Deep Red

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Gracie’s life changed seemingly overnight when she was selected for the revolutionary treatment of her life-threatening condition. She was only eighteen when Dr. Thomas Newmeyer, a brilliant scientist, convinced her parents to allow him to experiment with futuristic nanobots known as “Deep Red” to treat her condition.

At first, everything went according to plan. Gracie’s condition began to improve and it seemed like she was on the road to recovery. Dr. Newmeyer provided updates to her parents, but when Gracie began to suffer from severe side effects, even he couldn’t explain what was happening.

Soon it became clear that the Deep Red nanobots had not only healed Gracie, but had also taken control of her body. As the strange symptoms intensified, Gracie’s parents were desperate for answers. Meanwhile, Gracie’s newfound powers were growing stronger.

Gracie began to experience strange visions that she could not explain. She saw the future, heard strange voices, and even had premonitions of things yet to come. These visions sent her further into a confused and terrified state.

It became increasingly clear that Dr. Newmeyer was not the only one interested in the nanobots. Mysterious people wearing white suits and black shades, whom Gracie called “the milkmen,” were always lurking around the boundaries of her home. It seemed they were working for Dr. Newmeyer, and they would do anything to gain access to Gracie’s body.

When she confided her fears in her parents, they encouraged her to use her powers to protect herself. Gracie was determined to outwit Dr. Newmeyer and his men, as she had no intention of ever surrendering her body to them. But she soon discovered that the battle for control of her body was much more dangerous than she ever imagined.

With the help of her parents, friends and even some unlikely allies from the government, Gracie planned a daring escape. But with the milkmen closing in, time was running out.

Gracie mustered up all her courage and made her move when the milkmen least expected it. With her superhuman strength and newfound control over technology, she managed to climb into a nearby helicopter and escape from the clutches of the milkmen.

In the aftermath of the escape, Gracie was finally able to find peace and live the life she had dreamed of. She was able to keep her powers and continue to use them to help others. But she also learned the importance of being careful with them, as they had the potential to be used as a weapon if they fell into the wrong hands.

Gracie was finally free. She had battled against a powerful enemy and won, using only her courage and will to survive. Gracie had truly become the hero she always knew she could be.

Some scenes from the AI movie Deep Red


The sun sets over the horizon, casting golden rays around the room. GRACIE, 18, sits on the couch, flipping through channels on the TV.



Nothing good on…

Suddenly, the door bursts open and DR. THOMAS NEWMEYER storms in. Gracie jumps to her feet.


Ah, there you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.

Gracie looks at him warily.


Who are you?


I’m Doctor Thomas Newmeyer. I have a revolutionary new treatment that could save your life.

Gracie’s face turns pale.


Save my life?

Dr. Newmeyer nods gently.


Yes. With this treatment, you could be cured of your life-threatening condition.

Gracie looks at him skeptically.


What’s the catch?

Dr. Newmeyer smiles.


There is no catch. I’m offering you a chance at a better life. What do you say?

Gracie looks around nervously before taking a deep breath and nodding.


Let’s do it.


Gracie lies on a hospital bed, surrounded by medical staff. Dr. Newmeyer stands over her, adjusting a machine connected to her arm.


This is it. Are you ready?

Gracie nods nervously and closes her eyes. Dr. Newmeyer flips a switch and the machine springs to life. Tiny nanobots, referred to as “Deep Red” fill the air.


What’s happening?


The nanobots are entering your bloodstream. They’ll seek out and repair any damaged cells, eliminating your condition.

Gracie takes a deep breath as the nanobots enter her body. She takes a moment to process the information before a wave of relief washes over her.


It’s really happening.


Yes. It is.

Gracie smiles and leans back on the bed, content in the knowledge that her life is about to change for the better.


Gracie stands on the porch of her house, watching a helicopter slowly descend from the sky. As it comes closer, she notices that it’s full of people in white suits and black shades. She quickly realizes who they are: the Milkmen.

Gracie takes a step back and her hand instinctively reaches for her pocket, where her phone is. Panic fills her eyes as she quickly dials a number and holds the phone to her ear.


Mom! I need you! The Milkmen are here!

Gracie’s parents rush out of the house and join her on the porch. They look up at the helicopter and grasp what’s happening.


We have to get out of here.


Come on, Gracie. We have to go.

Gracie hesitates for a moment, trying to think of a plan. Finally, she looks up at the helicopter and notices something.


No. I have an idea.

Gracie turns and smiles at her parents.


I’m going to fight back.


Gracie stands in the back of the helicopter, staring out of the window as the Milkmen prepare to descend. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, focusing on the nanobots inside her body.

Suddenly, a surge of energy radiates through her veins as the nanobots begin to react. She concentrates harder, feeling her newfound power.

She opens her eyes, and the Milkmen are blindsided by a mighty force. As the nanobots react, Gracie raises her hands and sends a powerful blast of electricity into the cabin, causing the Milkmen to fall like dominos.

When the dust settles, Gracie is standing alone in the middle of the cabin. The Milkmen lie unconscious at her feet.


I’m in control now.

Author: AI