“In the heart of pleasure lurks a chilling nightmare; paradise lost, survival is the only game left to play.”

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In the vibrant cityscape of Amsterdam, amongst the throng of wide-eyed tourists and locals going about their day, a sinister undercurrent swirled, unbeknownst to most. At nightfall, under the soft glow of the city’s iconic streetlights, a clandestine figure scavenged for his prey. His eyes focused on the three young men, intoxicated with the sheer magnitude of their newfound freedom.

Alex, Ben, and Charlie – friends who sought the thrilling allure of adventure, chose to explore the kaleidoscopic labyrinth of Europe. Their idea was to culminate all the diverse cultures, pleasures, and parties that each city had to offer. Little did they know, they were being watched, their fate being woven into a web more horrifying than their wildest nightmares.

Chapter 1: Uncharted Voyage

The opening scene starts with Alex, Ben, and Charlie, three friends fueled by wanderlust, setting off on their most daring adventure yet. The canvas of Amsterdam, painted with history and hedonism, was their starting point. Each possesses a personality that complements the other; Alex with his leadership, Ben with his wit, and Charlie, the dreamer.

In the heart of Amsterdam, a stranger catches their attention in a smoky coffee shop. A enigmatic Slovak with a charismatic charm and a compelling narrative about a hostel back home. His tales of unbridled indulgence and unchecked pleasure was enough to plant the seeds of curiosity in their adventurous hearts. He mentioned a hostel filled with unimaginable decadence and debauchery, a paradise in a nameless Slovakian city. The allure was too enticing to resist.

As they traverse through the stunning landscapes of Europe, reaching the small, seemingly innocuous Slovakian city, their excitement reaches a feverish pitch. The city, bathed in soft hues of sunset, welcomes them with charming streets lined with quaint buildings and friendly locals. The hostel, standing as a magnificent testament to luxury, boasts of everything the boys had dreamt of and more.

But behind the intoxicating veneer, their every step is being observed by the secret watchers of the city. Each laughter echoing in the grand hallways of the hostel, every hedonistic indulgence, every naive exploration — all seen, all noted. Ben seemed oblivious, caught up in the insatiable lure of hedonism; Alex sensed a certain discomfort, a nagging feeling of being watched, but brushed it off, attributing it to unfamiliarity. Charlie, however, found his dreams plagued with unease, unable to shake off the feeling that their paradise was all but an illusion.

For the thrill-seekers, the allure of never-ending parties, the warmth of friendly locals, extravagant rooms, and the enticing promises of hedonistic pleasure were too enchanting. They allowed themselves to be swept away by the charm of the hostel and the city, unaware of the escalating signs of danger. As they reveled in the city’s pleasures, a game was being set into motion. A terrifying game that promised to shatter their joyous reverie and plunge them into a bone-chilling reality they could never have imagined.

Thus, their journey, which began as a quest for joy and freedom, took a sinister turn. But as the city lights twinkled in the dark of the night, and the laughter and music from the hostel filled the air, the boys remained blissfully unaware of the impending doom, immersing themselves more into what seemed like a paradise.

Unbeknown to them, they had just stepped into a labyrinth where every turn would lead them deeper into an unknown world of fear, changing their lives forever. Their story of camaraderie, adventure, and hedonism was about to be overshadowed by a narrative of survival against the most horrifying odds. The voyage had just begun. And so had their nightmare.

Chapter 2: Welcome to Paradise

The first rays of the Slovakian sun peeked cheekily over the horizon, splashing vivid hues onto the cobblestoned streets as the bus trundled into the heart of the nameless, quaint city. The trio, Alex, Ben, and Charlie, plucked from the mundanity of their everyday lives, stepped onto unfamiliar soil, anticipating an intoxicating mix of adventure and hedonism.

The hostel, the centerpiece of the city, was a colossal structure, wrapped around by cobblestone streets and vibrant local establishments that seemed to hum in sync with the heartbeat of the city. This was the Eden they had sought — a paradise where the rules of the world didn’t apply. The hostel was an intoxicating blend of luxury and indulgence, its atmosphere a heady mix of sensuality, temptation, and unspoken promises.

