Little Red Wagon

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Eight-year-old Zach Bonner was an ordinary Florida boy who was the stuff of legend. He had a dream, a passion, and a desire to change the world. Armed with nothing more than a beat-up red wagon, a relentless spirit of philanthropy, and a heart of gold, he set off to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

For 2,000 miles and three months, he marched in the hot sun, walked through the pouring rain, and felt the pain of every blister and step. Along the way, he faced adversity and bureaucracy, yet never once wavered in his mission to help homeless children in America. He was determined to show the world that even the youngest of us can make a difference. His story captivated the nation, and the ripple effect of his journey would be felt for years to come.

Chapter 1

The story of Zach Bonner and his beat-up red wagon began in Tampa, Florida, where it was a typical hot summer day when Zach stepped off his porch and onto the pavement. He had a dream and a fire in his heart, and he was determined to make it come true.

He was just eight years old and he had never been away from home before, but he was determined to make it all the way to the White House. He was alone, except for his wagon and the clothes on his back, but he never once felt scared. He knew that if he just kept walking, good things would come.

He began his journey with nothing more than the clothes on his back, but soon he began to attract supporters. People opened their homes to him, shared their meals, and even gave him a new pair of shoes. He was buoyed by these acts of kindness, and as he continued on he felt a sense of pride—he was helping homeless children, and he was doing it all on his own.

Chapter 2

As Zach moved closer to his goal, the press began to take notice. People from all over the country started to reach out with words of support and encouragement. He was not alone in his mission anymore, he had the entire nation rallying behind him.

The journey was not easy. He had to overcome bureaucratic red tape, and he suffered numerous setbacks. But his determination never wavered. He continued on, mile after mile, and although he was weary and his feet were sore, he never once doubted his mission.

The closer he got to his destination, the better he felt. He was going to make it. He was going to make it all the way to the White House.

Chapter 3

Finally, after three months of walking, Zach Bonner arrived in Washington D.C. People lined the streets to cheer him on, and his heart swelled with pride. He had made it.

When he arrived at the White House, he was met with open arms. President Obama invited him in to speak with him about his mission, and Zach spoke about his journey, his passion, and his mission to help homeless children in the US.

Throughout their conversation, President Obama was moved by Zach’s story. When Zach left the White House, the President had promised to work with him to help homeless children in America.

Chapter 4

From that day forward, Zach Bonner only continued to grow in his mission to help homeless children. He continued to raise money and awareness, and he quickly became a household name. His story was an inspiration to people all over the world, and the ripple effect of his incredible journey was felt by many.

The beat-up red wagon that he had started his journey with now had a place in the Smithsonian. It was a symbol of his courage and determination, and it served as a reminder that anyone—big or small—can make a difference in this world.


Zach Bonner’s journey of a lifetime was an extraordinary tale of courage, philanthropy, and determination. He set out to help the homeless children in America, and with nothing more than a beat-up red wagon and a relentless spirit he was able to do just that, and leave a lasting legacy.

His story is a reminder of what’s possible when we believe in ourselves and never give up, no matter how difficult the road may be. In the end, all of his hard work and dedication paid off as he was able to capture the hearts of the entire nation. Zach Bonner’s journey may have ended, but his legacy will live on forever.



A sunny, summer day in Tampa, Florida. Eight year old Zach Bonner is standing in his driveway, ready to embark on a journey with an old beat-up red wagon.


Today is the day. I’m gonna change the world.

Zach smiles and takes a deep breath before starting his journey.


Zach is walking down a sidewalk, dragging his old red wagon behind him. He stops to look out into the distance, a look of determination on his face.


Zach is now trudging through a suburban neighborhood, his wagon filled with canned goods and supplies he has collected so far on his journey. He stops a few times to talk to the people he meets along the way.


Zach arrives in a business area and begins knocking on the doors of different businesses, asking for donations. After a few rejections, he stops to take a break, his enthusiasm waning.


Maybe I’m not cut out for this.


Zach has arrived at City Hall, his last stop before continuing his journey. He is met with resistance from bureaucrats and politicians, but his enthusiasm refuses to be quelled.


I’m here to help homeless children and I’m not leaving until my voice is heard!

The politicians finally relent and give Zach the donations he needs to finish his journey.


The White House looms in the distance, with Zach trudging ahead, his wagon now full of donations and supplies. He smiles and takes a deep breath, knowing he has made it to his final destination.


I did it. I changed the world.


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