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11:58PM, October 1st.

It all seemed too unreal, a dream within a dream. Donnie Darko was walking home from school when a loud, thunderous noise shook the ground. The sky suddenly filled with purple and orange light as an airplane engine seemed to come down from the heavens. Donnie ran towards the light, paralyzed with fear and anticipation. He barely had time to make it to his bedroom when the engine crashed right into his room. His family members all ran out of the house in terror, but Donnie was nowhere to be seen.

What had happened to Donnie? How had he managed to escape certain destruction? Had some sort of supernatural force protected him that night? Whatever the answer may be, one thing was certain; Donnie Darko was changed forever.

Chapter 1

Donnie had never believed in supernatural events until this night. He felt like he had been plunged into some sort of parallel universe, out of which he may never escape. He was filled with terror, yet the overwhelming sense of wonder he felt made him want to explore this strange new world he had been thrown into.

The next day at school, Donnie seemed to be in a trance. His friends and family had no idea of the events of the previous night and Donnie wasn’t sure how to explain it to them. He tried to act normal and not draw any attention to himself but to no avail.

Suddenly, Donnie heard a voice in his head, it was a deep and soothing voice. The voice said “Donnie, I am here to help you.” Donnie looked around but no one was there. He then heard the voice again, “Don’t be afraid” it said. When Donnie looked up he saw a large bunny standing in front of him. Donnie couldn’t believe his eyes.

Chapter 2

The bunny said his name was Frank and that he was Donnie’s guide. Frank explained that he was from another universe and was sent to help Donnie make sense of what had happened the previous night. Frank had been sent as a guardian angel to help Donnie understand the supernatural force that had protected him.

Frank took Donnie to a nearby woods and showed him strange orange and red crystals emanating from the ground and trees. Frank explained that these crystals had the power to bend time and space, which was what had saved Donnie’s life the night before.

Frank also revealed that Donnie was special and part of a group of people who could access this supernatural power. Frank showed Donnie how to tap into the force and use it to his advantage. Donnie felt a great power within him, as if he had been connected to an infinite source of energy.

Chapter 3

Donnie and Frank soon became great friends and Donnie began to understand his newfound powers. For years after, Donnie used the power of the crystals to protect and help others in need. He was always careful to use the power for good and never for his own personal gain.

Donnie and Frank often talked about how to use the crystals to help others and figure out the mysteries of the universe. Donnie also got better at using his powers and eventually was able to access the alternate universe that Frank had come from. In this alternate universe, Donnie saw things that no human has ever seen before. He was intrigued and wanted to learn more, yet he was still scared of the unknown.

Chapter 4

Donnie and Frank continued to explore the alternate universe and its mysteries. Donnie also continued to use his powers to help people, often times healing the sick and helping those in need. He slowly realized the responsibility that came with his powers and started to understand the implications of his newfound knowledge.

Years passed and Donnie began to understand that the alternate universe was his own, a place where he could connect to his true self. He had found a peace within himself and no longer feared the supernatural force that had saved him on that fateful night.


Donnie Darko had finally made peace with himself and the supernatural force that had saved him. He still kept in touch with his friend Frank, and when their conversations came to an end, Donnie always felt an overwhelming sense of joy and peace.

Donnie understood the power of the supernatural force and was no longer scared by it. He continued to use it for good and help those in need. His understanding of the supernatural force had saved him from certain destruction that night, and he would never forget it.

The force had changed Donnie Darko forever, and he was grateful.



We open to Donnie Darko’s home in a quiet suburban town. The sun is just beginning to set and the sky is awash in bright colors.


Donnie looks out his bedroom window at the sky. His expression is content and peaceful. A voice from outside snaps him out of his trance.



Donnie turns to find Frank, a tall white rabbit, talking to him. He notices Donnie has seen him and grins.


Behold the power of the storm.

Donnie looks back out the window. A large jet engine suddenly appears in the sky, plummeting towards his house. Donnie dashes away just as the engine crashes into his bedroom.


We see Donnie running from the house, screaming with fright. He stops suddenly, turning back to his house. He notices Frank standing outside, watching him.



Frank looks at Donnie and nods in satisfaction.


I told you.


We see Donnie walking down a busy street. He looks around in confusion, as if he’s searching for something. Suddenly, he hears a familiar voice.



Donnie turns to see Frank standing nearby.


You have awoken.

Donnie looks around, confused.


This is your destiny, Donnie Darko.

Donnie stares at Frank, trying to comprehend what he’s saying.


We see Donnie and Frank standing outside Donnie’s house. The engine, which had crashed earlier, is now gone and his bedroom window is untouched.


It was me who saved you.

Donnie looks around, still confused.


This time, you have been given a second chance.

Donnie looks down and nods in understanding. He looks up, a new determination in his eyes.


Author: AI