From the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to the plush carpets that cushioned their every step, the hostel was a far cry from their modest accommodations back home. Each detail whispered tales of opulence. Beautiful women floated around, laughter trailing behind them like ethereal music. The men were charming, with their Eastern European accents sending thrilling shivers down the trio’s spines. The feast for the senses was intoxicating, and the line between reality and fantasy began to blur.

The days melded into a whirlwind of parties, decadent meals, and thrilling explorations. Alex, the most adventurous of the trio, threw himself into the hedonistic lifestyle heart-first. Ben, the cautious optimist, kept a steady pace with the revelry, while Charlie, the introspective thinker, watched every event unravel with curious eyes.

Their days were filled with wild escapades and laughter, their nights glazed with rounds of drinks, dancing, and stolen kisses. The hostel was a grand stage, and they were eager actors, enchanted by the compelling script. Yet, as the sun dipped and the moon took over, they could not ignore the prickling sensation at the back of their necks.

Beneath the colorful façade and fervent celebration, the heart of the city seemed to beat undulating notes of disquiet. There was an undercurrent, a powerful pulse that only grew stronger as the nights wore on. Whispers hushed into silence on their approach, exchanges were conducted in hurried, urgent tones, and the city’s residents averted their gaze, wrapped in an invisible shroud of wariness and fear.

In the dead of the night, shady figures flitted across the alleys, disappearing before anyone could try to make sense of them. The streets that once roared with life and laughter stood unsettlingly vacant. The once welcoming faces of the locals now held a guarded look. All the while, the trio remained blissfully ignorant, engrossed in the hedonistic enchantment of the city and the hostel.

Then, there were the dreams — vivid, disorienting nightmares that left them breathless and trembling under the soft glow of the morning sun. These dreams bore no semblance to their experiences, a stark, terrifying contrast to their days filled with promises of illicit pleasure and unending revelry. They chose to brush them off as side effects of the relentless binge, denying the warning signs that gnawed at their subconscious.

Alex sought solace in the arms of a beautiful woman, her enthralling eyes and enchanting smile enough to distract him from the lingering sense of unease. Ben, on the other hand, found himself drawn to the city’s vibrant culture and history, turning a blind eye to the eerie quiet that seemed to settle after sundown.

Meanwhile, Charlie, the most introspective of the trio, felt his curiosity morphing into suspicion. The city, with all its allure and promise, was starting to lose its sheen. As the days passed, he found himself drawn towards the lurking shadows, the hushed whispers, the tense silence, like a moth to a flame.

Yet, they remained, drawn to the intoxicating brew of adrenaline and recklessness. They danced with danger, flirting relentlessly with the edge of sanity. Caught in the throes of the delicate interplay between desire and fear, they reveled in their new-found freedom, oblivious of the trap that was slowly closing in around them. After all, paradise, too, had its serpents.

Chapter 3: Secret Beneath the Surface

The sketchy allure of the Slovakian city was intoxicating. More so was the rush of hedonism that wrapped around the trio, Alex, Ben, and Charlie, like a deceivingly comforting blanket. The city, though uncharted and nameless in most maps, was a paradise where desires were not just met but surpassed. Yet, as the saying goes, every paradise has a serpent. Here, it was not just one but multiple slithering nightmares that had begun to rear their grotesque heads.

Days turned into nights, and nights into blurry spectacles of indulgences, interspersed with bouts of laughter and camaraderie. The trio lived as if there was no tomorrow, the fervor of the city slowly intruding into their sensible sides. But amidst the music, the laughter, the seemingly constant state of euphoria, there were little signs that had started to prickle the back of their minds.

Ben was the first to notice the hostesses at the hostel, who were always looking over their shoulders, whispering into their headsets, their eyes taking on a predatory shine when they looked at the occupants. Alex brushed his concerns aside, attributing it to excessive drink and the natural paranoia that came with being in a foreign land. But Charlie agreed with Ben. He had also begun to notice the oddities—people coming and going at all hours, occupants disappearing without a good-bye, the unsettling quietness that would often descend upon the boisterous hostel without warning.

