturned, he walked briskly through the cold, the wind bit into his skin, straight to the meeting point. He was early, as was his habit. A few minutes later, a shadowy figure slid into the seat across from him. The contact, face obscured, passed him a brown envelope and disappeared as quickly as he came.

Salinger waited for a beat before he slid open the envelope. Inside, a set of documents, bank transactions detailing enormous funds moving to an offshore account. The IBBC’s dark secret was beginning to unfold.

On the other side of the world, Eleanor Whitman sat in her Manhattan office, surrounded by law books and case files. A photo frame on her desk held a picture of her and Salinger. They were a team, partners in this dangerous game of justice.

Salinger called her, the static on the line carrying the weight of his chilling Berlin winter. He briefed her about his meeting, the secret transaction. Whitman listened, her eyes scanning transaction documents he’d sent earlier. The numbers didn’t add up unless you factored in money laundering.

She put down the receiver, her mind racing. This was an opportunity to expose the bank’s transgressions, an opportunity they had been waiting for. They had to tread carefully, but if they got this right, they could topple the IBBC, shattering its facade of legitimacy.

The game was on. Salinger and Whitman were swept into a maelstrom of high-stakes cat and mouse, a dangerous dance with one of the world’s most powerful entities. Theirs was a path fraught with peril, but they were resolved.

Chapter one ended with two heroes, pawns in gloomy Berlin and bustling Manhattan, thrown into an international chessboard of intrigues and conspiracies. Their checked moves calculated, their eyes set. The chase had begun.

Amidst the frosty winds of Berlin and the teeming buzz of New York, Salinger and Whitman etched their pact in the annals of justice. Bound by duty and a shared resolve to untangle the IBBC’s criminal web, they readied themselves for the storm.

Little did they know, the tempest was just beginning to brew.

Chapter 2: The Trial

In the heart of Milan, the city of fashion bristled with action. With rich history around every corner, it was the perfect place for an opera of justice to commence, with Interpol agent, Louis Salinger, and attorney, Eleanor Whitman as the lead performers. They had moved from the murky backstreets of Berlin to the buzzing Italian city to expose the International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC).

Salinger’s mind was a swirling tempest of facts, figures, and international law clauses. The scale of the task at hand was colossal, but he had a steely determination that refused to back down. He’d seen firsthand the devastation that the IBBC’s under-the-table transactions had wreaked on societies. He was set on bringing the bank’s criminal activities to light, no matter the cost. His furrowed brow a stolid testament to his resolution.

On the other side, Eleanor Whitman, a woman of poise and intelligence, was the beacon of calm in the brewing storm. Her mind danced with legal terminologies and court strategies. A seasoned attorney, she knew the shark-infested waters of the legal world like the back of her hand. Yet, she could not dismiss the prickling unease of the threats that hung in the air.

Their meticulous preparation was soon put to the test when an unexpected roadblock hit them. A key witness in their case against the IBBC was found dead in his luxurious apartment, an apparent suicide. It was a devastating blow, but Salinger and Whitman knew they had to press on.

The duo dug deeper, meticulously combing through financial reports, transaction ledgers, and secret deals that pointed towards the IBBC’s role in money laundering and arms trading. Each piece of evidence was like a puzzle that only added to the increasing complexity of the case.

Their pursuit of justice was marred by numerous threats, some veiled under the guise of innocent messages, others more blatant and menacing. Their lives were at risk, but their resolve to expose the IBBC’s criminal activities seemed to amplify with each threat.

Salinger, with his decade-long experience in Interpol, used his contacts and network to secure vital leads. It was a dangerous game they were playing, but they were not willing to back down. Hushed phone calls in the wee hours of the night, encrypted messages from untraceable numbers became a part of their routine.

Whitman, on the other hand, used her legal expertise to their advantage. Despite the obstacles, she fought tooth and nail to ensure the case against IBBC reached the courtroom. She studied previous cases, fed off precedent, and formed an ironclad legal strategy, one she hoped would stand against the behemoth that was the IBBC.

