Shaun of the Dead

When the dead rise, Shaun and his loved ones must fight to survive in a world gone mad.

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The world was as mundane and uneventful as ever for Shaun. He had been living a life of routine, revolving around his girlfriend Liz, his mother, and his local pub – the Winchester. It was a peaceful life, where everything seemed to be in its right place, until one day, the dead suddenly returned to life and started making strenuous attempts to snack on ordinary Londoners.

Shaun’s life was turned upside down as the world descended into chaos. The city was overrun by the undead, and the streets were filled with blood and guts. Shaun had to quickly adapt to the new reality and take action to protect those he loved. With his best friend Ed by his side, Shaun set out on a journey full of danger and excitement, a journey that would test his limits and push him to the brink. This is the story of Shaun and his fight for survival in a world overrun by the living dead.

Chapter 1: The Day Everything Changed

It was just another ordinary day at the Winchester, the local pub where Shaun spent most of his time. As the assistant manager, Shaun had a key to the back door and often stayed late to lock up. He was usually accompanied by his best friend Ed, who was also a regular customer and could always be relied on for company.

On this particular evening, Shaun was feeling particularly glum. His girlfriend Liz had left him earlier that day, fed up with his lack of ambition and unwillingness to make any changes to his life. Shaun had tried to win her back, but his efforts had been in vain. He drowned his sorrows in pints of lager, hoping that the alcohol would numb his pain.

As the night wore on, Shaun and Ed continued to drink and play video games, their usual pastime. They didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until the news reports started coming in. The television behind the bar showed images of chaos and destruction, as people ran screaming through the streets. The news anchor spoke of an outbreak of an unknown virus that was causing people to become violent and aggressive.

Shaun and Ed were transfixed, unable to believe what they were seeing. It seemed like something out of a horror movie, but it was happening in their own backyard. Suddenly, the pub’s front windows shattered as a man crashed through them, snarling and covered in blood. The other customers screamed and scattered, but Shaun and Ed stood frozen in terror.

The man stumbled towards them, his eyes vacant and his limbs jerking awkwardly. Shaun realized with a sinking feeling that this was no ordinary drunk or drug addict. This was a zombie, one of the undead that had risen from their graves and were now hunting the living.

Shaun and Ed managed to fight off the zombie, using whatever they could find in the pub as weapons. They were shaken but alive, and they knew that they had to get out of the city before it was too late. They quickly gathered their belongings and headed out into the night, determined to survive the apocalypse.

Their journey would be long and treacherous, filled with danger and unexpected twists and turns. Little did Shaun and Ed know that their world had changed forever, and that they were now part of a much larger story, one that would be told for generations to come.

Chapter 2: The First Encounter

Shaun and Ed stepped out of the pub, planning to head to the corner shop for some snacks. As they made their way down the quiet street, they noticed something strange. People were stumbling around, with a blank look in their eyes. Some were covered in blood, and some were missing limbs. Shaun and Ed were confused, but they didn’t think too much of it. They assumed it was some kind of prank or a strange event.

As they got closer to the corner shop, they saw a group of people gathered outside. Some were screaming, and others were running away. Shaun and Ed hesitated, but they decided to investigate. As they got closer, they saw what was causing the commotion. A person was lying on the ground, with their head caved in. Another person was feasting on their flesh. Shaun and Ed were horrified, but they could not move. They were frozen in place.

Suddenly, the person eating the flesh turned to look at Shaun and Ed. They saw his eyes, which were hazy and bloodshot. The person started to lumber towards them, arms outstretched. Shaun and Ed were terrified, but they managed to snap out of it. They turned and ran back towards the pub.

As they ran, they heard more footsteps behind them. They dared not look back, but they could hear the groans and moans of the walking dead. They burst into the pub, panting and sweating. The pub was full of people, but they all looked up at Shaun and Ed in confusion.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked, worriedly.

Shaun and Ed tried to explain, but they were out of breath and incoherent. Liz looked out the window and saw the zombies walking towards the pub.

