Heaven Is For Real

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Chapter One: The Beginning

It was a typical Sunday morning and Pastor Todd Burpo and his family were getting ready for church. His son, Colton, a large-eyed four-year-old with a mop of reddish-brown hair, was running around the house in his Sunday best, excited to be going to church and to the children’s program afterward.

Todd often took both his son and daughter, Cassie, to the weekly children’s classes. Colton especially loved them.

But this week would be different. Todd and his wife, Sonja, noticed that Colton had been unusually hot and fussy. They figured it was just a fever and gave him some medicine, but by the time they got to church, he was barely conscious.

They rushed him to the hospital and, after a battery of tests, the doctors diagnosed Colton with a burst appendix. His fever had been a sign of the infection that was ravaging his body.

Chapter Two: Panic and Prayers

The medical staff moved quickly to get Colton into surgery, but Todd and Sonja were absolutely panicked. They had never been in a situation like this before, and they didn’t know what to do.

All they could do was pray. Todd prayed for his son and for the doctors; Sonja prayed for strength. Colton was admitted to surgery, and the family waited for news.

Hours passed and the family waited anxiously for word from the doctor. Finally, a nurse appeared and informed them that Colton was out of surgery and in recovery.

Chapter Three: Heaven Is For Real

The Burpos were relieved to finally hear some news, but they were still anxious to see Colton and make sure he was okay. When they entered his room, they found him awake and alert.

As they talked, Colton made a startling claim: while he was in surgery, he said, he had gone to heaven. He described it as a beautiful place, filled with bright colors and light. Colton said he had seen Jesus and talked with him, and even met some of his family.

Though Todd and Sonja were still stunned by their son’s claims, they were comforted by the words of peace and love he had heard from the person he believed to be Jesus. If what Colton said was true, then heaven really was for real.

Chapter Four: Hope and Belief

The Burpo family returned to their small Nebraska town with a newfound hope and belief. Colton’s story had caught the attention of their local church and many believers nationwide. People began to flock to their church to hear Colton’s story and to be a part of the spiritual transformation that was unfolding in the Burpo family.

The family began to share more of their story, and soon Todd was being invited to preach in churches across the country. With his uplifting messages of faith and hope, he touched the lives of many people.

Wherever Todd went, he spoke of Colton’s experience as a reminder of the power of faith and the reality of Heaven. As his story spread, so too did the power of hope, love, and belief.

The Burpo family was changed forever by Colton’s experience—a reminder that Heaven really is for real.

Some scenes from the AI movie Heaven Is For Real

Scene 1:

EXT. Burpo’s House – DAY

The Burpo family is rushing out of their house, dressed in their Sunday best. Todd, Sonja, and their two children, Colton and Cassie, hurry to their car, laughing and talking. Colton is excitedly running ahead and gesticulating wildly about something.

Todd and Sonja exchange a look of joy at their son’s enthusiasm.

Todd: (smiling) Come on kids, we don’t want to be late for church!

Colton: (excitedly) Yes, I’m ready!

They all pile into the car, and Todd starts the engine.

EXT. Church – DAY

The car pulls up outside the church, and the family gets out. As they walk up the path to the entrance, they pass a group of people gathered outside, singing.

Colton stares at them in wonder.

Todd: Come on, Colton. We have to go inside.

Colton continues to stare at the group of people, mesmerized.

Todd: (smiling) Maybe next time we can stay and listen.

Colton finally looks away and follows his family inside.

INT. Church – DAY

The family enters the church and starts to make their way to a pew. As they walk, Colton’s eyes wander around the room, taking in the beauty of the stained glass windows and the large cross at the front of the church.

Todd smiles at the wonder on his son’s face.

Todd: I’m so glad you like it here, Colton.

Colton smiles and nods, then turns to watch the people around him.

Sonja: (looking around) See anyone you know, Colton?

Colton looks around, trying to find a familiar face. Suddenly, his eyes light up.

Colton: Look! It’s Jesus!

Todd and Sonja exchange a look of surprise.

Todd: Where, Colton? What do you see?

Colton points up at the cross.

Colton: Over there! He’s wearing a white robe and he’s smiling at me.

Todd and Sonja exchange another look, this time of disbelief.

Sonja: (to Colton) That’s nice, sweetheart.

Colton smiles and looks back to the cross.


Scene 2:

EXT. Hospital – DAY

The Burpo family is hurrying towards the hospital, their faces filled with worry and fear. Todd and Sonja are holding Colton between them, trying to keep him upright as he sways unsteadily.

INT. Hospital – DAY

The family hurriedly makes their way down the hallway, past rows of hospital beds and doctors and nurses rushing by. They arrive at the ER and are soon ushered back to a room by a nurse.

Todd and Sonja settle Colton onto the hospital bed before turning to the nurse for answers.

Todd: What’s wrong with him?

The nurse looks down at Colton with a concerned expression.

Nurse: We’re not sure yet. We need to run some tests to find out.

Sonja: (worried) Tests? What kind of tests?

The nurse looks up at Sonja, her expression still grave.

Nurse: We need to do a CT scan to look for any swelling in his abdomen.

Sonja: (frowning) What does that mean?

Nurse: It means we need to look for any sign of infection.

The nurse pats Colton’s head reassuringly before leaving the room. Todd and Sonja look at each other, worry etched onto their faces.

Sonja: (softly) We just have to stay positive.

Todd nods, but his expression is still filled with concern.


Scene 3:

INT. Hospital Room – DAY

The Burpo family is gathered around Colton’s hospital bed. He is lying in the bed, pale but awake, and the family is sitting in a half-circle around him.

Colton looks around and notices the looks of worry on his parents’ faces. He takes a deep breath and begins to speak, his voice shaky but filled with awe.

Colton: While I was in the surgery, I went to Heaven.

Todd and Sonja exchange a wide-eyed glance.

Colton: It was beautiful. There were lots of colors and lights, and I met Jesus.

The family stares at Colton in disbelief, too stunned to speak.

Colton: He told me to tell everyone that Heaven is real and it’s a place of peace and love.

The Burpo family stares at Colton in awe.

Sonja: (softly) Heaven is for real.

Todd and Sonja smile at each other, their eyes filled with a newfound belief and hope.


Scene 4:

EXT. Burpo’s Home – DAY

The Burpo family is walking up the path to their house. They are all smiling and in good spirits – Colton is back to his old self, running ahead of the group and laughing.

INT. Burpo’s Home – DAY

The family enters the house and makes their way to the living room. Todd and Sonja sit down on the couch, while Colton rushes over to the window and looks out.

Colton: Look, Mom and Dad! There are a lot of people here to see us!

Todd and Sonja look out of the window, and their eyes widen in surprise. In the front yard, there is a large crowd of people, all of them waiting for the Burpo family.

Todd and Sonja exchange a look of shock and awe.

Todd: I guess word really did get out about Colton.

The family members smile as they all look out at the crowd.


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