The chapter ended with an air of suspense as they uncovered evidence pinpointing the IBBC’s involvement in a devastating arms deal. A breakthrough that gave them renewed hope, yet it was a revelation that placed them further in danger. The clock was ticking, and every moment brought them closer to the truth, and possibly, to their doom. The stage had been set. The IBBC warned, and the fearless duo ready to tackle the adversary head-on, determined to bring the bank to justice. They had taken their first steps into the labyrinth of corruption and were ready to face the beast that lurked within.

The trial was just the beginning of their quest for justice. What lay ahead was a treacherous path filled with unforeseen perils and shocking revelations. Their fortitude would be tested, and their lives put on the line. Yet, in the face of adversities, they stood undeterred, their resolve strengthening with each passing moment. Their tale of courage was far from over, their pursuit of justice, far from done.

Chapter 3 – The Embezzlement

Back in the vibrant city of New York, attorney Eleanor Whitman buried herself in a sea of complicated documents. They were the bank’s confidential files, and with the help of Salinger, had been painstakingly acquired. The quiet ticking of an antique mahogany clock in the corner of her study was the only sound that broke the silence.

An errant strand of hair fell across her eyes as she squinted at a particular document, an annual report of the bank. Upon noticing some irregularities, she sat back, taking a moment to let the gravity of her discovery sink in. Unbeknownst to the world, IBBC was not merely a banking institution. It was a chameleon with a multitude of facades. More than just a money laundering enterprise, they were intricately linked with the destabilization of world governments.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Interpol agent Louis Salinger carefully studied a set of photographs. His steely gaze was fixed on an image of a private jet owned by the IBBC. It had been seen in various locations around the world at strategic times, coinciding with significant political unrest. He tried to connect the dots, his mind racing at a dizzying pace.

The more they discovered, the deeper grew their understanding of the enormity and severity of the bank’s operations. It was no longer just about bringing a bank to justice. It was about preventing a global catastrophe.

Their investigation plunged them further into this abyss of corruption. Eleanor scrutinized every detail, every financial statement, and every transaction. She meticulously constructed a trail, linking the bank’s regular transactions to those of arms dealers and dubious corporations.

In Berlin, one of these right-wing radicals had recently destabilized the government, and Salinger noticed a massive amount of funds moving from the IBBC to an anonymous account in Berlin just before. And it wasn’t an isolated incident. Similar patterns had emerged in Milan, New York, and now Istanbul.

Their discovery led them to a heart-wrenching realization. The IBBC, taking advantage of its worldwide reach and influence, was manipulating the world economy and strategically fostering political unrest. Their actions went beyond the realm of illegal – they were on the brink of being described as acts against humanity.

Eleanor was jolted from her thoughts by an unexpected knock. Standing at the door was a face she had hoped never to see. It was Arthur, one of the senior executives of the IBBC. His sudden appearance was as unexpected as it was unwelcome. His sly smile did nothing to hide his intentions. The bank knew about their investigation.

The atmosphere turned electric with tension as Eleanor refused to back down. She knew what was at stake. The cat and mouse game had reached its tipping point.

In that moment, the scope of their fight expanded. It wasn’t about them anymore. It wasn’t about their careers or their reputations. It was about billions of innocent lives that were being played around by a handful of power-drunk capitalists.

The investigation was no longer just about the International Bank of Business and Credit. This was a war against an unseen enemy that was corrupting the world from its core. Amidst the beautifully decorated skyscrapers and the bustling streets of New York, a battle was quietly brewing – a storm that would rock the world.

The Embezzlement chapter closed, leaving Eleanor and Salinger even more resolute. They were no longer just an attorney and an Interpol agent. They were the last line of defense against a corporate monster hell-bent on creating a world of chaos.

In the face of daunting odds, they vowed to continue their fight. For justice. For truth. For the world. Little did they know; their journey was just beginning. Chapter 3 ends with their determination solidifying – they were ready for the challenges that lay ahead. The world needed them; it just didn’t know it yet.

Chapter 4: The Conspiracy

In the shadows of New York City’s towering edifices of power and wealth, Interpol agent Louis Salinger and attorney Eleanor Whitman found themselves grappling with a revelation that was more terrifying than even their wildest suspicions – the International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC) was not merely engaged in isolated acts of white-collar crime, but rather, a vast, insidious conspiracy to destabilize world governments.

