Alabama Moon

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The morning sun was barely visible over the dense Alabama forest as the sun slowly made its way up the sky. The warm breeze rustling through the leaves brought a sense of comfort in the stillness of the woods. But unbeknownst to the natural wonder of the forest, tragedy was about to strike.

A loud explosion shook the ground and echoed through the trees. A few seconds later, a figure came sprinting through the forest. It was a man, not much older than forty, wearing a tattered suit and a pair of round glasses. He was carrying a backpack full of books and supplies and was sprinting for his life.

He didn’t know if he was being followed or not, but he had to keep moving. He had to reach his destination or else he was as good as dead. As the man made his way up a steep hill, he became aware of the sound of a helicopter getting closer and closer. He pushed his body to the limit and pushed himself further, until finally, he reached the top of the hill. But it was too late. The helicopter had caught up and was hovering above him.

The man whipped around and faced the helicopter squarely, refusing to back down. He knew that this was it. He had to make a stand and die on his own terms. As the helicopter slowly descended, the man prepared for the end and shouted defiantly, “Freedom for all!”

Just then, the helicopter opened fire and in an instant, the man was gone.

Chapter 1

The sound of the gunfire and the explosion that ensued tore through the peacefulness of the forest. The birds stopped their chirping and a blanket of silence descended over the woods. Then, the sound of a single voice cut through the silence and echoed through the trees. It was young, barely more than a whisper, yet it carried with it a strength and compassion that the man’s desperate shouts had lacked.

The voice belonged to an eleven-year-old boy named Matthew, the son of the man who had just been shot down. Matthew had been hiding in the woods, watching his father’s valiant fight for freedom and he had emerged to take his first steps in life alone.

The death of his father wasn’t something that he could comprehend or accept right away. He had been living in the forest with his father for the past few years, learning how to survive off the land and never relying on anyone else. Now, he had to make it on his own without his father to guide him.

Matthew was scared and confused, but he gathered all his strength and started making his way back home. He was determined to make his father proud and begin his journey of independence.

Chapter 2

When Matthew arrived home, he found the cabin to be in shambles. Everything was in disarray and the place was surprisingly empty. He soon realized that his father had been training him for the eventuality that he would have to make it on his own.

Matthew worked tirelessly to restore the cabin and repair whatever he could. With the few supplies he had, he managed to fix a few broken things and prepared for a life of solitude in the woods. He scavenged for food, made a shelter, and learned how to hunt.

Over the next few months, Matthew learned to survive in the woods with no help from anyone. He was becoming more and more self-reliant, and he was starting to appreciate the freedom and independence that his father had fought so hard to ensure.

At night, he would sit outside and look up at the stars, thinking of his father and how proud he must be at how Matthew was taking care of himself. He was growing stronger and more resilient every day and he was slowly starting to accept his father’s death as he moved forward in his new life.

Chapter 3

One day, as Matthew was out hunting, he heard the sound of a helicopter getting closer and closer. He immediately knew that it was the same helicopter that had shot down his father and his heart started to race. He was filled with a mixture of fear and anger and wanted to make them pay for what they had done.

He ran back to his cabin and hid until the helicopter flew away. Once it was gone, he emerged from his hiding spot and looked around. He had realized that he was no longer alone. He could see traces of other people living in the woods and it made him feel safe and supported, but also filled with determination.

He made it his mission to protect the people in the forest from the oppressive government, just like his father had done. He taught himself how to fight, how to use weapons, and formed a militia with all the other people who had been living in hiding in the woods.

Together, they fought for freedom and justice and made sure that the government never had a chance of taking away the life that they had worked so hard to build. All the while, Matthew was gaining strength and courage, and becoming a true leader in the forest.


Ten years had passed since Matthew had first started living in the woods on his own. He had become a powerful leader in the forest and had earned the respect of all the people in the area. He had inspired many with his courage and tenacity and had become a symbol of hope and freedom.

Although he was still living a life of solitude in the woods, he was no longer alone. He had a family of his own making and a sense of purpose that he had not had before. He had found a way to keep his father’s spirit alive even after all these years, and he was more determined than ever to make sure that the freedom and justice his father had fought for was never taken away.



A serene patch of fauna and flora lies in a valley cut by a stream. A lone figure, eleven-year-old LEVI, trekking through the wilderness with his father.


The farmhouse stands proud against the horizon, with a large barn nearby. The homestead has been constructed by LEVI and his father, a passionate anti-government activist.


LEVI and his father, ADAM, are eating dinner as they discuss the news of the day.


The government’s getting bigger and bigger. We have to fight it.





Well, that’s the challenge. We have to find the right way.

Suddenly, Adam clutches his chest in pain.


Dad? Dad!

Levi runs to his father, who has collapsed onto the floor.


A couple of weeks later, an ambulance pulls up to the farmhouse. An EMT exits the vehicle and approaches the house.


The EMT, MARTIN, enters the house and finds a still grieving Levi.


Hey, buddy. I’m here to help.

Levi remains silent, tears streaming down his face.



Do you need anything?

Levi shakes his head.


Martin helps Levi load the few belongings they have into the back of the ambulance.


The ambulance drives away, leaving Levi alone in the wilderness.


A small cabin stands in a clearing. This is where Levi will live.


Levi enters and looks around the small structure. He takes in the Spartan furnishings and the stark silence.


Levi takes a deep breath and begins unpacking his meager supplies. He sets up a small garden and gathers food from the nearby stream.


Time passes and Levi continues to learn the ways of the wilderness. He builds traps, forages for edible plants, and learns how to track animals.


Levi is now a seasoned survivalist. He can find food, build shelter, and protect himself in the unforgiving landscape.


It has been a year since Levi’s father’s death.

He is now a teenage boy, wiser and stronger than before.

Levi stands tall and looks out over the wilderness. He knows he can survive anything.


Author: AI