Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

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Chapter 1: Meeting a Cat King

Jon wasn’t expecting what he found when he and his cat Garfield arrived in the United Kingdom. Instead of the peaceful countryside he anticipated, the two of them found themselves in a bustling city center, complete with a castle that seemed to reach to the heavens.

Standing on the edge of the castle grounds, Jon—and Garfield—stared in amazement. But what was more amazing, was the fact that Garfield—a purely orange tabby—had attracted an invitation to the castle. As they approached the gates, an official-looking woman emerged, wearing a crown and a regal purple and gold outfit.

“Welcome,” she said. “I am Queen Zada, ruler of this kingdom. We’ve been expecting you.”

Jon was taken aback. He had no idea what the queen wanted with his orange tabby cat, but he followed her inside the castle.

It turns out that Garfield was not the only orange tabby in the kingdom. He was, in fact, the latest incarnation of Cat King Garfield, an ancient cat ruler who had been absent from the kingdom for centuries. Queen Zada and her people had been searching for Garfield for years, eager to have their beloved cat king back.

Garfield was a bit overwhelmed but, as Jon watched, the cat seemed to accept his new role. The Queen gifted Garfield with a majestic golden collar, and she and her people began to bow before the new Cat King.

Chapter 2: The Evil Lord Dargis

Jon was both proud and a bit frightened by the events that had just taken place. His Garfield—the same one who loved belly rubs and chase strings—was now a king! But as he and Garfield made their way back to their hotel, Jon couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding.

The next day, Jon and Garfield returned to the castle to find it surrounded by a throng of people. At the head of the crowd stood a tall, thin figure in a black suit and cape—Lord Dargis, a wealthy businessman and the self-proclaimed protector of the kingdom.

Lord Dargis had long had designs on the castle, and he wasn’t about to let a cat king stand in his way. He informed the crowd that Garfield was an imposter, and that he, Lord Dargis, deserved to be ruler of the kingdom.

The crowd was in an uproar—some believed Garfield, some believed Lord Dargis. But before anything could be settled, Lord Dargis ordered his men to snatch Garfield away, and they did.

Chapter 3: Garfield Returns

Jon was devastated. How could Lord Dargis get away with such a cruel scheme? He was determined to save his friend.

He searched high and low for any clue to Garfield’s whereabouts, until finally he found a note from Lord Dargis himself. It revealed that Garfield was being held captive in Lord Dargis’s castle, and that he would only be freed if Garfield’s royal lineage could be proven.

Jon was determined to save his friend, but he was out of ideas. Then, out of the blue, a figure appeared before him—it was Queen Zada. She had come to Jon’s aid, bringing with her a royal proclamation that proved Garfield’s lineage.

Jon and the queen quickly made their way to Lord Dargis’s castle, where Garfield was held captive. They burst into the castle and, sure enough, there was Garfield, looking none the worse for wear.

The crowd cheered as King Garfield made his way back to the castle. Lord Dargis, however, was not so pleased. He had been defeated, and he slunk away in disgrace.

Garfield was welcomed back to the kingdom with open arms. Jon and Garfield spent the rest of their trip in the castle, with Garfield ruling over the kingdom with a gentle paw.

Scene 1


The tree-lined estate of the castle glints in the afternoon sunlight. Jon and Garfield, dressed in their tourist best, wander through the ancient cobblestone grounds, exploring its every twist and turn.

Garfield: Wow, look at this place! I feel like a king!

Jon: (smiling) You never know, Garfield. Maybe you are a king.

They both laugh.

Garfield: I can get used to this!

Jon: (looking around) Yeah, I just wish we had some of the locals to show us around.

As if on cue, a liveried servant approaches, bowing deeply.

Servant: Your highness! It is an honor to welcome you to your castle!

Jon and Garfield exchange confused looks.

Garfield: What’s going on here?

The servant stands tall, eyes wide.

Servant: You are Lord Garfield of the United Kingdom! Your family has owned these lands for generations.

Garfield: (smiling) Wow! I guess I am a king!

Jon: (chuckling) That’s amazing!

The two make their way into the castle, arm in arm.

Scene 2


Garfield and Jon sit high upon the throne of the castle, admiring the view from their lofty perch. Suddenly, a voice booms from the entrance.

Lord Dargis: What is the meaning of this?

The two turn to see Lord Dargis standing in the doorway, eyes blazing.

Garfield: Who are you?

Dargis: I am Lord Dargis. The rightful owner of this castle!

Jon: We’re sorry sir, but we’re just visiting. We’re just passing through.

Dargis: No, no, no! You are Lord Garfield! I recognized you as soon as I laid eyes on you.

Garfield: Wait a minute—I’m Lord Garfield?

Dargis: Indeed! You are the rightful heir to this estate.

Garfield: (sitting up) Well, that’s news to me!

Dargis: You must honor your duty and claim your throne, Lord Garfield!

Jon: (standing) I think we’ll take our leave now.

Dargis: No! You must stay and accept your responsibility!

Garfield: (standing tall) I am Lord Garfield, and I accept the charge to rule over this castle!

Everyone turns to look at him in surprise.

Jon: (smiling) Let’s get on with it!

The two begin to explore the ancient estate, marveling at its wonders. Meanwhile, Dargis watches from a distance, plotting his next move.


Author: AI