Each piece of evidence they uncovered, every breadcrumb they followed, led them deeper into the labyrinth of power, corruption, and global chaos that the IBBC was carefully nurturing. The veil was lifted on a hidden world of bankers who traded not only in currency and stocks, but also political influence and treachery.

Venturing into an illegal wiretap operation, they listened into a cryptic conversation between two high-ranking bank officials. The conversation hinted at a silent coup, manipulating financial markets to yield the desired geopolitical outcomes. It was a chilling glimpse into the power wielded by those in the bank.

Their trail then led them to a former IBBC employee turned whistleblower. Meeting in a clandestine location, Salinger and Whitman listened to his chilling account of the bank’s strategic manoeuvring which involved not just money, but arms and technology as well. Their power, he explained, was not in wealth, but in control. Control of finances, resources, and governments.

Eleanor, pulling out a pen and paper, started weaving the different strands of information into a comprehensive timeline. Lost in her thoughts, she did not notice Salinger’s increasing agitation. He was pacing, his eyes distant as he processed the magnitude of their discovery.

“Not just a bank, but a shadow government,” he muttered to himself, barely audible. Eleanor snapped out of her thoughts, looking at him with deep concern. She could feel the weight of Salinger’s words, the chilling reality they now faced.

They began cross-referencing their findings with geopolitical events of the past decade – secret arms deals, unexpected political revolutions, economic meltdowns. Each incident, previously seen as isolated, began taking on a sinister new dimension when viewed through the lens of IBBC’s operations.

The work was grueling, the progress slow. Every step of their enquiry was shadowed by the menace of the IBBC, their resources seemingly limitless, their reach worldwide. From the narrow alleyways of New York to the mansions of the European elite, from the bustling markets of Asia to the serene landscapes of South America, the bank’s influence was pervasive.

Each new discovery was a burst of adrenaline, pushing them forward, yet also a reminder of the perilous path they tread. Exhaustion seeped deep into their bones as they burned the midnight oil, poring over documents, chasing contacts, conducting secret meetings. Their relentless tenacity put their lives continually at risk, but the determination to expose the truth was a fuel that never ran out.

The duo was not naiively optimistic. They knew that this conspiracy was larger than them, larger than any one organization. They understood the scales at which they operated were daunting. Yet, there was a steadfast resolve in their hearts. It was not about winning or losing, but about standing up against an entity that toyed with the destiny of nations.

By the time dawn filled the room with soft light, they had a wall filled with notes, a spiderweb of connections pointing towards a single, irrefutable truth – the IBBC was not a mere financial institution; it was a puppet master, pulling the strings that moved the world. With this horrifying revelation, Salinger and Whitman steeled themselves for the dangerous game of cat and mouse that awaited them.

Chapter 5 – The Chase

Louis Salinger, the determined Interpol agent with a gaze as piercing as his intuition, sat in a dimly lit room, staring at a map strewn across the table. The intricate tapestry of crime weaved by the International Bank of Business and Credit, IBBC, sprawled before him. It was far-reaching and serpentine. Eleanor Whitman, the stalwart attorney sat across him, her eyes gleaming with an unwavering resolution.

Their journey had led them across Berlin and Milan, finally landing them in the heart of New York City. Their investigation had uncovered a trail of money laundering, arms trading and a conspiracy that could shake the foundations of the world’s governments. Now they found themselves in a global chase that demanded their every ounce of determination and valor.

Their pursuit began when an unnamed source in the bank spilled information about a possible trade-off in Hong Kong. Eleanor, the brilliant lawyer, knew they had a thin timeline to corroborate the information. Salinger, with his agile instincts, didn’t waste any time. They boarded the next flight to Hong Kong, plunging into a city pulsating with an inscrutable rhythm.