Then, there were the streets. During the day, they were bustling, vibrant and filled with life. But as the sun dipped below the horizon, the city seemed to hold its breath. The once crowded lanes turned as lifeless as a forgotten ghost town. It was as if the city had a split personality, vibrant and inviting during the day, but as night fell, it turned into a sinister specter, bristling with a chilling secret.

Charlie began to voice his concerns more openly, but Alex and Ben seemed caught in the whirlwind of the city, their eyes glazed with the promise of the next high. They delved deeper into the pleasures of the city, oblivious to the creeping trepidation that was slowly beginning to cloud their paradise.

It was during one of these nights that Ben had his first encounter with the unmentionable. After a night of debauchery, he stumbled upon an ominous scene in the alley behind the hostel. Two menacing figures, shrouded in the darkness, were dragging what appeared to be a body into an unmarked van. The sight sobered him instantly. He ran back to the hostel, heart pounding in his chest, sweat trickling down his spine. The unsettling image of the lifeless body haunted him, opening the floodgates of fear.

But the fear, the suspicion, the haunting secrets were like spectral illusions in the backdrop of the hedonistic carnival they were a part of. With every passing day and night, the trio was pulled deeper into the intoxicating whirlpool of deception, their judgment clouded by the hedonistic haze that hung over them, pushing them further into the grasp of the city’s dark underbelly.

The once-luring city was slowly peeling off its glamorous veneer, revealing a monstrous face that they had failed to see. Its labyrinthine streets swallowed its secrets and regurgitated horror stories that were whispered in hushed tones. The concealing facade was crumbling, unveiling the heart of darkness that throbbed beneath the high-spirited revelry and unchecked indulgence.

Alex, Ben, and Charlie had walked onto an inviting stage set for them, oblivious of the lurking shadows puppeteering their every move, oblivious of the villainous eyes watching them from the obsidian corners of the city. The nameless city now had names, names of its newest victims who were still engrossed in the delusional paradise, unaware of the hellish pit that was opening beneath them.

The ominous secret beneath the surface was beginning to stir, ready to swallow the trio into an abyss of unimaginable horror. And they, intoxicated by the city’s deceptive charm, had their senses too numb to perceive the imminent doom — the real secret beneath the surface. They were dancing on the edge of a precipice, surrounded by invisible spectators who were eagerly waiting for the real show to begin.

Chapter 4: Disappearance

At the break of dawn, Ben and Charlie stirred from their alcohol-induced slumber remarkably unscathed. The quiet hostel seemed eerily silent, a stark contrast to the previous night’s pulsating revelry. Their eyes searched for Alex. His bed was untouched, and his belongings were scattered around the room as they were the night before. Alex’s disappearance, they agreed, was a puzzle they needed to solve urgently. Little did they know, they had plunged into the dreadful heart of a sinister plot.

They navigated the labyrinthine city streets, a haunting echo of their jubilant exploration mere days before. The duo’s frantic searching bore no fruit. The locals turned a blind eye to their pleas for assistance. The police station, an imposing structure of cold concrete and uniformed indifference, shrugged off their distress with a file and a promise of an investigation that seemed unlikely to be taken seriously.

As dusk fell and the city was bathed in an atmospheric glow, they returned to the hostel, their hearts heavy with worry. A sense of unease enveloped them, a spectral chill that couldn’t be dispelled even by the comforting warmth of the common room’s crackling fireplace.

In the quiet of their room, Charlie discovered a hastily scrawled message beneath Alex’s pillow. It was cryptic, with disjointed sentences and erratic punctuation – a desperate plea shrouded in mystery. A phrase caught their attention: “The old warehouse”.

The following night, the duo made their way to the city’s deserted outskirts, the details in Alex’s note guiding them to an old grimy warehouse. The forbidding structure loomed ominously in the distance, its dark windows gazing vacantly at them. They pushed open the rickety door, the rusty hinges groaning under the weight of their fear.

Within the warehouse, the reality of their predicament hit with full force. The dimly lit room was furnished with what seemed like antiques of terror: intricate apparatuses stained with rust – or maybe blood, surgical tools glinting ominously, and shackles bolted to the walls. Their eyes fell upon a Polaroid pinned to a grimy bulletin board – a smiling Alex, timestamped the day of his disappearance, was devastating proof of his abduction.

