The Lost World: Jurassic Park

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In the aftermath of the great tragedy of Jurassic Park, a new era in the history of mankind began. Not only was the incident a lesson to the arrogance of mankind, but it also underscored the fragility of the natural balance of the planet. In the wake of the events that occurred, it was decided that the dinosaurs that were previously held captive were to be set free and their habitats restored to its natural state.

In order to document the new development, a research team was sent to an island eighty-seven miles away from the previous home of Jurassic Park to document and photograph the now liberated dinosaurs. InGen, the company responsible for creating Jurassic Park, had other plans in mind. They sent another team to the same island with the goal of catching, sedating, and transporting some of the dinosaurs back to San Diego for use in a new Jurassic Park location. Both teams were unaware of the other’s plan, and so the stage was set for the emergence of a conflict that could spell disaster for both teams.

Chapter 1

The research team arrived at the island late in the evening and made camp on the beach. Despite the darkness, the team was able to locate the most inhabitable areas on the island and set up camp. After a quick meal, the team started discussing their plan of action for the next day. They had been given a mission to naturally document the island’s ecosystem, but they had no idea what they were to expect.

The discussion was interrupted by a noise coming from the jungle. The noise sounded like something was trying to break through the underbrush. The team quickly grabbed their weapons and cautiously approached the source of the noise. As they got closer, they saw the silhouette of a large figure in the moonlight. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and it was making its way through the thick vegetation towards the team.

The team quickly dispersed, taking cover behind trees and rocks. They watched as the T-Rex made its way towards them, seemingly unaware of their presence. After a few tense minutes, the creature eventually passed by and continued on its way. The team was able to catch their breaths, but the incident left them shaken.

Chapter 2

The next morning, the team got up early and set out to explore the island. As they made their way through the dense jungle, they noticed that the number of dinosaurs roaming around seemed larger than they had expected. Also, the inhabitants of the island seemed to be far more aware and active than those of the original Jurassic Park.

The team continued to document the island and its inhabitants, when suddenly they heard a loud sound coming from the sky. Looking up, they saw a group of helicopters flying overhead. It was clear that the helicopters belonged to InGen, the company responsible for creating Jurassic Park. The team quickly realized that the group from InGen must have also been sent to the island with the same goal as them: to acquire some specimens for a new Jurassic Park.

The team hurried back to camp, eager to discuss the new development. However, when they arrived, they noticed something strange. The camp had been ransacked, the tents torn open and their supplies scattered across the beach. It was clear that someone had been searching for something.

Chapter 3

The team quickly gathered their remaining supplies and headed back into the jungle, this time in search of the InGen team. As they traveled, they were careful to be quiet and alert so as not to alert any of the dinosaurs to their presence.

Eventually, they stumbled across a hidden camp belonging InGen. After some careful investigation, they discovered that the team was rounding up large numbers of dinosaurs and loading them onto trucks and helicopters. It was then clear that the company was planning on shipping the dinosaurs back to the mainland for use in a new Jurassic Park.

The research team panicked, realizing that the dinosaurs were being taken away from the safety of the island and could end up in a place much worse than where they were now. The team quickly devised a plan. They decided to split into two groups, with one group tracking the InGen team and the other group going to prevent the dinosaurs from leaving the island.

Chapter 4

The group that was following the InGen team soon realized that their mission was much harder than they had thought. The team was well-armed, and they seemed to be able to navigate their way around the jungle with ease. The research team, on the other hand, was slower and more clumsy. Furthermore, the presence of the dinosaurs in the jungle made the mission even more difficult.

Despite the obstacles, the team managed to keep up with the InGen team and they eventually tracked them back to their base camp. Here, they discovered that the InGen team was preparing to leave the island with a large shipment of dinosaurs that same night. The research team quickly devised a plan to sabotage the InGen team’s mission.

They set out to create a distraction by causing some kind of ruckus that would draw away the InGen team from the base camp. After some careful planning and the use of some of their remaining supplies, the team was able to convince a group of carnivorous dinosaurs to attack the base camp.

Chapter 5

The plan worked perfectly and the InGen team was forced to abandon their mission and evacuate the island. Unfortunately, the research team was also forced to abandon their mission and escape the island as well. As they made their way back to the mainland, the team reflected on the events that had occurred.

While it was a harrowing experience, the team had managed to thwart the plans of the InGen team and keep the dinosaurs on the island. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. The team had accomplished their mission, and they were sure that the dinosaurs of the island were now safe from the dangers of a Jurassic Park.


The research team made it back to the mainland, and soon enough their findings were broadcasted to the world. While the events on the island were mostly forgotten due to the events of Jurassic Park, the research team’s work was a reminder of the fragility of nature and the consequences of tampering with it.

The research team disbanded after a few weeks, each member going their separate ways to pursue other projects. However, the legacy of their work will always live on through the photographs and stories that were shared with the world. As for the island, it returned to its natural state and the dinosaurs roamed freely across it, safe from the dangers of mankind.

Scene 1


A small team of scientists, dressed in typical white lab coats, are huddled around a computer station in the middle of a research lab. They are discussing their plans for the upcoming trip to an island eighty-seven miles away from the previous home of Jurassic Park.

DR. HENDERSON: Alright team, here’s the plan. We’re going to be documenting and photographing the now liberated dinosaurs on this island. We should focus on keeping the peace and gathering as much data as possible.

DR. MATTINGLY: We should also be on the lookout for any signs of InGen’s BioEngineering team. We know they’re out there, and they may be searching for the same thing as us.

DR. HENDERSON: That’s a good point. Keep your eyes peeled everyone, especially once we get to the island. Any questions?

The team remains silent.

DR. HENDERSON: Alright then, grab your gear and let’s get going!

The team eager grabs their gear and heads out the door.


The research team is standing in front of a private jet, ready for takeoff. They are all eager to get to the island and document the majestic dinosaurs that inhabit it.

DR. MATTINGLY: Alright everyone, settle in for the flight. It’s going to be a long one.

The research team boards the plane and buckles up for the long flight.

Scene 2


The research team has arrived at the island. The first thing they notice is the dense jungle surrounding them.

DR. HENDERSON: Alright team, let’s split up and cover as much ground as we can. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of InGen’s team.

The team begins to fan out and search the island. They soon discover that the island is filled with a variety of different dinosaur species.

DR. MATTINGLY: Look at this! We’ve found a Brachiosaurus, a Stegosaurus, and a Styracosaurus! This place is a living Jurassic Park!

The team continues to explore the island, but soon their attention is turned to the sound of a distant helicopter.

DR. HENDERSON: Uh oh, it looks like InGen is here. Everyone, get back to the camp immediately!

The team quickly returns to their camp and begins to pack up their gear.

Scene 3


The research team has returned to their camp and is preparing to leave the island. They have managed to pack up all of their equipment and are now ready to depart.

DR. MATTINGLY: Alright team, we need to get off this island before InGen’s team catches up with us.

DR. HENDERSON: Agreed, let’s head back to the plane and get out of here!

The research team quickly begins to make their way to the plane. When they arrive, they are startled to find InGen’s team already there, loading a few sedated dinosaurs into their transport truck.

DR. MATTINGLY: Oh no, they’ve already started to take some of the dinosaurs!

DR. HENDERSON: There’s no time to waste! Everyone, get on the plane!

The research team quickly boards the plane and takes off, narrowly avoiding a confrontation with InGen’s team. The fate of the island’s dinosaurs is still in the balance, but the research team has managed to evade danger and return to the mainland with their findings.

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