Their first lead was a local bar in Kowloon, where clandestine meetings were said to be a norm. As they sat rigidly in a booth, a note was discreetly slipped into Eleanor’s hand; it contained an address. Their hearts pounded as they arrived at the location only to find an abandoned warehouse – a trap. The ambush that followed was a whirlwind of chaos and adrenaline, but the duo made it out, barely unscathed. It was clear – the IBBC had eyes on them.

A phone call to their contact back in Berlin led them to their next destination – Buenos Aires. The duo navigated the vibrant Argentine streets, weaving through bustling markets, and shady back-alleys, the fear of being watched lingering like an ominous shadow. They met an informant who led them to a trove of crucial bank records. Their fingers trembled as they rifled through countless files, their eyes soaking up the undeniable proof.

The chase then led them to Nairobi, Kenya, where they found themselves embedded in the heart of a political scandal. More threads of the IBBC’s web began to unravel, leading them to a deadly arms deal. The confirmation of the bank’s involvement in weapons trading sent shivers down their spines.

Their relentlessness in pursuit of truth and justice put them on a collision course with the bank’s enforcers. After narrowly escaping a lethal attack, they fled to the safety of the vast Kenyan savannah. They knew they were close, that every morsel of danger they faced was a step closer to cracking the nexus.

The pursuit then veered towards Moscow, where they hoped to uncover the final piece of this perilous puzzle. They arrived in a city shrouded in a veil of secrecy and power. But the IBBC’s tentacles ran deep, and they were far from safe.

In this action-packed chapter, Salinger and Whitman found themselves in the thrill of the chase, a global pursuit of truth and justice against the backdrop of organized crime and corruption. Every ticking second, every dangerous alley, each shadowy figure, was a testament to the pervasiveness of the criminal enterprise they sought to dismantle.

Danger, adrenaline, and an unyielding resolve fueled their relentless pursuit, the stakes growing higher with each passing day. As they chased leads across continents, they walked a dangerous line, but their shared goal held them steadfast – to bring the world’s most powerful bank to justice and expose their nefarious operations. The end of this thrilling chapter left them on the precipice of revelation, their tenacity undimmed by the risks that laid ahead.

Chapter 6 – The Reckoning:

The ancient cityscape of Istanbul whispered tales of intrigue as Agent Louis Salinger and attorney Eleanor Whitman stealthily navigated its labyrinthine streets. There was an eerie calm, a hushed anticipation that hung around the city like a shroud.

In Istanbul, their paths converged with the puppet masters pulling strings from the shadows of the International Bank of Business and Credit. The city, reflective of their investigation’s complexity, was steeped in a rich tapestry of history and secrecy. Cypher-like, much like the web of deception the duo had been untangling for weeks.

Split between two continents, Istanbul served as the perfect backdrop for their reckoning. As they tread gingerly along the Bosphorus, they could almost feel the old city pulse with the secrets they sought, echoing their intensity.

The night brought an unexpected chill. Eleanor rubbed her hands together, looking warily at the poorly lit labyrinth expanding before them. Salinger, with icy determination mirrored in his eyes, stepped into the foreboding maze of the old city, Eleanor following close behind.

The deeper they delved into this ancient city, the more they felt the weight of their plight. Each shadow seemed to conceal a threat; every innocuous bystander could be a potential IBBC mercenary. The stakes were stratospherically high, and they were gambling with their lives.

Their only informant, a reluctant whistleblower, had agreed to meet in a deserted tea house nestled deep within the city. A nondescript place chosen for its anonymity, but oddly enough, a place where the world’s fate could pivot.

As the duo slipped into the murky interior of the tea house, the air thickened with the heavy scent of cardamom and risk. Across the room, their contact, a shadowy figure more implication than man, sat shrouded in uncertainty.

The following hours were a tense dance of veiled threats and cryptic information. The informant’s tremulous voice painted a terrifying image of the IBBC’s expansive and intricate network. A damning testimony against a bank that held the world hostage.

Suddenly, a shattering sound sliced the tension. Gunshots. The informant fell over, lifeless, a pool of crimson staining the mosaic floor. Eleanor and Louis, adrenaline surging, fled the tea house amidst a hail of bullets. Chaos reigned in the once peaceful city alley, now transformed into a deadly warzone.

