The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Chapter 1

Dr. Helen Benson was one of the many scientists summoned to a military facility in New York City. It was an unexpected call that had sent shock waves through the scientific community. She had been told only that an alien spacecraft of sorts had arrived and that she was needed to help decipher its mysteries.

Upon arrival, she was immediately taken to a secure chamber where she met the others. There, she was informed that a humanoid alien and a giant robot had been found on the craft and that they required their help.

Chapter 2

Helen was in disbelief. She had seen many things in her life, but nothing like this. She began to question the alien who had identified himself as Klaatu. He explained that he was from another planet and had come to save the Earth from destruction.

Helen, being a scientist, was still skeptical. But she was also amazed by the technology he had brought with him. It seemed beyond anything she had ever seen before.

Chapter 3

Klaatu said he needed the scientists’ help to build an energy source, one that could power the robot and create a shield around the planet that would protect it from harm. Helen and the other scientists were stunned. How could they possibly do something like this?

Klaatu then showed them a diagram of what he wanted them to build. After studying it, they began to understand the complexity of the task. They knew it was impossible to build something like this on their own.

Chapter 4

Helen and the other scientists worked tirelessly to try and come up with a solution. But the more they worked, the more difficult the task became. After weeks of backbreaking work, Helen was beginning to lose hope.

That’s when Klaatu stepped in. He had a plan, one that would use a combination of the two technologies he had brought with him from his home planet. With some tinkering, he was able to create a device that could generate enough energy to power the robot and create a shield around the Earth.

Chapter 5

The scientists worked for days on end to perfect the device. Finally, after weeks of hard work, it was ready.

Klaatu walked up to the robot and activated the device. The robot began to move, slowly at first but then faster, until it was running at full speed. The energy that was being generated was immense and was enough to create a protective shield around the planet.

Chapter 6

The scientists watched in awe as the robot ran around the room. Klaatu had done it. He had saved the Earth.

Helen felt a sense of awe as she watched the robot and Klaatu. She had never seen anything like it. She realized that although humans had created incredible inventions, they still had a long way to go before they could match the technology of other civilizations.

Scene 1



We see a long line of black SUVs racing down a dirt road to the base. They pull up to the checkpoint, and we witness guards scanning the vehicles before they are allowed to enter.


One of the SUVs arrives in the courtyard of the base. We see DR. HELEN BENSON (late 40s, bright blue eyes, smart) exiting the vehicle looking around at her surroundings with a deep fascination.


We enter a large hall where the other scientists are gathered. Everyone is discussing the situation with a sense of trepidation. There is a large monitor in the center of the room with various images and news reports about the alien spacecraft.

KLAATU (o.s.):

Greetings from the stars!

Everyone turns to the source of the voice. They see a tall figure of a human-like alien, KLAATU (green eyes, robotic gestures). He is accompanied by a giant robot of immense size and power.


My name is Klaatu and I have come to save the Earth.

The assembled scientists look at each other with confusion and disbelief.

Scene 2


DR. BENSON and the other scientists are seated in a large conference room. KLAATU is addressing the assembly.


I have come to offer humanity a chance to make things right. To reverse the damage caused by pollution, deforestation and other environmental catastrophes.

KLAATU presents a holographic projection of a global map.


This is a vision of the world we can create.

DR. BENSON is transfixed by the image. The other scientists look at each other with a sense of awe.


I know you are scared. But I am here to help.

Scene 3


The robot is deployed to the training grounds for a demonstration. We see a line of tanks, helicopters and war machines standing in line.


This is a demonstration of the robot’s capabilities.

KLAATU activates the robot with a voice command. We watch in awe as the robot turns and destroys the entire line of war machines in seconds.

DR. BENSON looks on in shock.


This is the power that can be harnessed to restore our planet.

Scene 4


We witness KLAATU’s departure in a crowd of cheering citizens and military personnel. He is escorted by the robot, which is now a symbol of hope for the future of the human race.

DR. BENSON is standing in the crowd. She is moved by the spectacle, overwhelmed with emotion.

KLAATU (touching DR. BENSON’s shoulder, smiling):

Remember, Helen, your work will save our planet.

DR. BENSON smiles as KLAATU’s ship ascends into the sky and disappears.


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