“We have to do something,” she said, firmly.

Shaun nodded, his fear turning into determination. He knew he had to protect Liz and his friends. He had to be a hero.

They quickly made a plan. They would gather as many supplies and weapons as possible, and then head to Liz’s house in the countryside. They hoped it would be safer there.

Shaun and Ed set out to the corner shop again, this time armed with cricket bats. They fought off zombies as they made their way through the streets. It was a surreal experience, but they had to do what they had to do.

When they got to the corner shop, they quickly grabbed some snacks and supplies. They fought off more zombies, but they managed to make it out alive. As they were leaving, they saw a group of survivors huddled together in a nearby alleyway. They looked scared and helpless.

Shaun and his group knew they couldn’t leave them behind. They approached them and offered to help. The survivors were skeptical at first, but they eventually agreed to join forces.

As they made their way towards Liz’s house, they encountered more zombies. It seemed like there was no escape. But Shaun and his group fought fiercely, using whatever weapons they could find. They had to keep moving forward, no matter the cost.

At one point, Ed accidentally hit Shaun with the cricket bat. Shaun fell to the ground, bleeding from his head. The others thought he was dead, but he managed to get back up and keep fighting. It was a close call, but they never lost hope.

Finally, they arrived at Liz’s house. They were exhausted, but relieved to have found what they thought was safety. They barricaded the doors and windows, and set up a makeshift camp inside.

But their relief was short-lived. The zombies soon arrived, and they started to break through the barricades. Shaun and his group knew they had to fight to survive. They fought with everything they had, but they were outnumbered. It seemed like all hope was lost.

But then, out of nowhere, a group of soldiers arrived. They had been sent to rescue survivors and eliminate the zombie threat. They helped Shaun and his group fight off the zombies, and they managed to escape alive.

As they left Liz’s house, Shaun looked back at it with a mix of sadness and relief. It was the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new one. Shaun and his group had survived the first encounter with the dead, and they knew they had to keep fighting. The zombie apocalypse was here, and there was no turning back.

Chapter 3: The Plan

Shaun and his group of survivors were on a mission to escape the city and head to the safety of Liz’s parent’s house in the countryside. As they walked through the deserted streets, they tried to come up with a plan that would keep them alive and one step ahead of the zombies. They knew that the journey would be long and dangerous, but they were determined to make it through.

Shaun took charge of the group and started to delegate tasks. He assigned Ed to gather supplies from the local stores, Liz to keep an eye out for any approaching zombies, and himself to make a map of their route. They had to move quickly, as the zombie horde was growing by the minute.

They headed towards the outskirts of the city, using back roads and shortcuts to avoid the main streets. They had to be careful not to make too much noise, as the zombies were attracted to sound. They walked in silence, each lost in their own thoughts, until they reached a large park on the edge of town.

Shaun knew that they had to cross the park to reach the highway that would take them out of the city. But the park was infested with zombies. They had to come up with a plan that would allow them to cross without being seen.

Shaun looked around for any signs of life. He spotted a group of survivors in a nearby building. He decided to approach them and ask for help. Liz and Ed were skeptical, but Shaun was convinced that they needed all the help they could get.

As they approached the building, they saw a group of people barricaded inside. They were armed and looked nervous. Shaun called out to them, and they cautiously let them in.

Shaun explained their situation to the group, and they agreed to help them. They had experience with zombie attacks and knew how to navigate the city without being seen. They provided Shaun and his group with new weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies.

With their new allies, the group set out towards the highway. They moved quickly and quietly, taking alternate routes and hiding whenever they heard or saw any zombies. As they moved through the city, they encountered more and more zombies, but they managed to evade them.

After several hours of walking, they finally reached the highway. They could hear the sound of cars and trucks in the distance, but they couldn’t see any. Shaun was about to suggest they start walking again when they heard the sound of a helicopter.

They looked up and saw a military helicopter flying overhead. It was moving fast, but they managed to catch the attention of the pilot. The helicopter circled around and landed on the highway.

