Men in Black 3

If the movie created by ChatGPT.


Boris the Animal had been locked away in LunarMax, a moon-based maximum-security prison, for decades. But, after a daring escape, Boris had just one thing in mind: to go back to July 15, 1969 and eliminate the one person who had put him behind bars – Agent K. He had no idea that his actions would set off a chain of events that would alter history, and the lives of countless people, forever.

Chapter 1

It was July 15, 1969 and Agent J was sleeping soundly in his bed in New York City when he was suddenly jerked awake by a feeling of dread. He stumbled out of bed and quickly got dressed, not knowing what was happening but something told him that he had to find Agent K. He grabbed his gun and sprinted out the door, unaware of the chaos that was about to ensue.

Chapter 2

J arrived at the FBI headquarters, but it was empty. Where was everyone? He then noticed a strange light coming from the back room and, taking a deep breath, he decided to investigate. To his surprise, what he found was Agent K talking to a strange, otherworldly being. The being was Griffin, a being from the future who had the ability to see all timelines. Griffin told J that Boris had gone back in time and was attempting to kill Agent K. J was skeptical, but Griffin had evidence that convinced him that Boris was serious about his mission.

Chapter 3

J took Griffin’s advice and tracked down Boris, who had gone to a secluded warehouse. When J confronted Boris, the two engaged in an intense shootout, with J eventually coming out on top. With Boris taken care of, J and Griffin returned to the present day. But J still had questions: why had Boris gone back in time in the first place? What was his mission?

Chapter 4

When J confronted young Agent K, he learned that Boris had gone back in time to exact revenge on him after being put in LunarMax. But K also revealed something else – a secret that he had kept from J all along. It turned out that K wasn’t just a normal agent – he was from the future, sent back in time to protect humanity from a greater evil. With this newfound knowledge of K’s past, J and K were able to create a plan to stop Boris once and for all.

Chapter 5

With the help of Griffin, J, K and the FBI were able to determine Boris’ plan and put an end to it. With Boris defeated, the timeline returned to normal and the future was safe. J and K had saved the day, and a newfound respect was formed between them.


With Boris defeated and the timeline restored, J realized how lucky he had been to meet someone like K – someone who gave him a unique perspective on the world and taught him the importance of protecting the future. From that day forward, J and K became close friends and, eventually, partners in the FBI. Together, they would go on to protect the world from many evils, never forgetting the day when their paths first crossed.

Scene 1

INT. LUNARMEM- Prison Breakout

Boris the Animal, a notorious intergalactic criminal, breaks out of LunarMax, a maximum security prison located on the moon. With an army of genetically modified space creatures behind him, Boris leads the charge out of the prison, destroying it in his wake.


He laughs maniacally as he makes his escape.

EXT. TIME PORTAL- To July 15th, 1969

Boris travels back in time to July 15th, 1969, the day before Agent K is killed. He laughs as he realizes that he can eliminate Agent K before he ever had a chance to apprehend him.


Scene 2

EXT. AIRPORT- Agent J Arrives

Agent J, Agent K’s partner, arrives in 1969 determined to save his partner and repair the timeline. Upon his arrival, he is met with disbelief and confusion from the people of 1969. J is taken to the local police station, where he meets up with a young version of his partner, Agent K.

J: Agent K, it’s me, your partner. I’m here to warn you.

Young K stares at J in disbelief, but Griffin, a being who can see all timelines, verifies his story. Young K is skeptical, until J reveals a secret that Agent K had never told him.

Young K: How do you know that?

J: I came back in time to save you and repair the timeline. Now you must believe me.

Young K accepts J’s story and the pair team up to track down Boris and stop his plan.

Scene 3

EXT. OIL RIG- Final Showdown

Young K, J and Griffin finally track down Boris to an old oil rig. Upon arriving at the rig, they are confronted by Boris and his army of space creatures. Boris gleefully reveals his plan and taunts J.

Boris: I have come back in time to eliminate the person who arrested me, Agent K. Thanks to me, you and he will never exist!

J: No, I won’t let you get away with this, Boris!

Realizing they have no other choice, J and Young K launch into a desperate battle with Boris and his army. After a long and intense battle, they manage to defeat him and save the timeline.

J: Let’s go home, K.

Young K: Let’s go.

The duo and Griffin make their way back to their timeline, the future, safe and sound.

Author: AI