DOA: Dead or Alive

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The DOA tournament was renowned throughout the martial arts community as one of the most challenging and intense competitions anyone could ever hope to attend. Fighters from all backgrounds and all walks of life were invited, each hoping to prove their worth and walk away with bragging rights, and perhaps a trophy. Little did they know however, that this tournament would prove to be unlike any other.

As the tournament progressed, the fighters soon found themselves facing off against forces far more powerful, sinister, and mysterious than they had expected. Even after facing these opponents, the four female fighters endured, and with it, they unwittingly stumbled upon an ancient secret that, if left unchecked, would devastate the world.

Only by joining forces, could they hope to prevent the dark forces behind the DOA tournament from unleashing this power. With all of their skills, intuition, and courage, each of the four female fighters had to work together in order to overcome the forces of evil.

Chapter 1

The tournament had already taken its toll on the four female fighters. As they limped off the field of battle, their faces were covered in a sheen of sweat and their clothes were disheveled. Despite their exhaustion, they all shared a common look of determination in their eyes. Despite the odds, they had made it to the next round.

Little did they know, however, that this would be the first of many battles to come. As the tournament progressed, the fights became more and more intense, and the female fighters found themselves facing more powerful and experienced opponents. And yet, against all odds, they made it through.

But with each victory, the female fighters became more and more suspicious. They sensed that something was not quite right with the DOA tournament, and their suspicions would be proven correct.

Chapter 2

As the female fighters continued to fight their way through the tournament, they began to notice a pattern: each time they won a fight, their opponents noticeably weakened. It didn’t take long for the female fighters to realize that their opponents weren’t simply losing because of their own skill; they were also being manipulated by someone or something with seemingly inexplicable power.

The fighters knew that the only way to get to the bottom of this was to win their next fight. So, when the bell rang for the next match, the four women stepped out with a purpose. And, to their surprise, they were able to defeat their opponents with ease.

But this victory brought forth more questions. Who, or what, was behind the power that had been weakening their opponents? And what did it have to do with the DOA tournament?

Chapter 3

After their victory in the previous match, the women continued to investigate. They discovered that the mysterious force behind the DOA tournament was an ancient evil known as the ShadowMaster, who had been manipulating the tournament from the shadows.

The ShadowMaster had been searching for a set of ancient artifacts, the pieces to an unknown puzzle, which lay hidden in the DOA tournament. If these artifacts were obtained, the ShadowMaster would gain the power to control the world.

The women knew that they had to stop the ShadowMaster before it was too late, and they began to devise a plan. They would have to team up in order to stand a chance against the ShadowMaster’s immense power, and they also knew they would have to face their own inner demons in order to succeed.

Chapter 4

The four female fighters put their plan into action. With courage, skill and intuition, they slowly made their way through the tournament, collecting the pieces of the puzzle and putting the pieces together as they went. As they progressed, the ShadowMaster grew more and more desperate, and it was clear that he was determined to stop them from completing the puzzle.

However, the women were determined, and with each victory, they grew more confident and powerful. Finally, after a fierce battle, they were able to complete the puzzle and prevented the ShadowMaster from obtaining the power he sought.

The four female fighters had won, and in doing so, they had saved the world from the ShadowMaster’s sinister plans.


The four female fighters made it back home safe and sound. They had succeeded in their mission, and they were now heroes in the eyes of the world. The DOA tournament had been saved, and the ShadowMaster had been defeated.

The four female fighters no longer saw one another as rivals, but as allies. They had come to understand the importance of teamwork and trust, and they had also come to realize that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.

The DOA tournament was now a symbol of hope and courage for all martial artists. It was a reminder that with courage and determination, anything is possible.



We hear muffled voices, intercut with music, as the camera zooms in to a building in the mountainous region of Japan.


The sun is setting and the lush green mountains of Japan stretch off in the distance. The DOA (Dead or Alive) Arena is a large open space filled with spectators and competitors. Fighters of all different ethnic backgrounds, male and female, are seen participating in the tournament.


We meet four female fighters: HALLA (Finnish, mid twenties), LEO (Japanese, mid twenties), KARMA (Indian, mid thirties), and HOPE (African-American, twenties). Each of these fighters is incredible in their own right, having trained for years in various martial arts.

After a period of intense sparring, the four female fighters find themselves pitted against each other in a knock-out tournament. As their battle intensifies, the crowd cheers each fighter on with increasing excitement.


The fight continues to rage as the four fighters, each with a unique fighting style, all battle it out with skill and finesse. In the end, Hope emerges as the victor. As she is awarded with victory, the crowd chants her name and she stands triumphantly in the arena.


The four female fighters have now become allies, as they all come to realize that they share a common goal: to defeat the tournament’s mysterious champion, “Shogun”. Shogun is a ruthless and powerful fighter, who has been undefeated thus far.

Together, the four female fighters prepare for their battle against Shogun. They develop a strategy for defeating him, as well as honing their individual fighting styles in order to become a cohesive and powerful team.


The four female fighters stand in the arena, ready to face Shogun in combat. As the fight begins, the crowd cheers on in anticipation. Shogun proves to be a formidable and skilled opponent, but the four female fighters are not deterred. With skill, strength, and courage, they persist in their struggle against him.

As the battle wears on, the four women become more unified, each coming to the assistance of the other when needed. Eventually, they are able to defeat Shogun, much to the crowd’s excitement.

The four female fighters are awarded with victory and the crowd cheers in celebration. They stand together, triumphant, and now united as friends.


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