Shaun and his group ran towards the helicopter, waving their arms and shouting for help. The pilot opened the door and helped them aboard.

As they took off, they watched as the city disappeared beneath them. They were relieved to be out of danger, but they knew that they still had a long way to go.

The pilot informed them that they were heading towards a military base in the countryside. They would be safe there, but they had to be careful. The base was heavily guarded, and they would be subject to quarantine and questioning.

Shaun and his group were apprehensive, but they knew that they didn’t have a choice. They had to trust the military if they wanted to survive.

As they flew towards the base, Shaun looked out the window and saw the devastation below. The city was overrun with zombies, and there seemed to be no end to the chaos. But he felt a sense of hope. They had made it this far, and they were determined to keep going.

The journey had been long and treacherous, but Shaun and his group had managed to make it to safety. They had faced their fears and overcome incredible obstacles. But they knew that the fight wasn’t over yet. They had to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Chapter 4: The Journey

Shaun and his group set out on foot, leaving the safety of the pub behind. They know the journey ahead will be long and treacherous, but they can’t stay in the city any longer. The zombies have taken over, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re all hunted down. They need to find a safe haven, a place where they can regroup and plan their next move.

The journey is grueling. They walk for hours on end, dodging zombies and avoiding danger at every turn. The city is in chaos, and the streets are lined with abandoned cars and broken buildings. The once-bustling city is now a ghost town, and the only sounds are the moans of the undead.

Shaun leads the way, with Liz by his side. He’s determined to protect her and keep her safe, no matter what. Ed follows close behind, cracking jokes and making light of the situation, but everyone can sense his fear. He’s not fooling anyone.

Shaun’s mother, Barbara, sticks close to Liz. She’s in shock and can’t believe what’s happening. She keeps saying how she just wants to go home and watch TV, but Shaun knows they can’t go back. They have to keep moving forward.

The group encounters some helpful strangers along the way, but also some dangerous ones. They come across a family who have barricaded themselves in a shop, and Shaun and his group offer to help them. They spend the night there, fortifying the shop and sharing stories of how they’ve survived so far.

But they also come across a gang of survivors who are ruthless and violent. They demand that Shaun and his group hand over their supplies and weapons, but Shaun refuses to back down. He knows they need everything they have to survive. There is a tense standoff, and Shaun and his group manage to escape, but not before a few of the gang members are killed in the scuffle.

The journey takes its toll on everyone. They’re exhausted, hungry, and scared. But they push on, day after day. They come across abandoned houses and shops and scavenge for supplies. They find a car and hotwire it, grateful for the transportation. But the car breaks down after a few hours, and they have to continue on foot.

At one point, they have to cross a narrow bridge over a river. The zombies are everywhere, and they have to move quickly. Liz slips and falls, and a zombie grabs her ankle. Shaun and Ed manage to pull her free, but she’s injured. They bandage her up and keep moving, but it’s clear that Liz is in a lot of pain. Shaun feels guilty for putting her in danger.

As they approach the countryside, they begin to encounter more zombies. The suburbs are overrun, and they have to be careful not to attract attention. They see a few survivors along the way, but most have already been turned. The world has changed, and it’s not a friendly place anymore.

Finally, after days of walking, they see a farmhouse in the distance. It’s isolated and surrounded by farmland. They hope it’s abandoned, but they can’t take any chances. They approach cautiously, ready for anything.

To their relief, the farmhouse seems to be empty. They enter cautiously, checking every room. There’s no sign of life, but there’s also no sign of danger. They’re relieved to have found a safe haven, at least for now.

They spend the night in the farmhouse, taking turns keeping watch. They’re all exhausted, but they know they can’t let their guard down. They talk about their hopes and fears, and Shaun reveals that he’s been keeping a journal since the outbreak began. He’s been writing down everything that’s happened, and he hopes that someday, someone will find it and know their story.

As they settle in for the night, Shaun thinks about what lies ahead. He knows that they can’t stay in this farmhouse forever. They need to keep moving, keep fighting. But for now, they can rest. And that’s enough.

