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Millions of years ago, the Earth was a vastly different place. The land was treacherously wild and the creatures that roamed were massive, fierce, and full of attitude. This was the world of the prehistoric animals, with their own distinct laws and customs. But, life was hard, and no creature experienced this more than a small herd of misfit animals.

These animals were different—each one looked, acted, and thought differently than the others. They were friends, but that didn’t stop them from constantly bickering and arguing. They were outcasts, and life was harder on them.

But, little did they know that in the future, their small herd would become the only hope for a human baby in need.

Chapter 1

The herd of misfits made their way across the vast wilderness. The lead, a wise yet gruff mammoth named Stu, had a strict policy in the herd. He believed that they needed to stay on the move to stay out of trouble, though none of the other animals knew exactly why.

This day was no different, as the herd continued to wander in search of food and shelter, with Stu leading them forward. Suddenly, they heard a loud cry. It was coming from an old, abandoned cave. The herd cautiously approached the entrance, not knowing what to expect. There, they were met with an unexpected sight: a human infant, crying in the corner.

The animals stared in shock. Even Stu, who had seen much of the world, had never seen a human before.

Chapter 2

The herd of misfits slowly circled around the baby, not knowing what to do. It was a confusing sight for the animals, and after a moment of contemplation, Stu stepped forward.

“We must take it back to our camp and raise it as one of us,” he declared.

The other animals were shocked by this, but eventually agreed. They took the baby back to the camp, and with the help of the herd, were able to keep it safe and healthy.

The baby quickly grew, and the herd of misfits were the only family it had ever known. They taught it their language and customs, and the baby was soon accepted as an official member of the herd.

Chapter 3

One day, a hunting party of humans stumbled upon the camp. The humans were shocked to find a human baby living with the animals, and they quickly took the baby away.

The herd of misfits were distraught. They had grown to care for the baby, and were desperate to get it back.

Stu came up with a plan to rescue the baby, but it was a dangerous one. The herd would have to face the humans in their own territory, and the odds were not in their favor. Stu, however, had faith in the power of their friendship.

The herd made their way to the human village, and the battle was hard-fought. But, with the help of a few friendly humans, they were able to prevail and free the baby from captivity.

Chapter 4

The herd of misfits returned to their camp with the baby triumphantly in tow. The baby was safe and sound, and the herd of misfits were welcomed as heroes.

The baby’s human parents soon arrived to take their child back home, and everyone celebrated with a grand feast.

The herd of misfits had grown to love the baby, and they were saddened to say goodbye. But, they knew that the future was bright for the baby, and they watched from afar as it flourished in its new home.


The herd of misfits continued to roam the wild, always looking out for each other and for any others who may need help.

Their friendship was strong, and the bond between them unbreakable. They knew that no matter what, they could always count on each other.

This was the story of the misfit herd, and the small human baby that they saved. Though they may have been outcasts, they were never alone. With their friendship they were able to accomplish the impossible, and they were a testament to the power of love.



The dense, lush forest of prehistoric times. A peaceful and undisturbed place, untouched by man. A small herd of dinosaurs, mammoths and other ancient creatures move along the path, searching for food and other resources needed for the herd to survive.

The lead and oldest of the herd is MAMMOTH, a gentle giant of a creature that leads the pack with an iron hoof.

Just then, there’s a loud crash and a loud scream.


The herd arrives to a clearing to find a human baby lying on the ground, crying and alone. The herd is a bit confused but Mammoth immediately recognizes the danger. A group of hunters have descended upon the area, searching for their missing meal. Mammoth quickly devises a plan.

MAMMOTH: We must protect this child! We will take turns guarding it, and no one will know the difference.

The herd quickly follows suit and each creature takes up a place to watch over the baby.


The hunters pass over the hills as they search for their lost child. Little do they know that the herd of prehistoric animals is watching them from the safety of the bushes.


The herd continues to guard the baby, despite their growing exhaustion. They take turns, foraging for food and ensuring the child is safe.


The hunters finally give up their search and retreat back up the hillside. As they pass, Mammoth leads the herd back to the clearing, where the baby remains safe and sound.


The herd slowly relaxes now that the danger has passed. They gather around the baby, including the most timid members of the herd. Mammoth looks upon the baby and the makeshift family of prehistoric creatures, and realizes the true importance of their mission.

MAMMOTH: We have become the only hope for this child’s future.

The herd all exchange looks of understanding and agreement. They vow to protect and nurture the baby as if it were their own, and set off together into the forest with the human child in tow.


The misfit herd of prehistoric creatures continues their journey, determined to protect their newfound family member. The forest has become a place of adventure, exploration and friendship.


The herd has grown, as more and more animals have joined the mission to protect and care for the human baby. Mammoth and the others have become a family, and the baby grows and learns with them every step of the way.


The herd has finally arrived at a clearing, and Mammoth stares out into the expanse of the future. He exhales a deep breath and smiles, knowing that the future of the human baby is safe with them.


Author: AI