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Chapter 1

John Matthews felt his stomach lurch as he saw the homeless man in the alley, a dark figure in the shadows, watching him as he drove past. He had been warned that someone might be watching him, but he had hoped it was just paranoia. As he drove away, he glanced in the rearview mirror to see the figure walking away, now out of sight.

John was a successful businessman, the owner of a successful construction company, but he was far from the cool and collected man he had been when he started the company. For the past few weeks, his life had been turned upside down. His son, Jason, had been arrested for drug trafficking and was facing hard time, a sentence that could ruin his life. The thought of his son going to prison was eating away at him, and now he was feeling the pressure from all sides, from the police, from the district attorney, from the drug dealers, from the streets. He was desperate to do something, anything, to save his son.

John arrived at the address he had been given, a seedy office building in the heart of downtown. He had come looking for an answer, but all he found was the same bleakness he had seen in the alley. He took an elevator to the top floor, where he found a door with the name ‘Joanne Keeghan’ on it. It was the office of the district attorney who had agreed to meet with John.

John knocked on the door, and a voice from inside said, “Come in.”

John opened the door to find a woman behind a desk, studying her computer. She wore a tailored suit and a hard-eyed expression that said she was used to getting her own way.

“John Matthews,” she said, her voice flat. “We’ve been expecting you.”

Chapter 2

John took a seat in the cold, sterile office and the DA began to explain why he was there.

“Your son has been arrested for drug trafficking,” she said. “He’s facing serious jail time. If he’s convicted, he could be locked away for years.”

John felt his heart sink. He didn’t even want to think about what might happen to his son.

“However,” the DA continued, “I believe there might be a way to help him. If you’re willing to go undercover and help us make some big arrests, we might be able to get his sentence reduced. But it won’t be easy. It will be dangerous.”

John was silent for a moment as he considered his options. He knew this was his only chance to save his son, but he also knew it was a risk. But what other choice did he have?

“I’ll do it,” he said.

Chapter 3

John was given a new identity and briefed on the mission. He was to infiltrate a major drug dealing organization and help the DEA make arrests that would be big enough to get his son out of prison. He was also warned that if he was caught he would be prosecuted alongside the criminals he was trying to bring down.

Despite the danger, John accepted the mission. He had come too far to turn back now.

John moved into a rundown apartment in a shady part of town and started looking for informants. He quickly found a dealer who was willing to give him information in exchange for money. He also managed to get a job in a bar frequented by gang members, and soon he learned the layout of the drug dealing organization he was targeting.

John recruited a few friends to help him with the mission, including an old military buddy, who was a former DEA agent, and a streetwise informant.

John and his team worked tirelessly to gather evidence and make arrests, but they had to be careful – a wrong move could cost them their lives.

Finally, after months of hard work and dangerous missions, John had enough evidence to take down the drug dealing organization. He and his team made their arrests, and the DA’s office was able to leverage a plea deal for his son.

John was relieved to see his son out of jail and free from the threat of a lengthy prison sentence. The DA told him that he had done a courageous and admirable thing, and that his actions had made the city a safer place.

John and his team celebrated the success of their mission, but the memories of the dark alleys and dangerous missions still lingered. John had risked his own life to save his son, and he would never forget the feeling of relief when his mission was complete.

Some scenes from the AI movie Snitch


John is driving in an alley, his face masked with fear, when he spots a homeless man lurking in the shadows. John slows his car as he cautiously approaches, unsure of what to expect.

The homeless man stares at John, his eyes cold. John quickly looks away, accelerating his car and speeding away from the alley.


John arrives at the District Attorney’s office, his hands shaking from the encounter with the homeless man. He takes the elevator to the top floor and finds the door with the name ‘Joanne Keeghan’. He takes a deep breath and knocks.


John enters the office and finds the DA behind her desk, a stern expression on her face. She doesn’t look impressed by his presence.

DA: John Matthews. We’ve been expecting you.


John is walking down the street, his eyes constantly scanning for any signs of danger. He is searching for anyone who could be connected to the drug dealing organization, but so far he has come up empty.

Just then, he notices a man across the street. He is tall and muscular with a scar on his cheek. John knows he has seen him before, but he can’t remember where. He knows he can’t take the chance of getting too close, so he turns away and continues down the street.


John enters the bar, an old dive frequented by drug dealers and users. He orders a drink and scans the room, looking for anyone who seems out of place.

Suddenly, he notices the man from across the street. He is talking to another shady looking individual in the corner. John knows he has to get closer to hear what they are saying, so he moves closer, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

He hears the man from across the street telling the other man about a new shipment of drugs coming in. John quickly takes a photo of the man and sends it to his team. He knows this is a major lead, and he is one step closer to taking down the drug dealing organization.


John is sitting in his apartment, looking over the evidence he has gathered. He is reviewing photos, videos, and audio recordings that could be used to make arrests and take down the drug dealing organization.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. John quickly grabs his gun and moves to the door. He looks through the peephole to find a stranger standing outside. The man looks dangerous and John knows this must be trouble.

He cautiously opens the door and the man pushes his way into the apartment. The man identifies himself as a member of the drug dealing organization and tells John that he has to come with him. He is no match for the man’s strength and he reluctantly follows.


John is led into the abandoned warehouse and finds himself surrounded by thugs from the drug dealing organization. He is taken to a dark office, where he finds the man from across the street, now revealed as the leader of the organization.

The leader tells John that he is to go undercover and use his connections to help the organization expand its drug operations. He is warned that if he fails or decides to go to the police, his son will pay the price.

John stares at the leader, his mind spinning. He knows this is his only chance to save his son, but he can’t help but feel like he is walking into a trap. He reluctantly agrees to the mission.


John is sitting on a street corner, pretending to be a drug dealer. He is wearing a hoodie to hide his identity and he is scanning the street for police and informants.

Suddenly, he notices a car pulling up to the curb. Out steps a man in a suit and John recognizes him as an undercover cop. John quickly moves away, but the cop has already spotted him.

The officer approaches John, demanding to know what he is doing. John plays it cool, but the cop isn’t buying it. He orders John to come with him.


John is taken to the police station and interrogated. The officer quickly realizes that John is an undercover DEA agent and orders him to reveal the location of the drug dealing organization.

John refuses, but the cop gets more and more aggressive. He threatens to arrest John’s son if he doesn’t cooperate. John knows he can’t risk that and finally agrees to tell the officer what he knows.


John and his team arrive at the courthouse to make their arrests. The police have set up a large perimeter, and when the criminals arrive they are arrested without incident.

John walks out of the courthouse, relieved that his mission is finally complete. He has risked his life to save his son, and the DA has been able to leverage the arrests to get Jason’s sentence reduced.

John looks up at the sky, thankful that his mission is over and that his son is safe.

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