Chapter 5: The Safe Haven

When Shaun and his group finally arrived at Liz’s parent’s house, they were exhausted and on edge. They had encountered more zombies on the way there, and tensions were high. But they breathed a small sigh of relief once they saw the house – it was big, with a large garden and a sturdy fence. It looked like a fortress, and they knew they would have a good chance of surviving there.

As soon as they entered the house, however, they started to realize that things were not as simple as they had hoped. The house was dark, dusty, and smelled like it had been empty for months. There were signs of a struggle in the living room, with overturned furniture and broken glass scattered on the floor. It seemed like Liz’s parents had tried to fight off the zombies, but had ultimately lost.

Shaun and his group quickly set to work cleaning the house and fortifying the defenses. They nailed planks of wood over the windows and doors, set up barricades, and piled furniture against the walls. They also made sure they had plenty of food, water, and medical supplies. It was hard work, but they managed to get everything done before nightfall.

Once they were settled in, Shaun tried to relax for the first time in days. He sat on the sofa with Liz and Ed, watching a movie and drinking beer. For a moment, he almost forgot about the zombies outside. But it didn’t last long – they soon heard the telltale sounds of the undead moving around outside. They all tensed up, gripping their weapons and waiting for the worst.

At first, the zombies didn’t seem to be able to get through their defenses. They pounded on the walls and windows, but they couldn’t break through the thick wood. Shaun and his group did their best to stay quiet and out of sight, hoping the zombies would eventually give up and move on. But it quickly became clear that these zombies were not like the ones they had encountered before. They were more persistent, more intelligent.

Shaun and Liz were trying to sleep when they heard the first sound of the zombies breaking through the fence. They jumped out of bed, grabbing their weapons and waking up the others. Shaun ran to the window and looked out – there were dozens of zombies swarming the garden, tearing down the fence with their bare hands. They were getting closer and closer to the house.

Shaun knew they had to act fast. He grabbed a megaphone and tried to reason with the zombies, but they didn’t seem to hear him. He knew they had to fight. He and his group gathered in the living room, loading their weapons and preparing for battle.

The fight was intense. The zombies were determined, and they seemed to be able to coordinate their attacks better than before. Shaun and his group had to work together, covering each other’s backs and taking out as many zombies as they could. They used everything at their disposal – guns, knives, even a frying pan. It was messy, but they managed to hold their own.

Eventually, however, it became clear that they were losing. The zombies were too many, too strong, and some of them seemed immune to their attacks. Shaun watched in horror as his friends fell one by one, overwhelmed by the sheer number of zombies. He felt a surge of anger and despair – they had come so far, fought so hard, only to be destroyed by these mindless monsters.

Just as he thought all hope was lost, something unexpected happened. One of the zombies stumbled and fell, revealing a small device attached to its head. Shaun recognized it immediately – it was a remote control, like the ones used for toy cars. He realized that someone must be controlling the zombies, using them as weapons.

Shaun and his group rallied, using their last bit of strength to take out the controller and its operator. Once they did, the zombies stopped moving, collapsing into piles of rotting flesh and bone. Shaun and his group looked at each other in disbelief – they had not only survived, but they had uncovered a sinister plot.

They spent the rest of the night taking stock of their losses and figuring out their next move. They were bruised and battered, but they also felt a newfound sense of purpose. They knew that they could never let something like this happen again. They had to keep fighting, not just for themselves, but for everyone who had been affected by the zombie outbreak.

As the sun rose over the destroyed garden, Shaun and his group made a vow to each other. They would survive, no matter what it took. They would fight for their right to live, to love, and to enjoy a pint at the pub. The zombie apocalypse may have taken everything from them, but it had also given them something precious – a bond that would never be broken.

Chapter 6: The Final Stand

Shaun and his group huddle in the hallway of Liz’s parents’ house, weapons at the ready, waiting for the undead to breach the barricades. The group is tense, and each member knows that they are likely facing their final stand. But Shaun is determined to go down fighting and protect the ones he loves.

