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the unexplained image of the victim that the Pre-Cogs couldn’t decipher.


John Anderton had been the leader of Precrime for the past ten years and its success in Washington D.C. had been attributed to him. Precrime was an elite law enforcing squad that used crime predicting technology to apprehend perpetrators before they could commit a crime.

What started as a revolutionary experiment to reduce crime in the Capital city had proven to be a roaring success. Anderton himself was adamant in his defence of the system and believed its flawlessness steadfastly.

But today, the Pre-Cogs had predicted that Anderton himself would commit a murder in the next 36 hours.

Chapter 1

John Anderton was dumbstruck when he heard the Pre-Cogs’ announcement. His mind raced as he tried to comprehend the seemingly unimaginable situation. How could he be the perpetrator of a crime? He had been so sure of the system’s success and now it seemed that it had failed him.

He was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. He decided he needed to find out the ‘Minority Report’ – the unexplained image of the victim that the Pre-Cogs couldn’t decipher.

He prepared himself to go against the system he had so painstakingly built, and set out in the dead of the night.

Chapter 2

John made his way through the dark and deserted streets of Washington D.C., searching for the elusive ‘Minority Report’. His mind replayed the events of the night before and he felt a sense of dread as he contemplated the consequences of his actions.

Suddenly, he heard a noise from an alley nearby. He cautiously approached it, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. As he peered into the shadows of the alley, he was startled to see a figure emerge. It was an old woman, her eyes wild with fear.

The old woman spoke, her voice trembling with fear. She spoke of a powerful force that was manipulating the Pre-Cogs and how only John could save them.

Chapter 3

John was surprised by the woman’s words. He knew that Precrime had been a success because of its accuracy, but he couldn’t imagine anyone tampering with the Pre-Cogs. He questioned the old woman further but she was too frightened to say more.

John left the alley, his mind whirling with questions. He needed to find out who was behind this and why they had chosen him as the target. He decided to head to the Precrime headquarters and confront the Pre-Cogs.

He arrived at the headquarters and immediately ordered the Pre-Cogs to reveal the identity of the perpetrator. The Pre-Cogs responded with a single name – John Anderton.

Chapter 4

John was stunned. He had never expected the Pre-Cogs to turn against him. He knew that someone had set him up, but without any evidence he felt helpless. He was determined to find out the truth, but he felt overwhelmed by the situation.

He decided to confront the woman from the alley and ask her to provide him with more information. He returned to the alley, but the woman was gone and there was no trace of her.

John was frustrated but he knew he had to keep going. He set out to search for the ‘Minority Report’, hoping that it would provide him with the answers he was seeking.

Chapter 5

The search for the ‘Minority Report’ led John to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. He cautiously entered the building, expecting the worst. But, to his shock, he found a small child sitting on the floor.

The child explained to John that a powerful man was manipulating the Pre-Cogs and using them to frame innocent people. He revealed that he was the victim in Anderton’s ‘Minority Report’ and had been held captive in the warehouse.

John was angry but relieved. He had finally found the answers he had been searching for. He quickly freed the child and vowed to bring the perpetrator to justice.


John Anderton kept his promise. He uncovered the identity of the man behind the Pre-Cogs’ manipulation and brought him to justice. He also exposed the crimes committed by Precrime that had been hidden from the public.

Though the Precrime unit was disbanded, John’s actions saved hundreds of innocent lives and restored justice to Washington D.C. His bravery and determination will be remembered for generations to come.

a report suggesting alternative possibilities to the pre-cog visions.



The night is still. On the horizon, the lights of the bustling city of Washington D.C. shine.


The imposing futuristic building of Precrime HQ stands tall and proud, illuminated by state-of-the-art lighting.


The mysterious figure of John Anderton stands in the center of the control room, the symbol of Precrime. He looks around at the various screens displaying the city of Washington D.C., a dozen techs typing feverishly at their consoles, and the all-seeing eye of the Pre-Cogs floating in their glass box.

