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Chapter 1 – The Assignment

Tasya Vos had been an elite corporate assassin for years, a ghost in the night that no one saw coming. But now, a new technology had given her abilities beyond even her own imagination. She was given a special implant into her brain, and was able to take control of the bodies of certain people and use them to execute her targets. It was an amazing power, but also a heavy burden. She had been tasked with her most important assignment yet: take out a high-ranking executive of a prominent multinational company.

The target was known to have a high security system, so it would be impossible for Tasya to get close enough to kill him without being detected. But with the special technology at her disposal, Tasya was confident she could do the job. She was to possess the body of an employee in the building and use it to infiltrate the executive’s office, then take him out before anyone could even suspect what had happened.

Tasya had been trained extensively in the use of the technology, and she was ready to take on the challenge. She quickly made her way to the building, and began to make her plan of attack.

Chapter 2 – Possession

Tasya easily bypassed the security systems and snuck into the building. She made her way to the employee she was to possess, and quickly scanned them with her implant. Immediately, an intense wave of energy surged through her body, as she felt herself entering the person’s mind.

For a few seconds, everything seemed to stand still, as Tasya took in the sensation of being in someone else’s body. Then, it was over. She was in control, and ready to take on the mission.

With her new body, Tasya made her way to the executive’s office undetected. She was surprised by how easy it was – in her own body, she could never have been so inconspicuous. But here, she had the power to blend in perfectly.

Chapter 3 – The Trap

When Tasya reached the executive’s office, all her confidence quickly evaporated. This wasn’t like any of her previous missions. As soon as she walked in, she felt an overwhelming sense of dread, as if someone had set a trap for her.

Tasya quickly tried to assess the situation, but it was too late. Suddenly, a group of armed guards burst in and surrounded her. They had been expecting her, and they were ready to take her down.

Tasya was overwhelmed and terrified. She hadn’t expected to be caught in a trap like this, and now her only chance of escape was to use her implant and take control of someone else’s body. But would she be able to do it in time?

Chapter 4 – The Fight

Tasya quickly activated her implant, scanning the guards for a suitable host. But before she could find one, the leader of the guards had fired his gun at her.

The bullet whizzed past her head and she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. Tasya knew that she had to act quickly if she was going to get out of this alive. She began to search for an appropriate host, but the guards were getting closer.

Finally, Tasya found a suitable host and quickly took control. She quickly began to fight the guards, using her new body to evade their attacks and counterattack with her own. It was a fierce battle, but eventually Tasya was able to overpower them and make her escape.

Her mission had been a success, but Tasya wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into. She had used the implant to survive, but now it seemed to be taking over her own mind. What would happen if it decided to take control of her completely?

Scene 1


Tasya Vos enters her apartment and turns on the lights. She moves to her kitchen to get something to eat.



Another long day.

Suddenly she hears a loud banging at the door. She quickly moves to the door and peers through the peep hole.



What the…

She opens the door to find a man in a suit standing there.


Are you Tasya Vos?


Yes, who are you?


My name is Robert Kirk. I have a job for you.


A job? What kind of job?

Robert hands her a file.


This is a special job. It requires a special set of skills. Are you up for it?


(Looking at the file)

I might be. What are the details?


You will need to implant an implant device in your brain. It will allow you to possess other people and use them to execute priority targets.


What?! That sounds dangerous.


It is. But it pays well and you will become part of an elite team.



I’ll do it.



Tasya is being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney. Robert is walking beside her. They enter the hospital and she is taken to the surgery room. Robert leaves and a doctor comes in.


Good morning, Ms. Vos. We are ready to begin the procedure. Are you ready?



Yes, I’m ready.

The doctor puts a mask over her face and gives her an injection. She falls asleep.



Tasya wakes up in a strange body. She looks around and quickly realizes she is in the body of a man. She looks at her hands and is surprised to find she can control them. She looks around and notices she is in a dark alley. Suddenly the man she is possessing runs off.


What the…

Tasya follows the man, trying to take control of his body. She looks around but she can’t see anyone. Suddenly a figure appears in the shadows. It is Robert.


Good work, Ms. Vos. We’ve been tracking your target. He’s right over there.

Robert gestures to a hooded figure in the corner.


Who is he?


He’s the target. Take him out.

Tasya takes a deep breath and begins to approach the hooded figure. She is about to take him out when suddenly he turns around and looks directly at her. His eyes glow an eerie blue.


(Deep voice)

Who are you?

Before Tasya can answer the hooded figure grabs her arm. Suddenly she feels a searing pain in her head and everything goes black.

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