The zombies start to push against the barricades, and the group hears their moans and groans getting louder. One of them breaks through, and Shaun swings his cricket bat, knocking it back. But then another one breaks through, and another, and the group realizes they are outnumbered.

As the group fights off the zombies, Shaun notices that Ed is missing. He quickly realizes that Ed has been bitten and is now turning into a zombie. Shaun is heartbroken, but he knows what he has to do. He picks up his shotgun and fires, putting Ed out of his misery.

The group is shaken but continues to fight off the zombies. Suddenly, the power goes out, and the group is plunged into darkness. The zombies take advantage of the situation, and the group is forced to retreat to the second floor of the house.

They barricade themselves in a bedroom, but the zombies are relentless. They break through the walls, and the group is forced back into the hallway. The group is running low on ammunition and options.

Shaun knows that they can’t keep fighting forever, and he comes up with a plan. He tells the group to grab as many pillows and blankets as they can find and soak them in gasoline. They’ll use them as Molotov cocktails to try and burn the zombies.

They light the makeshift weapons and throw them at the zombies, causing them to catch fire. The group keeps fighting, using whatever weapons they have at their disposal.

As the group fights, Shaun notices that his mother has been bitten. She’s already turning into a zombie, and Shaun knows he has to make a tough decision. He tells the group to leave and that he’ll stay behind to take care of his mother.

The group protests, but Shaun insists. He knows he can’t let his mother become a zombie. The group reluctantly leaves, and Shaun stays behind with his mother.

He puts her down, telling her he loves her and that he’s sorry. He then picks up his shotgun and waits for the zombies to come.

The zombies break through the barricade, and Shaun gets ready to fight. But just as the first zombie is about to lunge at him, a group of survivors bursts into the house, firing their weapons and killing the zombies.

Shaun is relieved and grateful. He joins the new group and heads outside, where they see that the zombie outbreak is finally starting to subside.

Shaun and the group take a moment to mourn their losses and celebrate their survival. They know that rebuilding their world won’t be easy, but they’re ready to face whatever comes next.

In the end, Shaun reflects on what he’s learned throughout the journey. He’s realized that he’s capable of being a hero and that he’s stronger than he ever thought possible. He knows that he can’t just go back to his old life after what he’s been through, but he’s ready to face whatever the future holds.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

The sun peeked through the clouds, illuminating the once peaceful countryside now marked by destruction and decay. Shaun stood by the graves of his fallen friends, staring at the horizon, deep in thought. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Liz, who smiled, reassuringly.

They had come a long way since the outbreak had started. Together, they had fought the undead, lost friends, and found new ones. The apocalypse had changed them, but it had also taught them to value life and love.

Shaun and Liz, along with a few others, had managed to make it through the final stand. They had fought their way through hordes of zombies, using everything at their disposal to stay alive. They had lost many, but they had also found a new family.

The group had decided to stay at Liz’s parent’s house, where they had found shelter. They had spent months fortifying the house, making it a safe haven. They had even managed to grow some crops and raise some animals.

They had survived, but they knew the world outside was still dangerous. They had to find a way to rebuild society and find other survivors. They had to keep the hope of humanity alive.

Shaun looked around at his new family. There was Liz, who had been with him since the beginning, and who had never left his side. There was Ed, who had been his loyal friend, and who had found a new purpose in life as a protector of the group. There was Barbara, Shaun’s mother, who had become a fierce fighter and a voice of reason. And there was David, Liz’s ex-boyfriend, who had redeemed himself by helping the group and becoming a valuable member.

Shaun knew they had come a long way, but they still had a long road ahead. They had to find a way to rebuild civilization and make a new world out of the ashes of the old. They had to find other survivors and create a network of communities.

Shaun took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he also knew they had a chance. They had survived the worst, and they had each other.

“We can do this,” he said, turning to face his family. “We can make a new world, a better world. A world where love and compassion are more powerful than hate and fear. We can do this together.”