Back on the dimly lit streets, they found themselves in an adrenaline-fueled game of cat and mouse, dodging bullets and mercenaries. Each breath they took was a stolen one, each step they moved was a precarious dance with death.

Their escape was anything but smooth, a sharp reflection of the city itself. Like the juxtaposition of Byzantine ruins against the modern skyline, their lives too oscillated between danger and survival. Their pursuit became more relentless, their resolve hardened like the city walls that had stood against centuries of battles.

As dawn approached, the chase subsided, replaced by the cold realization of the monumental journey that lay ahead. The labyrinthine chase unmasked a monstrosity far more significant than any one bank. The IBBC was the beating heart of an artery of corruption that snaked around the world.

Their reckoning was far from over. They had lost a valuable ally, but the information he had shared opened a Pandora’s Box of horrors. As the sun rose over Istanbul, bathing the city in an ethereal glow and revealing the scars of the night, Louis and Eleanor geared up for the next round.

This ancient city of promise had dealt them a deadly hand, but their will was not dampened. They were bruised, not broken. The battle lines were drawn, and the fight was far from over. The story of their reckoning was just beginning to unfold.

Chapter 7 – The Climax

Salinger and Whitman have never felt more alone. In the heart of Istanbul, a city that never sleeps, always moves, they find themselves locked in a life-or-death chase that feels like a chaotic whirlway. The IBBC, a chameleon-hidden monster, has revealed its ugly face, and the duo’s relentless pursuit has brought them to the brink of extinction.

They bolt through the tangled web of the Grand Bazaar, breath ragged, feeling the cobblestones beneath their feet. It is a city of life and energy, but the danger that lurks within its vibrant heartbeat creates an inescapable sense of fear. They can hear the relentless pursuit of their predators – men without conscience, enslaved to the almighty dollar and the corrupt power of the IBBC.

In the bustling marketplace, fragrant with spices and reverberating with the din of chatter, the two protagonists find temporary refuge. The intricate mosaic of smells, colors, and sounds create an overwhelming sensory clash, adding to the buzz of adrenaline coursing through their veins. But they know, reprieve is but an illusion – a fleeting moment in their high-stakes game of cat and mouse.

A local, long-bearded, offers them shelter – a tiny tea shop hidden down an alley, cloaked in the tumultuous shadows of the bazaar. They accept, knowing there is little choice but to trust this stranger, a sinewy thread of hope in the face of overwhelming turmoil.

In the quiet confines of the tea shop, they plan their next move. The walls, adorned with a vibrant tapestry of local art, seem to hum with anticipation, a silent witness to their strategy. They discuss a daring plan. To expose the bank’s activities, they need to gather irrefutable proof, a challenge that seems almost insurmountable under the circumstances.

In the midst of strategizing, a sudden burst rends the air, shattering the momentary calm. Gunfire. The bank’s hirelings have tracked them down. Panic seizes the tea shop patrons. Amidst the growing chaos, Salinger and Whitman make a split-second decision.

They slip out of the shop and dash headlong into the maze of streets, the uproar of gunshots echoing behind them. The chase is brutal and unforgiving, a deadly dance between the hunter and the hunted. As they weave through the labyrinthine alleys, every turn, every shadow could be a potential threat.

Somewhere in this winding confusion, Whitman stumbles upon an unexpected ally, a rogue data analyst, forced into hiding after uncovering the bank’s dubious transactions. He carries a hard disk, the key to their salvation, the proof they need.

As the night deepens, so does their resolve. They make a desperate dash with their newfound ally towards the bank’s Istanbul branch, where they believe they can transmit the evidence to the world. Pursued tirelessly by the bank’s ruthless assassins, they plunge into a dizzying race against time.

The climax approaches, tension ripples through every heartbeat. An unexpected showdown ensues inside the bank – bullets fly, glass shatters. Whitman, with an unexpected surge of courage, manages to upload the data, even as Salinger, grim-faced and resolute, holds off their assailants.

The last of the data uploads just as the Turkish police storm the bank. The IBBC’s dirty secrets explode across the world-wide-web, ripping the veil from the bank’s facade of respectability. Exposed, the bank’s empire starts to crumble.

