Aliens Vs. Avatars

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It was a typical summer night in the small college town of Greenbelt, Tennessee. Six college friends had decided to take a camping trip out to the forest to relive the childhood days of their youth. Little did they know that those childhood days would soon become their last.

As they settled in for the night, their conversations quickly turned to stories about the mysterious Scythe – a race of creatures who had the power to transform into anything from which it has consumed DNA. According to the stories, these creatures were hunting down humans and animals in the area, and nobody knew who was next.

The friends laughed off the tales, not believing any of it. Little did they know that they were being watched by an unseen force, one that was waiting to exact its revenge on the unsuspecting college students.

Chapter 1

Alexa, the group’s leader, was the first to hear the strange sound coming from the forest. It sounded like a cross between a growl and a hiss. She immediately called out to the others to be quiet, but they only laughed at her, assuming it was just some animal in the distance.

Just as they were about to finish packing up, Alexa looked up and saw a large figure standing in the clearing. It was tall and lanky, and it wore a cloak that draped to the floor. She could make out two red eyes behind the hood, and she felt a chill run through her body. It was the Scythe.

Chapter 2

The Scythe slowly advanced on the group. It began to circle them, studying each of them with its glowing red eyes. Alexa could feel her heart beat faster with each step it took closer to them.

Suddenly, the Scythe lunged forward and grabbed one of the group members, Tom. Tom screamed out in terror as the Scythe lifted him into the air. Alexa and the others watched in horror as the creature snapped its jaws around Tom’s neck, and he was dead within seconds.

Chapter 3

The remaining five frantically ran for their lives. The Scythe kept on their heels, seemingly determined to kill them all. They darted in and out of the trees, trying to put as much distance between them as possible.

Finally, they reached a clearing and decided to take a break. As they stopped to catch their breath, they noticed a strange figure standing in the shadows. It was tall and thin with a tattered cloak that hung to the ground. It was the Scythe’s master.

Chapter 4

The group immediately recognized the figure as the one who had been hunting them. They stood frozen in terror as the master slowly began to move towards them. Then, something unexpected happened. The master began to transform, taking on the form of each of the group members.

The group thought they had seen it all, but then the master transformed into Tom – the group member that had been killed by the Scythe. Alexa and the others watched in shock as the master transformed from one person to the next, showing them what it had been hunting for – their DNA.

Chapter 5

The group quickly realized that if they were going to survive this, they would need to band together. With the Scythe’s master seeming to possess the power to transform into anything from which it has consumed DNA, they knew that the only way to stop it was to use their own DNA against it.

Alexa and the others quickly formulated a plan. Using the items they had in their possession, they were able to craft weapons that were tailored to their genetics. Armed with these weapons, they were finally able to defeat the Scythe’s master and bring peace back to the town of Greenbelt.


The group made it out of the forest alive, their experience having changed them all in ways they never could have imagined. They returned to the college town of Greenbelt, knowing that they had just narrowly escaped certain death.

While the experience was harrowing, they knew that they had accomplished something extraordinary. They had faced the unknown and had triumphed, saving their lives and the lives of everyone around them. As they moved on with their lives, they would never forget the night when they had stood up to the Scythe.

Scene 1

A group of six college friends take a weekend getaway to the countryside. They laugh and make plans for a party. Suddenly, a gruesome, soulless creature appears in the clearing. It looks like a cross between a wolf and a bear, and it’s enormous.

FRIEND 1: What the hell is that?

FRIEND 2: I don’t know, but I don’t like it!

The friends back away slowly, but the creature advances on them, emitting a low growl.

FRIEND 3: We need to get out of here!

They run for their lives as the creature follows them, closing in.

Scene 2

The friends arrive at a nearby cabin, breathless and exhausted. They barricade the door and windows, but the creature is still outside, scratching and snarling.

FRIEND 4: What is that thing?

FRIEND 5: I’ve heard stories of a race of creatures that can transform into anything they consume the DNA of. They’re called Scythe. They’re hunters.

FRIEND 6: We’re doomed. That thing is going to kill us.

Suddenly, a loud thud is heard. The friends look at each other in panic.

FRIEND 4: It’s trying to get in!

Scene 3

The friends huddle in the corner of the cabin, trembling in fear. They can hear the creature’s claws scratching at the door, but it’s not strong enough to break in. The sound stops abruptly, and the friends hear the sound of wings flapping.

FRIEND 5: Look! It’s transforming into a bird!

They look out the window to see the bird creature fly away.

FRIEND 6: How do we stop it?

FRIEND 4: We have to find a way to destroy it before it comes back and kills us all.

Scene 4

The friends search desperately for a way to defeat the Scythe. They scour the countryside, talking to locals and searching for clues. Finally, they come across an old map of the area with a star marked in the center.

FRIEND 1: What’s this?

FRIEND 2: Looks like an old burial ground.

FRIEND 3: Maybe this is where the Scythe is hiding!

Scene 5

The friends make their way to the burial ground, weapons in hand. They find the Scythe’s lair and crawl in. Inside, they discover a large, ancient stone with strange symbols carved into it.

FRIEND 4: This is it! This is the Scythe’s weakness!

The friends gather around the stone and each of them begins to channel their energy into it. A loud explosion rocks the ground, and when the dust settles, the Scythe is gone.

FRIEND 5: We did it!

The friends smile and embrace, relieved to have escaped unscathed. They’ve defeated the Scythe, and saved their lives.

Author: AI