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The clouds loomed menacingly above, a reminder of the devastation that the war with the Scavs had brought to the Earth. It was already 2077, and still the world was nothing but rubble and ruin. But tucked away in the far corners of the planet, there remained a few brave human souls who battled on, clinging to the hope that one day, the war would be over and the Earth could begin to rebuild.

One of these souls was Josh Walker, a drone repairman for the Human Resistance. He had been tasked with the arduous job of navigating the wastelands and fixing malfunctioning drones, so that the humans could use them to keep on fighting. But on this particular day, he made a surprising discovery; a crashed spacecraft, the likes of which he had never seen before.

Inside this spacecraft, he found components and technologies that he could not explain nor recognize. But what concerned him most, were the papers and letters he found, all detailing a secret plan that the human leaders had known about all along; a plan that could either put an end to the war, or doom mankind to extinction.

Josh had no idea what to do with the knowledge he had just uncovered. But he realized that it was up to him to do something with it, or else the fate of the human race would be forever sealed.

Chapter 1

Josh Walker stared in wonder as he gazed upon the wreckage of the spacecraft. It had obviously been here for quite some time, but the damage didn’t appear to be from the war with the Scavs. It was clear that something else had been at work here, and Josh had a sneaking suspicion as to what it might be.

He ventured inside the craft, and quickly saw that the occupant had been doing some kind of secret research. There were notes, formulas, and diagrams covering every inch of the walls, and Josh had the strange feeling that he was looking at something that was way beyond his own comprehension.

But as he continued to rifle through the wreckage, he found something that made his heart stop; a thick dossier of letters and documents detailing a plan that the humans had known about all along, a plan that could end the war but also possibly lead to the extinction of mankind.

Chapter 2

Josh was determined to find out the truth, and he knew that the only way to do that was to get to the source. He needed to speak to someone who could tell him the whole story, someone who had been in on the plan from the beginning.

Thankfully, he was able to track down a retired military leader who was willing to speak with him. The man told him about the high-level secrets that no one else was supposed to know about; secrets that could have saved the human race from extinction.

The plan, it seemed, was to use experimental technology to create a weapon that would be powerful enough to destroy the Scavs, but would also be so powerful that it could potentially destroy the entire planet if not used correctly.

Josh was horrified at the thought of such a weapon being unleashed upon the world, but he knew that he might be the only one who could stop it from happening.

Chapter 3

Josh soon came up with a plan of his own; find a way to get the weapon, study it, and then find a way to make sure it would never be used. But first, he had to find a way to get his hands on the weapon.

The only lead he had was to contact a mysterious individual who had been involved in the project from the beginning. Josh reached out to the man, and soon he had a meeting set up with him.

At the meeting, the man explained the situation to Josh; the weapon was hidden away in a secret underground vault, and only someone with the correct access codes could get to it. The man gave Josh the codes, as well as some additional information about the weapon.

Chapter 4

Josh was now on a mission; to get to the vault and find out as much about the weapon as he could. He traveled for days, dodging Scav patrols and braving the harsh elements of the wasteland.

Finally, after days of travel, he reached his destination. The vault was protected by a powerful force field, but luckily, he had the codes to get inside.

Once inside, he found the weapon; a strange contraption that seemed to be made of some kind of alien alloy. Josh was wary, but he knew that he had to study the weapon in order to understand it and find a way to stop it from being used.

He spent days poring over the weapon and its components, and eventually he was able to come up with a solution. He would be able to reprogram the weapon to make it harmless, but doing so would require him to find components from an alien ship.

Chapter 5

Josh now had a mission; to find an alien ship, find the components he needed, and reprogram the weapon before anyone else could get to it. But he also knew that he was up against a clock; the Scavs were getting closer and closer to the vault every day, and they would do anything to get their hands on the weapon.

He set out on his quest, braving the wastelands and searching for the components he needed. After days of searching, he found a small alien craft that had crash-landed in the middle of the desert. He scavenged the wreckage, and was able to find the components he needed.

Now all he had to do was get back to the vault and reprogram the weapon. He made it back safely and managed to reprogram the weapon, making it harmless to anyone who would try to use it.


Josh Walker made it back to the Human Resistance camp, where he reported his findings and the reprogrammed weapon to the leaders. The weapon was quickly disposed of and the Scav threat was eliminated.

Peace finally returned to the Earth, and the rebuilding process began. Josh went on to become a leader of the Human Resistance, and made sure that such a threat would never be posed to humanity again.

Through his bravery and quick thinking, Josh had managed to save the Earth from destruction and secure its fate for the generations to come.

Scene 1:


The camera pans across the empty and desolate landscape before coming to a stop on ROBERT (37), a short, slight man dressed in a robot repairman’s uniform. He strides forward through the dust and debris, scanning his surroundings with a metal detector.



I knew the job was dangerous, but this? Is there anything left of Earth worth saving?

Suddenly, his metal detector bleeps and he stops, kneeling down to investigate further.

Scene 2:


Robert stands in shock, staring at a wrecked Scav ship.



What have I found?

He takes a few tentative steps forward and peers inside, noticing a few strange pieces of technology. He looks around, before reaching in and carefully retrieving one of the pieces.


(to himself)

What is this?

Scene 3:


Later, Robert is at home, studying the strange technology.


(to himself)

This isn’t Scav technology… But what is it?

He turns it over in his hands, looking for an answer, before his gaze rests on a faint marking on the side.


(to himself)


Scene 4:


Robert is in an underground resistance base, talking to a group of rebel leaders.


So you think this technology is from us?


Yes. I think it’s a message – a message of hope.


And what do you suggest we do?


We must use this technology to fight the Scavs and save humanity!

Scene 5:


The rebel forces stand together, ready to fight the Scavs. Robert leads them, holding the technology aloft.


Today, we fight for the future of humankind!

He presses the button on the device and a brilliant light flashes from it, dazzling the Scavs and giving the humans an advantage. The battle is fierce, but the humans prevail.



We did it. We saved humanity.

The camera pans out as Robert and the rebels celebrate their victory, the camera finally resting on the deserted wasteland, now transformed into something new.

Author: AI