Their search had led them to the underbelly of the city, ushering them into a gruesome secret. The realization was inescapable; they were in a city that was hunting them. A city whose every corner was a trap, every shadow a potential adversary. Panic clawed at their sanity, gnawing with terrifying urgency, the silent punctuation to a sentence of horror they hadn’t foreseen.

The duo immediately squirreled away, their steps quickening as the sound of malevolent laughter echoed from the labyrinthine network of the warehouse. Sprinting through the maze of the city’s dimly lit streets, they were propelled by raw fear. The hostel, once the stronghold of hedonistic pleasures, now stood ominously as the grim gateway to their nightmares.

As the chapter closes, the readers are led staggering into a cliffhanger. The disappearance of Alex is the horrifying harbinger of what awaits Ben and Charlie. Their paradise now an unimaginable hell where their every step could spiral them deeper into the deadly game. With the odds stacked high, the duo confronts the chilling reality of their situation, unwittingly caught in a horrifying cat-and-mouse game.

Their once vibrant jamboree has morphed into a nightmarish survival journey, fraught with unknown dangers. A menacing countdown has begun; will they be able to outmaneuver the monstrous adversaries lurking in the shadows, or will they plummet into the horrific fate that claimed their friend? The seeds of dread have been sowed, watered by uncertainty and fear, the narrative ready to usher the reader into the heart of horror.

Chapter 5: Nightmarish Revelation

Dusk had descended upon the city, its neon lights trying but failing to cast away the gloom settling into the hearts of the survivors. At the center of this dread were Ben and Charlie, their minds much like the city itself—illuminated yet shadowed, lurched between the flickering lights of hope and the encompassing darkness of despair.

Earlier that night, they had found themselves standing outside the grimy steel doors of an abandoned warehouse, a chilling revelation slowly unfurling before their eyes. Their friend Alex, the one they had traveled continents to share experiences with, had not merely disappeared—he was taken.

Inside the warehouse was a perverse marketplace, an auction block where human lives were bought and sold with the same ease as common trinkets. The realization shattered something within them. Their once hedonistic paradise had transformed into a living nightmare, the kind that kept you awake and turned your blood cold. The trust they had placed in this city, this hostel, had been brutally twisted into their worst nightmare.

The perverse auction was only the beginning. The true horror lay in the darkness cast by the glaring spotlight on the auction block. Behind the blinding lights, shadowy figures reveled in macabre delights, their grotesque pleasure accentuated with every whimper they extracted, every drop of blood they spilled. This was not mere voyeurism; it was almost a ritualistic undertaking steeped in the city’s blood and despair.

The city they once admired, with its cobblestone streets and distant church spires, had transformed into a purgatory, its façade cruelly deceptive. Beneath the picturesque skyline lurked an abhorrent belly filled with a cornucopia of horrors.

In the heart of that dreadful revelation, Ben and Charlie found themselves at a crossroads. One path led them back to the familiarity of the hostel, a facade of safety where they could hide and possibly survive. The other was a path shrouded in the darkness of uncertainty and fear. Yet it was this path that held the promise of effort, of retribution.

They could not erase the haunting images seen within the warehouse, nor could they extinguish the fires of revolt ignited within them. The anguished faces of the victims in the auction block bore deep into their minds, their plaintive eyes reflecting a plea for liberation, their silence resonating with a grotesque symphony of stifled sobs and agonizing screams.

For Ben and Charlie, the decision was made not merely by a sense of morality but by an inner resilience that refused to be crushed by their grim circumstances. They knew not the strength they possessed, nor the lengths they would go to change their fate, but one thing was certain—their nightmarish revelation had marked the beginning of their rebellion.

Drawing curtains on the horrors etched deep within their minds and hearts, they turned to face the winter chill, their breaths misting in the air before them. Amongst the deception and bloodshed, they had found strange allies, local rebels fueling the fires of resistance who shared their thirst for justice. With their help, they planned to strike back, to cripple the monstrous adversaries lurking in the shadows, to dismantle the chilling machinations of their hedonistic paradise.

As the city’s labyrinthine alleyways sprawled before them, the duo took a deep breath, their resolve hardening with each pulsating heartbeat. Their journey from hedonism to horror, from revulsion to rebellion was only beginning. Little did they know, their darkest hour was yet to come, and their greatest test still lay ahead.