At the brink of dawn, battered but triumphant, Salinger and Whitman stagger out of the bank onto the streets of Istanbul. The city, oblivious to their night-long ordeal, stirs to life as the first rays of sunlight wash over the ancient skyline.

This chapter closes with an overpowering sense of accomplishment – they have done the impossible. They’ve navigated through the labyrinth of deceit and danger, forcing the mighty to their knees. But even in this moment of victory, they know their fight is far from over. The final battle in the courtroom awaits. As the sun rises over Istanbul, so does the hope of justice.

Chapter 8 – Justice Prevails

The day had dawned with an overtone of tension, the rising sun casting long shadows across the city. Tucked in the heart of the city was the insignia of corruption they’d tirelessly pursued, the towering monstrosity that was the IBBC headquarters. Inside, lawyers like armed soldiers geared up for the battle of a lifetime.

Haunted and hardened, Salinger and Whitman stood at the foot of the courthouse steps. The weight of their investigation, of every shred of incriminating evidence collected across continents, hung monumentally over them. Within those hallowed halls of justice, they held the fate of the world. And they were ready.

The courtroom buzzed with anticipation as the hearing kicked off. The prosecution, led by Whitman, presented their case with unyielding resolve, revealing a mammoth of evidence, each piece meticulously gathered and delicately interwoven into a damning narrative of corruption and conspiracy.

Salinger, battle-worn but unbroken, testified with the ferocity of a man whose soul bore the scars of this relentless pursuit. His eyes bore into the defense, recounting tale after tale of money laundering, illegal arms trading, and the unsettling revelation of global destabilization.

Every testimony was a spike in the heartbeat of the courtroom, every piece of evidence a gasp of shock from the spectators. The defense, initially oozing arrogance, now sat subdued and visibly shaken under the avalanche of allegations, the truth hitting them harder than any prosecutor’s words ever could.

The judges were presented with a labyrinth of connections between the IBBC, international arms dealers, and several world governments. This was not a simple case of corporate corruption; it was a shadowy game of puppeteering with the world’s stability hanging in balance.

Salinger voiced these revelations with a stoic intensity, his words echoing ominously throughout the courtroom, “The bank is not merely implicated in these trades, but also orchestrate them.” A pin-drop silence followed, the gravity of his allegations hanging heavy in the air.

Through it all, Whitman bounced between determined poise and impassioned fury. She was the sculptor of their argument, molding each raw emotion into a blade and slashing through the defense’s rebuttals. Her speeches on the stand were stirring, punctuated by compelling evidence and the undeniable moral authority of their mission.

The case stretched over weeks. Cross-examinations were fraught with tension, filled with breathless, heart-stopping moments. The defense’s counter-arguments, once formidable, now seemed pitiful against the tidal wave of charges brought upon the bank.

As the final arguments were made, a hush cloaked the courtroom. The judges retreated to deliberate, leaving behind a room teetering on the edge of monumental justice or colossal failure.

Courthouse corridors echoed with whispers of anticipation, the hushed tones reflecting the harrowing ordeal that had unfolded. Salinger and Whitman, once just an ordinary agent and attorney, were now warriors who’d fought a war on an international battlefield of corruption.

The verdict dropped like a guillotine, branding the IBBC guilty on all charges. A collective gasp filled the courtroom, followed by a silent moment of disbelief before the room erupted into a cacophony of reactions. The fall of a financial behemoth, the victory of the relentless few, was a sight to behold.

Justice, they say, is a dish best served cold. But for Salinger and Whitman, it was a flame that had roasted the beast. As they walked out of the courthouse, they could taste the sweet tang of victory, laced with the scars of battle and the satisfaction of justice served. The world was safer, its puppeteers stripped of power, their dark networks exposed and dismantled.

In their hearts, Salinger and Whitman carried away more than just a win. They carried the ghosts of the journey, the relentless pursuit of justice, and the knowledge that they had challenged a titan, and emerged victors. The sun had set on one of the world’s most powerful banks, and it had been their hands guiding it down.