The group nodded in agreement, and Shaun smiled. They had come a long way since the outbreak, but they had also learned a lot. They had learned that anything was possible if they believed in themselves and each other.

Shaun looked back at the graves of his fallen friends, and he knew they would never be forgotten. Their sacrifice had made it possible for them to survive. And now, they had to honor their memory by building a world worth living in.

Shaun and his family walked back to the house, ready to face the future together. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they also knew they had each other. They had survived the zombie apocalypse and now, they were ready to make a new world.

The End.

Some scenes from the movie Shaun of the Dead written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Horror Comedy


Shaun – A slacker who works as a sales assistant at an electronics store

Ed – Shaun’s best friend and roommate, a laid-back and immature slacker

Liz – Shaun’s girlfriend, who is tired of his complacency and lack of ambition

Pete – Shaun’s uptight and controlling roommate, who clashes with Ed

David – Shaun’s obnoxious and arrogant coworker at the electronics store

Dianne – David’s ex-girlfriend, who develops a crush on Shaun

Setting: London, England


When the dead begin to rise and attack ordinary Londoners, Shaun and his friends and family must band together to survive. Along the way, they encounter dangerous zombies, rival survivor groups, and their own inner demons.

Scene 1:


Shaun is sitting at the counter, staring at his phone as it buzzes with notifications. David walks in with Dianne, looking smug.

DAVID: Alright, losers, back to work. Dianne, let’s check out the new phones.

Shaun sighs and puts his phone away as David and Dianne head off.

ED: (entering) Hey, man, what’s up?

SHAUN: (exhausted) Same old, same old. Selling phones to people who don’t need them.

ED: You know what you need? A pint.

SHAUN: (perking up) I could use a pint.

ED: (grinning) I’ll meet you at the Winchester tonight.

Suddenly, a commotion breaks out outside the store. Screaming and banging noises can be heard.

SHAUN: (alarmed) What the hell is that?

ED: (skeptical) Probably just some idiots messing around.

Suddenly, a bloodied hand smashes through the glass door, grabbing at David’s face. The group is horrified and backs away.

SHAUN: (panicking) We need to get out of here!

ED: (nodding) Winchester it is!

The group quickly gathers their things and makes a run for it, narrowly avoiding zombies on their way to the pub.

As they enter the pub, the ragtag group of survivors looks around warily. The pub is deserted, but there are signs of recent activity.

LIZ: (worried) Do you think the zombies are following us?

SHAUN: (determined) We’ll find a way to survive. We just need to stick together.

The group takes a moment to catch their breath and prepare for whatever comes next. The zombie apocalypse has just begun, and they’re only just getting started.

Scene 2


– Shaun: A slacker who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

– Ed: Shaun’s best friend who is always up for a good time, even during the end of the world.

– Liz: Shaun’s girlfriend who is trying to survive in a world gone mad.

– Barbara: Shaun’s mother who becomes a zombie.

– David: A pompous acquaintance of Shaun’s who is always eager to be the leader.

– Pete: Liz’s roommate who is killed during the initial outbreak.

– Mary: A barmaid who becomes a zombie.

– Zombie Extras


The story takes place in present day London where a zombie outbreak has taken over the city.


Shaun and Ed are standing outside the corner shop, staring in disbelief at the zombie that just stumbled out of the door. They’re both in shock, but Shaun snaps out of it and starts to panic.


We have to get out of here. Now!


What? No way, man. We can take them!


Take them? Do you see what’s happening here? This isn’t a game, Ed. This is real.

They start to back away slowly, but more zombies are coming out of the shop and surrounding them.


We need to find somewhere safe.


The Winchester?


The Winchester? Are you insane? That’s the worst possible place we could go.


What about the pub?


No, we can’t go back there. We need to find somewhere else.

They continue to back away until they’re backed up against a wall.


We’re going to die here, aren’t we?


Not if I can help it.