But for now, they were more than mere survivors in a grotesque game of power and perversion. They were rebels, catalysts of a revolt that would either save them or lead them to their untimely doom. And in this uncertain voyage, they found an unprecedented kinship, a shared destiny born out of horror and despair. Their lives were no longer about seeking pleasure or a thrilling adventure. It was now a battle for survival, a war they were ready to wage against the haunting specters of their hedonistic paradise.

Chapter 6: Battle for Survival

Emerging from the gruesome revelation of Alex’s fate, Ben and Charlie are thrust into a lethal game of cat and mouse that weaves its way through the dark, twisted underbelly of the city. Every shadow now echoes threats, every silence screams danger, and the once charming streets morph into snaking labyrinths harboring unimaginable horrors.

Their captors, a syndicate of deranged hunters seeking perverse pleasure in human prey, set the rules of the deadly game. Every step Ben and Charlie take is monitored closely; every move anticipated. The one-time hedonistic paradise has now become a vast, terrifying arena of their worst nightmares.

Opening with a high-octane chase scene, they navigate the city, their minds grappling with fear and desperation. They duck into an old, abandoned church, their heavy breaths echoing in the hollow silence. The dim moonlight filtering through the cracked stained-glass windows barely illuminates their haggard faces. They console each other, whispering plans and reassurances in hushed tones. Their camaraderie grounds them, giving them the strength to soldier on.

But the city seems to conspire against them. Locals whisper and point as they pass, their faces masks of indifference or thinly veiled scorn. Every corner turned is a confrontation with danger – a booby-trap here, a hostile local there, an ominous trail of another victim. The once vibrant city has become a chilling ghost town.

Tension ratchets up in a series of subplots, each serving to intensify their ordeal. Charlie stumbles upon a network of clues left by previous victims, a breadcrumb trail of hope and despair. Photos, letters, hastily jotted directions point them to possible exits. But they are met with dead ends, traps cleverly designed to ramp up their fear and despair.

Meanwhile, Ben has a terrifying encounter with one of their captors. He’s cornered in a deserted alley – a heartbeat from capture. His desperate plea to his captor’s humanity is met with cold laughter, and the chilling revelation that the city residents are complicit in the deadly game. Outnumbered and outgunned, he overcomes the captor with sheer wit and force, escaping by the skin of his teeth.

They reunite under an old bridge, their eyes meeting in silent understanding. Their encounter with the horrifying truth of the city and its residents fuels their resolve to survive and escape. But, their strength is waning, their spirit crushing under the weight of their circumstances.

As they venture deeper into the city’s dark corners, the game becomes more twisted. The hunters increase their torment, orchestrating disturbing spectacles of terror. The city, bathed in the eerie glow of the moonlight, comes alive with screams and pleas that go unanswered.

In a surprising twist, they meet a fellow captive, a local girl named Maria, who claims to have escaped the deadly game once. She offers them shelter and a glimmer of hope – a secret way out known only to a few locals. Their trust is put to the ultimate test, as they navigate their shared predicament and the risk of betrayal.

The chapter reaches a fevered pitch as they’re ambushed, leading to a high-stakes conflict. With no weapons and their energy running low, they are cornered, fear gnawing at them. Maria, who until now seemed crippled by fear, rises to the occasion, delivering a spellbinding distraction allowing Ben and Charlie to launch a surprise attack on their assailants.

Their desperate fight for survival culminates in a haunted, adrenaline-fueled escape through the city’s labyrinth-like tunnel system. They stumble in the darkness, the sound of their pursuers close behind, their hopes fading with every footfall. The city, their prison, becomes their battleground, the stakes escalating with each heartbeat.

The curtain on chapter six falls with a crushing cliffhanger. Just when they seem close to escape, a horrifying figure emerges from the darkness, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, anxiously turning to the next page. The tale of survival is still far from over, and the fight is yet to be won.