Some scenes from the movie The International written by A.I.

Scene 1



A bustling city center in Berlin. Pedestrians navigating with precision, cars zipping past.


LOUIS SALINGER (40s, rugged, a seasoned Interpol Agent with a sharp mind) and ELEANOR WHITMAN (30s, smart, dedicated, a relentless attorney) sit across a desk cluttered with files and photos.


(Eyeing a file)

Berlin, huh? Haven’t been back in years.


(Studying a photograph)

Well, Louis, you’d better get used to it. We’re neck-deep in this now.

They both share a determined look.


Louis and Eleanor, now in trench coats, survey the ground from a safe distance.


(whispers into a device)

The package is on the move.

INSERT: A BRIEFCASE is handed over surreptitiously.


Something feels off.


I agree. Whatever is happening, it’s bigger than just money laundering.

Their eyes meet. A silent agreement passes between them, a pact to uncover the truth.


Scene 2



ELEANOR WHITMAN (40s, meticulous, smart), leafs through piles of financial documents strewn over her desk.

LOUIS SALINGER (50s, gruff, ruggedly handsome), enters the room.


Got anything?


I think so. Look at this.

She points to a document. Louis leans over, squints at a line of text.


A laundering channel through a shell company?


Exactly, and who runs it?

She clicks her computer mouse, brings up an image on the screen. The company logo of IBBC.


The International Bank of Business and Credit.

Eleanor nods, her eyes narrow in determination.


We’re going to need more evidence to take them to court.


Well, we better get to it, then.

They both get to work, immersed in the documents – the first step in their daunting quest for justice.



Scene 3



LOUIS SALINGER (50s, grizzled Interpol agent) sits at a cluttered desk, files spread out like a fan. Across from him, ELEANOR WHITMAN (40s, clever, determined attorney) sifts through evidence, her brow furrowed.


We’ve been tracking money, but there’s more to it.


What do you mean?

Louis pulls out a series of documents: bank transactions, wire transfers, coded messages.


Take a look at these transactions. Funds moving from shell companies, through the IBBC, then to various foreign governments.

Eleanor scans the documents, her eyes widening in realization.


This isn’t just money laundering, is it?


No. The IBBC is using financial manipulation to destabilize world governments.

Eleanor sits back, stunned.


This is… an operation of international chaos.


Exactly. And we need to stop them before they push the world over the edge.

They exchange a determined look and begin to plan their next move.


Scene 4



*Louis Salinger (40s, rugged, and determined Interpol agent) and Eleanor Whitman (30s, sharp, resilient attorney) are sifting through mountains of classified documents.*


(Eyes scanning a document)

Eleanor, look at this. The bank, it’s not just money laundering…


(Leans in, squints at the document)

Arms trading… This is… this is big Louis.


(Blows out a breath, rubs his forehead)

It’s not just that. They’re playing governments like chess pieces.


(Stares at Louis, alarmed)

Destabilizing whole governments? For what?


(Glances at Eleanor)

Chaos. Power. Control.

*Suddenly, a noise disrupts their conversation. The duo freezes as the SHADOW of a man appears on the entrance of the library. Louis quietly unholsters his gun. Eleanor, with baited breath, watches the doorway.*




Scene 5


Salinger and Whitman are huddled over a table littered with documents, pinning up locations onto a map.



We’re being led on a wild goose chase, Whitman.



It’s a chase we need to complete, Salinger.

A brief moment of silence. Whitman scans through a document.



Look at this transaction here…

Whitman points out a trace of abnormal transactions tied to the IBBC from New York, to Berlin, Milan and then Istanbul.



So, Istanbul is our next stop?

Whitman nods.


Salinger and Whitman board a plane to Istanbul.


They land in Istanbul, the city of intersection between two continents.


Whitman is going through documents while Salinger is watching Turkish news.

Suddenly, Salinger’s phone RINGS.


(Into phone)


An anonymous tip about a meeting place.


(Deeply intrigued)

We need to check this out.

Whitman looks up, the suspense apparent on her face as they prepare to face what Istanbul has in store for them.


Author: AI