The Guest

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Chapter 1:

The small mountain town of Clarrisa had been peaceful and quiet until recently. Everyone was friendly and life was good. But that all changed when a mysterious ex-soldier named Dan Stevens rode into town one night. He was tall, dark, and handsome and said he was looking for work. But something about him seemed off.

The townspeople trusted him enough to give him a job at the local bar and paid him well. However, soon after he began working, strange things started happening. Brawls broke out in the bar, vandalism occurred throughout the town, and several people went missing. Dan Stevens seemed to be at the center of it all.

Chapter 2:

The townspeople were growing increasingly worried about Dan Stevens and his strange behavior. He seemed to be targeting individuals for unknown reasons and no one in the town wanted to find out what his agenda was.

Were they in danger? What did Dan Stevens want? It seemed like he had some kind of secret plan. No one knew what to do, and the town was gripped with fear.

Chapter 3:

One night, Dan Stevens was seen leaving the bar with a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He was heading towards a nearby mountain path that few in the town had ever explored. Even the sheriff was too scared to follow.

The next day, some of the townspeople decided to take matters into their own hands and followed Dan Stevens into the mountains. As they traversed the steep and winding path, they noticed that the further they went, the more the area seemed to have been disturbed. Suddenly, they heard gunshots and the screams of someone in pain.

Chapter 4:

The townspeople quickly hid behind the nearest large boulder and waited for the gunfire to stop. Once it did, they cautiously peeked around the corner to see what was happening.

To their surprise, they saw Dan Stevens dragging a woman with him as he descended the mountain. She was clearly terrified, but he seemed to have her under his control. He spotted the townspeople and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

The townspeople were now certain that Dan Stevens had some kind of sinister agenda and they were determined to find out what it was.

Chapter 5:

The next morning, the townspeople quickly spread the news of what they had seen and soon the whole town was abuzz with speculation. The sheriff decided to go after Dan Stevens, and he gathered a small group of volunteers to help him.

They followed the path Dan Stevens had taken and eventually arrived at a secluded cabin deep in the woods. The door was bolted shut and the windows were boarded up, but they could hear voices coming from inside. After some debating, the sheriff decided to break down the door and take Dan Stevens by surprise.

Inside, they found the woman, who was much relieved to be rescued. Dan Stevens had been holding her captive and was using her as leverage to gain access to a powerful secret. He was trying to access a forgotten military facility, but now his plans were foiled.

The sheriff and the townspeople quickly apprehended Dan Stevens and the danger in Clarrisa was avoided. Everyone was relieved and life returned to normal. The secret of the mountain was safe once again, and the town of Clarrisa could breathe a little easier.



The quiet street is lined with quaint homes, but as the camera pans back, we see a menacing figure in an all-black outfit. He looks like a soldier, his face grim and unwavering.

He slowly moves into the street, and as a pickup truck zooms past, he takes out a small device and punches in some numbers. He drops the device into the back of the truck, and the engine suddenly dies.



The driver slams on the breaks, and the truck jerks to a stop. He steps out of the truck and looks at the engine. As he looks around, he spots the mysterious figure who had dropped the device.


Hey! Who are you?

The mysterious figure looks up and locks eyes with the driver before walking away.


Hey! I said, who are you?

The mysterious figure doesn’t break his stride and continues walking.




The square is abuzz with activity, but the mysterious figure stands out. He moves around the crowds with purpose, closely observing the townspeople and buildings.

Suddenly, he notices a group of men in the crowd, and he follows them as they move towards a nearby alley. He moves closer to get a better look, but he soon finds himself surrounded by the men.

Man 1

Hey, who do you think you are?

The mysterious figure doesn’t answer. He just stares at them, his face expressionless.

Man 1

We asked you a question. Who are you?

The mysterious figure finally speaks.

Mysterious Figure

I’m here to protect this town.

The men laugh and start to walk away.

Man 2

Yeah, right.

The mysterious figure watches them go, his expression unchanged.




The park is deserted, except for the mysterious figure. He moves around the park, looking for something. Suddenly, he spots a figure in the shadows. He moves closer to get a better look, and he recognizes the figure as one of the men from the group in the town square.

The figure spots the mysterious figure and quickly moves away, but the mysterious figure follows. The figure dashes down an alley and into a deserted building. The mysterious figure follows, and as he enters the building, he hears a voice from the darkness.

Mysterious Figure

Who are you?


I’m the one who hired you.

The mysterious figure steps into the light and locks eyes with the figure, who reveals himself as the head of a powerful crime syndicate.


You’re here to do a job.

The mysterious figure stares silently at the figure, then speaks.

Mysterious Figure

What do you want me to do?


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