Ed picks up a nearby cricket bat and takes a swing at the nearest zombie, knocking it to the ground.


What are you doing? We need to run!


I’m not leaving you here, man.

Shaun reluctantly picks up a nearby shovel and joins Ed in the fight. The two of them battle their way through the zombies, fighting for their lives.

They manage to fight their way out of the crowd and start to run down the street.


Where are we going?


I don’t know, man. Anywhere but here.

The camera pans out to show them running down the empty street, with zombies following close behind. The sound of moaning and growling fill the air as the scene fades to black.

Scene 3

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Logline: When the dead rise from their graves, Shaun and his friends must battle through hordes of zombies and survive the apocalypse while also figuring out what it truly means to be alive.


SHAUN: A slacker who works at a dead-end job and spends most of his free time at the pub. His life changes drastically when the zombie apocalypse breaks out.

LIZ: Shaun’s girlfriend who initially breaks up with him due to his lack of ambition. She becomes a valuable member of the group as they fight to stay alive.

ED: Shaun’s best friend who is a bit of a goofball but proves to be essential in their survival.

PETE: Shaun’s roommate who becomes infected by the zombie virus and must be put down by the group.

CHAPTER 3 – The Plan:


Shaun stands in the living room, staring at a map of London spread out on the coffee table. Liz, Ed, and Pete sit around him, studying the map as well.

SHAUN: (pointing to the map) Alright, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll avoid the main roads and take the back alleys to get to Liz’s parents’ house.

ED: (jokingly) Oh, great, ’cause that sounds like a fantastic idea.

SHAUN: (rolls his eyes) Shut up, Ed. We’ll make it, we just have to be careful.

LIZ: (concerned) And what about supplies? We need food and weapons if we’re going to make it out there.

PETE: (sarcastically) Yeah, ’cause the corner shop’s still open, right?

Shaun glares at Pete, who looks away guiltily.

SHAUN: (sighs) Okay, we’ll have to scavenge along the way. But we don’t have time to waste, we should leave as soon as possible.

LIZ: (stands up) I’ll start packing my things, we should leave in an hour.

The group nods in agreement and starts to gather their belongings.



Shaun and his group walk down a desolate street, avoiding the zombies they see wandering around. They stick to the shadows and move slowly.

ED: (whispering) This is freaky, man. I feel like we’re in a bad horror movie.

SHAUN: (sarcastically) Wonder why that is, Ed.

LIZ: (urgent) Look, there’s a convenience store up ahead. Let’s see if there’s anything useful inside.

The group approaches the store cautiously, checking for any wandering zombies. Shaun peers inside the window and sees a few cans of food on the shelves.

SHAUN: (whispering) Alright, Ed and Pete, cover us. Liz and I will go in and get some supplies.

Ed and Pete nod and take up positions with their weapons while Shaun and Liz enter the store. They quickly grab what they need and head back out, but they’re spotted by a group of zombies.

ED: (shouting) Move it, guys! We’ve got company!

The group runs back down the alley as the zombies give chase. They make it out safely, but not without a close call.

SHAUN: (panting) That was too close. We need to be more careful.

LIZ: (nodding) Agreed. Let’s keep moving, we’re not out of the woods yet.

The group presses on, ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.


Scene 4



Shaun and his group are making their way through an abandoned street. The only sounds are the shuffling of their feet and the occasional caw of a nearby crow. The city is in ruins, buildings are destroyed, and burned cars and debris litter the streets.


(to the group)

Keep your eyes peeled. Zombies could be lurking around any corner.


(to Shaun)

Do you think we’ll make it to my parent’s house?



We have to. It’s our best chance for survival.



I’m tired, man. Can’t we take a break?


(shakes his head)

We can’t stop. We have to keep moving.

As they continue walking, they hear a faint noise in the distance. It sounds like a car engine.


(to Liz)

Did your parents say anything about other survivors in the area?



They mentioned a group of survivors who were holed up in a nearby warehouse.



That could be our ticket to safety.