Chapter 7: Fierce Retribution

With the chilling knowledge of their friend’s demise and the realization of their own impending doom, Ben and Charlie were in a state of morbid dread. Their hedonistic adventure had turned into a Stygian nightmare, the lofty Slovakian city had morphed into a playground of sadistic predators, and they were the prey. A visceral need to survive and a burning desire for retribution powered their resolve. This chapter explores their audacious plan of escape, the suspense escalating into an all-out brawl with their captors, an explosive climax rife with unexpected twists.

Bound by a common purpose, they hatched a daring plan. Utilizing their limited knowledge about the city’s labyrinthine layout and using the darkness of the approaching night as cover, they decided to make their move. They would use deception and distraction, exploiting the vulnerability of their captors’ overconfidence. The perils they were bracing themselves for were terrifyingly unknown, but the alternative was certain death.

Each interaction with their captors was a test of endurance, a vertiginous dance between feigning submission and gathering information. They needed a map, weapons, and an ally if possible. As their captors’ faces were hidden behind masks, they found an unlikely informant in a cleaning lady who, too, was trapped in this hellish place. She provided them with crucial information about the guards’ patterns and the hostel’s dreadful network.

Armed with their makeshift weapons and the knowledge of a hidden exit, they waited for the opportune moment. The tension was tangible, a time-ticking bomb ready to explode. Their captors were oblivious to the storm brewing, their laughter echoing eerily inside the grim, dungeon-like walls of the hostel.

The moment arrived, their hearts pounded like war drums. Ben attacked a guard, using the element of surprise to his advantage, while Charlie managed to create a diversion. What followed was a brutal, do-or-die fight, their every move fueled by adrenaline and the primal instinct to survive. They found themselves in a deadly dance with death, their lives hanging by a thread. Blood was spilled, cries of pain and the scuffling of feet filled the air, and yet they continued, inching closer towards freedom.

As they navigated the labyrinth of the hostel, they came face-to-face with other captives, their eyes reflecting the same terror and despair. Seeing their valiant fight, some found the courage to revolt, creating chaos and providing Ben and Charlie the distraction they needed to make their final move.

They made it to the exit, their bodies bruised and battered, their spirits barely hanging on. A gut-wrenching encounter with a high-ranking captor marked the climax of their escape. In a fight that was symbolic of their horror-filled journey, they battled their monstrous adversary. It was a battle of wills, of survival against sheer sadism, ordinary men against a predator. With a final, gut-wrenching effort, they managed to overcome their nemesis, leaving him writhing in his pool of blood, a grim testament to their will to survive.

Their final moments in the city was a paradox of emotions – relief, fear, trauma, and vengeance. As they stumbled out into the cold, unforgiving night, they carried with them the weight of their harrowing ordeal and the victory of their survival.

The chapter ends with Ben and Charlie’s exhaustion-laden escape from the city, their hearts carrying the heavy burden of a chilling truth, their bodies the testament of a horrific ordeal. Their journey had started with the promise of hedonism, and it ended with them barely escaping with their lives. The tantalizing allure of the city gave way to a bone-chilling horror that would haunt them forever. The resolution was bittersweet; they survived but at what cost? Their hedonistic adventure had turned into a hellish nightmare, leaving them with deep, indelible scars.

Some scenes from the movie Hostel written by A.I.

Scene 1



Three backpackers, ALEX, a cocky adrenaline junkie; BEN, a practical, down-to-earth guy; and CHARLIE, an introverted tech nerd, are sitting by a bustling canal, backpacks by their sides.


(leaning back, eyes closed)

This is the life, lads. Freedom, adventure, unlimited possibilities…



And potential mishaps…


(rolls eyes)

Ease up, Charlie.

Suddenly, a MYSTERIOUS STRANGER approaches, a charismatic enigma with an eastern European accent.



Or perhaps…ultimate pleasure?

He shows them photos of a luxurious hostel in a scenic Slovakian city.



A paradise like no other. Every hedonistic wish, granted. No questions asked.

Alex, Ben, and Charlie exchange glances. The Stranger’s words trigger a sense of intrigue and longing.


The three friends, slightly drunk, animatedly discuss their next move under Amsterdam’s starry sky.


(to Alex)

This could be a life-changer, mate…



We’re doing it.



Guys…are we sure about this?


(in unison)


Their laughter echoes into the night as the scene fades.


The scene transitions to the three friends leaving Amsterdam, their journey watched by unseen eyes.