Anderton smiles. Precrime has made Washington D.C. virtually crime-free. He can be proud of that.

Suddenly, one of the techs calls out.


Sir! We’ve got a red alert!

Anderton’s face falls. He strides to the terminal.


What is it?


The Pre-Cogs are predicting a murder in 36 hours.

Anderton blanches.


Who’s the victim?

The tech consults his screen.


It looks like you, sir.

Anderton stares in disbelief.


That’s impossible!

Anderton storms away from the terminal, his mind racing. How can the Pre-Cogs be wrong? He knows that something is amiss.

He walks to the glass box containing the Pre-Cogs.


I need the Minority Report.

The techs look at each other, unsure of what he means.

ANDERTON (cont’d)

Show me the other possibilities.

A moment later, a series of images appear on the screens. Anderton stares in disbelief. He had never seen these images before. This changes everything.

He turns to the techs.


I need to find out who is really behind this.

He strides out of the control room.


Anderton steps out of the Precrime HQ and into the dark night. He knows he must find out the truth before the Pre-Cogs are proven right.


Anderton strides through the alleyway, his mind racing. He knows he is getting close to discovering who is behind the Pre-Cogs’ vision.

Suddenly, Anderton hears a noise behind him. He whirls around and points his gun at the figure emerging from the shadows.

It is a beautiful woman. She holds up her hands in surrender and speaks.


My name is Agatha. I can help you find the truth.

Anderton stares at her, unsure.


The woman, Agatha, leads Anderton to a rooftop in the heart of the city. She turns to him and speaks.


This is where it all began.

She points to a large building.

AGATHA (cont’d)

That building is the home of the creators of the Pre-Cogs.

Anderton stares in disbelief. He had never suspected this.


Anderton and Agatha sneak through the shadows, trying to avoid detection. Anderton can feel the excitement mounting. He knows he is close to discovering the truth.

They reach the entrance and step inside.


Anderton and Agatha step into the laboratory. They are greeted by a team of scientists and a man in a dark suit. Anderton turns to the man in the dark suit and speaks.


Who are you?

The man in the dark suit speaks.


My name is Dr. Weir. I’m the mastermind behind the Pre-Cogs.

Anderton stares in disbelief. This is the man who created the Pre-Cogs. He had never suspected it.


I created the Pre-Cogs to help eliminate crime in Washington D.C. But something went wrong.

Anderton looks at Agatha. She had been right.

DR. WEIR (cont’d)

I realized that the Pre-Cogs’ visions could be manipulated. Someone has been manipulating them to frame you for murder.

Anderton stares in shock.


Who is it?


I cannot say. But I can tell you this: they are very powerful, and they will stop at nothing to see you fail.

Anderton stares at the ground. He knows what he must do. He turns to the others.


I must stop them.


Anderton races across the rooftop, the wind whipping at his face. He knows he doesn’t have much time. He must find the criminal before it’s too late.


Anderton collides with a figure emerging from the shadows. He looks up. It is the same woman from before – Agatha.


It’s me. I’m here to help.

Anderton stares at her in surprise.


Anderton and Agatha stride to the street. Anderton can feel the tension mounting. He knows he is close to finding the criminal.

Suddenly, there is a noise. A figure emerges from the shadows. Anderton whirls around, pointing his gun. It is the criminal.


You’re under arrest!

The criminal scoffs.


You’ll never stop me.

Anderton stares at the criminal’s smug face. He knows he is right.

Suddenly, a police car pulls up. Officers pile out and subdue the criminal.

Anderton can feel the relief washing over him. He has done it. He has stopped the criminal.



The symbol of Precrime stands tall and proud. The citizens of Washington D.C. can sleep safe knowing that crime has been eliminated.

Anderton strides out of the entrance, a satisfied smile on his face. He knows he can be proud of his accomplishments.


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