They quicken their pace and eventually come across the warehouse. It’s surrounded by a fence, and the gate is padlocked shut.


(to the group)

Let’s try to find a way in.

They search the perimeter and eventually find a hole in the fence big enough for them to squeeze through.


The inside of the warehouse is dimly lit, and there’s a musty smell in the air. The group creeps through cautiously, weapons at the ready.

Suddenly, they hear a voice.



Over here.

They follow the voice and come across a group of survivors huddled together in a corner. There are three men and two women, all of them armed and ready for a fight.


(to the group)

We’re looking for a safe place to stay. Can we join you?

The leader of the group, a burly man named Dave, eyes them up and down.



Fine by me. But you have to earn your keep.

The group settles in with the other survivors, grateful for the temporary safety.


Scene 5

Genre: Horror/Action/Thriller

Logline: A group of survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse must face their greatest fears and fight for their lives as they seek safety and refuge in a hostile and unforgiving world.


Shaun – The reluctant hero who must step up and become a leader to protect his loved ones and his friends. He is smart, resourceful, and has a wicked sense of humor.

Liz – Shaun’s girlfriend who is a tough and independent woman. She is the voice of reason in the group and helps to keep everyone grounded.

Ed – Shaun’s best friend who is a slacker and a goofball. He provides comic relief but also proves to be a loyal and brave ally.

Barbara – Shaun’s mother who is a bit of a nag but ultimately cares deeply for her son and his friends.

David – Liz’s friend who is a bit of a snob and does not get along well with Shaun. He clashes with Shaun at every opportunity.

Pete – Liz’s ex-boyfriend who died in the initial zombie outbreak but has now come back as a zombie.


The group has made it to Liz’s parent’s house in the countryside, but they are not safe. The zombies have followed them, and the house is not as secure as they thought it would be.


Shaun: We need to barricade the doors and windows. We can’t let them in here.

Liz: But we only have a few supplies left. We won’t last long.

David: We should ration our food and wait for help.

Ed: Help? We’re on our own, man. We gotta fight.

Barbara: I just want to make sure we’re all safe. We need to stick together.

Pete (banging on the door): Braaaains.


The group is holed up in the house, but the zombies are closing in. They know they need to find a way out, but they are running out of options. Shaun comes up with a plan to create a distraction and lead the zombies away from the house. Liz and Ed back him up, but David is skeptical and refuses to help.

Shaun: We need to create a diversion. I’ll lead them away, and you guys can escape.

Liz: What about you?

Shaun: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.

Ed: Are you nuts, man? You can’t do this alone.

David: He’s right. It’s too dangerous.

Shaun: Fine. I’ll go alone.

Liz: No, I’m coming with you.

Ed: Me too.

David: I’ll cover your escape.

Shaun, Liz, and Ed set out to create a diversion, while David stays behind to keep watch. They make their way through the woods, but are quickly surrounded by zombies. Shaun fights them off with a makeshift weapon, while Liz and Ed help him. They manage to lead the zombies away from the house, but they are still in danger.

Shaun: We need to find another way out.

Liz: There’s a river nearby. We can follow it to the main road.

Ed: Good idea. Let’s go.

As they make their way to the river, they encounter more zombies and have to fight for their lives. They manage to make it to the river, but it is infested with zombies. They are trapped.

Liz: What do we do now?

Shaun: We have to fight our way through. Ready?

Ed: Hell yeah.

They charge into the water, fighting off the zombies with everything they have. It’s a brutal and bloody battle, but they manage to make it to the other side. They are exhausted, but alive.

Liz: We did it.

Shaun: Not yet. We still have to get to the main road.

Ed: And find a car.

They make their way to the main road, avoiding zombies as best they can. They spot an abandoned car and make a break for it. They hotwire it and take off, leaving the zombies behind.

Shaun: We made it.

Liz: But where do we go now?

Ed: Anywhere but here.

They drive off into the unknown, uncertain of what the future holds. But one thing is for sure: they will not give up. They will keep fighting, no matter what.

Author: AI