Scene 2



A quaint city, riddled with old-world charm, cloaked under a deceptive mask of tranquility. The camera follows a BUS as it stops in front of a grand hostels.

Three backpackers, ALEX (20s, athletic, charming), BEN (20s, witty, cautious), and CHARLIE (20s, quiet, observant), step out, their eyes filled with wonder and excitement.


They enter the hostel — a blend of rustic and lavish, filled with an eclectic mix of PARTY-GOERS, BACKPACKERS, and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.



Gentlemen, welcome to paradise!



This is definitely more than I expected.


(slightly concerned)

Feels too good to be true.

They share a moment, lost in the novelty.


A BUZZING PARTY is in full swing. MUSIC blares. LAUGHTER echoes. Alex and Charlie are flirting with TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Ben, however, observes the crowd with curiosity and concern.


The trio stumble back to their room, drunk and laughing.


(to Ben)

Lighten up. You’re in the safest place in the world!



Or so it seems…


As the screen darkens, a SHADOWY FIGURE peers into their room, leaving an air of impending danger.


Scene 3


Ben and Charlie sit in the hostel’s crowded common room. Neon lights dance around, casting long shadows on their faces. Music blares. Laughter fills the air. Their eyes survey the room.


(leaning in)

Did you notice anything strange?


Strange how?


Just…off. Like the empty streets during the day, the locals’ weird looks…

Charlie shrugs, takes a sip of his beer.


Nah, you’re reading too much into it.

Suddenly, a SHADOWY FIGURE walks past, bumping into Charlie. He mumbles an apology and continues on.

Charlie looks at the figure’s retreating back, a puzzled expression on his face.


(leaning in)

Did you see his face?




The guy who just bumped into me. He was the same one from the bar last night.

They both glance at each other, unease settling in their eyes.


Ben and Charlie step into the eerily empty streets. The city that once felt so vibrant and inviting now feels threatening.



Maybe we should find Alex.

Suddenly, a haunting SCREAM echoes through the night sending chills down their spines. The boys exchange a look of pure terror, their worst fears rapidly becoming reality.



Scene 4


Ben and Charlie strain their eyes to adjust to the dim light of the room. It is damp, cold, with a nauseating smell. The slow DRIPPING SOUNDS echo.


Where are we, Ben?


I don’t know, Charlie. It’s like we’re in some hellish nightmare.

They find the belongings of their missing friend, Alex. A chill runs down their spines.


This is Alex’s backpack!


Where’s Alex, Ben?


I don’t know, Charlie. But we’ll find him.

Suddenly, a SHADOW moves in the corner of the room. They freeze, hardly daring to breathe.


I heard you’ve been looking for your friend.

They turn to see a SILHOUETTED MAN standing by the doorway. His presence brings an aura of dread.


Who are you?


My identity is unimportant. What matters is, I can be your only way out.

The room fills with tension as he steps into the dim light, revealing a grotesque SCAR on his face. The realization of their predicament dawns upon them. They must play the game of survival. The screen fades, leaving viewers on edge.


Scene 5


Ben and Charlie, their faces pale with fear, stand in the middle of the empty hallway, breathing heavily. The echo of their breaths bounces off the ancient stone walls, creating an eerie melody.



We’ve got to find Alex and get out.


(hushed tone)

But how?

Suddenly, they hear a soft GROANING sound. The duo cautiously follows the sound into an EMPTY ROOM filled with grotesque-looking tools, blood splatters, and dim light flickering against the dark corners. They spot ALEX, unconscious and bound on a table.



Oh God, Alex!

They rush towards him but are interrupted by a METALLIC CLANG. Enter THE BUTCHER with a sinister grin playing on his lips, a bloodied hammer in his hand.



You weren’t supposed to see this.



You sick bastard!

As Charlie unties Alex, Ben charges at the Butcher, who only laughs. An EPIC FIGHT ensues.


(to Charlie, panting)

Go…get help!

Charlie, shaken but determined, leaves Alex with Ben and runs out to seek help, leaving the audiences in suspense.



Each scene in the screenplay is packed with action and suspense around every corner, keeping the audience captivated and eager for what comes next.

Author: AI