Jurassic Park III

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Dr. Alan Grant had finally gotten away from the crazy events of Jurassic Park. After living through the disastrous attempts of recreating the prehistoric world, Alan was now living a peaceful, normal life once again, far away from the chaos that had haunted him for so many years.

He had always said that nothing on Earth could ever persuade him back onto the islands, and that was true… until Paul Kirby came into the picture. Paul and his wife, Amanda wanted to charter a plane to fly over Isla Sorna and they had asked Dr. Grant to be their guide. Of course, Grant had grown suspicious of their motives, but their offer was too tempting to turn down.

So, against his better judgement, Grant found himself boarding a plane with the couple, never knowing what truly awaited him on the island.

Chapter 1

It had been seven hours since the plane left the mainland and Dr. Grant had already grown suspicious of the Kirbys’ true intentions. Paul had been evasive and vague when answering his questions, offering only flimsy explanations of why he had wanted to go to Isla Sorna in the first place.

Grant was certain that something was off about the couple and he had grown increasingly anxious about the situation. After a few hours of flying, Grant had finally had enough and he confronted Paul, demanding to know what was really going on.

Paul reluctantly revealed the truth. He had wanted to take Grant to Isla Sorna to find some kind of hidden treasure that was supposedly located there. Grant was stunned. He was tempted to turn the plane around and go back to the mainland, but something inside of him urged him forward.

Chapter 2

The small plane finally touched down on the island and Grant stepped out, feeling the warm sun on his face for the first time in months. He was about to take in the sights when he heard a loud roar coming from the depths of the jungle.

The Kirbys had brought along a few weapons, which they now brandished, but Grant was too curious to worry about his safety. He followed the roaring sound and soon found himself face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The creature was immense, but it seemed peaceful enough. Grant had a moment of clarity, realizing that this was why Paul had wanted to come to Isla Sorna: to find the T-Rex and capture it.

He was about to turn and leave when the T-Rex suddenly lunged forward, its powerful jaws just missing Grant’s face. It was then that he realized what the true danger of Isla Sorna was: that not even the most experienced scientist could predict the behavior of the prehistoric beasts.

Chapter 3

Grant quickly grabbed the weapons from the Kirbys and fired off a few shots, which scared off the T-Rex, but he knew it was only a matter of time before the creature came back.

The Kirbys were now fearful and wanted to leave the island, but Grant had no intention of leaving until he was sure the T-Rex was gone. He had already put so much time and effort into trying to protect the island’s inhabitants and he wasn’t about to give up now.

He spent the next few hours searching the island, determined to find a way to keep the T-Rex away from the Kirbys and the rest of Isla Sorna. It was then that he stumbled upon an old bunker, which he quickly realized had been left by InGen during their first attempts at creating a Jurassic Park.

Inside, he found a chemical compound, which he realized could be used to keep the T-Rex at bay. He quickly gathered as much of the compound as he could and returned to the Kirbys.

Chapter 4

Grant quickly got to work spraying the chemical compound around the Kirbys’ camp. He knew it wouldn’t keep the beast away forever, but it would buy them some time to get off of the island.

He then bade farewell to the Kirbys, wishing them luck on their journey, before heading back out into the jungle. He had a plan to make sure the T-Rex never set foot on Isla Sorna again, but he would need help to make it happen.

He remembered a scientist he had met during his time on the island, a man named Robert Muldoon who had been working for InGen. He had heard stories of Muldoon’s obsessions with the T-Rex and he knew the man was his only hope in keeping the creature away from Isla Sorna.

Chapter 5

He managed to track Muldoon down in a nearby town and pleaded with him to help. After a tense negotiation, Muldoon agreed to help, but only if Grant promised to help him with one thing: to kill the T-Rex.

Muldoon had spent years studying the behavior of the T-Rex and he felt that the only way to keep it away from Isla Sorna was to completely annihilate it. Though Grant was reluctant at first, he eventually agreed, knowing it was the only way to save the island and its inhabitants.

So the two men set off into the jungle with a plan to take down the creature once and for all. After several tense moments, they finally managed to corner the beast and, with one final shot, the T-Rex was dead.


Dr. Alan Grant had finally made his way off of the island and was now back in his home town, away from the dangers of Isla Sorna. He still recalled the events of that fateful Journey with a combination of terror and amazement and he often thought back on that adventure, knowing that it was a moment in his life he would never forget.

Though he had been successful in preventing the Kirbys from attaining their goals and even managed to permanently remove the T-Rex from Isla Sorna, he still couldn’t help but feel a tinge of regret over the creature’s death. He had grown fond of the T-Rex in the short time he had known it and he wished he could have done something else to save it.

Still, he was proud of the part he had played in saving the island and its inhabitants and he could only hope that, one day, Isla Sorna would once again be a safe, peaceful place for all of its inhabitants.

Scene One:


Dr. Alan Grant sits in a kitchen, reading a newspaper. He’s dressed in a smart casual outfit and looks content and relaxed. He takes a sip of his coffee and flips the page.

On the next page, he reads about Paul Kirby and his wife, Amanda. They’re looking for a tour guide to take them to fly over Isla Sorna, a place Dr. Grant swore he’d never return to.

Suddenly, his phone buzzes. It’s an email from Paul and Amanda. They want to meet up to discuss the trip. Dr. Grant takes a few moments to think before calling them back.


Dr. Grant meets Paul and Amanda at the airport. They both look eager and excited to go on the trip. Dr. Grant is concerned about their motivations for wanting to go, but he is still intrigued enough to accept the offer.

Paul and Amanda explain that they want to fly to Isla Sorna to find something that was stolen from them. They don’t go into too much detail, but Dr. Grant gets the sense that there’s something more to the story.

Dr. Grant agrees to take them and they discuss the logistics of the trip. They book a plane flight and arrange for supplies to be brought to the Island.

Scene Two:


The plane lands on Isla Sorna and Dr. Grant, Paul and Amanda disembark. Dr. Grant takes a deep breath, feeling a rush of memories come flooding back. This is the first time he’s been back on the island since the events of Jurassic Park.

He looks out across the landscape and takes in the sights. Suddenly, a thought occurs to him. Paul and Amanda never told him what it was they were looking for.

Dr. Grant confronts Paul about this and Paul admits that he and Amanda are actually looking for an artifact that was stolen from them. He won’t go into any more detail than that. Dr. Grant is suspicious, but decides to go along with them in the search.

The group heads out into the jungle and begins their search. They scout the area, looking for any sign of the artifact. As they search, Dr. Grant notices strange noises coming from the trees. He motions for the other two to be quiet and they all stand still.

Suddenly, a dinosaur steps out of the trees. Dr. Grant, Paul and Amanda stare in awe. This is a species they’ve never seen before.

Scene Three:

The dinosaur stares them down, as if to challenge them. Dr. Grant is the first to move and takes a step back. The others follow suit, but the dinosaur takes a step forward and snarls.

Suddenly, the creature moves. It’s heading towards a spot in the jungle that none of them had noticed before. Dr. Grant notices a glint of something in the distance and charges towards it.

As he gets closer, Dr. Grant realizes what it is. It’s the artifact. He grabs it and turns to the others. “This is it. We found it.”

They all stare in disbelief. Paul and Amanda exchange a knowing glance and Dr. Grant realizes the truth. They weren’t here just to find an artifact. They were here to find this dinosaur, too.

Dr. Grant looks back at the creature, suddenly understanding for the first time why Paul and Amanda wanted him here. He turns to them, a newfound respect in his voice.

“We should call it the Grantosaurus.”

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